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Cum sa devii un liberal de nota 10!

de LMC la: 24/06/2004 01:42:00
modificat la: 26/06/2004 11:54:30
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Copy & Paste the following link:

Consider sa ma convertesc de la conservatism la liberalism. Printre altele am gasit sit-ul de mai sus. Daca cineva mai are vre-o sugestie pentru a ma ajuta in procesul de a deveni liberala, va rog, aveti cuvintul.
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comentarii (36):

1907 - de django la: 24/06/2004 14:19:40
sa te uiti te rog ce partid era la guvernare in 1907, si cine a ordonat impuscarea taranilor
sa te uiti te rog cine a ordonat in 1933 impuscarea muncitorilor din 16 februarie
sa te uiti te rog cine a ordonat impuscarea adversarilor politici care denuntau liberalismul drept corupt si ineficace, in perioada interbelica
sa te uiti care lider roman s/a intalnit prima data cu Adolf Hitler
sa te uiti ce scria Eminescu de liberali, parca ii asemna cu dinamovistii....
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Si eu care incepusem sa ma in - de Horia D la: 24/06/2004 15:12:30
Si eu care incepusem sa ma ingrijorez pentru tine:))

The things that come to those who wait are what's left behind by those
who got there first.
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Thanks for your concern. Pt. Horia D - de LMC la: 24/06/2004 18:27:41
La un moment dat si eu ma ingrijorasem de mine insumi. Imi pare bine si ma simt confortata de faptul ca si altii imi port de grija. Cum e vremea prin Kentucky? How's your portfolio doing? If you need some advice let me know, I know some good funds. Liberalii nu stiu despre ce vorbim cind mentionam cuvintul portfolio, ce sa mai zic de "diversification" si "dividends". :-)
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. - de ikoflexer la: 24/06/2004 18:34:03
For someone who claims to have faith and believe in God you're disseminating a lot of mis-information and spewing a lot of venom.

We don't live in The Simpsons, where "it must be true Bart, because it's in a book" holds likewise because it's written on some website.
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WOW ----ikoflexer---- stie cine e Bart Simpson - de LMC la: 24/06/2004 18:55:34
Si pentru ca maretia ta este asa de informat ce sugestii ai pentru o pacatoasa ca mine?

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. - de ikoflexer la: 24/06/2004 19:29:07
Si pentru ca maretia ta este asa de informat ce sugestii ai pentru o pacatoasa ca mine?

1) De ce e de mirare pt. tine ca stiu cine e Bart Simpson? Do you have a point? --- or you're just writing things... to hear the keyboard clacking?

2) N-am spus nici ca sint informat, nici ca esti pacatoasa. Ca sa-l parafrazez pe un tip cunoscut care a trait cu multi ani in urma: "You said it." Trivia: cine a spus-o?

3) What's in it for me to give you suggestions? De ce fel de sugestii crezi ca ai nevoie?
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Pentru LMC - de Horia D la: 24/06/2004 20:08:11
Portofoliul meu face bine inspre foarte bine. It's inching up to where it was about 9-8 yers ago. Buy low, sell high. Nothing easier. Or borrow high, sell, buy back on the downside, and cash the difference. Easy money:))
Cat despre vereme, e perfecta de mers la lac:)

The things that come to those who wait are what's left behind by those
who got there first.
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Pt. LMC - de Little Eagle la: 24/06/2004 20:28:38
Dear sister,

Iaca-ta cum treci de la o extrema la alta.
Imi dau seama ca unii cafegii te vor pune cu spatele la zid,cei care te-au criticat inainte o vor face si in curand.Nu-ti face probleme,este normal sa-ti schimbi parerea si este uman asta.Tu mergi inainte pe cararea ta si nu te uita in stanga si dreapta,nu te opri si nu te odihni la marginea ei caci te va lua somnul si cand te vei scula te vei trezi in adancul padurii din care e greu sa iesi...
Nu uita ca pe carare vei gasi multe biletele ce fiecare va fi un anume cuvant.Aduna-le pe tote si pastreaza-le.
Odata cand va veni vremea,le vei citi pe toate si ele vor face propozitii si fraze,care-ti vor da un sens al vietii si un inteles dar si multa intelepciune.
Vei afla multe raspunsuri la intrebarile tale ce ti le pui mereu in sinea ta.

Eu si Marilyn suntem liberali,zilnic ascultam la radio(11.90AM)air radio america
al carei star este Al Franken(intre 12PM-3PM),as recomanda sa asculti aceasta statie ce e de 3 luni,dar devine tot mai mare cu statii peste tot in tara si afiliati.La fel,poti asculta statia prin

Tine minte,e alegerea ta de a fi ceea ce vrei sa fii,nu te uita inapoi niciodata.
Am sa-ti mai scriu.

All my love to you,
Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

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. - de ikoflexer la: 24/06/2004 20:38:20
Iaca-ta cum treci de la o extrema la alta.

Ozzy, your dear sister face bascalie. Daca citesti pagina la care ea se refera prin acel link o sa vezi.

Sorry Ozzy, but she was just being ironic.
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Vremea si Marketul pt. Horia D - de LMC la: 24/06/2004 21:22:26
Ah, lacul!!! Ce pofta am acum de apa si soare. Too bad I have to work. Got to pay those taxes, you know. Se pare totusi ca marketul merge destul de bine, economia este in plina putere. Sugestiile mele, American Funds. It's the best fund company, having 64% of its equity and bond funds raking in the top quartile of their Morningstar peer groups over the past five years. Last year, just as an example, the American Funds New Perspective Fund Cl A (ANWPX) had a 36.76% return. Daca vrei mai multe informatii dute la Below I am quoting an interesting commentary:
There are three reasons why I am bullish on the stock market. First, the economy is growing rapidly. Second, corporate profits are also rising rapidly. Third, George W. Bush is the pro-growth candidate standing firm with pro-investor tax cuts. He is going to win.

The most accurate gauge of recent election results going back to 1988 is the Iowa Electronic Presidential Winner-Take-All Market. It has a better track record than the polls. The collective wisdom of ordinary people is smarter than the elite polling experts, according James Surowiecki’s “The Wisdom of Crowds.” He specifically points to the Iowa market trading system as a superior election forecaster than the polls.
What’s it telling us now? The Bush contract is trading at 54 cents on the dollar, while the Kerry contract is exchanging hands at 47 cents. Since trading began on June 1, Bush has steadily held this lead. There you have it. The market speaks.

Lawrence Kudlow, CEO
Kudlow & Co. LLC
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Ptr. LMC - de Horia D la: 24/06/2004 21:46:26
I have 27 companies, and/or funds in my portfolio, which I follow religiously. It's funny you mentioned American Growth Funds.. I have AGTHX, and AGRBX.. They've been very good so far. Usually, I am looking for undervalued companies (a great example is XRX of 1.5-2 yrs ago.. bought a bunch at $3.5, and it above $14 right now, or LXK at $45 a year ago, it's around $95 now).. Plus let's not forget expectations.
Usually I buy after a big drop (happened a couple of times this year), when lowered expectations are already included in the price.
As for the future, I see the market to reach 11,500 by end of year, or during 1st quarter of 2005. It will be on the rise, especially since the expectations of higher interest rates are already factored in.
As for the economy, it is doing great:
- highest growth in 20 yrs... 8 quarters of continuous growth
- low interest rates
- housing market is very strong
- low unemployment rate (5.6%, same rate as in 96 when Bubba was re-elected)
I could go on and on, but same as you, I have to pay taxes... Lower than yours though:))

The things that come to those who wait are what's left behind by those
who got there first.
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awwww - de Belle la: 24/06/2004 22:09:14
ce bine de cei care stiu engleza sniff*
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AGTHX & AGRBX pt. Horia D - de LMC la: 24/06/2004 22:18:27
Sint curioasa de ce ai ales acelasi mutual fund in class A shares si class B shares? Usually I like to stick to only one class, class A has the front load expenses, and even though Class B shares has the back load expenses they are usually expense free only after a number of years which can be a disadvantage in some cases. I prefer the class C Shares, since they are cheaper than Class A and constrained only by a one year window. Se pare ca folosesti un Brokerage account unde poti sa-ti introduci si stocks. Ai avut foarte mare noroc cu cele doua stock-uri, sper ca esti pe cale de a le inlocui. Vad ca esti in ton cu actualitatile marketului si al economiei, you know what is the home ownership percetage in America? As of end of last year it was 68.6%, and it is still growing. Daca ne-am lua dupa speech-urile lui Kerry ai crede ca sintem in the Great Depression era. Ha! Ce stiu liberalii!? Cit despre taxe, aici in California ne maninca cu taxele. Muncesti aproape jumate de an pe gratis.
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Ai dreptate, the "regular" ta - de Horia D la: 24/06/2004 22:33:42
Ai dreptate, the "regular" tax payer lucreaza de la 1 Ianuarie pana pe 26 Mai sa plateasca taxe. Cand ma gandesc ca e sfarsitul la al 2-lea quarter, si trebuie sa-mi fac taxele, ma apuca rasul. In fiecare an platesc o mica avere la uncle Sam, si pentru ce? In plus, pentru ca sunt propriul meu angajat, platesc 12.5% social security fata de 6.25% de cat e "oficial" (dar nu-ti fa griji, tax law is my middle name. My accountant spune ca l-am invatat cateva ghidushii:) De fapt nici nu ma bazez pe Social Sec.). Oricum, daca Teresa Heinz plateste numai 14% taxe, de ce ar trebui ca muritorii de rand sa plateasca cel putin 36%?

Cat despre Class A/B shares, astea le-am avut de cand am deschis my account cu Wachovia Securities, acum 14-15 ani, si le-am luat pentru long term investments. Intre timp, am invatat mult, si imi manage my own portfolio. And I'm not bragging, but I am doing good.

Hei, daca vrei taxe mici, muta-te in TN, sau FL. Eu stau in KY, dar file taxes in FL... Just another little trick I've learned.

The things that come to those who wait are what's left behind by those
who got there first.
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Atunci... pt. IKOFLEXER - de LMC la: 24/06/2004 23:13:27
Daca nu ai nici o sugestie atunci de ce te bagi in seama? Sau iti place cum suna tastatura clapaind...
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Pt. Ikoflexer - de Little Eagle la: 24/06/2004 23:24:57
Dear Bro,

Am incercat sa dau de acel link dar ...the page cannot be found,nu e prima oara cand se intampla asta cu link-urile date de LMC.
Nu cred ca-i de vina computerul meu de 6000$.

Nu stiu atunci ce sa cred despre ea?
Este f. urat din partea ei daca a mintit si facut de fapt o gluma proasta,mi-as schimba impresia despre ea,si totusi nu pot sa n-o iubesc in continuare dar daca este adevarat,ma simt f. jignit in suflet,pt. ca eu am fost si sunt onest cu fiecare din voi toti,nu am de ascuns nimic nimanui si cum am fost si cum sunt asa ma cunoasteti azi cu totii.

Sa stii draga canadian ca viata fiecaruia are un drum anume,si de cate ori vei minti si vei ascunde adevarul celorlalti,nici Dumnezeu nu te va putea ajuta,pt. ca din toate pacatele lumii nu iarta niciodata ipocrizia.
Tot ce vei face cu intentii rele chiar si in gluma se vor intoarce candva impotriva ta(in general vorbesc aici)cand ti-e lumea mai draga.What comes around,goes around!

Eu insa voi continua sa fiu asa cum sunt si nu am nimic impotriva nimanui.Nu eu decid soarta unora sau a mine toti imi sunteti si veti fi frati si surori.

De ce si-au pierdut indienii tara lor? Pt. ca au fost sinceri ,corecti si nu au mintit pe nimeni.Tu asculta-ma bine si vei crede ce vrei ,nu suntem departe,poate nu in viata asta dar sigur in urmatoarea,cea a urmasilor nostri,
cand the frog skins(dolarii)nu vor mai avea nici o insemnatate oarecare.
Good bye banks,stock market,wall St. etc.etc.Pt. ca lacomia a atins punctul culminant in om,nu mai exista dragoste ci doar interese,minciuna si ipocrizie,saracie si suferinta.
E timpul ca Natura sa se primeneasca de atata poluare,si sa nu-ti fie teama de moarte!!!!Vom muri atat de multi incat 3/4 din populatia globului va dispare total.Si sa stii ca America va reveni celor IN DREPT sa o aiba ca tara:
the american indians.

Nu fortez pe nimeni sa creada in astea,ele vor fi reale si vor vorbi tuturor .
Am fi putut scapa de blestem daca am fi fost sinceri si am fi respectat real pe Dumnezeu si invataturile lui Iisus.Dar ...cei ce se considera"crestini"doar dau din gura mereu,si fac altele.
Nu zice nimeni sa dovedesti credinta ta care poate deveni o obsesie si o paranoia pt. multi.Ceea ce zic eu e ca daca real crezi in Iisus si vrei sa fii un exemplu tuturor,atunci,trebuie sa traiesti viata lui!
Cuvintele NU demonstreaza credinta!!Sa FACI ceva in numele lui sa fii ca el,te va ridica spiritual.Daca in sinea ta cand vorbesti cu tine insuti,nu vezi o reala conexiune in acest fel,atunci sa TACI si sa NU faci propaganda in numele lui Dumnezeu!

Ma simt real ranit in suflet,daca LMC a scris un text la bascalie.Imi pare insa mai mult rau pt. ea.dar totusi inca sper ca tu gresesti.Only time will tell....

Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

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. - de ikoflexer la: 24/06/2004 23:28:35
Daca nu ai nici o sugestie atunci de ce te bagi in seama?

Arata-mi unde am spus ca nu am nici o sugestie; eu iti cerusem parerea despre ce fel de sugestii ai nevoie---mare diferenta intre asta si a spune ca nu am sugestii. Madamme, te rog citeste mai atenta inainte de a incerca sa ma iei peste picior.

Ma opresc aici, ca vorba aia...
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Angajat propriu... pt. Horia D - de LMC la: 24/06/2004 23:30:56
Multe felicitari pentru succesul tau. Vezi, asa Romani mai zic si eu. Oameni care muncesc si nu se pling cum fac altii de pe-aici din cafenea. Singura noastra plingere e ca nu ne putem tine banii pentru care muncim. I'm going to look into filing taxes in another state. Nu am stiut pina acum de chestia asta. Este adevarat, California este statul de vis cit priveste vremea si stilul de viata, dar taxele te pune la pamint. Nu ne gindim sa ne mutam, perspectivele care le avem aici deocamdata sint foarte bune. If you file in FL, don't you have to be a resident of FL? By the way, if I'm not intruding, how long have you lived in the states?
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Am incercat sa dau de acel li - de ikoflexer la: 24/06/2004 23:47:50
Am incercat sa dau de acel link dar ...the page cannot be found,nu e prima oara cand se intampla asta cu link-urile date de LMC.

Din fericire pentru LMC nu e vina ei, ci a lui Racovitan (sau cine a scris software-ul pentru acest site). Linkurile nu sint transcrise bine, asa ca nu apasa pe link, ci scrie to linkul (daca ai rabdare) sau apasa pe link si apoi corecteaza adresa adaugind ultimele litere pe care link-ul nu le pune. Incearca ce e intre ghilimele: ""

Acest bug e demult aici si nu-mi pot explica de ce Daniel nu l-a corectat pina acum, ca de altfel alte probleme cu site-ul. Nu vreau sa jignesc pe nimeni, dar s-au adaugat intre timp tot felul de "features" noi la acest site, dar problemele au cam ramas. E foarte frustrant citeodata, si cam de-aia-mi vine uneori sa nu mai calc pe aici (happy LMC?).

Ma simt real ranit in suflet,daca LMC a scris un text la bascalie.Imi pare insa mai mult rau pt. ea.dar totusi inca sper ca tu gresesti.Only time will tell....

Asa mi s-a parut mie. Cineva care la fiecare pas incearca sa-i faca pe cei cu idei de liberali ca sint mai prejos (citeste celelalte comentarii ale ei) nu mi se pare ca vorbeste serios despre lepadarea ideilor ei conservative.

Vreau sa spun clar ca nu intend sa o judec pentru faptul ca e conservativa, sau pentru orice alt fapt. It's her life and it's a free country (somewhat).

Cit despre bani... lumea e cam orbita de bani. Dar asta nu e nimic nou. Bineinteles ca nu e nimic rau in a face bani, dar cind a face bani este singurul tel in viata... devine trist.

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Horia D, si daca ai traduce pe romaneste? - de Jimmy_Cecilia la: 26/06/2004 21:17:43
Horia, daca ai traduce pe romaneste? sau a devenit situl anglofil in lipsa mea???
Ce facem atunci? Turnul lui Babilon???
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Pt. LMC - de Paianjenul la: 26/06/2004 22:53:26
"Consider sa ma convertesc de la conservatism la liberalism"

- Vezi... asta e marele tau cusur: treci asa... rapid si imprevizibil... de la o extrema la alta...
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Pt.Ikoflexer - de Little Eagle la: 27/06/2004 01:13:39
Da cred ca ai dreptate,

Sunt si am fost mereu un liberal.Nu judec nici eu pe nimeni.Fiecare cu credinta si religia lui si politica in care crede.
Ma grabesc sa scriu azi cat pot de mult pt. ca e ultima data cand mai scriu ori stau in cafenea.

Uneori ma apuca nervii si azi platesc pt. iesirile mele.
Este corect sa fiu pedepsit.
Ikoflexer,see you in another life.


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LMC - de Little Eagle la: 27/06/2004 02:24:52
Eu sunt si am fost multi ani,freelance artist,fie ca am lucrat in Comic Books industry,fie ca azi de 7 ani la fel sunt free lance in advertising industry(TV comercials-sunt sigur ca ai vazut la TV multe la care am lucrat,fi pe faza la toate legate de De Beers-diamonds are forever,Ragu,Smirnoff ice,Volvo,dentyne,trident,adica ce am lucrat nou in ultimele 2 luni,poate nu-s inca la tv-apar cam dupa 4-6 luni de la realizare si filmari etc.,dar definitiv sunt cele vechi lucrate anul trecut,sau la inceput de an actual,sunt ale mele toate).

Vreau sa-ti spun ca exista diverse feluri de a plati taxe mici ca freelance,eu de
ex. am un f. bun accountant(italian),de 4 ani si MEREU primesc bani de la IRS si State,cel putin cate 4000$ de la IRS si cam 1000$ de la Nj State.
NICIODATA NU am platit un cent la guvern!

I file W2 forms(estimated tax return),la fiecare 3 luni pe an,uneori I skip si nu e neaparat nevoie sa platesti la data fixa!Ci poti plati mai mult si depinde cand ai banii la indemana,asa-i ca freelance.
Inteleg ca esti freelance in meseria ta,nu stiu in ce fel poti face deductions,dar cred ca poti.

Iti dau ex. meu:
-Orice iesire cu masina in interes de serviciu= aduni costul la benzina si la tolls pe highway,pastrezi orice chitante.
-Orice iesire la restaurant in interes serviciu= deduci din taxe.
-Orice materiale de lucru,de la agrafe la mese si birouri deduci din cost cel putin 80%.
Am cumparat de ex. computerul meu(IMAC10.5,imbunatatit azi,+G5 etc,I mean,scanner pro, DSL connections with Verizon on line etc,all about 6000$.Acum 2 ani,si am primit acesti bani INAPOI,fiind pt. Business-ul meu propriu.

Culori,hartie,creioane,gume,ORICE legat de arta deduc din taxe.
La fel lumina electrica,daca lunar platesc sa zic 34$,deduc din plata 24$.
La telefon la fel,daca am lunar 128$ de plata +48$pt. cell phone,platesc in total cam 50$.Fiind V.I.P la Verizon,the use of computer is 20$ a month instead of 54!Am totul hooked with Verizon.La fel deduc si plata la TV,am satelite dish cu Directv.Stii de ce? Pt. ca mereu pot spune ca urmaresc filme si orice programe TV din p.d.v de ma educ in arta comerciala si pt. asta ORICE program este pt. mine un mijloc de a studia....daca lunar costul la peste 200 canale e de 76$,eu platesc 22$!!!

De fapt,orice fac este pt. arta si deduc si daca merg la plaja,pt. ca e un drum de facut in interes de serviciu!Sa observ lumea sa vad valuri si ocean etc.
Dar pot sa-ti spun ca nu intotdeauna sunt si corect.Ha!
De ex. merg cu Marilyn la un restaurant,evident nu e ...interes de serviciu,dar iau chitanta si scad din taxe costul....HA!Zic ca a fost business lunch or dinner

Daca as veni de ex. sa te vad(NU cred ca ai dori pt. ca azi ma urasti)in CA,as primi inapoi 90% din costul biletului de avion,pt. ca as declara la taxe ca am facut o vizita in scop de lucru!

De aceea NU am de ce sa ma plang.Cred ca platesc cam 3% taxe.
Viata de artist...ziua vesel,noaptea trist.

Dar ca veni vorba de noi doi,habar nu am DACA tot ce am scris azi(in prostie,atatea texte),vor fi si publicate.Mi-ar parea sincer rau pt. ca sunt ultimele mele cuvinte in cafenea,de maine,Nu mai aveti de-a face cu mine.
Am spus deja adio tuturor.
Incerc sa scriu azi cat pot de mult.
Inca odata Nu e vina ta ci a mea,recunosc si pt. ultima data iarta-ma,sa pot dormi linistit tonight.
Chiar daca nu vei crede niciodata,am fost si sunt sincer,NU v-am mintit pe nimeni din cafenea,Nu am gandit macar(in naivitatea mea)ca pot starni contradictii si lumea ma va vedea altfel de cum sunt,pt. ca putini ma cunosc cu adevarat,multi trag concluzii pripite.

I really love you,simt asta in mine si NU e vorba de..... sex...ce tampit pot fi uneori imi e rusine de mine insumi!!!!Imi vine sa ma ascund undeva sa nu ma vada nimeni.

Adio Magdalena(un nume ce de mic copil am iubit),ne vom vedea in alta viata,nicidecum in ...hell!


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Horia si LMC - de (anonim) la: 27/06/2004 04:23:14
Am propus mai demult un nod aparte pentru astfel de discutii, eventual cu moderator sau alerts dar depinde de numarul participantilor si posibil un membership.

Funds-urile astea se vede ca au performanta identica cu a QQQ-ului.
Nu am acum lista cu "indiencele" care le-au lasat in urma pe cele alese de mine (Putnam (PGIBX) sau Smith Barney (SAGBX), incredibil.

In caz ca nu se trece de rezistenta actuala sau alte transformari geopolitice viitoare, ma bate gindul sa intru in Rydex funds ce short-eaza marketul, de exemplu RYVNX, RYAIX, RYURX (arktos si ursa)
Ce parere aveti?
Nice to have people talking about this, guys !!! Good job with tech. service shows 4.20 lowest , but still OK.
Horia, daca ai o recomandare in ceea ce priveste Forex sau Daytrading, as aprecia gestul. Vreau sa le incerc in viitor.

#16834 (raspuns la: #16826) comenteaza . modifica . semnaleaza adminului .
Pt. Ozzy - de Paianjenul la: 28/06/2004 12:35:13
"Uneori ma apuca nervii si azi platesc pt. iesirile mele.
Este corect sa fiu pedepsit"

- RELAX Ozzy! Ai primit doar cartonas GALBEN... nu ROSU!... Asta inseamna invitatie la reflectie... revizuirea atitudinii tale vs LMC... si eventual sugestia de a-ti cere scuze celor carora bunul tau simt iti spune ca le-ai gresit... Nu e sfirsitul lumii, man... Ai "cazut"... te ridici, te "scuturi" de "praf" si mergi mai departe ca un brave warrior!... ce Iuda!...
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Pentru LMC - de Horia D la: 28/06/2004 15:37:26
Ai dreptate, ca sa file taxe in alt stat trebuie sa spui claim primary residency in statul respectiv. Eu am un mic condo in St. Petersburg, si-l claim ca primary residence. Casa din KY o claim ca vacation house. Totul e perfect legal. Am priteni care au cate-un trailer by the sea, pe care-l claim ca si primary residence. Nu stiu sigur, dar cred ca Nevada are can aceleasi taxe ca Florida. Tot ce-ti trebuie e un loc mic cu un WC.. Atat timp cat are WC, e o rezidenta. Pana si un RV, sau houseboat pot fi rezidente.

Cat despre a doua intrebare, am venit aici in Oct. 1988... De-o viata.

The things that come to those who wait are what's left behind by those
who got there first.
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Pentru Sixpack - de Horia D la: 28/06/2004 15:44:22
Eu am inceput cu Wacovia.. AM fost cu ei pentru vreo 7-8 ani, dar am realizat ca plateam $1,200 pe an ca broker fee pentru nimic, pentru ca nu faceau o trazactie fara sa ma consulte, iar informatiile pe care le ofereau le puteam afla de pe orice investment website.
Acum sunt cu Scottstrade.. nu sunt interesat in day trading, iar shorting the market acum nu cred ca e strategia potrivita.. Toti indicatorii economici arata ca marketul e bullish, asa ca shorting e un pic risky.. dar cu cat risti mai mult, cu atat recompensa e mai mare...

Si cum spui, e o mare placere sa aflu ca mai sunt si altii interesati in the market.. AM crezu ca sunt singurul geek... LOL;)

The things that come to those who wait are what's left behind by those
who got there first.
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Linistea dupa Furtuna... pt. Ozzy - de LMC la: 28/06/2004 22:17:54
Nu-i nimic mai dulce si mai minunat decit linistea dupa o furtuna apriga. Am crezut ca momentul acesta va veni mult mai tirziu, dar spre fericirea mea a venit mult mai repede decit m-am asteptat. Multumesc pentru iertarea ceruta, ti-am dat-o din momentul in care am ales sa nu te insult asa cum ai facut tu. O sa pun la oparte toate cuvintele urite si-am sa le arunc in marea uitarii. La rindul meu vreau si eu sa-mi cer scuze pentru provocarea intensa, un tango nu se poate dansa decit numai in doi, si-mi asum raspunderea pentru pasii luati.

Din cele scrise in #16831, Ozzy, se pare ca nu esti 100% liberal, chiar daca doresti sa mentii mai departe ca esti. Ronald Reagan a spus odata ca multi dintre democrati "vorbesc stinga, dar traiesc dreapta" "speak left, and live right". Aici am vrut sa ajung de la inceputul inceputului. Vroiam sa ne gasim o parte comuna, o fundatie pe care sa ne construim ideile. Am ajuns aici si-acum nu mai am cu cine discuta.

Cum poate stii, si eu sint artista. De cind am fost de-o schioapa, de cind am putut sa tin un creion in mina, arta a fost singurul meu refugiu. Cind eram copila nu m-am jucat niciodata cu papusi sau cu jucarii, nu pentru ca nu aveam (aveam o multime), ci pentru ca arta a fost cea mai simpla forma de expresie pentru mine. Stiu ce inseamna sa fii artist, m-am nascut artista. Poezia "Darul" de Ana Blandiana spune acelasi lucru care l-am simtit de cind ma stiu, poti sa-l citesti la subiectul "Cele mai Frumoase Poezii".

Sper sa revii, mai calm, cu pace in inima, si mai ingaduitor. Sper sa putem purta o conversatie normala si ziditoare, din care sa putem invata cu totii lucruri folositoare in viata noastra de zi cu zi. Nu stiu daca ai reusit pina la urma sa citesti toate chestiile scrise in website-ul postat in subiectul acesta, as fi dorit sa-l vizitezi si sa-l citesti cu un "open mind". Nu vreau sa te convertesc de la liberalism, dar vreau sa-ti dai seama ca noi, cei de dreapta, nu sintem chiar asa de rai cum mass media ne arata ca sintem. Sint sigura ca toti liberalii si toti conservatistii avem teluri in comun, numai ca unii vor sa mearga pe calea asta iar altii pe calea cealalta. Intrebarea e: unde vrem sa ajungem.

Sper ca mesajul sa ajunga la vizorul tau, si sper, chiar daca esti indexat, sa revii.

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Ideie excelenta... pt Horia D - de LMC la: 28/06/2004 23:07:55
Am sa ma informez mai mult despre aceste provizii de taxe. Ideia cu primary residence se pare a fi ce-a mai buna. De fapt cei care se incorporeaza fac cam aceleasi lucruri. Daca nu ma insel Wyoming are cele mai bune legi cit priveste incorporarea. La momentul de fata sintem intr-un nou prag al vietii, vrem sa facem niste schimbari majore, transactii de business etc etc. Sper sa gasesc cele mai bune metode. As fi interesata si in real estate investments, dar nu stiu daca este cel mai oportun timp, the bubble is about to burst. Let me know what your insights are on this.
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Horia D - de (anonim) la: 24/07/2004 00:00:33
Mai exista sentimentul bullish din luna Iunie ? Dupa cum se vede "is getting bloody very soon"...
Sa fie oare alegerea VP-ului democrat si sansele lor pentru Casa Alba?

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In Sfirsit! ceva nou - de LMC la: 12/08/2004 18:46:32
Am gasit printre multele situri pe internet un scriitor care multi dintre voi, conservativi dar si liberali, il veti aprecia foarte mult. Mi-a placut felul lui de a gindi si de a se uita la lumea din jur. Foloseste cuvinte simple dar cu un continut dezvoltat. Il gasiti aici

Cind ajungeti la biografia lui mergeti un pic mai jos si dati peste toate articolele lui. Sper sa va placa.
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Pentru cei care citesc Engleza - de LMC la: 02/09/2004 01:20:55
Dupa cum multi dintre voi stiti saptamina asta se desfasoara conventia partidului Republican. Aseara Arnold Schwarzenegger a vorbit, iar astazi toate programele de radio si televizor si toate ziarele sau concentrat asupra speech-ului lui Arnold. Cei care doresc sa afle ce a spus mai jos puteti citi speech-ul lui. Tot aici puteti afla cine sint Republicanii si care este platforma partidului Republican. Citire placuta.


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thank you.

What a greeting! This is like winning an Oscar! ...As if I would know!

Speaking of acting, one of my movies was called "True Lies." It's what the Democrats should have called their convention.

My fellow Americans, this is an amazing moment for me. To think that a once-scrawny boy from Austria could grow up to become Governor of California and stand in Madison Square Garden to speak on behalf of the President of the United States that is an immigrant's dream. It is the American dream.

I was born in Europe ...and I've traveled all over the world. I can tell you that there is no place, no country, more compassionate more generous more accepting and more welcoming than the United States of America.

As long as I live, I will never forget that day 21 years ago when I raised my hand and took the oath of citizenship.

Do you know how proud I was? I was so proud that I walked around with an American flag around my shoulders all day long.

Tonight, I want to talk about why I'm even more proud to be an American -why I'm proud to be a Republican and why I believe this country is in good hands.

When I was a boy, the Soviets occupied part of Austria. I saw their tanks in the streets .I saw communism with my own eyes. I remember the fear we had when we had to cross into the Soviet sector. Growing up, we were told, "Don't look the soldiers in the eye. Look straight ahead." It was a common belief that Soviet soldiers could take a man out of his own car and ship him off to the Soviet Union as slave labor.

My family didn't have a car -- but one day we were in my uncle's car. It was near dark as we came to a Soviet checkpoint. I was a little boy, I wasn't an action hero back then, and I remember how scared I was that the soldiers would pull my father or my uncle out of the car, and I'd never see him again. My family and so many others lived in fear of the Soviet boot. Today, the world no longer fears the Soviet Union and it is because of the United States of America!

As a kid I saw the socialist country that Austria became after the Soviets left. I love Austria and I love the Austrian people - but I always knew America was the place for me.

In school, when the teacher would talk about America, I would daydream about coming here. I would sit for hours watching American movies transfixed by my heroes like John Wayne. Everything about America seemed so big to me so open, so possible.

I finally arrived here in 1968.I had empty pockets, but I was full of dreams. The presidential campaign was in full swing. I remember watching the Nixon and Humphrey presidential race on TV. A friend who spoke German and English, translated for me. I heard Humphrey saying things that sounded like socialism which is what I had just left. But then I heard Nixon speak. He was talking about free enterprise, getting government off your back, lowering taxes, and strengthening the military. Listening to Nixon speak sounded more like a breath of fresh air.

I said to my friend, "What party is he?" My friend said, "He's a Republican." I said, "Then I am a Republican!" And I've been a Republican ever since! And trust me, in my wife's family, that's no small achievement! I'm proud to belong to the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party of Teddy Roosevelt, the party of Ronald Reagan and the party of George W. Bush.

To my fellow immigrants listening tonight, I want you to know how welcome you are in this party. We Republicans admire your ambition. We encourage your dreams. We believe in your future. One thing I learned about America is that if you work hard and play by the rules, this country is truly open to you. You can achieve anything.

Everything I have my career my success my family I owe to America. In this country, it doesn't make any difference where you were born. It doesn't make any difference who your parents were. It doesn't make any difference if, like me, you couldn't even speak English until you were in your twenties.

America gave me opportunities, and my immigrant dreams came true. I want other people to get the same chances I did, the same opportunities. And I believe they can. That's why I believe in this country, that's why I believe in this party and that's why I believe in this President.

Now, many of you out there tonight are "Republican" like me in your hearts and in your beliefs. Maybe you're from Guatemala. Maybe you're from the Philippines. Maybe Europe or the Ivory Coast. Maybe you live in Ohio Pennsylvania or New Mexico. And maybe just maybe you don't agree with this party on every single issue. I say to you tonight I believe that's not only okay that's what's great about this country. Here

we can respectfully disagree and still be patriotic still be American and still be good Republicans

My fellow immigrants, my fellow Americans how do you know if you are a Republican? I'll tell you how.

If you believe that government should be accountable to the people, not the people to the government...then you are a Republican! If you believe a person should be treated as an individual, not as a member of an interest group... then you are a Republican! If you believe your family knows how to spend your money better than the government does... then you are a Republican! If you believe our educational system should be held accountable for the progress of our children ... then you are a Republican! If you believe this country, not the United Nations, is the best hope of democracy in the world ... then you are a Republican! And, ladies and gentlemen ...if you believe we must be fierce and relentless and terminate terrorism ... then you are a Republican!

There is another way you can tell you're a Republican. You have faith in free enterprise, faith in the resourcefulness of the American people ...and faith in the U.S. economy. To those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say: Don't be economic girlie men!

The U.S. economy remains the envy of the world. We have the highest economic growth of any of the world's major industrialized nations. Don't you remember the pessimism of twenty years ago when the critics said Japan and Germany were overtaking the U.S.? Ridiculous!

Now they say India and China are overtaking us. Don't you believe it! We may hit a few BUMPS -- but America always moves ahead! That's what Americans do!

We move prosperity ahead. We move freedom ahead. We move people ahead. Under President Bush, and Vice President Cheney, America's economy is moving ahead in spite of a recession they inherited and in spite of the attack on our homeland.

Now, the other party says there are two Americas. Don't believe that either. I've visited our troops in Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Germany, and all over the world. I've visited our troops in California, where they train before they go overseas. And I've visited our military hospitals. And I can tell you this: Our young men and women in uniform do not believe there are two Americas!

They believe we are one America and they are fighting for it! We are one America - and President Bush is defending it with all his heart and soul!

That's what I admire most about the President. He's a man of perseverance.

He's a man of inner strength. He is a leader who doesn't flinch, doesn't waiver, does not back down. My fellow Americans, make no mistake about it terrorism is more insidious than communism, because it yearns to destroy not just the individual but the entire international order.

The President didn't go into Iraq because the polls told him it was popular. As a matter of fact, the polls said just the opposite. But leadership isn't about polls. It's about making decisions you think are right and then standing behind those decisions. That's why America is safer with George W. Bush as President.

He knows you don't reason with terrorists. You defeat them. He knows you can't reason with people blinded by hate. They hate the power of the individual. They hate the progress of women. They hate the religious freedom of others. They hate the liberating breeze of democracy. But, ladies and gentlemen, their hate is no match for America's decency.

We're the America that sends out Peace Corps volunteers to teach village children.

We're the America that sends out missionaries and doctors to raise up the poor and the sick. We're the America that gives more than any other country, to fight AIDS in Africa and the developing world. And we're the America that fights not for imperialism but for human rights and democracy.

You know, When the Germans brought down the Berlin Wall America's determination helped wield the sledgehammers. When that lone, young Chinese man stood in front of those tanks in Tiananmen Square America's hopes stood with him. And when

Nelson Mandela smiled in election victory after all those years in prison America celebrated, too.

We are still the lamp lighting the world especially for those who struggle. No matter in what labor camp they slave no matter in what injustice they're trapped -- they hear our call ... they see our light ... and they feel the pull of our freedom. They come here as I did because they believe. They believe in US.

They come because their hearts say to them, as mine did, "If only I can get to America." Someone once wrote -"There are those who say that freedom is nothing but a dream." They are right. It's the American dream.

No matter the nationality, no matter the religion, no matter the ethnic background, America brings out the best in people. And as Governor of the great state of California -- I see the best in Americans every day ... our police, our firefighters our nurses, doctors and teachers our parents.

And what about the extraordinary men and women who have volunteered to fight for the United States of America! I have such great respect for them and their heroic families.

Let me tell you about the sacrifice and commitment I've seen firsthand. In one of the military hospitals I visited, I met a young guy who was in bad shape. He'd lost a leg had a hole in his stomach ... his shoulder had been shot through.

I could tell there was no way he could ever return to combat. But when I asked him, "When do you think you'll get out of the hospital?" He said, "Sir, in three weeks." And do you know what he said to me then? He said he was going to get a new leg ... and get some therapy ... and then he was going back to Iraq to serve alongside his buddies! He grinned at me and said, "Arnold ... I'll be back!"

Ladies and gentlemen, America is back! back from the attack on our homeland- back from the attack on our economy back from the attack on our way of life. We're back because of the perseverance, character and leadership of the 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush.

My fellow Americans ...I want you to know that I believe with all my heart that America remains "the great idea" that inspires the world. It's a privilege to be born here. It's an honor to become a citizen here. It's a gift to raise your family here to vote here and to live here.

Our president George W. Bush has worked hard to protect and preserve the American dream for all of us. That's why I say ... send - him - back to Washington for four more years!

Thank you, America -- and God bless you all!
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lemecico - de Belle la: 02/09/2004 17:20:05
stii cumva cand se termina conventia, ca vrem sa mergem sambata pana la new york si nu vreau sa dam de aglomeratie si nebunie

danke :)

p.s. misto speech-ul, credeam ca are doar muschi dar se pare ca are si ceva brains.
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Raspuns Bellei - de LMC la: 02/09/2004 17:46:50
Astazi 2 Septembrie se incheie conventia cu speech-ulPresedintelui Bush, asa ca puteti merge linistiti la New York. Si eu m-as duce la New York ca nu am fost decit odata dar nu am vizitat decit Queens. Eram intr-o trecere rapida.
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super-multam - de Belle la: 02/09/2004 17:56:42
ce bineeee! chiar daca de data asta nu mergem in manhattan ca de obicei ci tot in queens ca tine (mai bine zis astoria) n-aveam chef sa dau de aglomeratie.
noi de regula mergem destul de des ca nu facem mai mult de-o ora jumate cu trenul.
de data asta mergem cu masina neducandu-ne in manhattan.... oricum drumul s-ar putea sa fie bara la bara si cu politie peste tot din cauza de labor day da' asta sa fie singura problema.
mersi de informatie :)
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Hey Baieti, unde sinteti? - de LMC la: 22/09/2004 20:26:44
HoriaD am un articol pentru tine. Citeste aici

thank God for conservatives.
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