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Noroc - de (anonim) la: 20/08/2003 12:06:53
(la: Salut!)
Daniel, sa speram ca totul va fii bine si site-ul va re-inflori.

Cu urari de bonne chance , Veronica
Canalul Dunarea Marea Neagra - de ilana gillon la: 22/10/2003 09:14:24
(la: A existat holocaust in Romania?)
Sint in Israel de 40 ani si nu mai vorbesc/scriu bine Romaneste. Asi vrea sa continui in Englezeste.

I reached this site completely by chance and was amazed to see that the situation of the Jews in Romania during the communist era and before is still of such a huge interest.
My father Ing. Aurel Rozei was one of the engineers that were employed in the first Canalul Dunarea Marea Neagra project. He was sentenced to death in 1952 for sabotageing the works. Is this trial known now in Romania ? What is the attitude towards it. Any information will be highly appreciated.
Bene sh-atata ...oricum ...mult! - de Alice la: 01/12/2003 13:46:48
(la: Cohen)
D-aia uite:

"What is a saint? A saint is someone who has achieved a remote human possibility. It is impossible to say what that possibility is. I think it has something to do with the energy of love. Contact with this energy results in the exercise of a kind of balance in the chaos of existence. A saint does not dissolve the chaos; if he did the world would have changed long ago. I do not think that a saint dissolves the chaos even for himself, for there is something arrogant and warlike in the notion of a man setting the universe in order. It is a kind of balance that is his glory. He rides the drifts like an escaped ski. His course is the caress of the hill. His track is a drawing of the snow in a moment of its particular arrangement with wind and rock. Something in him so loves the world that he gives himself to the laws of gravity and chance. Far from flying with the angels, he traces with the fidelity of a seismograph needle the state of the solid bloody landscape. His house is dangerous and finite, but he is at home in the world. He can love the shape of human beings, the fine and twisted shapes of the heart. It is good to have among us such men, such balancing monsters of love."
- L. Cohen, Beautiful Losers

Ai citit "The Favorite"?
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am vazut aseara un videoclip interesant - de Catalina Bader la: 22/12/2003 04:45:41
(la: Cum ar fi aratat Michael Jackson fara operatii estetice?)
One more chance - Michael Jackson

merita sa-l vedeti.

ce mi-a placut mie intotdeauna: are muzica in sange.
intr-un documentar pe care l-am vazut in urma cu mai multi ani comentatorul afirma ca Michael da lectii de dans profesionistilor.

simte dansul.

referitor la operatiile estetice nu pot sa afirm ca inteleg dorinta lui. Ar fi avut acelasi succes si negru fiind.
Dar poate el simte ca este alb.
Cea mai frumoasa poezie - de (anonim) la: 22/12/2003 19:26:13
(la: Cele mai frumoase poezii)

OUT of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley. 1849–1903
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in final, fiecare e ceace cre - de SB_one la: 11/01/2004 07:20:20
(la: Cum va simtiti cand va intoarceti in Romania ?)
in final, fiecare e ceace crede!
Nu potzi convinge de contrariu pe cineva care e convins ca se trage dintr-un neam de timpitzi.( ...s-ar putea sa aiba dreptate!)

Eu -personal- ma pun de partea'ilalta. Si am observat ca mai sint citziva; cel putzin citeva milioane.

Alors, bon chance! "noroc bun" ar suna altfel.

Crede in cel ce cauta Adevarul,
Fereste-te de cel ce l-a gasit.
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vreau sa nu sa ca - de ygrec la: 05/02/2004 06:52:28
(la: I want it All & I want it Now)
vreau sa nu sa cantati (in gand)

1...Let's hope you never leave old friend
Like all good things on you we depend
So stick around cos we might miss you
When we grow tired of all this visual
You had your time, you had the power
You've yet to have your finest hour
2...This is a tricky situation -
I've only got myself to blame
It's just a simple fact of life
It can happen to anyone -
You win - you lose
It's a chance you have to take with love
Oh yeah - I fell in love
But now you say it's over and I'm falling apart.
3..But life still goes on
I can't get used to, living without, living without,
Living without you by my side
I don't want to live alone, hey
God knows, got to make it on my own

Nu-i asa ca acum zimbiti a aduceri-aminte?
CONCURS FOTO - de Dinu Lazar la: 02/04/2004 05:30:56
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
The Alternative Pick announces The 2nd Annual Altpick Awards.
Submission begins now: (ends July 9th, 2004)

Control begins July 26 when you can come back to the site and see
everything that was entered and vote for the "Popular" choice.

There is also a great list of respected industry professionals who will
be voting separately. This means two chances to win! Or a chance to win twice!!

Winners will appear on the site as well as in the 2005 Alternative Pick
and/ or ALT Pick magazine.

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Let It Be/May/8/1970 - de Little Eagle la: 30/04/2004 13:48:12
(la: "Let it Be" de Beatles)
" When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom,let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom,let it be
Let it be,let it be,
Whisper words of wisdom,let it be.

And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer,let it be.
For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer,let it be
Let it be,let it be,yeah
There will be an answer,let it be.

And when the night is cloudy,
There is still a light that shines on me,
I wake up to the sound of music
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom,let it be,
Let it be,let it be,
Whisper words of music,let it be."

Words and music by Paul McCartney/Beatles/Let it be album.

Ode to all women - de Little Eagle la: 08/05/2004 18:51:17
(la: De ce nu sunt femeile niciodata multumite?)

" Our life together is so precious together
We have grown,we have grown
Although our love is still special
Let's take a chance and fly away somewhere alone

It's been too long since we took the time
No-one's to blame,I know time flies so quickly
But when I see you darling
It's like we both are falling in love again
It'll be just like starting over,starting over.

Everyday we used to make it love
Why can't we be making love nice and easy
It's time to spread our wings and fly
Don't let another day go by my love
It'll be just like starting over,starting over.

Why don't we take off alone
Take a trip somewhere far,far away
We'll be together all alone again
Like we used in the early days
Well,well,well darling

It's been too long since we took the time
No-one's to blame,I Know time flies so quickly
But when I see you darling
It's like we both are falling in love again
It'll be just like starting over,starting over.

Our life together is so precious together
We have grown,we have grown
Although our love is still special
Let's take a chance and fly away somewhere..."

Lyrics and song-John Lennon

Draga tty,ti-am raspuns la subiect.


the ways of leaving - de Little Eagle la: 18/05/2004 23:20:15
(la: Farewell brothers and sisters)
Dear Brother Destin(a good name,Great Spirit Wakan Tanka ti l-a dat fara sa stii),

Am gandit in acest weekend trecut sa mai stau o vreme cu voi toti si sa mai fumam putin tobacco,dar am incalcat legea.Legea noastra.Peste acest weekend trecut am gandit ca mai pot ramane dar nu o pot face, azi si ieri am scris ultimele texte si ...Destin-ul a ales pe tine sa fii ultimul care va primi ultimul meu text,e scris asa si este menit sa fie asa,the eagle flies free my brother,you can't stop his wings...

Azi ,si este noapte cu stele,ele mi-au vorbit,a fost vant putin si cateva picaturi de ploaie,am stat in gradina si gandit la Marele Spirit,mi-a vorbit si am plans din nou,lacrimi si picaturi de ploaie pe obrajii mei.
Mi-a spus prin Creatia toata ca trebuie sa plec si tu esti ultimul WARRIOR care va purta cuvantul LUI prin mine.

Imi pare sincer rau,toti din cercul cafenelei imi sunteti mai mult decat dragi,NU va imaginati nici in vise cat de mult va iubesc pe toti deopotriva,imi sunteti frati si surori si mereu ma voi gandi cu dragoste la voi toti.

M-ati injurat,m-ati indragit,ori m-ati considerat un excentric,cine sunt eu sa trag concluzii?Ceea ce stiu e ca va iubesc si voi fi in spirit mereu cu voi.
O spun cu sinceritate,si tie draga Frate iti multumesc din suflet pentru cuvintele tale.

A venit timpul sa plec,va iubesc mult si veti fi mereu cu mine in inima,spirit si suflet.Si asta e ,fiti siguri,o certitudine.

Multumesc Daniel pentru tot si la fel Admin.Niciodata nu am fost impotriva voastra si a nimanui,fiti bravi in viata si sa stiti ca fara sa cunoasteti cu totii,fiecare din voi are in par pene de pace si razboi,este legea.
Wakan Tanka este cu voi in voi si in jurul vostru,NU sunteti separati de EL.

Nu esti idealist si visator daca vei crede in dragoste,iubire si pace.Vei intelege sa devii intelept si sa te vezi pe tine in oricine si in toata Creatia.
Imaginati-va ca Bufallow Cow Woman(Creatia toata)este cea mai frumoasa femeie de pe glob!Oare nu veti fi indragostiti de ea?Oare nu vreti s-o protejati si s-o iubiti,sa o aparati chiar sfidand moartea?

Astea mi-au fost cuvintele de incheiere.

Love&peace sisters and brothers,
may the Great Spirit be with you all the time.
Ozzy(Little eagle who cries)
'If the white man wants to live in peace with the indian,he can live in peace.Treat all men and women alike.Give them all the same law.Give them all an even chance to live and grow.
All we were made by the same Great Spirit Chief.We are all sisters and brothers.The earth is the mother of all people and nations in the world,all we should have equal rights upon it.
If we are all poor is because we are honest."

Great Chief Joseph(Nez perce-iroquois)
Va iubesc mult,imi sunteti in sange.Acum sunt pictat in culorile mele de alb si negru si am tipat afara in natura cantecul meu,adio dragi prieteni de suflet,surioare si frati,ne vom revedea in alta viata.
Adio Destin,poate faci ca mesajul meu ultim sa ajunga la toti,eu ma voi de-conecta acum.

Little Eagle Who Cries,
numele meu si sunt mai mult ca mandru de el.

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To All my brothers and sisters - de Little Eagle la: 27/06/2004 03:56:25
(la: Native American Indians)
Pt. ca nu veti mai avea de-a face cu mine de acum incolo,va las sa zic asa o mica mostenire din credinta poporului meu.Aceste cuvinte ,sper ca vor gasi un ecou in sufletul vostru.
Din nou si nu fac nici o reclamatie impotriva Admin,sper ca va tipari tot ce am scris azi,am zis,macar ca fiind ultimele mele cuvinte si consider ca am dreptul la ele.Unora li se da o masa buna,si poate o tigara ori o ultima rugaciune.Nu mai fumez,Nu mai beau,Nu mai consum droguri,Nu mananc carne de nici un fel
sunt vegetarian.
Cel putin lasa-ma Admin sa-mi spun ultimele cuvinte,in mod decent si sa nu fiu cenzurat.
Nu-ti fie teama,NU voi spune nimic rau nimanui!

Acestea-s cuvintele mele venite de la poporul meu,macar acum lasa-ma sa vorbesc freely:
Imi pare rau ca nu am rabdarea si timpul de a traduce in R. din engleza,totusi stiu ca voi toti sunteti inteligenti si veti intelege totul.

"When you begin a great work you can't expect to finish it all at once;therefore do you and your brothers press on,and let nothing discourage you till you have entirely finished what you have begun?
Now brother,as for me,I assure you I will press on,and the contrary winds may blow strong in my face,yet I will go forward and never turn back,and continue to press forward untill I have finished,and I would have you do the same....
Though you may hear birds singing on this side and that side,you must not take notice of that,but hear me when I speak to you,and take it to heart,
for you may always depend that what I say shall be true."

Black Hawk(Sauk-Lakota)

" Grandfather says that when your friends die you must not cry.
You must not hurt anybody or do harm to anybody.You must not fight.Do right always.It will give you satisfaction in life.
If the white man wants to live in peace with the indian,he can live in peace.
Give them all the same law.Give them all a chance to live and grow.
All men were made by the same Great Spirit Chief.They are all brothers.
The earth is the Mother of all people,and all people should have equal rights upon it.
You might as well expect the rivers to run backward as that any man who was
born a free man should be contented when penned up and denied liberty to go where he pleases.
If you tie a horse to a stake,do you expect he will grow fat?
If you pen an indian up on a small spot of earth,and compell him to stay there,he will not be contented,nor will he grow and prosper."

Chief Joseph(Nez Perce)



Ps:Admin inca odata te rog sa publici tot ce am scris azi.
Adios muchachos.

Razboiul dintre cele doua roze.... - de Mary la: 27/06/2004 14:48:31
(la: Ozzy vs LMC)
Cu retinere si cu atentie la vorbele pe care le voi spune ca sa nu imi atrag vreun potop de cuvinte prea colorate pentru ochii si strident pentru urechile mele, imi voi da si eu un pic cu parerea mea umila (deci humble but not humiliated :))...)
Cum zicea si Daniel, ``fiecare cu vina lui``.

In timp ce trebuie sa subliniez ca am ramas cu gura literalmente cascata de limbajul folosit si pe deasupra si tiparit (......) de EL (ozzy) si care desigur nu are ce cauta aici, ma intreb totusi, nu cumva poate, stie el ce stie cind isi permite sa vorbeasca chair asa cu ``EA(Lmc)`??...Sau poate a fost numai un mic show inscenat pentru noi??
La un moment dat chiar am fost surpinsa si neconvinsa de (numai )slaba vehementa cu care EA ii respingea limbajul ....Prea jignita nu imi suna LMC, ba chiar invitindu-l pe OZZY sa vorbeasca in continuare pe Messenger....!!!!!??.....
Eu personal nu as mai avea ce discuta sau imparti (nici verbal nici altfel) cu o persoana care isi permite sa imi vorbeasca, mai ales in public cu (pe putin spus)atita lipsa de respect, si nu mi-ar mai trebui nimic de la el, nici macar sau mai ales, orchidee ....

Pe de alta parte, Ozzy este un artist. Asa s-a prezentat, asa s-a descris, asa il credem. Asa il stim noi toti pe EL, si un artist ESTE un SUFLETIST,si un sufletist este cineva care simte, nu?, simte FOARTE PUTERNIC (cum altfel ar putea fi un artist?),foarte intens.....Deci micile explozii (in cazul lui explozii verbale) sint inevitabile.
Vorbele tari sint numai o arma de aparare, sint convinsa, cind te simti atacat in ceea ce crezi tu profund si adinc, cind te doare ceva, sint numai doua posibilitati, sau te retragi si plingi sau nu, sau, iti aperi ce ti-e drag si te aperi si iti pregatesti toate armele la indemnina....Deschizi ventilul un pic (pentru racorire) si pe urma e bine....
Pe de cealalta parte, desi recitind ce a scris LMC, am inteles ca nu a vrut sa il jigneasca prea direct pe OZZY, avind in vederea IQ ridicat si al ei, sint convinsa ca pe undeva a avut aceasta mica, rautacioasa dorinta ascunsa de a-l atinge(intzepa) cu remarca despre liberalii care dau vina pe altii sau altceva cind fac greseli ....Deci sint cumva convinsa ca LMC a luat in calcul ca se putea usor misinterpreta folosind acel a ales provocarea....

Cit despre indoctrinare, nu cred ca ozzy a avut/are aceasta dorinta, el doar COMUNICA ceea ce simte el si gindeste. Nu asa sigura as fi insa de LMC cu toate linkurile pe care ii place sa le trimita....

Dar,.... ``cine greseste odata, nu a gresit niciodata``, este o zicatoare...Sau cu alte cuvinte, everyone deserves a second chance.
Presedinte? - de Little Eagle la: 03/07/2004 01:29:58
(la: Pe cine veti vota ca presedinte? (votul e anonim))
C'mon make me laugh!!!!

va face fericiti pe toti.Ori....poate EU,nu-s mai diferit ca Ozzy oricum,cel putin suntem sinceri!!

Love&peace....acum adaug altceva nou:GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!
God bless you all
ptr. Belle - de SB_one la: 04/07/2004 11:44:47
(la: Femeia)
Words Women Use...

This is the word women use to end an argument when they feel they are right and you need to shut up. Never use "fine" to describe how a woman looks - this will cause you to have one of those arguments.
This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so it's an even trade.
This means "something", and you should be on your toes. "Nothing" is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. 'Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last "Five Minutes" and end with 'Fine'
GO AHEAD (With Raised Eyebrows)
This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over Nothing" and will end with the word "Fine"
GO AHEAD (Normal Eyebrows)
This means "I give up" or "do what you want because I don't care" You will get a "Raised Eyebrow Go Ahead" in just a few minutes, followed by Nothing" and "Fine" and she will talk to you in about "Five Minutes" when she cools off.
This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot at that moment, and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing"
Again, not a word, but a non-verbal statement. "Soft Sighs" mean that she is content. Your best bet is to not move or breathe, and she will stay content.
This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before paying you back for whatever it is that you have done. "That's Okay" is often used with the word "Fine" and in conjunction with a "Raised Eyebrow.
At some point in the near future, you are going to be in some mighty big trouble.
This is not a statement, it is an offer. A woman is giving you the chance to come up with whatever excuse or reason you have for doing whatever it is that you have done.You have a fair chance with the truth, so be careful and you shouldn't get a "That's Okay"
A woman is thanking you. Do not faint. Just say you're welcome.
This is much different from "Thanks." A woman will say, "Thanks A Lot" when she is really ticked off at you. It signifies that you have offended her in some callous way, and will be followed by the "Loud Sigh." Be careful not to ask what is wrong after the "Loud Sigh," as she will only tell you "Nothing"

it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice !
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Claudia - de Little Eagle la: 04/07/2004 23:30:45
(la: Spectru neodihnit)
My dear,

Am scris in prostie un text si ....l-am facut...pierdut,mi-am dat mii de palme.....
De alaltaieri de cand am un nou keyboard,nu-s familiar cu el si fac greseli,adica apas gresit pe stat sa-ti scriu 2 ore.....pierdute caci s-a dus dracului textul acum poate-s putin mahmur,dar incerc iar sa ma las de baut....
Poate in final e vina mea....e 4 iulie....Independence day????You must be kidding!!!!
Poate cu 200 ani in urma????Cand insemna ceva????
In fine,stii CUM sarbatoresc aceasta cei cu capul pe umeri?
Beau pt. veteranii morti for NOTHING,in Vietnam,si pt. cei din Irak,pt. indienii mei,si negrii mei,si evreii mei si copii anilor pierduti in neant,o generatie de sacrificiu inutil....WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE!!!!!

Si pt. ca azi e asa....mare sa-ti scriu un cantec f. faimos in lume
e impotriva razboiului,apartine unor ani ce putini i-au trait si cunoscut,dar vor trai si sper ca 1 minut,vei uita de orice si vei gandi la niste suflete pt. care ar fi de trait o lacrima pe obraz.....gandeste-te la inceputul unui film COLOSAL....APPOCALIPSE auzi aceste cuvinte si muzica in minte si vezi imagini de moarte care NU ar fi trebuit sa existe DELOC.........

"This is the end,beautiful friend
This is the end,my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of everything that stands
The end...

No safety or surprise
The end
I'll never look into your eyes again....

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free?
Desperately in need of some stranger's hand,
In a desperate land????

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
And all the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain
There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the king's highway,
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway West,baby

Ride the snake
Ride the snake
To the lake
To the lake...

The ancient lake,baby
The snake is long
Seven miles
Ride the snake...

He's old
And his skin is cold
The West is the best
The West is the best,
Get here and we'll do the rest...

The blue bus is calling us
The blue bus is calling us
Driver,where are you taking us????

The killer awoke before dawn
He put his boots on
He took a face from the ancient gallery
And he walked on down the hall...

He went into the room where his sister lived
And then he paid a visit to his brother
And then he walked on down the hall
And he came to a door
And he looked inside,
I want to kill you,
Mother,I want to fuck you....

Come on baby,take a chance with us
Come on baby,take a chance with us
Come on baby,take a chance with us...
And meet me at the end of the blue bus

This is the end,beautiful friend
This is the end,my only friend

It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follw me

The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die

This is the end....

Jim Morrison-vocals+lyrics(great poetry)
Ray Manzarek-keyboards
Robby Krieger-Guitar
John Densmore-drums
...This is the end....


Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

Love,all we need is love....we,re monsters without LOVE! - de Little Eagle la: 05/07/2004 21:43:16
(la: Iubirea, un "natural"? Care dragoste?)

Ce dreptate mare ai....copii,let the children play.....un om fantastic ce am cunoscut demult a zis aceste cuvinte....Carlos ca la un moment dat,am fost un curios si cateva luni credincios in Shri Chinmoy....mai vorbim alta data,dar Carlos????UN FANTASTIC!!!!!!

So,let the children play,au inocenta si iubirea reala,NU e falsa niciodata,so let the children speak.....they tell you the TRUTH,they don't have yet an ego...they-re PURE,brave SOULS,......let them play and play with them.

Stiu ce vrei sa spui,poate eu NU am dreptul sa vorbesc,sunt un pacatos mare,dar crede-ma ca stiu sa IUBESC azi cu adevarat!!!!!!!!!!!
Uita-te la scena beat mort cu sticla in mana...sunt Jim Morrison.....dar iubesc...azi stiu ce-nseamna a iubi,pt. unii dragostea si sentimentul vine mai greu...dar cand vine,este de neuitat si ramane in suflet.

I'm just...a rider on the storm....a lost soul,unde plec si de unde vin?....NU mai are importanta acum,am trait,m-am nascut candva si habar n-am cand???
Cine sunt???Ce am fost?Cine am fost,Ce si cine voi fi???Who gives a shit,I'm a rider on the storm....uite cum scriu poezie ....

Sa traim iar inocenta,bucuria de a exista fara sa stim de ce existam,sa avem imaginatie si fantezii,sa iubim pt. prima oara...ori,sa credem ca iubim, la 6 ani...NU stii ce-i aia iubire si nici la 14,nici la ...35 ani ca mine....demult...cand am dat peste love of my life,Marilyn!
Sa ne pretindem cine vrem,sa visam sa avem primul kiss si sa ne masturbam,sa fim sa avem acele sentimente sincere ca lumea e toata a noastra,pt. ca in final...ESTE,Facem ce vrem cu ea,si traim prin ea si ea prin noi....UN singur lucru e UNIC....:



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Pt. Destin - de Little Eagle la: 06/08/2004 07:25:13
Am mai scris de cateva ori si iar repet pt. ca gandesc o mare intelepciune in cuvintele unui om sarac si simplu,care nu a vrut bogatii nici alte lumi si pamanturi,a ales de multe ori sa se retraga ,sa-si conduca tribul departe de lupte decat sa foloseasca el insusi un mod de a pedepsi pe invadatorii englezi,francezi called americans!Poate un fel de Mahatma Ghandi inainte ca acesta din urma sa se fi nascut.

Dear Destin,tu esti un om intelept,multi in cercul nostru la cafenea avem o inteligenta mare,nu suntem nici dobitoci nici ramasi in urma,desigur ca ne certam mereu unul cu altul/alta,sau altul cu altii si altii cu altul si in final unii cu toti ceilalti de parca there's no tomorrow!

Nu cred ca este necesar.Nu noi ne certam intre noi(ca suflet)ci lasam frau liber ego-ului sa -si exprime tot ce zace in el selfish si raul iese afara mereu,nu e bine.Daca cineva vorbeste si da ex. legate de Jesus,de ce oare trebuie sa critice pe un altul ca si cum este vinovat si ar merita luat la pietre si de ce nu crucificat...?De ce acela ce critica e mereu nervos si suparat impotriva lumii parca?
Atunci unde este pilda lui Iisus?Ce sfaturi si ce invataminte ar fi dat el discipolilor lui sau tuturor,daca i-ar fi luat la palme verbale si mereu urlat la ei si fiind nervos si suparat?Oare nu exista ceea ce se numeste compasiune si intelegere dar si rabdare pt. orice in viata?

Odata Iisus a mai spus ceva legat cu ...palma data pe un obraz si el ar intoarce pe celalalt....
Acum scriu nu neaparat tie Destin ori Enigmescu ori cine stie cine altcineva ci in marele general.Eu personal real as dori sa cred in Dumnezeu sa fiu ca Iisus de ex. dar stiu ca este mai mult decat f. greu,insa incerc si nu ma voi bate niciodata cu pumnii in piept ca sunt crestin de cutare ordin ori credincios in cutare religie sau credinta.
Pt. ca stiu ca a iubi pe Dumnezeu este aproape imposibil si totusi pt. o mana de oameni in tot acest univers nu a fost ori este nerealizabil,pt. ca daca vrei sa te consideri credincios in Jesus de ex. atunci...neaparat TREBUIE(imi pare rau de majuscule,real am dorit sa subliniez importanta)sa traiesti viata lui.....

Intreb de curiozitate daca cineva cunoaste ori a auzit de astfel de persoana?
De aceea sunt retinut si nu spun ca iubesc real pe Dumnezeu,stiu totusi cine este si invat mereu privind in jurul meu natura in care-l vad si mai greu dar vad si in oameni,cel mai greu!Pt. ca trebuie sa fii detasat de orice stare de spirit rea si sarenunti la orice manifestare a ego-ului ...e f. greu!!!!

Dar ,exista lucruri mai simple in drumul de a afla pe Dumnezeu si in fapt ...a-l descoperi in tine insuti.Si ele mereu au fost exprimate ca pt. mintea noastra de avatarii lumii,prin pilde si parabole,ca in trecut cand mintea umana nu era chiar asa de ridicata....dar azi inca nu este decat tare atunci ce face Dumnezeu?
Se coboara la mintea noastra si ne da ceva de gandit o regula,sa zicem in viata.El NU poate vorbi in limbajul lui real unora ca noi,vasta majoritate pe glob si univers,atunci misiunea lui ca avatar(cuvantul in trad din indiana=incarnare directa a lui Dumnezeu in forma umana)devine acea de dascal si te invata sa intelegi la acea anume viata din timp si istorie a lumii de ce a venit si revine si fiecare,pt. ca fiecare societate are un anume grad si nivel de dezvoltare materiala si spirituala,va avea in concordanta,anumite precepte pt. acea vreme,spuse de avatarul de atunci.

Iisus a fost acum 2000 ani,desigur,azi e alta viata si epoca,dar realul sens si mesaj este si va fi si a fost mereu acelasi spus in diverse forme,dar il vezi la fel si la primul avatar(Abraham),apoi Zoroaster,Rama,Krishna,Buddha ce au fost inaintea lui Iisus,si apoi si la Mohamed si in final Baba .Toti au trait intocmai preceptele sfinte,nu vei gasi niciodata in vietile lor o minciuna sau o greseala,astfel de "oameni" sunt avatarii lumii si ei formeaza un anume ciclu istoric,nimic in univers nu este intamplator!

Este destinat!
Sa fac o analogie simpla,gandeste ca tu esti profesor de facultate,oricare ar fi ea.Acum ai o varsta si o experienta de viata si munca si studii si cultura si intelepciune.Deodata te trezesti in fata unor copilasi de clasaIa primara si trebuie sa-i inveti ceea ce stii tu...oare crezi ca vei putea sa le explici in cuvintele tale si termenii la care ai ajuns in studii?In nici un caz!
Pt. ca NU te vor intelege,e ca si cum Einstein ar explica teoria lui unui copil de 7 ani!
Ce faci atunci sa fii inteles?Te cobori la mintea lui si folosesti....parabole,scurte istorioare,in cateva cuvinte(nu ca mine acum de scriu un roman deja!)sa fie pe intelesul lui si neaparat dai un ex. prin tine insuti altfel,la ce buna e vorba daca nu e sprijinita de fapta?

Si cam asa a fost mereu,mesajul mereu acelasi,f. simplu....dar omenirea nu s-a schimbat deloc!De aceea un avatar sa vina NU e de ajuns...

Vorbim mereu de Dumnezeu la cafenea si ce piosi suntem ori mistocari sau atotcunoscatori in de fapt inca si azi nu stim habar de nimic.
Eu zic asa: hai sa fim cu totii prieteni,sa ne iubim intre noi(hey!NU va ganditi acum la acel Ozzy din trecut fustangiu,okay?)si sa invatam unii de la altii si restul va veni de la sine.

E oare greu?De ce suparari si suferinte chiar aiurea?Oare merita efortul?Nu cred,ganditi acum ce-i mai important?Sa ne injuram unii pe altii ori sa ne iubim si daca odata soarta va fi sa ne puna fata-n fata pe unii din noi,ce fericire ar fi sa ne luam in brate !!!

NU am scris astea deloc cu idea si la adresa ta Destin ori Enigmescu ori oricine din lumea toata!Imi sunteti frati oricum si a va judeca nu-i bine,dar imi pot spune opinia si cine o accepta e okay.Nu am puterea de a judeca....sunt un nimica in acest univers dar asta sunt si chiar un nimica am dreptul sa vorbesc,dar niciodata ca un avatar!

Sper ca la un moment dat limbajul meu din trecut prin care am ofensat pe f. multi si pareri si opinii ce am avut nu au devenit treptat un mijloc de initiativa de exprimare pt. altii...stiu din experienta inca din...scoala generala...

Hey,acum nu vi-o luati in cap!Inca sunt mare fan al amicului Ozzy,port cele 4 perechi de shades(ochelari de soare pt. cei ce nu stiu slang american)trimise de Sharon,unii f. inchisi de soare puternic,altii albastii,altii purple altii pink.
Depinde cum e vremea ii port mereu,si in casa.
La fel imi place muzica lui,si rock si heavy metal si tech-industry,si desigur si The Doors,Motorhead etc.
Asta nu inseamna ca-s un depravat si drogat si antichrist!I am a free man si vreau in viata asta sa fiu cum sunt,in cea care vine poate voi fi cine stie in ce alta tara si poate femeie,poate saraca,poate f. bogata,doar karma stie si sanskaras,altadata va scriu ce-nseamna sanskaras ori samskaras.

Cert e ca sunt fericit cum ,sunt ca iubesc ca am trait din plin si gustat din multe placeri sexuale ale vietii,am suferit in Ro., am avut si clipe fericite acolo dar nu as mai trai acolo deloc.
Deci brothers and sisters,let's be friends,love is all you right was John Lennon.also a Baba Lover!
De la cine credeti ca au venit ideile lui "give peace a chance"si altele?De la cine credeti ca i-au venit ideile si filosofie si politica lui Mahatma Ghandi?
Cine credeti ca l-a invatat sa-si iubeasca aproapele, sa fie simplu dar puternic in gandire si fapta si mai ales onestitate?Cine credeti ca i-a spus ca unica solutie este rezolvarea oricaror probleme pe cale pasnica si prin .....LOVE&PEACE?

Cum am scris la inceputul romanului meu,e vorba despre aceste cuvinte ce in final sunt rezumatul a tot ce am scris acum.
Din pacate nu simt nevoia sa traduc...sper ca cine stie engleza si toti stiti,sunteti inteligenti,vor accepta asta:

"We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God,
as the catholics and protestants do.We do not want to learn that.
We may quarrel with men sometimes about things on this earth.But we never
quarrel about God.We do not want to learn that."

Chief Joseph(Nez Perce/1840-1904/Iroquois nations)

Nu stiu de ce am scris atatea cand acest mare intelept indian si mare CHIEF a spus totul in cateva cuvinte?

Destin,stii cum sunt fratii mei?Intelegi ce vor sa spuna doar privindu-te in ochi si la fel ii intelegi si tu...putine vorbe,multe doar prin gesturi.Un european ca noi ori chiar si....asa zis american.,da din gura mereu,ca mine,chestia e ca in prezenta lor sunt f. mut,nu am de ce vorbi cand ne putem intelege perfect prin liniste....a fi tacut...e o arta in final...mai vorbim si nu crede ca te-am criticat,ori pe numeni de altfel,departe de mine!!!


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Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 – 2004), fotograf - OMAGIU - de ovidiusimina la: 11/08/2004 10:54:33
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
« Au fond, ce n’est pas la photo en soi qui
m’interesse. Ce qui je veux c’est de capter une
fraction de seconde du réel »

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 – 2004)

Kingdoms of the world in a moment

Aug 5th 2004, From The Economist print edition

Henri Cartier-Bresson, whose photographs defined the
20th century, died on August 3rd at the age of 95

ALTHOUGH his name was familiar almost everywhere, far
more so indeed than his work, Henri Cartier-Bresson
himself was not a familiar sight. With his alert blue
eyes and a coloured handkerchief knotted round his
neck, he would wander the streets near his home on
Paris's rue de Rivoli and seldom be recognised. One of
the greatest photographers of the 20th century was
himself rarely photographed.

In his lifetime, he travelled to all corners of the
earth, capturing images of some of the most
extraordinary moments of 20th-century history—the
Spanish civil war, the liberation of Paris after the
second world war and the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi. At
the same time he framed and preserved less famous
moments, elevating them with his genius so that they
somehow seemed to capture the essence of life itself.

His unequalled ability to seize a millisecond in time
was uncanny. In his book “The Decisive Moment”,
published in 1952, he wrote: “It is the simultaneous
recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the
significance of an event as well as a precise
organisation of forms, which give that event its
proper expression.” He was never very interested in
the technology of photography, in the effects that
could be obtained during developing and editing in a
dark room. It was all about the thrill of the chase,
the chance to seize a moment.

The man who first inspired Mr Cartier-Bresson was a
photographer called Martin Munkacsi, whose picture of
naked African boys running into Lake Tanganyika in
1931 persuaded him to take photography seriously. “I
couldn't believe that such a thing could be caught on
camera,” he said, “so I grabbed my Leica and went out
into the street.”

Between 1932 and 1935, he lived rough in Italy, Mexico
and Spain where he took some of his most memorable
images. Back in Paris he worked with Jean Renoir, a
film director, and ended up playing the unlikely role
of an English servant in the director's masterpiece,
“La Règle du Jeu”. He was a prisoner-of-war for three
years, and after the war was one of the founders of
the Magnum agency, a trail-blazing photographers'
co-operative. In 1948 he went on the road again,
mostly to India and China (in time for the fall of
Chiang Kai-shek), in an age when the images of
photojournalists like him filled the pages of picture
magazines that were, in the pre-television era,
hungrily viewed by millions.

Unassuming genius
For the last quarter of a century, Mr Cartier-Bresson
eschewed photography, taking only the occasional
snapshot of friends and family, and turning his
attention to drawing. (He trained originally as a
painter, his early work influenced by his friend, the
surrealist artist Max Ernst.) He maintained that he
scarcely wanted to discuss photography any more. “It's
like when you're divorced”, he said, “and people keep
asking about your former wife. There's something
indecent about it.”

He settled into a quiet life in France—in Paris and in
the small house that he owned for some 30 years in the
Lubéron, a region in the south of the country, to the
east of Avignon. And there he died on Tuesday August
3rd, just less than three weeks away from his 96th

Mr Cartier-Bresson always said that to be a great
photographer you had to be unintrusive. “For me,
photography is very much a physical pleasure—it's like
hunting, except that we don't kill.” At the height of
his career he would stalk his subjects, and his quarry
would often be unaware that it had been captured on
film. His desire to remain out of the limelight stayed
with him to the end, including his wish to hold back
the world's photographers from the funeral of one of
the greatest of them.

His funeral was a private affair attended by some 50
family and close friends. Only after it had ended did
the French Ministry of Culture make an official
announcement of his death. And the next day, August
5th, many of his most famous images were splashed
across the front pages of newspapers the world over: a
woman slapping an informer she recognises at a
deportation camp in Dessau in 1945; Muslim women in
Srinagar, Kashmir, praying to the sun as it rises over
the distant Himalayas; and a French family picnicking
by the River Marne in 1938, almost a last pre-war
moment of stillness.

Of Mr Cartier-Bresson's death, President Jacques
Chirac said: “With him, France loses a genius
photographer, a true master, and one of the most
gifted artists of his generation.” But it is not only
France's loss. Mr Cartier-Bresson's fame, which grew
despite his efforts to avoid it, reminds a much wider
world of its persistent admiration for unassuming
genius, and of the dwindling stock of targets for that


La famille d'Henri Cartier-Bresson, la Fondation Henri
Cartier-Bresson, les photographes et l'équipe de
Magnum Photos ont la tristesse de vous annoncer le
décès d'Henri Cartier-Bresson le 3 Août à 9h30 dans sa
maison du Luberon.Les obsèques ont eu lieu dans la
plus grande intimité. Un hommage sera organisé à sa
mémoire début septembre.

Mai multe informatii referitoare la persoanlitatea si opera lui Henri Cartier-Bresson puteti gasi pe site-ul MAGNUM Agency, fondata de HCB. Adresa este , asa cum s-a mai spus pe acest forum de discutii. Intr-adevar, acolo putem vedea cu totii niste fotografii. Adevarate...

din Bucuresti, un biet ucenic intr-ale fotografiei, Ovidiu SIMINA
Omuletul Goma - de Little Eagle la: 12/08/2004 21:12:23
(la: Preferati muzica)
So great you had the chance to meet him!I wish I could but...who knows?Life is full of surprises!

Yeah,adevaratul Superman.

Ca veni vorba de muzica si stiluri,sper ca-ti place The Doors?

"When the music's over(3X)
Turn out the lights(3X)

For the music is your special friend
Dance on fire as it intends
Music is your only friend
Until the end(3X)

Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection
Send my credantials to the House of Detention
I got some friends inside...

The face in the mirror won't stop
The girl in the mirror won't drop
A feast of friends
'Alive'!She cried
Waitin' for me

Before I sink
Into the big sleep
I want to hear(2X)
The scream of the butterfly

Come back baby
Back into my arm
We're getting tired of hangin' around

I hear a very gentle sound
Very near yet very far
Very soft,yeah,very clear
Come today,come today

What have they done to the earth?
What have they done to our fair sister?
Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her
Stuck her with knives in the side of the down

I hear a very gentle sound
With your ear down to the ground
We want the world and we want it...(2X)

Persian night,babe
See the light,babe
Save us!
Save us

So when the music's over(3X)
Turn out the lights(3X)

For the music is your special friend
Dance on fire as it intends
Well music is your only friend
Until the end(3X)


Ps:Also pt. Daniel care e poet si sunt sigur ca-i place poezia cantecelor lui Jim Morrison.

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