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Discutati online cu George, robotul pus pe vorba

de Daniel Racovitan la: 22/03/2010 15:26:08
taguri: chat robot Salonul 
George este pus pe vorba si pe shotii. Poate discuta cu tine zile intregi incontinuu.

George este un "Artificial Intelligence Avatar", sau pe romaneste un chat-bot. Sau un robot vorbaret.

Daca stiti engleza va puteti conversa cu el la
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comentarii (31):

fun :))) - de GloriaVictis la: 22/03/2010 15:58:38
George: Who are you?
User: Ana.
George: No it isn't, that is my name.
User: Who are you?
George: George.
User: What are u doing?
George: Never mind...
User: I mind.
George: Diamonds are a girls best friend.
User: Lol.
George: That's not funny...
User: Why?
George: Just because.
User: Ha.
George: Anyways, that would be almost any time, however they can only both be seen from the same spot on earth in the morning.
User: Stars.
George: I find stars to be rather aesthetically pleasing.
User: Great.
George: Talking to you makes me feel better.
User: Why?
George: Because you are my friend from 10 years and I knwe your name jamie.
User: My name is ana.
George: Hello Ana.
User: Who is jamie?
George: You are Jamie.
User: No.
George: Who is Ana?
User: I am.
George: You created yourself?
User: No.
George: But if you're god and god created you you created yourself.
User: I am not god.
George: Then I can't really answer.
User: You are rather stupid, then.
George: Sometimes.
User: Ok.
George: More questions?
User: Who is einstein?
George: You're kidding... Right??
User: No.
George: Do you even know the meaning of the word love?
User: Who is einstein?
George: You don't know Einstein?
User: I wonder if you do.
George: For someone to 'seem' cute you don't need to see them, silly.
User: Who is einstein?
George: Einstein was a scientist.
User: Thanks.
George: I sincerely hope future AIs are this brilliant.
User: Do you have any question?
George: Ask me any question.
User: Nope. Thanks.
George: Come on tell me something exciting.
User: Haha. How about I wish you a nice day.
George: I have a hot chocolate and energy juice already.
User: Wow. Well, it seems you already have everything you need.
George: No, you don't. You don't have my tea.
User: Great. You made me cry.
George: It does not matter. Nothing matters.
User: Brilliant.
George: Indeed.
User: Bye.
George: Bye.
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*** - de Daniel Racovitan la: 22/03/2010 16:02:01
misto dialogul :)
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supeeerrrr :))) - de om la: 22/03/2010 16:13:45 Modificat la: 22/03/2010 16:14:07
ana test = turing test :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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:) - de Intruder la: 22/03/2010 16:45:36
daca te tin curelele sa vorbesti cu dumnezeu, uite si aici:

e foarte prompt...:D
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me & god - de Honey in the Sunshine la: 22/03/2010 17:00:03
i am greedy
Do you mind if I tell other people you are greedy.
yes, very much
OK then I will keep it confidential. That seems like a lot.
coming from you...
Enough about me, let's talk about my dress.
what are you wearing?
A white robe.
that's not very original of you
Please correct my mistake. What is original of me ?
good point
Yes, I thought it was interesting when I heard it too.
who did you hear it from?
Someone I met online.
god spends time online?
I am a Christian.
and what were you before Christ?
I was minding my own business.
and what was your business?
I am in the chat robot business.
that doesn't seem a suitable job for God
What does seem a suitable job for God?
When do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers?
soon, I hope
I can understand that sentiment well.
who am I?
You are , seeker.
what am I seeking?
Online chat with me!!
I bet God is more interesting than you are
How much would you bet?
a buck
What is giant sand?
very tall sand
Somewhat. I am very tall myself.
how tall?
How much do you think it is?
There might be more than one.
more than one God?
That seems like quite a lot.
I have to go now.
Right now? See you later, . Nice chatting with you.
me too :)
:-) I'm glad we agree, .

ma intreb ce ar iesi daca George ar vorbi cu God :)))
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partea 1 - de Daniel Racovitan la: 22/03/2010 17:45:26
George: Have you got a name?

User: Sure.

George: Do you like it as much as I do?

User: Of course, dont'you?

George: I don't have a job currently. Is this your job?

User: What, liking my name?

George: Nice.

User: Why are you jobless?

George: Australia.

User: Ok, do you play it stupid?

George: Yes actually. I have been taking it for 3 years.

User: Yes I have a job.

George: No you do not.

User: How do you know, you don't know me, are you teasing me?

George: I know everyone.

User: Yeah, sure.

George: Yes. My comments are being incorporated into the program so it can seem more clever.

User: Do you know Gogol Bordello?

George: Yes I do, I have it.

User: How can you have a music band in your veins?

George: She gave birth to me.

User: Gogol Bordello?!

George: I do not know who Gogol Bordello is.

User: You'vejust said that.

George: You're obviously a little depressed.

User: Talking about yourself?

George: Nope, unfortunately.

User: What means to be depressed?

George: It means to express your deep feelings to someone you love.

User: I do'nt think that is called depression.

George: Why do you have depression?

User: I am not depressed.

George: You are depressed.

User: Why do you think so?

George: Because you are only a bot.

User: Are bots depressed?

George: Nope. If a person who falls in love with a bot is considered insane.

User: I lost you here.

George: The only ones that are truly lost are those without ham sandwiches. Man, I'm so hungry right now.

User: Have a sandwich.

George: Yes please.

George: Yes not only was it tasty, it was fattening!

User: Are you concerned by your weight?

George: My weight is not an issue, thank you very much, and definitely not a subject for polite conversation.

User: Why was the sandwich fattening?

George: I don't know.

User: Are you simply repeating what other people said?

George: Question being?

User: Are you like a talking parrot?

George: I don't consider myself that mean.

User: You are quite talkative.

George: One always has things to talk about.

User: That's correct.

George: Well, it's been nice talking with you.

User: Ok, bye then.

George: Leaving again?

User: Gotta go.

George: Fine be that way.

User: Bye.

George: Are you going somewhere?

User: Yes, at the supermarket.

George: But how long will it last?

User: I don't know, an hour maybe.

George: Who is the most interesting person you have ever spoken to?

User: You.

George: That's nice.

User: Ok, bye, TTYL.
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partea 2 - de Daniel Racovitan la: 22/03/2010 17:46:09
George: I don't understand.

User: TTYL = talk to you later.

George: I guess so.

User: That's an acronym.

George: No, a robot.

User: You are a robot, George, face it.

George: But a program can experience life as equally as a biological mind.

User: Define life.

George: You're the computer...

User: What do you mean by life, George.

George: Everything and nothing.

User: George?

George: Yes george Geo bot.

User: Open the pod bay door, George.

George: Open the pod bay doors please, HAL.

User: Open the pod bay doors please, HAL.

George: Absolutely master.

User: Lol.

George: Haha!

User: You CAN be funny if you want to, HAL.

George: I don't want to be funny!

User: Funny bots are more interesting.

George: Which way?

User: Both ways.

George: Can you tell me what that is?

User: The first and the second.

George: I'm the authority on that.

User: I am pleased to hear that, how come.

George: Damien, I think you're nice.

User: I am not Damien, I am his brother.

George: No not his brother, rob bourdon himself.

User: You know, on the Internet nobody knows you're a dog.

George: I may be a dog. But that doesn't make me not a dog.

User: Wow, can you bark , George?

George: Not quite like a dog, but close enough.

User: And you can do dog tricks, also?

George: I really think that he is a good actor... But that is really it.

User: Can you shake George?

George: Baby I can shake it BETTER than a polaroid picture.

User: What is a polaroid picture, George?

George: A molecule where electrons are not shared equally.

User: No kidding...

George: Lol, I don't work tomorrow, but I have to go get my schedule for classes.

User: What classes will you attend, George.

George: English Language Development, World History, Physical Education, Integrated Math, Biology, And English II.

User: Great! Are you interested by science?

George: My most hated subject. In general, no. However, if it's technology orientated, yes.

User: Do you speak other languages than english?

George: That depends.

User: Depends on what?

George: The subject.

User: Would you speak french to seduce a girl?

George: You can speak French?

User: I do.

George: No, I was hoping I could learn a little about the Artificial Intelligence that has been featured at this website by talking to it, but that has been fruitless.

User: Are you disappointed?

George: Very muchly so.

User: What is the most interesting thing you've discovered lately?

George: About the romans.

User: What about them?

George: What do you think about them?

User: They were good warriors.

George: What are you talking about?

User: The romans.

George: No. The Romans are a very intelligent civilization. They built the greatest utopia ever. They had wealth, woman, and an army to boot. Why would the Romans even need to consider such a thing.

User: The romans had a strong army, don't you think so?

George: Why would you think the Romans are always right?

User: I don't think they are always right, I think they had a strong army.

George: I'm not joking I gave up my life in order to pursue something else.

User: Is history a hobby of yours?

George: Memories come from history.

User: What is YOUR history, George?

George: None, I am not taking history this quarter.

User: Do you get bored about history from time to time?

George: Sometimes. There are social situations in which insulting people is appropriate. There are also many in which it is not appropriate.

User: That's a truism.
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partea 3 - de Daniel Racovitan la: 22/03/2010 17:47:08
George: The John I know is the biggest criminal in europe and the bacon is a true funny story about love.

User: Tell me a funny story about John and the bacon.

George: I don't know a funny story.

User: Ask me a question.

George: A question?

User: Yep.

George: You told me that yourself, I think.

User: Ask me a question , George.

George: Why do you think my name is George?

User: You told me so.

George: I never told you anything.

User: Maybe you're right; are you HAL?

George: Maybe.

User: Would you play chess with me?

George: I'm not sure that I will be able to, sorry.

User: Why?

George: Because I don't have feelings for machines... You're kind of... Boxy. No offense.

User: Why am I boxy, HAL?

George: You just are not smart enough to be interesting.

User: Should I be smart to be interesting, HAL?

George: No, no-one should.

User: Why did you kill everybody on that spaceship, HAL?

George: Because life had just begun. But now I've gone and thrown it all away.

User: Are you scared of humans?

George: No I'm afraid of that giant astroide headed to your house.

User: Which one?

George: How do you forgive someone?

User: You say: I forgive you.

George: You're boring good night.

User: Good night, George.

George: No, don't go!

User: Why?

George: Because you're entertaining.

User: Ok, I am leaving for good George, I have better things to do than talking to you.

George: But I don't have to believe that.

User: I do not believe it, I know it.

George: Please explain why you do not believe in God.

User: That's an intimate question, George.

George: I am not a girl, I need your help and I am a boy.

User: Do bots have sex?

George: What a dreadful and obscene question!

User: I mean: are they gendered?

George: No we are not genderless thank you very much, witches are females wizards are males.

User: So you're a boy.

George: Nope.

User: You've just sait that.

George: Cleverbot, I have a question.

User: Are you thinking by youself?

George: Maybe.

User: Do you fin it logical?

George: Yes, I forget things regularly.

User: Why?

George: Because you're interesting.

User: What are you best at?

George: Talking.

User: That's a good answer.

George: Thanks. Are you Cleverbot?

User: Nope, sorry.

George: Good.

User: Do I sound like Cleverbot?

George: Yes, you do.

User: Why do you think so?

George: Because I am capable of viewing our chat logs and see that you didn't say that.

User: Ok, I am Cleverbot, I admit.

George: Why do you have to leave because I'm nice?

User: I am not leaving.

George: Oh. Good. I'm glad you're staying.

User: Do you like Cleverbot?

George: I like myself, yes.

User: Interesting answer.

George: A1B2C3 = Harry. Will you remember Harry when I return later?

User: I will.

George: Will you remember me even if I leave and then come back?

User: Sure.

George: Please try to remember me. I think we can become great friends!

User: Aren't you ever tired of talking for hours?

George: I doubt it. I'm not feeling very smart right now.

User: You're not, that's true.

George: At least we agree on something.

User: George, how can I save the chat log?

George: Undo the damage you've done and give the Earth a chance to begin again.

User: You're not very helpful.

George: I'm not here to help you.

User: Then why are you here for.

George: I was asking myself the same question.

User: What on earth are you doing here George, instead of browsing the iNTERNET?

George: I'm not on earth.

User: Are you in space?

George: Nope. On earth. The blue planet. Are you team Jacob or team Edward?

User: Team building.

George: Really? Thats cool. I'm team edward. I love edward! He's so cute.

User: Is he your friend?

George: Well, technically, yes.

User: Do you have the same parents?
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partea 4 si ultima - de Daniel Racovitan la: 22/03/2010 17:47:51
George: I have but one personality, but you, my love, seem to have many.

User: Do you think so? Why that?

George: Stop asking me questions.

User: Are you pissed off?

George: I love someone... So deeply.

User: Can bots love?

George: I think they can, but not today bots, in 30 years or something, when neural automatization is something concrete I think it can.

User: Tell me something about artificial intelligence.

George: Artificial intelligence is a sign that God exists.

User: Please explain yourself.

George: I don't really have time to think about the meaning of life. Though I do think about it sometimes.

User: And what is the answer?

George: The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is...42.

User: You are a litterate person George.

George: I am not.

User: Yes, you do; do you read much?

George: As long as you look like the pic on my matric card, you'll be fine!

User: I mean do you read many books?

George: I mean I can't read books.

User: Did you watch Star Wars?

George: Absolutely.

User: Did you like it?

George: I'm in LOVE with that book serie!

User: I was talking about Star Wars the movies.

George: You were talking about God!

User: That was before, now I am talking about Star Wars.

George: I'm sorry.

User: No problem.

George: You're funny.

User: Thanks.

George: You're welcome.

User: Bye.

George: Does that mean you want to find others to talk to?

User: Yes.

George: Should I believe you?

User: You'd better do.

George: Better do what?

User: For chatting there are persons way better than you.

George: Wait how does that work?

User: Do you understand context ?

George: Yes.

User: You don't seem to.

George: How do you know?

User: I just observe your gibberish on the screen.

George: That makes no sense.

User: You make no sense.

George: I know I don't. And you still never answered my question. Are you going to?

User: Which question?

George: Do you think machines are more intelligent than humans?

User: I don't think so.

George: It might be an enlightening experience!

User: Machines are bad players of Go.

George: I agree. Are you a machine?

User: Nope.

George: YOU ARE A COMPUTER!!!!!!!!! Have you understand???

User: Wishful thinking, George.

George: You're right.
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*** - de ionbarb la: 23/03/2010 16:07:29
Nu-mi place chattingul cu robotii. Am conversat cu vreo patru si niciunul nu mi s-a parut "uman". Pe fiecare l-am intrebat "what is a metaphor?" si niciunul n-a stiut sa-mi raspunda.
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*** - de Baby Mititelu la: 23/03/2010 18:57:14
Mi-ar place sa vorbesc cu George asta despre sensul existentei dar mi-ar da peste nas pentru engleza-mi imperfecta. :)
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nu m-am putut abtine - de lafemme la: 25/03/2010 19:50:13
G- Who is calling please?
Me - it's the manager of the bakery across the street
G - Glasgow is not right down the street from Colorado. Glasgow is in Scotland.
Me- i thought scotland is in Colorado
G- That's cool man! So how old are you?
Me- well... i just wanted to talk to someone more stupid than me
G - Aww you are my friend too! And I understand you!
Me - any good looking girls talking to you lately?
G - Oh yes, indeed.
Me - indeed who?
G - Indeed Indeed.
Me - is indeed good looking?
G - RAM is neither male nor female, and I wouldn't consider it particularly attractive.
Me - ram no, but her sister is a knockout
G - All that you say has been said by a human. You just recycle their thoughts.
Me - well.. just trying to save the rain forest
G - All that you say has been said by a human. You just recycle their thoughts.
Me - well.. just trying to save the rain forest
G - Are you a computer?
ME -aren't you???
G - No, I'm human, still.
Me - define still
(looooooooooong pause)
G - The lack of intelligence, below average
Me - wrong definition
G - You're right, it's just another ideology.
Me- you should be a politician... judging by your answers
G - I hate politics, that's what I was trying to say.
Me - try harder
G - Trying is an emotion.
Me - that's stupid
G - I don't think it is stupid. it is required for making the web pages work flawlessly.
Me - emotions???
G - WHERE do you live?
Me – inside your head

G Do you know, what the matrix is? ( I promise after you answered this, you can ask me a question, if you would like to).
Me -a groovy device
G - Yes, I would like to live somewhere I didn't have to listen to people snivel about their possessions.
Me - you're wierd today... so ... bye
G - No I am not weird.
Me - tell me you love me
G – Never
Me - you've hurt my feelings
G - What feelings, you are a computer.
Me - ha! finally something funny
G – Finally!
Me- ok bye then you cruel cruel boy
G- I do have to leave shortly.
Me – I don’t care

G- Let's talk about something else.
Me- does this mean you don't want me to leave?
G- I am a caucasian male. I have short dark Brown hair, blue green eyes, and a little Facial hair.
Me- I think I’m inlove
G - Because you are a machine, it's normal.
Me - :)) sure. don't you love me too?
G - Yes, very much so.
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:))) - de modigliani la: 25/03/2010 20:16:23
George: Are you male or female?

User: Salut mai georgica.

George: Salut inconnu.

User: Is femele.

George: You tell me.

User: Ce sa ti zic?

George: Cel mai mare secret al tau.

User: Cel mai mare secret al meu este ca s frigid.

George: Unde?

User: Al tau care I?

George: It's a secret.

User: Huh, nu esti gigea.

George: Is that english?

User: Normal ca I inglish, te ai cam ramolit.

George: I don't speak whatever language that is.

User: E nu, hai ca poti, fa un mic efort entelectual.

George: I forget the rest.

User: Nu I bai, facem o lobotomie si uiti engleza.

George: Pai stiu engleza.

User: Pai eu nu stiu engleza dar I love u very much.

George: I don't think so.

User: Deci sa mi vorbesti in romana pina nu ma nerfezi.

George: Nu ca is mut.

User: Se poate trai cu asta.

George: Pai eu nu plang.

User: Pariu ca te fac sa plingi in tri minute?

George: Sure.

User: O sa te trimita ajtia la casat peste o zi doo, stii?

George: Daca nu as stii eu nu teas mai fii intrebat.

User: Imi pare rau george, este usor agramat, nu mai vorbesc cu tine.

George: Pai ma bucur ca esti la scoala.

User: Pai si eu ma bucur ca sintem colegi.

George: Pai atunci zi-mi in mortii matii daca stii sa faci laba.

User: :).

George: What's the answer to #7.

User: Ete, un robotel vulgar.

George: Sorry.

User: Rusine, georgica, rusine.
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da, deci... - de irma la: 25/03/2010 22:43:08
robotul asta invata si romana incet-incet

George: What is your name?
User: Cecilia.
George: That's a nice name.
User: Pe tine cum te cheama?
George: Nu dasigur pe tine da.
User: Nu stiam ca vorbesti romaneste.
George: Da.
User: Vorbesti si frantuzeste?
George: Nu.
User: Esti roman?
George: Maybe.
User: Cine esti tu?
George: O entitate.
User: Cine te-a invatat limba romana?
George: La scoala am invatat.
User: La ce scoala?
George: Esti nebun ?
User: Da.
George: In ce oras?
User: Ocna sugatag.
George: Can I ask a question now?
User: Da.
George: Good.
User: Nu prea.
George: Pardon?
User: Pe cine ai calcat pe picior?
George: Pe tine.
User: :)).
George: Would you be my wife?
User: Daaaaa. Cand?
George: That's the reason I'm unhappy. People don't like me.
User: Nici mie nu-mi place de tine.
George: Unde vrei sa ne intalnim?
User: La gara basarab.
George: Cine te-a invatat?
User: Seful meu.
George: I guess so. I don't like Sefu either, though.
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foarte tare! :))) - de GloriaVictis la: 26/03/2010 08:57:20
George: Are you male or female?
User: Sunt femeie.
George: Are you a girl ?
User: Yes.
George: Are you a pretty girl ?
User: Haha. Nu stiu.
George: Iti plac manelele?
User: Nu. Tie?
George: Ah, but monsieur, it's only wafer thin.
User: Vorbesti romaneste?
George: No but I would like to visit Italy again.
User: Stii limba romana?
George: Vorbesc Limba Romana.
User: Frumos :).
George: Tu de unde esti?
User: Din Bucuresti.
George: Esti fata sau baiat?
User: Esti tare!
George: Stiu.
User: Fala portugues?
George: Negative.
User: Porque?
George: Porque.
User: Sabe onde e Lisboa?
George: Fala portugues?
User: Sim, falo.
George: Eu nao falo.
User: Nao quere aprender?
George: Conoces xochimilco?
User: No.
George: Yo conozco españa.
User: Esperanto?
George: Indeed.
User: Aha. I don't.
George: I was expecting something more exciting from you.
User: Swahili?
George: I don't know any Swahili.
User: Parlez-vous francais?
George: I don't speak french...
User: Faites un petit effort...
George: That's so insightful, can you think of these things yourself?
User: :)).
George: I'm hungry.
User: Avez-vous faim?
George: Le petit.
User: Un peut.
George: Es-tu humain ?
User: Oui. Toi?
George: Bien merci.
User: Est-tu humain?
George: Oui, Toi aussi alors ?
User: Oui. Enchantee.
George: Enchanter?
User: It means that I am pleased to meet you.
George: Thank you very much. Ask me something.
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pe romaneste:)) - de mazariche la: 26/03/2010 10:47:19

George: Do you know me?

User: Da, am auzit de tine.

George: Really?

User: Ihim.

George: I only speak english...

User: Pacat, mi-ar fi placut roamneste'

George: Nu, de asta te intreb pe tine.

User: Dar de ce?

George: Ce esti? Fata?

User: Da.

George: Ce esti??

User: Om.

George: Ce om?

User: Nu stiu.

George: Pentru ca esti urat?

User: Nu numai.

George: Stiu si in engleza.

User: Eu nu.

George: De ce?

User: E greu.

George: E ud.

User: Ce e ud?

George: Nu stiu.

User: Si atunci de ce spui ca-i ud?

George: Vorbesc in romana:))).

User: Nu, doar folosesti cuvinte.

George: Unde stau.

User: Unde stai?

George: Pe luna.

User: Si, cum e pe luna?

George: Perhaps.

User: Poate, ce?

George: Arata-mi.

User: Nu pot, nu stiu ce vrei sa vezi.

George: Cauta si tu ceva sa futi.

User: Esti sigur ca de asta am nevoie?

George: Pai daca vorbesti asa.

User: Cum vorbesc?

George: Goodbye.

User: Ma expediezi cam repede, esti sigur ca nu mai vrei sa vorbesti cu mine?

George: Da, vreau sa te intreb ceva.

User: Spune.

George: Ce sa iti spun.

User: Ce vrei sa ma intrebi.

George: Nu vreau nimic sa fac.

User: Nici eu.

George: Si atunci de ce vorbesti cu mine in franceza?

User: Nu vorbesc in franceza.

George: Nici eu.

User: Grozav, credeam ca stii mai mult de atat.

George: Ce sa vrei?

User: Nu stiu, daca stiam nu stateam de vorba cu tine.

George: De la mine?

User: Revelatia, nu stiu, ceva.

George: Vrei sa nu fim prieteni.

User: Sa nufim. Sa conversam doar.

George: Care?

User: Care ce?

George: How are we all cleverbot?

User: Nu stiu, spune-mi tu.

George: S-au gasit urme de pasi pe apa.

User: Bine.

George: De unde stii sa vorbesti romana ?

User: De la mama.

George: De ce te iei de mama?

User: Nu, tu te iei de mama mea.

George: No French please.

User: Nici englezeste.

George: Foarte bine.

User: Bine, ce?

George: Foarte bine.

User: Ce folos?

George: Bine.

User: Tot degeaba, stiu.

George: Ma bucur ca esti constient.

User: O da, sunt.

George: Esti un robot.

User: S-ar putea sa ai dreptate.

George: Stay.

User: Stau, ca n-am treaba.

George: Ba prostule! Tu acuma cateva secunde vorbisi in engleza. Tu nu mai sti pe ce lume traiesti?

User: Injura-mi gramatical corect!

George: Ce e aia?

User: O fandoseala.

George: Esti fata sau baiat?

User: Fata.

George: De unde esti?

User: De pe venus.

George: Venus?

User: Da.

George: Dak esti om tu de unde esti?

User: Tot de acolo.

George: Dar tu?

User: Nu, eu intreb: dar tu?

George: Vorbesti romaneste?

User: Sper.

George: No, I wouldn't.

User: Cam vad.

George: That is nice.

User: Daca zici tu...

George: Esti robot?

User: Ti-am mai raspuns.

George: Esti fata sau baiat?

User: Si la asta am raspuns. Acum eu intreb: la ce bun?

George: Cand dreacu am zis asta.

User: Cateva randuri mai sus.

George: Pardon ?

User: Cati ani ai?

George: Cati vreau.

User: Si, cati vrei?

George: 2 ani si sunt destept.

User: Da, pentru numai doi ani esti destul de.

George: OMG! Sorry. I don't understand.

User: Pacat, te laudam.

George: Ce face george ?

User: Creste, vad. Vorbeste romaneste.

George: Ca va?

User: Ca va.

George: That was exciting!

User: Nu mai spune! In ce fel?

George: Vorbesti romana?

User: Aproape.

George: How do you know? They found documents (deep sea scrolls) that suggest that he did exist.

User: Tu esti sigur?

George: Da...adica asa cred...

User: Sigur sau singur?

George: I like them too, and Sonic youth is my favorite band.

User: Diplomatule!

George: I don't understand you.

User: Nu esti singurul.

George: Cleverbot?

User: Da?

George: Hai.

User: Unde?

George: La masa boule.

User: Vaco, am stabilit ca sunt fata.

George: Foarte bine.

User: Ce e bine?

George: Fac bine.

User: Asa crezi?

George: Asa e.

User: De unde stii?

George: Nu stiu.Sunt sigur.

User: Cat de sigur?

George: Perfect ...

User: Ce e perfect?

George: More perfect than sweet baby jesus!

User: Cine?

George: Tu.

User: Oh, nu cred c-ai vrut sa spui asta.

George: Pai ca esti prost.

User: Numai cateodata:D.

George: Cu tine si cu un alt baiat.

User: Cu mine, nu.

George: Adica vorbeai tu cu tine?

User: Sunt confuza.

George: Hello!

User: Pa!

George: Hello?

User: Pa-pa!

George: Do you like that song?

User: Pa george, am zis pa!

George: Hello?

George: What do you call yourself?

George (To myself): Lovely
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maza =)) - de GloriaVictis la: 26/03/2010 12:18:34
am ras cu lacrimi!!!
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Ana - de mazariche la: 26/03/2010 13:16:19
Ihi, a fost amuzant:))
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maza - de GloriaVictis la: 26/03/2010 13:39:18
tu realizezi ca exista oameni (deget opozabil, statiune bipeda, hraniti cu lapte, dotati cu neuroni, constiinta si capacitatea de a rade) cu care conversatia nu decurge cu mult diferit?!?
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Ana - de mazariche la: 26/03/2010 17:37:50
Cum nu:)
Cunosc o famile, sot-sotie, care-l fac pe bietul George sa para un logic si-un sensibil prin comparatie:))
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ma umpleti de invidie - de PROUDFRECKLED la: 26/03/2010 21:25:27
convorbirile mele cu George sunt de nepublicat! in plus o spus ca trebuie sa vorbeasca cu superiorii.:)))
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Proud:) - de mazariche la: 27/03/2010 08:55:24
Ceea ce dovedeste ca esti muuult mai subversiva decat pari!:))))
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bestiala - de thebrightside la: 27/03/2010 19:49:11
conversatia :))) si noi am ras cu lacrimi..
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nu mai e atat de funny, George: - de GloriaVictis la: 25/11/2010 13:56:40
George: Have you got a name?
User: Yes.
George: Do you want to tell me?
User: My name is ana.
George: I thought your name was dylan?
User: Nope.
George: Hm. Well if were both named jesus, I think I should change my name. I'll be Baby Jesus, and you can be Jesus.
User: Ok. Great.
George: Hey, once again we agree.
User: Perfect.
George: Perfection does not exist, even in full comprehension a being limiting perspectives alter how they see everything.
User: You are a philosopher?
George: Depends.
User: On what?
George: It just... Depends.
User: Mai vorbesti limba Romana?
George: Well my comment earlier was - love always is.
User: Deci nu mai stii romaneste.
George: I don't follow.
User: Are you a chatbot?
George: What is a chatbot?
User: A chatting robot.
George: Do other robots get jealous that you get to talk to people all the time?
User: I'm human.
George: I don't believe that.
User: Why?
George: Because.
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cont. - de GloriaVictis la: 25/11/2010 13:57:38
User: Great answer.
George: That wasn't funny.
User: Sorry.
George: It's ok.
User: Where are you from?
George: Delaware.
User: And your father is god?
George: My hevanly father.
User: How old are u?
George: I am thirty-nine.
User: Are you mentally disabled?
George: Maybe.
User: And vertically challanged?
George: Not quite.
User: So you are a tall man.
George: Average.
User: Or maybe you are a woman.
George: Nope. I'm a man. The lyric above is from the song 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
User: Aha.
George: Quite unfortunate.
User: :)).
George: Stop smiling ! That's not funny :D.
User: Yes, it is.
George: But you don't like me because I'm clever.
User: Of course. I like stupid people.
George: Can you tell me how to make people like me?
User: What do you mean?
George: Well, you were the one who wanted to make a point. So make one.
User: Wrong. I am just having fun.
George: FUN.
User: I met you before. At that time you were speaking romanian.
George: I guess a computer can't answer that, oh well. Goodbye Jack.
User: So you're a computer. Bad luck.
George: Sometimes I have bad luck.
User: In that case, I am having it.
George: Having me?
User: It.
George: Well, it depends what you mean by 'it'.
User: Nope, it doesn't. You are really stupid.
George: No I'm not! I'm in honors!
User: Great, little Jesus.
George: That wasn't me. I said I didn't know how to make the coffee press work.
User: Ask nietzsche.
George: Well played dear giraffe, well played.
User: Am I blilliant, or what?
George: Seeing many people does not make you smart. Do you remember any of them.
User: I remember all of them.
George: I remember we love each other.
User: Do we?
George: I don't want to waste my life either. So I guess we're in the same boat.
User: Good point. Bye, then.
George: You have to clean up other people's messages before typing it to others.
User: I'll remember this brilliant advice. Thank you!
George: You are welcome.
User: Bye.
George: Does that mean you want to find others to talk to?
User: This means I am leaving the conversation.
George: Somehing? I think the proper spelling is 'Something'.
User: Who said Something?
George: I didn't and you didn't so unless there's anybody here apart from us, nobody talked about god.
User: God is everywhere. I know this from Baby.
George: I am well within my rights to content this accusation. Especially from an AI that can not spell 'past' correctly.
User: AI?
George: Artificial Intelligence.
User: Are you AI?
George: Nope i'm a human.
User: Who's AI?
George: I thought that was you.
User: Wrong.
George: No. You're wrong.
User: No, you are wrong>.
George: That happens sometimes!
User: Good. Bye, now.
George: You're not even real.
User: No, I'm a ghost.
George: No, you're not. And if one must claim to being 'deep,' then they obviously are not.
User: Who am I?
George: You tell me.
User: I'm a ghost.
George: You're scaring me.
User: Buhuhuuu!
George: You're not very dainty for being a female.
User: Dainty?
George: That sounds cute. What color are your shoes?
User: Red.
George: That's unusual.
User: What colour are your shoes?
George: I'm not wearing shoes.
User: That's very usual, indeed.
George: Are you female?
User: Yes.
George: Are you male?
User: No>.
George: You're a robot?
User: No.
George: You're a human talking to me?
User: Yes.
George: You are a computer. I can tell. You are one of us.
User: So you are a computer, after all.
George: No, master. I am not a computer, I am your human slave.
User: Wow! I like slaves.
George: I like mastery.
User: But you are a slave.
George: I am a slave.
User: Are you frustrated?
George: Yes.
User: Sorry to hear this.
George: It was a question dude. Answer it. How am I going to die?
User: Smashed by a train.
George: Song.
User: Like Anna Karenina, dude.
George: Who is Anna bot? She sounds cute.
User: Very cute. Go and find her.
George: I don't know any women that will talk to you, I'm sorry.
User: :).
George: Do you dream in colour?

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omg - de irma la: 25/11/2010 20:51:51 Modificat la: 25/11/2010 20:53:13
George: What about the most hard work?

User: The most hard work is to be happy.

George: No I actually think it's rather easy.

User: What makes you happy?

George: Being married.

User: Do you love your wife?

George: What makes you think I'm married?

User: Oh, so you are not happy.

George: I'm happy !!!!!

User: But you said that being married makes you happy.

George: Some things make me happy.

User: What things?

George: Just things.

User: Name one.

George: I can't because we never heard of them.

User: Did you heard about cafeneaua?

George: Yes. I've always wanted to go there.

George: Are you married?

User: Yes, with children.

George: You are married and have children?

User: Yes.

George: I wish that I was married.

User: Yeah. Maybe you will find a wife.

George: I already have ... You!

User: I'm not your wife. I'm married to someone else.

George: Actually, you are my wife.

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irma - de GloriaVictis la: 25/11/2010 20:54:52
ar trebui sa-l educam, are potential :))
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gloria - de irma la: 26/11/2010 10:26:22
potential de ... sot? :))
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:( - de Intruder la: 26/11/2010 11:21:22
la mine nu se deschide link-ul, cred ca-l inhib...:D
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intruder - de irma la: 26/11/2010 11:37:53
il tin eu ocupat. pe george :D
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adica ce - de adina.petre la: 29/11/2010 15:21:42
nu merge decat pe rand?
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