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IN MEMORY OF PETRE BUZOIANU - de Adela Adriana Moscu la: 06/03/2005 20:44:21
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)

With such a deep sadness I force myself to stay at this computer so that I may invite all of you who knew the talented Romanian-American GlamourModels Photographer ( of EXCES Magazine), Peter Buzoianu, to take a moment from your busy lives and pray for his soul, which departed from his body on Monday, February 21, 2005 in Italy due to a heart attack. He and his Romanian lovely wife Andreea Angelescu, as well a talented and beautiful photographer and ex-model and dancer, were in Italy during a photography engagement. I had the brief pleasure of getting to know Peter through the conversation club that takes place at, where I posted a few of my poems just a few months ago. We exchanged a few e-mails, and a lovely phone conversation that touched my soul in such a deep and sublime way. With his pleasant timber voice, in such an engaging, honest and charming manner he talked with me about his background, about his family and his artistic aspirations and dreams. I was planning to have him take a picture of me for the book of poetry that I am working on, and wish to publish as soon as possible. This morning Sunday March 6, 2005 around 11:00 AM I called him to make arrangements for a photography session with him. To my horrible shock at the other end of the line his wife told me: “ I don’t know how to tell you this but Peter died two weeks ago!” She was still in Italy at the moment but will be arriving in New York tomorrow. Let’s keep her and the rest of the family, loved ones, and friends as well in divine light and prayers so that they may overcome this tragic loss. What else can I say now after a good one hour cry? That I wish I met Peter in person to be touched by his great talent and personality, that I wish I had prioritized my time in a wiser way, that I could have called him and had more wonderful conversations that inspired me as an artist? I thank God that at least I told him over the phone how charming, and adorable he was. I will always remember him as a pleasant, friendly, honest, sensitive artist, with a wonderful sense of humor who loved his wife, family, friends, poeple, life, and art. Wherever you are Peter please know that I love you and pray for your soul. It is so terrible that we were not able to become better friends and I hope that your wife will have me in hers, and that I can be of a healing presence for her. The gift that you left for me, Peter, is the lesson to live in the moment and make more time for art and for my dreams. I miss you...most likely so many do...You made us proud of your photography work! May God bless you now, and always! ADELA-ADRIANA MOSCU

( )

Te joci!!! - de Alice la: 28/11/2003 04:28:29
(la: Cohen)
Nu te juca cu sufletul unui cohenoman amarat, care abia face rost de-un strop de drog, cand si cand!

Ce de CD-uri! Se vedea treaba c-ai fost cuminte rau... cum ai facut?
Cum ai facut?
Sa-l "pacalesc" cumva pe Mosh ...macar, oh, macar unul..."The Essential L. Cohen" (desi-s doua CD-uri :)din ce stiu!!!)

La anul, la New York (11-13 iunie, cred!) Cohen va fi celebrat pentru maretie!!!
Iaca ce cadou de Mosh Craciun, Daniel ...un belet d’ala, cu rezervari ...fiindca, dupe cum vaz ca stii ..."first we take Manhattan"...:)))

Ce zici de "Book of Mercy"?

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Manhattan? Ahhhh, da' pe la - de Daniel Racovitan la: 28/11/2003 04:40:07
(la: Cohen)
Ahhhh, da' pe la Paris nu vine?... de cand il astept sa ne onoreze Lenny cu prezenta, da' el zice ca deocamdata n-are intentie de vreun turneu....

Cedeurile -- din juglla muzicalo-literara a Amazonului, in promosion, foarte convenabil ca pret, a zis Mosu' sa nu scape ocazia... :)

Dac'am fost cuminte? Depinde cine apreciaza ;) Fiecare zice dupa "interese si facultati", ca sa-l pastishez pe Preda...

"Book of Mercy" - nu auzii, e cealalta carte?
Essential Cohen, 2 cd-uri, aparu de curand parca... tre' sa apara si in Romania, n-ai grija...
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"Essential" a aparut in 2002, in State... - de Alice la: 28/11/2003 05:58:30
(la: Cohen)
asa ca, pe firul logicii, in jos, in Ro ...peste vreo cinci ani, hopefully!:)

"Book of Mercy" a aparut cam in acelasi timp cu albumul "Various Positions". Varianta frantuzeasca este "Le livre de (la) Miséricorde".
E o cartulie cu ...psalmi (ce m-am mirat!)...amestec ingenuu de indoiala, disperare, furie si spaima catre un Dumnezeu cautat, mult dorit!

Dar...n-a aparut deja "Beautiful losers" in Franta? ...Ca eu astept deja cartea de la un alt maniac, amic de-al meu, francez ...zicea ceva de o traducere ..."Les perdants magnifiques" ...?

Apoi mai este "The Favorite Game", un roman autobiografic ... pe care inca nu-l am...
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Dezgustator... - de ampop la: 24/01/2005 14:11:52
(la: La 67 ani o prea distinsa doamna a nascut o copila)
Doamna profesor universitar dupa o viata dedicata probabil "carierei" universitare si foarte probabil expulzarii pe garla avortului a mai multor copii conceputi prin "the good old time four letter method" si-a adus aminte ca un popa spunea ca o femeie se mantuieste dand nastere unui copil. Si cum doamna cu coasa sta si asteapta, baba s-a gandit la "sufletelul" ei ce este pe calea damnarii eterne. Si hopa...hai la nenea doctor! Fara sa se gandeasca o clipa la biata fiinta pe cere o va naste, daca va ramane orfana la cativa anisori...Doar sufletul babei! Shit! Macar de ar castiga bietul copil ceva intrand in Guiness Book of World Records...Cat despre etica si "morala" medicului...ce sa mai spunem, cand el ucide zilnic cateva fiinte umane prin avort.No comment! Era de la sine inteles sa faca experimentul cu baba.
1 aprilie marca tsunami? - de Dinu Lazar la: 22/03/2005 21:16:27
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Mie nu imi suna bine chestia asta:

Dear Friends,
I am Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka from Kathmandu, Nepal and I am 22 years old guy. I am student and I am doing my BA in English, Sociology and Anthropology. I am also learning photography but as my first work, I got the job at a local newspaper to shot photo for them and I was sent to take photographs of Andaman and NICO bar islands in India. But it was that I was also hit by the tsunami and I lost my camera and a good friend that help me in all my troubles and problems. I was also injured by that nightmare and have a pierce a nail in my right hand over an elbow, but I was a lucky one that I survive but I feel myself guilty because my friend did not want to go over there but I presser him to go with me. Because of me he lost his life, so I feel that I will never touch the camera and never take any photo in my life but back in home in Nepal. I find a note book of my lost friend in my room that was filled with his word about me and he wanted to me be a famous photographer and film makers. He was an orphan so my mom treats him as her own son so he feels that I was a brother to him, so he wanted me to be a good and famous photographer of Nepal. I did not even get the body of my brother, now I am quite well but as I uplift any heavy things with my right hand it hurt like hell. By time pass physical wound will heal but the wound that I got on my heart never heals. So I thought to start over again my friend dreams. So I have to start from nothing because I have lost my all camera. So I beg you to send me any SLR camera as donations or I will pay you back but only as installments of 100 US$ each installment. I was using Nikon FM 10 with 28-80-2.8 lens. It is best for me if you can send me Nikon FM10 w/35-70mm lens Or 500 US$. I will pay you back I promise you, so please do help me. You can also send me any other books or note books about photography and other cameras that you do not use. It will be very helpful for me, the world is changing a lot with digital camera and I love to get one, if any body have one that you do not use that or you get new one than please do send me that too with its all manual and soft wear for that I will pay you back or as donations.
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World's thinnest books. - de Horia D la: 11/11/2005 17:54:17
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "7")
by Jacques Chirac

by Jane Fonda

by Janet Reno

by John Denver

by Dan Marino

by Hillary Clinton

by Osama Bin Laden

by Bill Gates

by Dennis Rodman

by Al Gore



DETROIT: a Travel Guide

by Dr. J. Kevorkian

by Ellen de Generes

by Mike Tyson

by the EPA


by O. J. Simpson

Bridges I Have Crossed
by Ted Kennedy

And the world's Number One Thinnest Book .

by Bill Clinton
with introduction
by The Rev. Jessie Jackson
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DOVADA - de dom.profesor la: 25/03/2006 18:19:03
(la: "Americanii sunt prosti")
1. Sunt intr-o graba teribila. Sa ma scuzati. Peste exact o saptamana o sa va aduc DOVADA ca americanii sunt prosti. Daca nu o gasiti voi pana atunci. Ea se afla in "The American Almanac", "The US Book of Facts" si in "Book of the Lists". Sigur, am spus ca nu toti americanii sunt prosti. Vreo cateva sute de mii probabil ca vreun milion chiar sunt chiar destaptatei...iar vreo cincimii sunt asa de destepti ca guverneaza toata lumea... LOL !

2. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa ! Am uitat ca in Romania noi ii "doctoram" pe toti felcerii. Uite cum sta treaba : cand termina facultatea de medicina respectivul devine "medic". Dupa ce isi da doctoratul medicul devine "doctor in medicina" - doctor cum spunem noi generalizand nepermis. Pe de alta parte la un spital, mai ales in partea de diagnostic, activeaza o multime de specialisti in biologie, electronica, informatica, managemant etc. Care si ei au titluri universitare devenind "doctori". Asa ca atunci cand am scris "doctori si medici" ma refeream la o realitate obiectiva des folosita in engleza in limbajul de specialitate, tocmai pentru a face deosebirea dintre medicina si alte discipline. Sper ca am fost destul de precis. Acum trebuie sa plec. Va raspund peste o saptamana. Sa nu uit : DOVADA...
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Stabilirea canonicitatii(Scripturile ebraice) - de BigDefender la: 09/05/2006 19:52:51
(la: Biblia si canonul ei(continuare))
PRECIZARE:Toate aceste texte sunt un compendiu al cartii"The Book of Books"de Solomon Goldman(1948) si pot constitui un subiect de discutie,avand in vedere si cartile apocrife necuprinse in Biblie,care ar putea da o alta viziune asupra crestinismului...
Scrierile lui Moise,au fost acceptate de la inceput,ca fiind inspirate,opera unui autor divin.Ezra a catalogat canonul Scripturilor,iar munca lui a fost terminata de Neemia.Scripturile ebraice contin 24 carti:
-Legea(Pentateuhul) =5 carti
-Profetii =8 carti
-Scrierile(Hagiografia)=11 carti
Sunt si carti apocrife,care se pot studia separat(doritorii).
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cri - de alex andra la: 17/06/2006 15:27:50
(la: sa vedem ce minte diabolica aveti)
Pe urmele tale:

1.caine - Dogs, Pink Floyd
2.sarut - Do you love me, Kiss
3.soare - Why does it always rain on me, Travis
4.iarba - Green green gras of home, Tom Jones
5.seara - We've got tonight, Ronan Keating & Lulu
6.carte - Book of love - Peter Gabriel
7.drum - Stair way to heaven, Led Zeppelin
8.el - Baby can I hold you, Tracy Chapman
9.ea - She's the one, Robbie Williams
10.mami - Todo sobre mi madre, Ismael Lo
11.frica - Who's afraid of the big bad woolf , Walt Disney
12.somn - Dream on, Nazareth
13.cafea - Milkshake, Kellis
14.dulce - Sweet child of mine, Guns'N'Roses
15.pix - Paint it black, Rolling Stones
16.apa - Smoke on the water, Deep Purple
17.maine - Tomorrow, Avril Lavigne
18.poate - May be angels, Sheryl Crow
19.vino - Here without you, 3Doors Down
20.strada - Boulevard of brocken dreams, Green Day

Lost without music in a world of noises
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Shall we dance? :) - de thebrightside la: 02/07/2006 21:32:34
(la: The Ball Room)
Acum cateva ore, inchid calculatorul si m-apuc de gatit. Dupa o vreme, imi iau tava cu cina in brate si deschid televizorul. Ce film credeti, dragilor, c-am nimerit?

"Shall we dance?" :)))

The book of love has music in it...
jianu - de donquijote la: 15/10/2006 23:57:49
(la: de ce credeti in dumnezeu?)
din wikipedia ( .) ...
sublinierea in bold imi apartine pentru ca ne referim la cartea lui iov si mai ales la semnificatia conceptului de diavol/satan in vt, care dupa cum am afirmat cateva postari mai jos nu exista.

In Judaism there is no concept of a devil like in Christianity or Islam. In Hebrew, the biblical word ha-satan means adversary or obstacle, or even "the prosecutor" (recognizing that God is viewed as the ultimate Judge).

In the book of Job (Iyov), ha-satan is the title, not the proper name, of an angel submitted to God; he is the divine court's chief prosecutor. In Judaism ha-satan does not make evil, rather points out to God the evil inclinations and actions of humankind. In essence ha-satan has no power unless humans do evil things.
After God points out Job's piety, ha-satan asks for permission to test the faith of Job. The righteous man is afflicted with loss of family, property, and later, health, but he still stays faithful to God. At the conclusion of this book God appears as a whirlwind, explaining to all that divine justice is inscrutable with human intellect. In the epilogue Job's possessions are restored and he has a second family to "replace" the one that died.

There is no evidence in Torah, or in the books of the Prophets and other writings, to suggest that God created an evil being. In fact, the Book of Isaiah, Job, Ecclesiastes, and Deuteronomy all have passages which God is credited for creating both the good and the evil of this world.

Also in book of Job some might notice that God and Satan strangely talk like old friends and it gives a bit of a sight into the God&Satan relationship.

The Hebrew word for evil used above is usually translated as 'calamity', 'disaster' or 'chaos'.

bineinteles, cine-l cauta (pe diavol) il gaseste in orice, fara legatura cu logica. :)

ps credeam ca personajul noe apare doar in biblie. n-am auzit de alte surse...

cineva.... - de Honey in the Sunshine la: 04/04/2007 12:24:02
(la: Destin)
Sa sune la Guinnes Book of Records. Picky a scris 4 poezii de la 12.00 la 12.04. Asta inseamna exact o poezie pe minut.
philip glass si leonard cohen - de vikip la: 26/05/2007 15:40:38
(la: Leonard Cohen: videoclipuri cu favoritele mele)
Book of Longing, concert work by Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen's and Philip Glass's Book of Longing is two-hour concert work performed by a seven-piece instrumental ensemble and four singers. Philip Glass will perform on keyboards on the show's premiere at Spoleto Festival. The concert work will include Leonard Cohen's own voice recitals recorded exclusively for this musical work, and also his artwork.

World premiere (Canada): Luminato, Toronto Festival of Arts & Creativity 2007 - June 1-3, 2007, Elgin Theatre
US premiere: Spoleto Festival USA, Charleston, June 6-8, 2007
July 14, 2007, Lincoln Center, New York
UK premiere: London, Barbican Centre, October 19-21, 2007 - 25th landmark events
October 2007, European Tour (UK, Netherlands, Spain)
Panselutza - de thebrightside la: 06/11/2007 09:39:01
(la: Mister Cafeneaua 2007 - Votul)
I. striptease bucolic

e cald azi pe camp
am suba pe mine
simt lent cum itzarii
mi-aluneca in vine
o muzica dulce parca vine din iarba
m-apuca un gand si ma scarpin in barba
prudent si lasciv dau suba jos
miroase a oaie parul mitos
itzarii se duc, purtatzi de muson
in tzari departate as fi de bon ton
ma ung finalmente cu lapte si zer
uralele turmei urca spre cer.

II. 1. ma las plouat pana la ciciuletism si apoi mizez pe spiritul ei matern de felina cu limba aspra
2. daca e pe scurt: le feresc de vifor,inghetz, apa rece. Dacae pe lung:le pliez dupa cerintza dar nu mult sa nu se simta subdimensionate ca importantza.
3. cel mai mare defect al meu este parul lasat de pisica-mea. il transform calitativ impletind sosete, manusi, ciubote, caciuli de batman si masti zorro ca sa pot intra la leoparda mai repede si mai credibil, felineshte vorbind... in plus iarna este cald si bine.
4. pot
5.trebuie sa fie a lui RH care face a book of records-proba este "cate rugaciuni poti spune in 180 secunde".
6. pana in sufragerie apoi pe balcon sa iau o linguritza de dulceatza de gutui amarui cu puf galben ca de pui sa-mi treaca amarul, apoi in panzele albe/rosii ca am amestecat rufele aiurea in mashina.
7. mi-ar placea sa fiu cafeina in cafegista si sa dau energie/frison. cafeina in cafegista mi-ar placea tare si as fi si in mediu dulce.
8. femeile sunt perfecte. as vrea doar sa nu le mai doara nimic. niciodata.altceva ar fi o impietate sa schimb, nu?
9. romantismul este atunci cand canta. si cel mai romantic gest : am cantat michelle ma belle la portavoce cocotzat pe un oltcit tunat (avea neoane rosii).
10.ploaie afara, cafea calda, parfumul pielii calde resprirand alaturi de mine...m-am melancolizat ptiu...
11. ei culmea! as vrea sa mi se amenajeze cu ajutoru primariei o aurora boreala la malu' marii in timp ce sunt inconjurat de sunet de cercei lungi si de marmote care vor toate sa vorbeasca cu mine live, purtand pe cap tavitze cu vin si portocale decojite, o sirena care sa functioneze si ca pestisor de aur sa ma maseze pe ceafa cu diclofenac si sa se auda tobe lovite de indience imbracate doar in pene de colibri.
12. musai in ibric cu zahar si dupa amiaza. costumez in magar pe acordul "da, mama, cu biciu-n mine/ ca n-am ascultat de tine"
14. pana la proba contrarie.
15.o gatesc cu bigudiuri, fixativ , casca de aer cald.chem un stilist.
16....motive... undeva.da. si totusi.
18. just. drept. asa-i.
19." Adica eu sunt de vina? adica-s prost ca nu le miros inainte? sa urle cucoana: -"bine ma marlane acu' cine le mai ia asa mototolite si pipaite?dupa ce-ai stranutat tu pe ele? ai pus mana, iei acasa, gata, ca scot sataru' ! ce-oi vrea acu' sa-ti aduc si probe de la sanitar ca e curate si ca n-are aia sau ailalta? sari tu cu banu? toata lumea ar lua-o da' tie iti pute , hm? "
nu pot pace. am tacut. fa si tu legume daca nu-ti convine vrabioara...

20. Sa nu uitati femeia care
avea un creier rupt din soare
si-ncet amurgu' cand venea
tot cerebelu-i stralucea
prin screen convex, lichid sau plat
ne-a luat pe toti la puricat
pe mine chiar m-a detestat
dar, iata, simt, poate banal
ca ii duc dorul virtual...

III. talent nu am . nu am si pace. uite cant. cant acu. dansez. am desenat ceva pe o foaie-doua stelute si un cap de iepure. daca imi vine altceva revin. nu pot. asta e cusuru. am nevoi. nu talent...
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Clasa muncitoare merge in Paradis - de Informatorul la: 03/05/2008 07:06:54
(la: A fost odata in Austria)
Imi dadusem demisia din Cafenea, dar am revenit numai ca sa te felicit. Atata timp cat vor mai exista oameni ca tine care inca se mai indigneaza si iau pozitie impotriva abjectiei – ei bine, cred ca totul nu este pierdut.
Pe de alta parte nu pot sa fiu de acord cu genul de comentarii “da’ dar sa vezi ce violam si omoram noi, romanii”. Nu vreau sa cataloghez genul acesta de atitudine dpdv sociologic. Daca doriti sa aflati adevarul despre pacatele si gainariile romanilor cititi “Firea la romani” culegere publicata acum cativa ani de profesorul Daniel Barbu… sau “The Bell Curve” si “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” ale profesorului din Ulster, Richard Lynn. Sau consultati “Book of the Lists” si o sa vedeti ca frumoasa si civilizata Austrie este in capul listei de deviatii si crime sexuale. Ceea ce istoric vorbind, a produs lunga lista de psihologi, pshiatrii si psihanalisti – de la Sigmund Freud la Carl Gustav Jung. Cu siguranta romanii sunt gainari si pasionali – ba mai au si patima betiei. Tot in “Book of Lists” o sa vedeti ca romanii I-au intrecut pe rusi la bautura dar nu si pe scandinavi, care insa au circumstante atenuante. Dar romanii nu au geniul crimei industriale : cum au facut nemtii – 75 de milioane de morti in cele doua razboaie mondiale fara sa mai pomenim de multele zeci de milioane de oameni exterminati industrial si planificat (o culme a eficientei capitaliste) prin lagare, spaniolii si portughezii vinovati de exterminarea a peste o suta de milioane de azteci, mayasi, incasi si tot ce au mai gasit pe acolo, francezii care au ucis in Africa peste 20 de milioane de persoane, olandezii care si ei s-au intrecut in olimpiada crimei ucigand numai cinci milioane de locuitori din insulele Oceanului Indian. I-am lasat la urma pe englezi descrisi ca “cei mai cruzi si mai perfizi” cotati de istorie cu peste doua sute de milioane de victime. De americani nu o sa zic nimic pentru ca mi-au dat casa si masa si m-au primit printre ei – dar au si ei pacatele lor mari si reprobabile. Dar ceea ce este de admirat la ei este ca vorbesc deschis despre ele si le asuma cu responsabilitate. Ah, am uitat de italieni, rusi si japonezi, dar parca m-am saturat de atatea crime. Razboiul nu are nimic onorabil, este doar o crima colectiva…

*** - de modigliani la: 19/03/2009 10:19:37
(la: Inventar)
una bucata schita, nud pictat de micsandra
o basca despre care inca nu stiu mare lucru
the book of longing
ederlezi, adica cd ul ala dupa carecinta bregovic
o bratara zupersexy din silicon, argint si cu doua chestii care ar putea fi orice sau is doar doi ochi sau doua romburi
o scrumiera pe care scrie il caffe cu ceva chistoace de tigari in dinsa
3 brichete, una alba, una rosie, una albastra; pe aia albastra scrie mercedes benz pe aia alba scrie ceva in engleza da' n am chef sa citesc ce scrie, pe aia rosie nu scrie nika da' are o eticheta pe care scrie ceva
un pachet de tigari pe care scrie 'fumatul dauneaza grav sanatatii tale si a celor din jur' si olograf scrisul meu care zice 'sanatatea dauneaza grav sanatatii'
o cana din portelan cu cafea
o combina muzicala marca yamaha, boxele s sub birou
o muscata pe combina, pe cale de ofilire sau inflorire nu mi dau seama exact. nici daca i muscata nu mi dau seama exact dar seamana si s sigur ca i floare
un pix
citeva coli de hirtie, format A4
doua bancnote de 100 ron fiecare
un ceas tissot clasic, dar pe asta, recunosc, l am dat jos de pe mina si l am pus pe birou sa poci scrie de el, ca merita si ca i un ceas de nadejde
ok - de first_vampgirl la: 05/08/2009 18:40:30
deci, până acum un minut eram raina hah...cine e raina bă? pune diego si dora , croitorashul cel viteaz, craiasa zapezii ?
da una faina de tot: nu stiu daca a aparut in ro: "The book of Negroes" - e misto...
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Mari poeți în viață - de modigliani la: 30/01/2010 09:53:08
(la: Confa mea perfectă, eikonklazein și idioată )
The Book of Longing

I can't make the hills
The system is shot
I'm living on pills
For which I thank G-d

I followed the course
From chaos to art
Desire the horse
Depression the cart

I sailed like a swan
I sank like a rock
But time is long gone
Past my laughing stock

My page was too white
My ink was too thin
The day wouldn't write
What the night pencilled in

My animal howls
My angel's upset
But I'm not allowed
A trace of regret

For someone will use
What I couldn't be
My heart will be hers

She'll step on the path
She'll see what I mean
My will cut in half
And freedom between

For less than a second
Our lives will collide
The endless suspended
The door open wide

Then she will be born
To someone like you
What no one has done
She'll continue to do

I know she is coming
I know she will look
And that is the longing
And this is the book

And that is the longing
And this is the book

A thousand kisses deep - de modigliani la: 05/02/2010 19:31:13 Modificat la: 05/02/2010 19:32:26
(la: Confa mea perfectă, eikonklazein și idioată )
You came to me this morning and you handled me like meat.
You'd have to be a man to know how good that feels, how sweet.
My mirrored twin, my next of kin, I'd know you in my sleep
and who but you would take me in,
A thousand kisses deep.

I loved you when you opened like a lily to the heat,
you see I'm just another snowman standing in the rain and sleet,
who loved you with his frozen love,
his second hand physique,
with all he is, and all he was,
A thousand kisses deep.

I know you had to lie to me,
I know you had to cheat,
to pose all hot and high behind the veils of shear deceit,
our perfect porn aristocrat so elegant and cheap,
I'm old but I'm still into that,
A thousand kisses deep.

I'm good at love, I'm good at hate,
but in between I freeze.
Been working out, but it's too late, it's been to late for years.
But you look good, you really do,
they love you on the street.
If I could move I'd kneel for you,
A thousand kisses deep.

The autumn moved across your skin,
got something in my eye,
a light that doesn't need to live,
and doesn't need to die.
A riddle in the book of love,
obscure and obsolete,
witnessed there in time and blood,
A thousand kisses deep.

And I'm still working with the wine, still dancing cheek to cheek,
the band is playing Auld Lang Syne,
but the heart will not retreat.
I ran with Diz and I sang with Ray,
I never had their sweep,
but once or twice they let me play
A thousand kisses deep.

I loved you when you opened like a lily to the heat,
you see I'm just another snowman standing in the rain and sleet,
who loved you with his frozen love,
his second hand physique,
with all he is, and all he was,
A thousand kisses deep.

But you don't need to hear me now,
and every word I speak,
it counts against me anyhow,
A thousand kisses deep.

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