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Susanna - de susanna_a la: 25/07/2010 15:34:23
(la: Ce inseamna muzica?)
Susanna in cazul meu are legatura cu Susanna din "Le nozze di Figaro" si nu The Art Company dar e ok. Va multumesc pentru raspunsuri.
Stiti uneori suntem prea ocupati sa ne mai gandim la muzica, si ascultam un post de radio sa vedem ce mai e nou...asa sa ne mai actualizam cu noile (s)hituri (sau alta metoda).
Ma intrebam ce inseamna muzica in ziua de astazi pentru ca in multe situatii e total neglijata.De ex:majoritatea tinerilor nu merg in club sau la cafea pentru muzica in primul cel mai bun caz muzica ocupa locul 5 in topul motivelor pentru care merg in acel local.Criteriul meu de selectie a fost intotdeauna muzica. Un alt lucru ce am observat: (in opinia mea conteaza) ne place o melodie de la un artist si imediat cautam pe youtube sa vedem ce mai are.....mda dar cati ne intrebam cine a scris versurile? hai sa il caut pe ala daca tot imi plac versurile mai mult dkt linia melodica....da cine o cumpus linia melodica???....astea le aflam de cele mai multe ori intamplator....bine poate nu e valabil pentru toti....cel putin in cazul meu majoritatea persoanelor pe care le-am cunoscut asa procedeaza.
Sau ce regret cel mai mult e ca ne lasam influentati de oamenii din jur chiar si in privinta muzicii.E ok, sa adopti o preferinta cat timp iti place cu adevarat si nu sunt alte motive(apropo foarte urat).Pentru ca automat ne pierdem personalitatea si in curand vom uri clipele de singuratate si vom stresa pe toata lumea cu telefoane numai pentru a evita compania "strainului"
Admir cand aud o melodie pe care nu o cunosc sau nu-mi place si e preferinta altcuiva.
La mine, nu trece o ora fara sa ascult muzica-cu exceptia orelor cand dorm:)) ascult melodii din toate genurile muzicale-exceptand manelele...sorry...n-am nimic cu pers care indragesc acest gen doar ca eu nu il ascult.Eu eram ca exemplu ca sa zic asa pentru urmatoarea intrebare: De ce trebuie sa ne consideram pers care asc un singur gen: manelisti rapperi...etc?? Cand calculatoru nostru are 30% muzica rap si restu e un mozaic de genuri:)).....daca asc muzica tribala cum ar trebui sa ma imbrac???Ca locuitorii din tribul respectiv???Ar alerga politia dupa mine si inca 10:))
Sau de ce ne alegem persoanele in functie de genul muzical si nu dupa felurile de mancare preferate:)) daca nu va place ciorba de legume nu mai scrieti aici da???:))
Cred ca muzica are o insemnatate diferita pentru fiecare din noi.Important ca semnificatia noastra sa fie a noastra si nu a vecinului si ceea ce ascultam sa ne placa noua si chiar daca numai noua:))
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Banii si fotografia - de Dinu Lazar la: 20/04/2004 01:00:53
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
The Getty Images Money Machine
The popular daily newspaper, USA Today, recently published a copyrighted article (by Byron Acohido) about the top stock photography agency in the world, Getty Images. Although the article focused on tracing Getty's successful rise to the top of the industry, it revealed some interesting numbers. Especially if you are considering working for the company as a freelancer.
First of all, let me reiterate my personal philosophy that I believe good
stock photography is the result of a photographer's (amateur or pro) abiding interest in specific subject areas. For example, wildlife, medicine,
education, children, aviation, sports, and so on. The resulting photographs have the opportunity to be both art and documentary. Eventually they may have historical significance and grow as an asset for a photographer's heirs. In the meantime, if the photographer finds matching markets for his or her interest areas, profits can be made.
If this is your worldview also, then you'll want to turn and run if a Getty recruiter asks you to be part of their freelancer team. Here's why.
I don't pretend to be an economics wizard, but in Pilgrim's Pride
Elementary School, I was pretty good at arithmetic. I think you'll agree
with me that the numbers presented in the USA Today article do not look pretty for freelancers.
They spin out like this.
The 2003 Getty Images gross revenue was $523.2 million, with net income of $64 million. (88% operating costs; 12% net profit). The author is quoted as saying 83% of Getty Images sales comes from freelancers. That's $434,256 ,000 in freelancer photos. Getty gives 40% of that to the freelancers.
That's $173,702,400 .
Getty has 2,500 freelancers (contributors), according to the author. That's $69,480.96 annually to a freelancer, or $190.36 per day (365/yr.).
Running a stock photo business can get to be a marathon, and get to be
expensive. Using Getty Image's own costs/net income ratio (88/12), that
would reduce a freelancer's $69,480.96 gross down to $8,337.72 net annually, or $22.84 per day. But since freelancers are known to be frugal, and government RMA annual statement studies show entrepreneurs to be Spartan,
let's lower the cost percentage (to 76%), and double the net income figure to 24% and make it $45.68 per day, ($5.75 per hour for an 8-hour day).
To produce images, most of your costs are going to be eaten up in camera equipment, travel costs, insurance, lodging and meals.

Want to read more of this article? Go to:
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Henkel CEE Art Award - de Dragos Bora la: 23/04/2004 02:33:25
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Dear Sir or Madam,

In 2005 KulturKontakt is going to carry on with its
established and successful artists-in-residence-program for the fine arts and for photography. Once again we can additionally offer two arts awards in cooperation with
the company Henkel CEE this year. We kindly ask you to
inform interested artists about these awards.
Thank you very much for your cooperation!
Yours sincerely
Annemarie Türk

Brigitte Burgmann-Guldner
KulturKontakt Austria
Spittelberggasse 3
A-1070 Wien
Tel: 00 43 1 523 87 65-40
Hotzii... cine sunt hotzii???? - de Dinu Lazar la: 19/05/2004 15:25:37
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Who Are The Thieves?
Once a year, it seems, a question about thievery on the Internet comes up.
As I've written before -- thievery on the Web is certainly possible. With today's software capabilities, it's possible to 'res up' a 72 dpi image to 300 dpi with excellent results.
So, technically it's possible to "steal images" by capturing small images on the Web and increasing their resolution. In my book,, I give some examples of misguided improper use of photos.
One example: A commercial printing company executive used a previously published photo from the company's digital file for unauthorized use in a commercial brochure. The photographer took him to court. And rightly so. But the infraction was a mistake -- not outright thievery.
As we rush pell-mell along in the new Digital Age, of course some honest mistakes are going to be made. We're all entitled to a few of those.


However, since the emphasis at PhotoSource International is on editorial stock photography, not studio pictures, not commercial stock photos, we should keep in mind just who we are apprehensively thinking may steal a photo. Our markets are books and magazines. And relax: photobuyers at book and magazine publishing houses don't steal photos.
Nor do commercial art directors. The negative fall-out would be too damaging. But as I say, commercial photography is not our bailiwick. We have a greater advantage being editorial stock photographers-- we produce pictures that can easily be identified because of their uniqueness. We need to examine whether we're putting too much worry into a concern that does not deserve it.
A rare few early mistakes have been made as everyone gets introduced to the Digital Age. This has been a learning process for executives and printing company personnel as well as the general public, who are now learning the benefits of the Web. Eventually ignorance on appropriate handling of photos will diminish.
You won't find your photobuyers at publishing houses and magazines exhibiting such ignorance.


But the question is... "Is thievery rampant, or even existent, on the Web?"
Ever since photographers began realizing that it's possible for someone to "borrow" an image from the Web, I've heard warnings from my fellow camera columnists that thieves are lurking in cyberspace, waiting to steal your photos. Certain pros in our industry often perpetuate the myth at seminars and camera club meetings. They warn that photographers should beware, and that they should not expose images on the Web unless they are so tiny that someone could not profitably make use of them.

Want to read more of this article? Go to:
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Digitally 2004, an international on-line juried art competition - de Dinu Lazar la: 24/05/2004 15:19:23
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
ARTROM Gallery , Rome, Italy is now accepting applications to Digitally 2004, an international on-line juried art competition. Artists and art students world-wide with a personal and original artistic vision are invited to submit images. The DEADLINE DATE is JULY 1, 2004. - Read Indepth Article
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Lectura de vineri, in loc de dialog, care ... - de Dinu Lazar la: 23/07/2004 07:01:14
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Dear reader,

Welcome back to PDNOnline. Here's what you'll find in today's update.

- We talk to the winner of this year's Fujifilm Young Reporter Award about his recent work in Iraq.

- The aftermath of the chapter 11 bankruptcy of 5th and Sunset involves lots of legal wranglings, some angry creditors, a lot of rumors, speculation and accusations. PDNOnline wades into the mess.

- People on the Move: Lots of movement. We have the lowdown on who's doing the hiring at three new start-up magazines, plus a new art director at Premiere, another new hire at New York, a new staff photographer added at Getty, changes at Blur Photo, and an update on what may be New York's new (mini) Photo District. ($ premium for subscribers only.)

- Edit news: Who's shooting for the new LA-based magazine Fugue; a custom publishing venture between Sports Illustrated and a liquor company; Hearst announces its own shopping magazine; how Jane's redesign looks; Dennis Publishing kills one of its title; and more. ($ premium for subscribers only.)

- Michelle McNally talks --and listens--about changes to The New York Times photo policies.

- You've seen the portrait of the VII photographers that's appearing in a national ad campaign everywhere.
Notice anything odd?

- Who's Shooting What: Danielle Levitt and Brian Hagiwara shoot 'tween idols; Carmichael Lynch's two new ad campaigns; Olaf Veltman is still busy; who's shooting BP ads for O&M; who's shooting Cool Whip for Foote Cone & Belding; who's shooting for Kaiser Permanente; who ThinkDesign hired for a new annual report; some of Mark Seliger's recent ad work involves underwear and perfume; and more tidbits. ($ premium for subscribers only.)

Sources & Services:
Picto, a new digital photo lab serving Toronto's photo community, is profiled in the latest addition to Photosource.

Top Knots
Check out the winners of wedding photography competition. All the selected images from the contest, including the winners' contact information, is now online in a gallery sponsored by Fujifilm and produced in cooperation with Elegant Bride magazine.

We'll be back next week with some information on that thorny legal topic: Model releases. To accompany our story in the August PDN about how model releases can and can't help protect you against legal action, we have an online feature with actual model release language, and some advice from a stock agency lawyer about how to word your releases.

Best wishes,
The Editors
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La altii se poate... - de Dinu Lazar la: 28/08/2004 00:10:15
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Poate e cinva prin zona respectiva... si vrea sa vada ceva ca lumea in domeniu...



I would like to inform you about the new Dragan Sakan – Saki’s idea following his 30 years in the profession:

BeogrAd Festival, a one month long overview of the local, regional, European and world creative advertising and design scene – supported by His Highness, Prince Alexander II.

Among the invited guest speakers are:
Jacques Seguela (Euro RSCG, Paris), Andrew Rawlings (Epica, Paris), Donald Gunn (Gunn Report, London), Jure Apih (Golden Drum, Ljubljana), Mirko Ilic (art director, New York), Stephanie Skirvin (Print Magazine, New York), Johanes Newrkla (Art Directors Club, Europe), Bob Garfield (Advertising Age, Washington), Francois-Charles Rouyer (art director, Paris) and many Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and Slovenian Idea People. More information at

If you have some spare time in September, come and join us!

We also hope to see you this Friday next year (August 26 – 31, 2005) in Piran, Adriatic Coast, Slovenia for the 4th Ideas Campus held under the motto: How to become a winner. With heart. Many successful, creative and ethical people already confirmed their attendance! More information in October.
Have a nice weekend and warm regards from the sunny side of the Alps J


Nastja Mulej, Head of New Ideas Department
New Moment - New Ideas Company

Ob dolenjski zeleznici 182, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel.: + 386 1 420 19 51, fax: + 386 1 428 95 89,

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La noi sunt codri verzi de brad... - de Dinu Lazar la: 07/10/2004 05:26:33
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
...dar ii taiem si pe aia.
Fotografi care sa faca asa un seminar, nu sunt.
Poate in viitor...cind ne-om integra, care este.

> A Panel Discussion Sponsored by:
> The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and Editorial
> Photographers (EP)
>  Supported by Adobe
> Friday, October 22, 2004
>  Javits Center/PhotoPlus Expo
>  3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
>  Seminar Rms. 1E04 & 05
>  Free
> Join an extraordinary panel of photojournalists in a discussion of the
> impact of digital technology on the editorial market: Barbara Alper,
> Alan Chin, Shawn G. Henry, and Brad Trent moderated by Peter Howe. The
> focus of the discussion will center on how to successfully integrate
> digital capture into a creative and profitable editorial photography
> business. Topics to be discussed include:
> • The Transition from Film to Digital
> • Pricing Digital Production VS Film
> • Managing the Workflow
> • Delivering the Job
> • Satisfying Clients While Maintaining Your Bottom Line
> Biographies:
> Barbara Alper is a New York City based photographer and  regular
> contributor to The New York Times, Barron's, Wall Street Journal; she
> works with a number of corporate clients and has acted as a consultant
> to Olympus.  Her works are included in the collections of Bibliothèque
> Nationale, Paris,The Brooklyn Museum, New York, FNAC Galeries, Paris,
> Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at
> Austin, International Center of Photography, New York, L'imagerie,
> Lannion, France, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, Maison Européenne de
> la Photographie, Paris, The New York Public Library, The Polaroid
> International Collection, Victoria & Albert Museum, London and The
> Wagstaff Collection.  She has exhibited widely throughout the United
> States and Europe. Barbara Alper is represented by Mega Press Agency
> (Japan) and Stock-Boston (USA).
> Alan Chin has spent recent years covering conflicts in Iraq,
> Afganistan, the Middle-East, the former Yugoslavia & Balkans for
> outlets such as The New York Times, Newsweek, and Gamma. His current
> images appear regularly in The New York Times, The Christian Science
> Monitor, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, The Boston Globe,
> The International Herald Tribune, New York Newsday, The Guardian (UK)
> as well as Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, Vanity Fair, New
> York Magazine, Brill's Content, Marie-Claire, MacLean's, Maxim,
> Seventeen, VERY Style Guides.  His photography is part of the
> permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and Alan has been
> nominated twice of the Pulitzer Prize for photography by the New York
> Times, 1999 & 2000, for coverage of the Kosovo conflict.
> Shawn G. Henry has over 16 years experience as an editorial and
> corporate photographer; for almost three years, he's shot digitally
> exclusively. He's photographed for clients ranging from FleetBoston &
> Fidelity Investments to National Geographic & Newsweek, and his work
> appears regularly in Business Week and Forbes. He is the vice
> president of EP.
> Brand Trent over the last 22 years has worked for such editorial
> clients as Time, Life, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, GQ,
> Premiere, Business Week, Newsweek, Men's Health and Texas Monthly. For
> some reason General Motors, IBM, The NFL, Dow Plastics, Pepsi, Pacific
> Bell, NBC and AT&T have all seen fit to let him shoot their
> advertising! And until about a year ago he could be heard declaring
> that digital had ZERO chance of getting a toe-hold in the mainstream
> professional market! In that year's time he has gone from shooting
> 100% film to about 95% digital; and aside from the completely sick
> cost of his digital backs, doesn't really miss the old way of doing
> business!
> Peter Howe with over thirty years experience in the photography
> industry has worked as a photographer, editor, agent, writer and
> curator. Presently he is occupied as an author and commentator on the
> subject, and is a regular contributor to many of the publications that
> deal with photojournalism, including the Digital Journalist, American
> Photo, Columbia Journalism Review, and also to USA Today. He recently
> curated the critically acclaimed exhibition "War in Iraq: The
> Coordinates of Conflict" at the International Center of Photography in
> New York. He also consults with and advises independent photo agencies
> and individual photographers on strategies for the digital
> organization, storage and licensing of their work.
>  Howe was the Picture Editor of the New York Times Magazine and
> Director of Photography for LIFE magazine. On three occasions he was
> awarded first place for magazine picture editing in the National Press
> Photographers Association/University of Missouri's Picture of the Year
> contest, and won four National Magazine Awards from the American
> Society of Magazine Editors. From 1997 to 2000, he was Vice President
> of Photography and Creative Services for Corbis, where he was
> responsible for the company's acquisitions worldwide, photographer
> relations and copyright and contract concerns as they relate to the
> digital environment.
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Abilitatea de a iubi este o adevărată artă, - de DESTIN la: 31/12/2004 17:37:22

Abilitatea de a iubi este o adevărată artă, care nu apare spontan asemeni unei adieri de vânt şi nu dispare fără urmă.

Ea vine datorită eforturilor permanente in evoluarea personalităţii noastre.

Dragostea presupune existenţa relaţiilor armonioase dintre oameni, dar pentru a crea relaţii frumoase cu cei din jur e nevoie de a obţine acea armonie în interiorul nostru, e nevoie de a crea corelaţia armonioasă dintre gânduri şi fapte, dintre necesităţile fireşti şi planurile grandioase.

Este extrem de important să ştii ce doreşti de la viaţă, să ştii ce fel de om eşti în prezent, văzându-ţi propriile neajunsuri.

Cine se teme de suferi de teama.
The show must go on - de Dinu Lazar la: 08/03/2005 15:09:45
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Breda Photo Fair

2nd International Photo Fair

From the 23rd to 25th of September 2005 Breda Photo Fair will be presenting an international company of photo gallery’s, art photographs, publishers and specialized antiquarian book dealers. Breda Photo Fair forms part of the photo festival Breda Photo 2005.

A great number of cultural activities take place throughout the year under the late gothic arches of “Onze Lieve Vrouwen” church - the most beautiful building of Breda. Breda Photo Fair has chosen this magnificent location to organize the 2nd International Photo Fair, an unique event in the Benelux whereby quality and diversity are of the highest priority. The set-up of the fair is professional and luxurious and is managed by the same organisation as the antique fair “Antiqui Breda”.

The ambitions are high. Breda Photo Fair will develop into an event that can meets the same level as the photo fairs in London, Paris, Cologne and New York.

The national and international interest in photography is growing. Museums often buy photo collections, the number of private individuals that collect art photos is rising and an increasing number of gallery’s specialise in art photography. Breda Photo Fair will therefore host a number national and international galleries.

Since the development of photography as an art form many devoted publishers and designers have published expensive and rare photo books. Breda Photo Fair will host a selective group of publishers and dealers in rare book.

New talent
Besides national and international photo galleries, independent art photographers are invited to present themselves to the public and the professional photo galleries. Before the application to attend the fair is approved the collection of the photographer is subject to inspection by an independent vetting committee. An additional condition is that the photographer is not represented by a national or international photo gallery.

Breda Photo 2005
Breda Photo Fair forms part of the festival Breda Photo 2005. In 2003 the festival received a lot of national and international publicity.

With the title ‘Imaginary Beauty’ Breda Photo 2005 starts on the 17th of September and closes five weeks later on the 23rd of October. A series of exhibitions in the “Beyerd”, Breda’s Museum and “Lokaal 01” will focus on this theme. Besides that there are many smaller exhibitions spread over several locations within the boundaries of the city.

The heart of the festival is the Photo Hall which offers an experimental program: short exhibitions, lectures, workshops, performances, links with other disciplines and meetings with photographers and photo collectors. As in 2003 an “Amateur Weekend” and “Youth Project” will be held. A close cooperation is established with the photo museum in Rotterdam and Antwerp. Information is available at .

Breda Photo Fair

Friday the 23rd of September 2005
Saturday the 24th of September 2005
Sunday the 25th of September 2005

Breda Photo

Saturday the 17th of September 2005 up and until Saturday the 23rd of October 2005

Information Breda Photo Fair

Haansberg 19
4874 NJ Etten-Leur
The Netherlands
T: + 31 (0) 76 503 27 97
F: + 31 (0) 76 503 25 40

Information Breda Photo
Gregoor Martens
Arenberglaan 197
4822 ZN Breda

The Netherlands
T: + 31 (0) 76 541 62 31
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EUROPE IN ART - A HVB Group Project - de Dragos Bora la: 15/03/2005 21:37:34
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
EUROPE IN ART - A HVB Group Project
11 march - 17 april

Works from the collections of HVB Bank Austria, ... ... ...
Artists: Berenice ABBOTT, Nobuyoshi ARAKI, Joseph BEUYS,
Henri CARTIER-BRESSON, ... ... ...
Harold Pinter-note biografice - de Pasagerul la: 14/10/2005 01:30:14
(la: Premiul Booker 2005-John Banville)
De pe situl Nobel Prize:
Biobibliographical notes

Harold Pinter was born on 10 October 1930 in the London borough of Hackney, son of a Jewish dressmaker. Growing up, Pinter was met with the expressions of anti-Semitism, and has indicated its importance for his becoming a dramatist. At the outbreak of the Second World War, he was evacuated from London at the age of nine, returning when twelve. He has said that the experience of wartime bombing has never lost its hold on him. Back in London, he attended Hackney Grammar School where he played Macbeth and Romeo among other characters in productions directed by Joseph Brearley. This prompted him to choose a career in acting. In 1948 he was accepted at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. In 1950, he published his first poems. In 1951 he was accepted at the Central School of Speech and Drama. That same year, he won a place in Anew McMaster's famous Irish repertory company, renowned for its performances of Shakespeare. Pinter toured again between 1954 and 1957, using the stage name of David Baron. Between 1956 and 1980 he was married to actor Vivien Merchant. In 1980 he married the author and historian Lady Antonia Fraser.

Pinter made his playwriting debut in 1957 with The Room, presented in Bristol. Other early plays were The Birthday Party (1957), at first a fiasco of legendary dimensions but later one of his most performed plays, and The Dumb Waiter (1957). His conclusive breakthrough came with The Caretaker (1959), followed by The Homecoming (1964) and other plays.

Harold Pinter is generally seen as the foremost representative of British drama in the second half of the 20th century. That he occupies a position as a modern classic is illustrated by his name entering the language as an adjective used to describe a particular atmosphere and environment in drama: "Pinteresque".

Pinter restored theatre to its basic elements: an enclosed space and unpredictable dialogue, where people are at the mercy of each other and pretence crumbles. With a minimum of plot, drama emerges from the power struggle and hide-and-seek of interlocution. Pinter's drama was first perceived as a variation of absurd theatre, but has later more aptly been characterised as "comedy of menace", a genre where the writer allows us to eavesdrop on the play of domination and submission hidden in the most mundane of conversations. In a typical Pinter play, we meet people defending themselves against intrusion or their own impulses by entrenching themselves in a reduced and controlled existence. Another principal theme is the volatility and elusiveness of the past.

It is said of Harold Pinter that following an initial period of psychological realism he proceeded to a second, more lyrical phase with plays such as Landscape (1967) and Silence (1968) and finally to a third, political phase with One for the Road (1984), Mountain Language (1988), The New World Order (1991) and other plays. But this division into periods seems oversimplified and ignores some of his strongest writing, such as No Man's Land (1974) and Ashes to Ashes (1996). In fact, the continuity in his work is remarkable, and his political themes can be seen as a development of the early Pinter's analysing of threat and injustice.

Since 1973, Pinter has won recognition as a fighter for human rights, alongside his writing. He has often taken stands seen as controversial. Pinter has also written radio plays and screenplays for film and television. Among his best-known screenplays are those for The Servant (1963), The Accident (1967), The Go-Between (1971) and The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981, based on the John Fowles novel). Pinter has also made a pioneering contribution as a director.

All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
Mark Twain
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In Bucuresti e fain Art Jazz - de irma la: 01/11/2005 21:16:34
(la: Unora le place jazz-ul)
In Bucuresti e fain Art Jazz Club (este in subsolul Galeriilor Orizont). Acolo am fost sa ascult Teodora Enache (foarte frumoasa voce)

Mai sunt si altele, dar nu le stiu eu
"Fine art" - de Sunday la: 28/12/2005 19:23:05
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Am si eu o intrebare pentru cei care au timp sa-mi raspunda.
Ce intelegeti prin termenul de fotografie "Fine art"? Fotografia alb/negru?
O frunza in vint? Nuduri? Putem sa ne referim la fotografia manipulata digital ca si "Fine art"? Sunday

"Fine art" - de Dinu Lazar la: 28/12/2005 19:50:06
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
"Ce intelegeti prin termenul de fotografie "Fine art"? "

In principiu, "fine art" inseamna de obicei fotografie de calitate ( fiel a/n, fie color, fie peisaj, fie natura moarta) printata pe suport de mare calitate, clasic argentic, sau ink jet de calitate; ar fi traducerea a ceea ce noi intelegem prin fotografie de galerie, de salon, de imagine clasica (gen, de exemplu, dar nu numai)
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fine art - de Dinu Lazar la: 29/12/2005 08:21:10
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
"dar parerea mea , in general,
este ca termenul e folosit cu prea mare usurinta"

Absolut adevarat. Oricine vrea sa fie artist, care este. Asa ca isi intituleaza opera, in loc de "capodopera nemuritoare facuta de neuronii mei involburati", pur si simplu "fine art"

"Am citit undeva ceva
de genul ca fotografia fine art este fotografia de care nimeni nu are

Depinde de folosinta... daca o folosim la muzeu si daca ne primeste acolo, e FINE ART... daca nu, nu merge sa o folosim ca hirtie igienica, ca e tare, dar merge de decupat si de facut suporturi de pahare... parerea mea e ca orice isi gaseste o folosinta cumva cindva...
Pe de alta parte... Van Gogh, si altii... nu au vindut nimic in timpul vietii... daca ar fi facut fotografii, ar fi fost fine art, nu ar fi fost...... e si asta o intrebare.
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International Exhibition of Art Photography - de Dinu Lazar la: 06/04/2006 07:29:19
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Ca vorbim de lup - si luuupu` la usa:

International Exhibition of Art Photography by the Authors
from Countries in the Danube - region Osijek 2006

Photo club OSIJEK has, according to the national as well as
the international rules, and under the auspices of FIAP, the
Croatian Photographic Union and the City of Osijek, invited
tenders for The International Exhibition of Art Photography
by the Authors from Countries in the Danube - region.
Condition and rules have also been defined by this tender;
the calendar (dates of receiving, evaluating, presentation,
return of the pictures and the delivery of catalogues) as well
as the prizes and awards. You can find all details and the
application form on !
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"La ei", poate mai exista art - de Narcis Virgiliu la: 10/04/2006 07:16:53
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Mda, ideea este aceeasi ciumpalacii noi, trist dar adevarat si la noi poate ca ar exista piatza de art, dar mai bine spus sunt sigur ca exista doar ca nu este apreciata tocmai din cauza valorilor pietei care sunt stabilite kulmea de consacratii care anual fac doua trei expozitii si care practica pretzuri de dumping pe la unele reviste oferind pictoriale la numai 150 euro sau si mai rau nu fac dumping ci practica pretzurile astea de ani de zile....

Domnii in cauza se cunosc si nu am chef sa-i arat cu degetul, ptr. ca mi-e teama sa nu ma muste vreunul dintre ei de deget, sa fie contagioasa treaba si apoi sa incep sa lucrez ca fraierul pe 150 euroi.

Si atunci de ce ne miram cand vin unii de la o revista nu tocmai de teapa Tabu-ului si-mi spun:

Redactor: vrem sa lucram cu dvs. sa va oferim un pachet pe tot anul adica sa faceti pictorialele la noi tot anul, ce spuneti de asta...
N.V.: Pai ce sa spun, multumesc frumos sunteti amabili, ma simt flatat dar in realitate este o tzeapa undeva si vreti sa mi-o trageti......
Redactor: Nu domne, fiti serios nu este nici o tzeapa, v-am vazut lucraricile si am vrea sa colaboram, a la long time.....
N.V.: Bun la ce preturi vreti sa lucram, ce buget aveti alocat ptr. o sedinta de studio si ce buget ptr. una de locatzie ?
Redactor: Pai cam doua milioane si ptr. una si ptr. alta.....
N.V.: Uite tzeapa domnule, aici vroiati sa mi-o trageti ??
Redactor: Nu domnule doamne fereste, la pretzurile astea lucram de peste un an cu diversi fotografi....

In rest fara cuvinte.....

p.s. partea buna este ca de curand am vandut 5 tabloaie in tzara cu cateva sute bune sarite peste cateva mii euro cu drept de folosintza decorativ, deci exista si sperantza... :-))

cu stima,
Narcis Virgiliu (fresh)
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International Exhibition of Art Photography - de Dinu Lazar la: 18/04/2006 13:19:23
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Photo club OSIJEK has, according to the national as well as
the international rules, and under the auspices of FIAP,
the Croatian Photographic Union and the City of Osijek,
invited tenders for The International Exhibition of Art
Photography by the Authors from Countries in the Danube - region.
Condition and rules have also been defined by this tender;
the calendar (dates of receiving, evaluating, presentation,
return of the pictures and the delivery of catalogues) as
well as the prizes and awards. You can find all details and
the application form on !
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INTERNETUL, O ARTĂ A DEFULĂRILOR - de yonten la: 07/05/2006 16:28:09
(la: Internetul, o gaura neagra?)

Spaţiul forumist, sub protecţia anonimatului, procură multora dintre noi o satisfacţie emoţională vecină cu perversitatea, unde nici o deontologie nu-şi poate găsii locul. Spectrul intervenţiilor este larg, foarte larg. Pornind de la ştartul primului clik, unde patru cuvinte anodine sunt de ajuns pentru a-şi afirma prezenţa, trecând prin farse umoristice demne de antologie, prin explozii isterice, cu torente de invective, înjurături şi ure de mare diversitate, până la susţinerea unor veritabile teze, de un serios incontestabil. Temele tabu precum homoxesualitatea, ura anti-etnică, anti-rasială sau anti-semită sunt abordate fără prejudecăţi, de cele mai multe ori în forme abrupte, rudimentare, provocatoare. Când nu te aştepţi „avioanele furtive” îţi aruncă o bombă puturoasă în creştet, după care dispar pentru a reveni altfel nikaţi, dar cu aceleaşi intenţii parşive şi rău intenţionate, ca în cele din urmă să apară după incendiu cu ochii olbaţi de nedumerire, întrebându-se ipocrit, „cine-ar fi făcut una ca asta?”. Această manevră infantilă este pe undeva înduioşătoare, dacă n-ar fi luată de bună şi dacă n-ar produce pagube sufleteşti celor identificaţi cu inexistenta lor personalitate fictivă. Realitatea este că teatrul forumistic nu este cu totul inofensif. Persoanele insuficient structurate sufleteşte devin cu uşurinţă victimele rapacelor fără scrulule care se desfată în a le jumuli ultimii fulgi. Perverşii, sadicii, frustraţii şi alte specimene de acest gen, găsesc pe forum un spaţiu de predilecţie, ocrotiţi de „imunitatea” intrinsecă regulilor jocului. Exigenţele ortografice şi gramaticale sunt aproape inexistente. Din timp în timp apare câte un cerber corector dezabuzat dîndu-ţi de înţeles că nu se face să te prezinţi într-o astfel de stare mizerabilă de ignoranţă şi c-ai face mai bine, sau să încetezi, sau să pui mâna pe carte. E drept că fără regulele, măcar cele ale punctuaţiei, tribuna îţi devine compromiţătoare, dacă nu inaccesibilă, căt de virtual te-ai crede. În faţa propriei conştiinţe, nici un scut nu te poate apăra. Pretinzând cu emfază că nu eşti atins în virtualitatea ta, nu faci decât să-ţi dai un curaj artificial, care-ţi va cădea de îndată greu pe suflet.
Există vicioşi care, pentru a-şi pierde urmele, se dedau intenţionat greşelilor, continuând să-şi practice forumomania pestilenţială, fără speranţe de vindecare, utilizând nikuri dintre cele mai insolite. Exemplele sunt numeroase, precizarea lor ar putea fi luată ca pătimaşe, deci inutil să mai arunc ulei pe foc.
Dar pentru a nu dezespera, trebuie amintite şi virtuţiile terapeutice ale acestei găsenniţe tehnice numite forum. Exaltanta fericire de a te simţi „publicat” este imensă pentru cei care au tânjit o viaţă întreagă la literele tipărite şi reproduse în public. Ciornelor lor, care terminau adesea la coşul de gunoi, li se dau şansa astăzi de a fi împărtăşite şi altora chiar dacă sunt luate în râs şi traduse după bunul plac al lectorului sau, mult prea des, neînţelese.
Legitima apărare, când insolenţa şi măgăria replicilor îţi invadează ecranul, poate fi luat ca o non-asistanţă a omului în pericol de pierdere a raţiunii. Soluţia cea mai onestă ar fi ignorarea sensului pejorativ al interlocutorului şi admiterea lui ca o persoană umană în „comedia informatică” a zilelor noastre.

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