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Conventia Republicanilor si ce zice un Democrat - de LMC la: 02/09/2004 19:40:00
(la: Despre Alegerile din S.U.A.: De ce trebuie sa votam pt. GWB.)
Sint inflacarata si imes de mindra de conventia Republicanilor. Totodata imi pare bine ca printre Democrati mai exista oameni ca Zell Miller care poate face discernamintul intre bine si rau. Puterea cuvintelor lui din speech-ul de aseara puteti sa le cititi mai jos. Imi pare rau ca nu este tradus in Romaneste, ar putea politicienii din Romania sa invete ceva.

Senator Zell Miller

Since I last stood in this spot, a whole new generation of the Miller Family has been born: Four great grandchildren.

Along with all the other members of our close-knit family -- they are my and Shirley's most precious possessions.

And I know that's how you feel about your family also.

Like you, I think of their future, the promises and the perils they will face.

Like you, I believe that the next four years will determine what kind of world they will grow up in.

And like you, I ask which leader is it today that has the vision, the willpower and, yes, the backbone to best protect my family?

The clear answer to that question has placed me in this hall with you tonight. For my family is more important than my party.

There is but one man to whom I am willing to entrust their future and that man's name is

George Bush.

In the summer of 1940, I was an eight-year-old boy living in a remote little Appalachian valley.

Our country was not yet at war but even we children knew that there were some crazy men across the ocean who would kill us if they could.

President Roosevelt, in his speech that summer, told America "all private plans, all private lives, have been in a sense repealed by an overriding public danger."

In 1940 Wendell Wilkie was the Republican nominee.

And there is no better example of someone repealing their "private plans" than this good man.

He gave Roosevelt the critical support he needed for a peacetime draft, an unpopular idea at the time.

And he made it clear that he would rather lose the election than make national security a partisan campaign issue.

Shortly before Wilkie died he told a friend, that if he could write his own epitaph and had to choose between "here lies a president" or "here lies one who contributed to saving freedom", he would prefer the latter.

Where are such statesmen today?

Where is the bi-partisanship in this country when we need it most?

Now, while young Americans are dying in the sands of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, our nation is being torn apart and made weaker because of the Democrat's manic obsession to bring down our Commander-in-Chief.

What has happened to the party I've spent my life working in?

I can remember when Democrats believed that it was the duty of America to fight for freedom over tyranny.

It was Democratic President Harry Truman who pushed the Red Army out of Iran, who came to the aid of Greece when Communists threatened to overthrow it, who stared down the Soviet blockade of West Berlin by flying in supplies and saving the city.

Time after time in our history, in the face of great danger, Democrats and Republicans worked together to ensure that freedom would not falter. But not today.

Motivated more by partisan politics than by national security, today's Democratic leaders see America as an occupier, not a liberator.

And nothing makes this Marine madder than someone calling American troops occupiers rather than liberators.

Tell that to the one-half of Europe that was freed because Franklin Roosevelt led an army of liberators, not occupiers.

Tell that to the lower half of the Korean Peninsula that is free because Dwight Eisenhower commanded an army of liberators, not occupiers.

Tell that to the half a billion men, women and children who are free today from the Baltics to the Crimea, from Poland to Siberia, because Ronald Reagan rebuilt a military of liberators, not occupiers.

Never in the history of the world has any soldier sacrificed more for the freedom and liberty of total strangers than the American soldier. And, our soldiers don't just give freedom abroad, they preserve it for us here at home.

For it has been said so truthfully that it is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us the freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the agitator, who has given us the freedom to protest.

It is the soldier who salutes the flag, serves beneath the flag, whose coffin is draped by the flag who gives that protester the freedom to abuse and burn that flag.

No one should dare to even think about being the Commander in Chief of this country if he doesn't believe with all his heart that our soldiers are liberators abroad and defenders of freedom at home.

But don't waste your breath telling that to the leaders of my party today. In their warped way of thinking America is the problem, not the solution.

They don't believe there is any real danger in the world except that which America brings upon itself through our clumsy and misguided foreign policy.

It is not their patriotism - it is their judgment that has been so sorely lacking. They claimed Carter's pacifism would lead to peace.

They were wrong.

They claimed Reagan's defense buildup would lead to war.

They were wrong.

And, no pair has been more wrong, more loudly, more often than the two Senators from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

Together, Kennedy/Kerry have opposed the very weapons system that won the Cold War and that is now winning the War on Terror.

Listing all the weapon systems that Senator Kerry tried his best to shut down sounds like an auctioneer selling off our national security but Americans need to know the facts.

The B-1 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, dropped 40% of the bombs in the first six months of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The B-2 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, delivered air strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hussein's command post in Iraq.

The F-14A Tomcats, that Senator Kerry opposed, shot down Khadifi's Libyan MIGs over the Gulf of Sidra. The modernized F-14D, that Senator Kerry opposed, delivered missile strikes against Tora Bora.

The Apache helicopter, that Senator Kerry opposed, took out those Republican Guard tanks in Kuwait in the Gulf War. The F-15 Eagles, that Senator Kerry opposed, flew cover over our Nation's Capital and this very city after 9/11.

I could go on and on and on: Against the Patriot Missile that shot down Saddam Hussein's scud missiles over Israel, Against the Aegis air-defense cruiser, Against the Strategic Defense Initiative, Against the Trident missile, against, against, against.

This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of our U.S. Armed Forces?

U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?

Twenty years of votes can tell you much more about a man than twenty weeks of campaign rhetoric.

Campaign talk tells people who you want them to think you are. How you vote tells people who you really are deep inside.

Senator Kerry has made it clear that he would use military force only if approved by the United Nations.

Kerry would let Paris decide when America needs defending. I want Bush to decide.

John Kerry, who says he doesn't like outsourcing, wants to outsource our national security.

That's the most dangerous outsourcing of all. This politician wants to be leader of the free world.

Free for how long?

For more than twenty years, on every one of the great issues of freedom and security, John Kerry has been more wrong, more weak and more wobbly than any other national figure. As a war protestor, Kerry blamed our military.

As a Senator, he voted to weaken our military. And nothing shows that more sadly and more clearly than his vote this year to deny protective armor for our troops in harms way, far-away.

George Bush understands that we need new strategies to meet new threats.

John Kerry wants to re-fight yesterday's war. George Bush believes we have to fight today's war and be ready for tomorrow's challenges. George Bush is committed to providing the kind of forces it takes to root out terrorists.

No matter what spider hole they may hide in or what rock they crawl under.

George Bush wants to grab terrorists by the throat and not let them go to get a better grip.

From John Kerry, they get a "yes-no-maybe" bowl of mush that can only encourage our enemies and confuse our friends.

I first got to know George Bush when we served as governors together. I admire this man.

I am moved by the respect he shows the First Lady, his unabashed love for his parents and his daughters, and the fact that he is unashamed of his belief that God is not indifferent to America.

I can identify with someone who has lived that line in "Amazing Grace," "Was blind, but now I see," and I like the fact that he's the same man on Saturday night that he is on Sunday morning.

He is not a slick talker but he is a straight shooter and, where I come from, deeds mean a lot more than words.

I have knocked on the door of this man's soul and found someone home, a God-fearing man with a good heart and a spine of tempered steel.

The man I trust to protect my most precious possession: my family.

This election will change forever the course of history, and that's not any history. It's our family's history.

The only question is how. The answer lies with each of us. And, like many generations before us, we've got some hard choosing to do.

Right now the world just cannot afford an indecisive America. Fainthearted, self-indulgence will put at risk all we care about in this world.

In this hour of danger our President has had the courage to stand up. And this Democrat is proud to stand up with him.

Thank you.

God Bless this great country and God Bless George W. Bush.
PRTL - part 3 - de Horia D la: 29/01/2006 00:22:43
(la: long live the stock market!!)

VectorVest Stock Analysis of Primus Telecom as of 1/27/2006

This report has five major sections.
Capital Appreciation Analysis
Dividend Analysis
Price-Volume Data
Sales / Market Capitalization Information

Business: PRIMUS TELECOMM GROUP INC, (PRTL) provides bundled international and domestic Internet, data and voice services to business and residential retail customers and other carriers located in the United States, Canada, Brazil, the UK, continental Europe, Australia and Japan.
Business Sector: PRTL has been assigned to the Telecomm Business Sector. VectorVest classifies stocks into over 200 Industry Groups and 40 Business Sectors.
Industry Group: PRTL has been assigned to the Telecomm (Services) Industry Group. VectorVest classifies stocks into over 200 Industry Groups and 40 Business Sectors.

Capital Appreciation Analysis Back to top

Value: Value is a measure of a stock's current worth. PRTL has a current Value of $0.07 per share. Therefore, it is overvalued compared to its Price of $0.82 per share. Value is computed from forecasted earnings per share, forecasted earnings growth, profitability, interest, and inflation rates. Value increases when earnings, earnings growth rate and profitability increase, and when interest and inflation rates decrease. VectorVest advocates the purchase of undervalued stocks. At some point in time, a stock's Price and Value always will converge.

RV (Relative Value): RV is an indicator of long-term price appreciation potential. PRTL has an RV of 0.10, which is very poor on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. This indicator is far superior to a simple comparison of Price and Value because it is computed from an analysis of projected price appreciation three years out, AAA Corporate Bond Rates, and risk. RV solves the riddle of whether it is preferable to buy High growth, High P/E stocks, or Low growth, Low P/E stocks. VectorVest favors the purchase of stocks with RV ratings above 1.00.

RS (Relative Safety): RS is an indicator of risk. PRTL has an RS rating of 0.65, which is poor on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. RS is computed from an analysis of the consistency and predictability of a company's financial performance, debt to equity ratio, sales volume, business longevity, price volatility and other factors. A stock with an RS rating greater than 1.00 is safer and more predictable than the average stock in the VectorVest database. VectorVest favors the purchase of stocks of companies with consistent, predictable financial performance.

RT (Relative Timing): RT is a fast, smart, accurate indicator of a stock's price trend. PRTL has a Relative Timing rating of 0.91, which is fair on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. RT is computed from an analysis of the direction, magnitude, and dynamics of a stock's price movements over one day, one week, one quarter and one year time periods. Once a stock's price has established a strong trend, it is expected to continue in that trend for the short-term. If a trend dissipates, RT will gravitate toward 1.00. RT will explode from bottoms, dive from tops, and reflect changes in price momentum. VectorVest favors the purchase of stocks with RT ratings above 1.00.

VST (VST-Vector): VST is the master indicator for ranking every stock in the VectorVest database. PRTL has a VST rating of 0.68, which is poor on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. VST is computed from the square root of a weighted sum of the squares of RV, RS, and RT. Stocks with the highest VST ratings have the best combinations of Value, Safety and Timing. These are the stocks to own for above average, long-term capital appreciation. VectorVest advocates the purchase of safe, undervalued stocks rising in price.

Recommendation (REC): VectorVest gives a Buy, Sell, Hold recommendation on every stock, every day. PRTL has a Hold recommendation. REC reflects the cumulative effect of all the VectorVest parameters working together. These parameters are designed to help investors buy safe, undervalued stocks rising in price. They also help investors avoid or sell risky, overvalued stocks falling in price. VectorVest recommends that investors buy high VST-Vector, Buy-rated stocks in rising markets.

Stop (Stop-Price): Stop is an indicator of when to sell a long position or cover a short position. PRTL has a Stop of $0.77 per share. This is $0.05 below PRTL's current closing Price. A stock's Stop is computed from a 13 week moving average of its closing prices, and is fine-tuned according to the stock's fundamentals. High RV, high RS stocks have lower Stops, and low RV, low RS stocks have higher Stops. In the VectorVest system, a stock gets a 'B' or 'H' recommendation if its Price is above its Stop and an 'S' recommendation if its Price is below its Stop.

GRT (Earnings Growth Rate): GRT reflects a company's one to three year forecasted earnings growth rate in percent per year. PRTL has a forecasted Earnings Growth Rate of -5.00%, which VectorVest considers to be very poor. GRT is computed from historical, current and forecasted earnings data. It is updated each week for every stock in the VectorVest database. GRT often foretells a stock's future price trend. If a stock's GRT trend is upward, the stock's price will likely rise. If GRT is trending downward, the stock's Price will probably fall. VectorVest favors the purchase of stocks whose GRT is rising and is greater than the sum of current inflation and interest rates, (9.13%).

EPS (Earnings per Share): EPS stands for leading 12 months Earnings Per Share. PRTL has a forecasted EPS of $-0.81 per share. VectorVest determines this forecast from a combination of recent earnings performance and traditional fiscal and/or calendar year earnings forecasts.

P/E (Price to Earnings Ratio): P/E is a popular measure of stock valuation which shows the dollars required to buy one dollar of earnings. PRTL has a P/E of -1.01. This ratio may be deemed to be high or low depending upon your frame of reference. The average P/E of all the stocks in the VectorVest database is 30.50. P/E is computed daily using the formula: P/E = Price/EPS.

EY (Earnings Yield): EY reflects earnings per share as a percent of Price. EY is related to P/E via the formula, EY = 100 / (P/E), and may be used in place of P/E as a measure of valuation. EY has the advantages that it is always determinate and can reflect negative earnings. PRTL has an EY of -99.00 percent. This is below the current average of 3.28% for all the stocks in the VectorVest database. EY equals 100 x (EPS/Price).

GPE (Growth to P/E Ratio): GPE is another popular measure of stock valuation. It compares earnings growth rate to P/E ratio. PRTL has a GPE rating of -4.95. High growth stocks are believed to be able to justify high P/E ratios. A stock is commonly considered to be undervalued when GPE is greater than 1.00 and overvalued when GPE is below 1.00. Unfortunately, this rule of thumb does not take into account the effect of interest rates on P/E ratios. The operative GPE ratio of 1.00 is valid when and only when interest rates equal 10%. With long-term interest rates currently at 5.73%, the operative GPE ratio is 0.33. Therefore, PRTL may be considered to be overvalued.

Dividend Analysis Back to top

DIV (Dividend): VectorVest reports annual, regular, cash dividends as indicated by the most recent payments. Special distributions, one-time payments, stock dividends, etc., are not generally included in DIV. PRTL does not pay a dividend.

DY (Dividend Yield): DY reflects dividend per share as a percent of Price. PRTL does not pay a dividend, so it does not have a Dividend Yield rating. . DY equals 100 x (DIV/Price). It is useful to compare DY with EY. If DY is not significantly lower than EY, the dividend payment may be in jeopardy.

DS (Dividend Safety): DS is an indicator of the assurance that regular cash dividends will be declared and paid at current or at higher rates for the foreseeable future. PRTL does not pay a dividend, so it does not have a Dividend Safety rating . Stocks with DS values above 75 typically have RS values well above 1.00 and EY levels that are much higher than DY.

DG (Dividend Growth Rate): Dividend Growth is a subtle yet important indicator of a company's financial performance. It also provides some insight into the board's outlook on the company's ability to increase earnings. PRTL does not pay a dividend, so it does not have a Dividend Growth rating .

YSG (YSG-Vector): YSG is an indicator which combines DIV, DY and DG into a single value, and allows direct comparison of all dividend-paying stocks in the database. PRTL does not pay a dividend, so it does not have a YSG rating . Stocks with the highest YSG values have the best combinations of Dividend Yield, Safety and Growth. These are the stocks to buy for above average current income and long-term growth.

Price-Volume Data Back to top

Price: PRTL closed on 1/27/2006 at $0.82 per share

Open: PRTL opened trading at a price of $0.77 per share on 1/27/2006.

High: PRTL traded at a High price of $0.87 per share on 1/27/2006.

Low: PRTL traded at a Low price of $0.75 per share on 1/27/2006

Close: PRTL closed trading at price $0.82 per share on 1/27/2006. (Close is also called Price in the VectorVest system)

Range: Range reflects the difference between the High and Low prices for the day. PRTL traded with a range of $0.12 per share on 1/27/2006.

$Change: PRTL closed up 0.07 from the prior day's closing Price.

%PRC: PRTL's Price changed 9.33% from the prior day's closing price.

Volume: PRTL traded 3,392,427 shares on 1/27/2006.

AvgVol: AvgVol is the 50 day moving average of daily volume as computed by VectorVest. PRTL has an AvgVol of 1,232,600 shares traded per day.

%Vol: %Vol reflects the percent change in today's trading volume as compared to the AvgVol. %Vol equals ((Volume - AvgVol) / AvgVol ) 100. PRTL had a %Vol of 175.23% on 1/27/2006

CI (Comfort Index): CI is an indicator which reflects a stock's ability to resist severe and/or lengthy price declines. PRTL has a CI rating of 0.47, which is very poor on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. CI is quite different from RS in that it is based solely upon a stock's long-term price history. VectorVest advocates the purchase of high CI stocks.

Sales / Market Capitalization Information Back to top

Sales: PRTL has annual sales of $1,237,000,000

Sales Growth: Sales Growth is the Sales Growth Rate in percent over the last 12 months. PRTL has a Sales Growth of -13.00% per year. This is very poor. Sales Growth is updated each week for every stock. It is often useful to compare Sales Growth to Earnings Growth to gain an insight into a company's operations.

Sales Per Share (SPS): PRTL has annual sales of $12.37 per share. SPS can be used as a measure of valuation when comparing stocks within an Industry Group.

Price to Sales Ratio (P/S): PRTL has a P/S of 0.07. This ratio is also used as a measure of valuation. Here, too, it is useful when comparing stocks within an Industry Group.

Shares: PRTL has 100,000,000 shares of stock outstanding.

Market Capitalization: PRTL has a Market Capitalization of $82,000,000. Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying price times shares outstanding.

Summary Back to top

PRTL is overvalued compared to its Price of $0.82 per share, has below average safety, and is currently rated a Hold.

The basic strategy of VectorVest is to buy Low risk, High reward stocks. We suggest that Prudent investors buy enough High Relative Value, High Relative Safety stocks to keep the overall RV and RS ratings of their portfolios above 1.00. As you do this, you'll find that your risk will go down and your investment performance will improve.


Primus Telecom

Telecomm (Services)

For another stock analysis, please click here.


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It's not that I'm afraid to d - de mikhayah la: 23/04/2004 19:16:14
(la: Viata gay...romaneasca!)
It's not that I'm afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens.

Mai oameni buni, mai lasati biblia si coranul in pace...cum nu are cineva un argument, hopa la cartile sfinte. Sunt curios daca aceia care le invoca atat de asiduu ca litera a unei judecati divine (altminteri refuzate fiintei umane de cartile insesi) le aplica lor insilor, in viata de zi cu zi.
Crestinii au ales demult credinta ca fiind o optiune personala, si nu ca temei de aruncat cu pietre.
Cine doreste sa isi faca din religie un cod integral de viata (moral, social, politic) ar fi bine sa faca un 'upgrade' la Islamism.
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Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 – 2004), fotograf - OMAGIU - de ovidiusimina la: 11/08/2004 10:54:33
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
« Au fond, ce n’est pas la photo en soi qui
m’interesse. Ce qui je veux c’est de capter une
fraction de seconde du réel »

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 – 2004)

Kingdoms of the world in a moment

Aug 5th 2004, From The Economist print edition

Henri Cartier-Bresson, whose photographs defined the
20th century, died on August 3rd at the age of 95

ALTHOUGH his name was familiar almost everywhere, far
more so indeed than his work, Henri Cartier-Bresson
himself was not a familiar sight. With his alert blue
eyes and a coloured handkerchief knotted round his
neck, he would wander the streets near his home on
Paris's rue de Rivoli and seldom be recognised. One of
the greatest photographers of the 20th century was
himself rarely photographed.

In his lifetime, he travelled to all corners of the
earth, capturing images of some of the most
extraordinary moments of 20th-century history—the
Spanish civil war, the liberation of Paris after the
second world war and the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi. At
the same time he framed and preserved less famous
moments, elevating them with his genius so that they
somehow seemed to capture the essence of life itself.

His unequalled ability to seize a millisecond in time
was uncanny. In his book “The Decisive Moment”,
published in 1952, he wrote: “It is the simultaneous
recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the
significance of an event as well as a precise
organisation of forms, which give that event its
proper expression.” He was never very interested in
the technology of photography, in the effects that
could be obtained during developing and editing in a
dark room. It was all about the thrill of the chase,
the chance to seize a moment.

The man who first inspired Mr Cartier-Bresson was a
photographer called Martin Munkacsi, whose picture of
naked African boys running into Lake Tanganyika in
1931 persuaded him to take photography seriously. “I
couldn't believe that such a thing could be caught on
camera,” he said, “so I grabbed my Leica and went out
into the street.”

Between 1932 and 1935, he lived rough in Italy, Mexico
and Spain where he took some of his most memorable
images. Back in Paris he worked with Jean Renoir, a
film director, and ended up playing the unlikely role
of an English servant in the director's masterpiece,
“La Règle du Jeu”. He was a prisoner-of-war for three
years, and after the war was one of the founders of
the Magnum agency, a trail-blazing photographers'
co-operative. In 1948 he went on the road again,
mostly to India and China (in time for the fall of
Chiang Kai-shek), in an age when the images of
photojournalists like him filled the pages of picture
magazines that were, in the pre-television era,
hungrily viewed by millions.

Unassuming genius
For the last quarter of a century, Mr Cartier-Bresson
eschewed photography, taking only the occasional
snapshot of friends and family, and turning his
attention to drawing. (He trained originally as a
painter, his early work influenced by his friend, the
surrealist artist Max Ernst.) He maintained that he
scarcely wanted to discuss photography any more. “It's
like when you're divorced”, he said, “and people keep
asking about your former wife. There's something
indecent about it.”

He settled into a quiet life in France—in Paris and in
the small house that he owned for some 30 years in the
Lubéron, a region in the south of the country, to the
east of Avignon. And there he died on Tuesday August
3rd, just less than three weeks away from his 96th

Mr Cartier-Bresson always said that to be a great
photographer you had to be unintrusive. “For me,
photography is very much a physical pleasure—it's like
hunting, except that we don't kill.” At the height of
his career he would stalk his subjects, and his quarry
would often be unaware that it had been captured on
film. His desire to remain out of the limelight stayed
with him to the end, including his wish to hold back
the world's photographers from the funeral of one of
the greatest of them.

His funeral was a private affair attended by some 50
family and close friends. Only after it had ended did
the French Ministry of Culture make an official
announcement of his death. And the next day, August
5th, many of his most famous images were splashed
across the front pages of newspapers the world over: a
woman slapping an informer she recognises at a
deportation camp in Dessau in 1945; Muslim women in
Srinagar, Kashmir, praying to the sun as it rises over
the distant Himalayas; and a French family picnicking
by the River Marne in 1938, almost a last pre-war
moment of stillness.

Of Mr Cartier-Bresson's death, President Jacques
Chirac said: “With him, France loses a genius
photographer, a true master, and one of the most
gifted artists of his generation.” But it is not only
France's loss. Mr Cartier-Bresson's fame, which grew
despite his efforts to avoid it, reminds a much wider
world of its persistent admiration for unassuming
genius, and of the dwindling stock of targets for that


La famille d'Henri Cartier-Bresson, la Fondation Henri
Cartier-Bresson, les photographes et l'équipe de
Magnum Photos ont la tristesse de vous annoncer le
décès d'Henri Cartier-Bresson le 3 Août à 9h30 dans sa
maison du Luberon.Les obsèques ont eu lieu dans la
plus grande intimité. Un hommage sera organisé à sa
mémoire début septembre.

Mai multe informatii referitoare la persoanlitatea si opera lui Henri Cartier-Bresson puteti gasi pe site-ul MAGNUM Agency, fondata de HCB. Adresa este , asa cum s-a mai spus pe acest forum de discutii. Intr-adevar, acolo putem vedea cu totii niste fotografii. Adevarate...

din Bucuresti, un biet ucenic intr-ale fotografiei, Ovidiu SIMINA
everything is not lost!...can - de ana si maria la: 03/04/2006 00:47:49
(la: cand imperiul cade)
everything is not lost!...cand iubesti nu pierzi nimic, cand ai speranta castigi ceva....castigi incredere in tine!...doamne-ajuta!...:)

o prietena...:)

"Lumina fie-ti calea si sufletul Iubire,
De-acum inainte traieste-n Fericire!"...:)
Hell.......Hot or Cold? - de Horia D la: 15/05/2006 17:53:30
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "9")

The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington
chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that
the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of
course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.
Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?
Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law
(gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some
One student, however, wrote the following:
First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we
need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate
at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a
soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving.
As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different
religions that exist in the world today.  Most of these religions
state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell.
Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not
belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to
Hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially.
Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because
Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added.
This gives two possibilities:
1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls
enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase
until all Hell breaks loose.

2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in
Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes
So which is it?
If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my freshman
year that, "It will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you," and take
into account the fact that I slept with her last night, then number 2
must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already
frozen over. The  corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen
over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore, extinct... leaving only Heaven - thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting "Oh, my God!"
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Titlu: am ramas fara cuvinte - de Dinu Lazar la: 26/12/2003 17:18:15
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Va multumesc foarte mult pentru cuvintele Dvs referitoare la sit; sigur ca din punct de vedere al designului se poate face mult mai bine, dar si pentru mine mai importanta e fotografia si nu (inca) designul... si ma bucur ca v-ati indragostit de fotografie.

Mi-ar place ca peste citiva ani sa ma intilnesc cu Dvs la o expozitie de fotografie a Dvs si sa-mi spuneti ca ceva s-a intimplat cind ati vazut niste fotografii cindva pe un sit si ca v-ati apucat de atunci de fotografie.

Aproximativ trei ani am fost profesor de fotografie la sectia de grafica publicitara a Academiei de arte, in anii nouazeci si ceva; au fost si momente frumoase, dar si multe momente mai asa si asa, dar pe ansamblu desi cred ca am incercat mai multe lucruri ( am adus primul computer in locul cu pricina) nu cred ca am reusit sa fac vreun student de la grafica sa se apuce serios de fotografie, adica full time, si cu succes, si trec asta la seria mea cam lunga de esecuri personale... daca excludem fostul laborant de acolo, care acum e oarecum fotograf de succes in Bucuresti si care si-a scris in CV ca a terminat Academia de Arte, in loc de ca "a terminat cu Academia de Arte"

Daca v-ati indragostit de fotografie, si daca vreti sa faceti fotografie, mi-ar place sa citi si sa nu uitati citeva fraze ale unor mari fotografi:

The magic of photography is metaphysical. What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organised visual lying. Terence Donovan (b. 1936), British photographer. Guardian (London, 19 Nov. 1983)

The photograph isolates and perpetuates a moment of time: an important and revealing moment, or an unimportant and meaningless one, depending upon the photographer's understanding of his subject and mastery of his process.-Edward Weston

Let us first say what photography is not. A photograph is not a painting, a poem, a symphony, a dance. It is not just a pretty picture, not an exercise in contortionist techniques and sheer print quality. It is or should be a significant document, a pene- trating statement, which can be described in a very simple term - selectivity. -Berenice Abbott

Photographs are perhaps the most mysterious of all the objects that make up, and thicken, the environment we recognize as modern. Photographs really are experience captured, and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood.-Susan Sontag

You learn to see by practice. It's just like playing tennis, you get better the more you play. The more you look around at things, the more you see. The more you photograph, the more you realize what can be photographed and what can't be photographed. You just have to keep doing it.-Eliot Porter
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Pt. LMC - de Little Eagle la: 20/06/2004 21:00:11
Dear sister,

Ai f. mare dreptate.Exista o fortza si o mare putere in rugaciuni catre Dumnezeu,mai ales atunci cand ele sunt sincere si pornite direct din suflet,pt. ca sufletul tau face o comuniune cu sufletul etern divin care de fapt exista in noi,nu suntem separati de Dumnezeu.El este chiar insasi in rasuflarea noastra si in tot ce ne inconjoara.

Eu personal am credinta mea anume,nu merg la nici o biserica,nu apartin vreunei religii anume si nici nu simt in mine sa fac asta,insa nu inseamna ca nu cred in Dumnezeu.A crede in EL nu-i necesar sa apartii unei anume religii,Dumnezeu e pt. toti si EL insusi nu are religie,am mai scris candva ca omul a creat religiile pt. a se deosebi de altii.

Eu ma simt cel mai bine in mijlocul naturii,IL simt pe Dumnezeu peste tot,in nori si largul cerului,in pomi,frunze,iarba,animale,pasari si chiar si in o simpla piatra.Nu ma pot ruga LUI decat fiind afara in natura,Il simt si deseori plang.
ASa sunt eu si legatura mea cu EL este poate alta decat ai tu sau altcineva cu EL,fiecare si-l apropie in felul sau,pt. ca eu consider ca relatia fiecaruia cu Dumnezeu este intima si nimeni nu trebuie neaparat sa stie cum IL vezi sau cum IL crezi tu in contrast cu altii.

Ceea ce este important e sa fii onest cu tine insuti si sincer cu cei din jur,in acest fel dai dovada ca-l iubesti pe Dumnezeu.
M-am rugat de f. multe ori dar crede-ma ca nu ma rog pt. mine deloc,mi se pare mereu ca nu e nevoie,pt. ca nu vreau sa cer nimic de la EL pt. mine dar cer pt. altii,sa fie sanatosi si bine ,sa traim in dragoste si pace doar,sa nu mai fim atat de egoisti.
De fapt Il gandesc pe Dumnezeu ca pe cel mai bun prieten ce pot avea,nu-l vad departe de mine si cu autoritate cum e descris in Biblie.
Noptile inainte de a ma culca ies afara in gradina,stau pe aleea de pietris in mijlocul pomilor si plantelor,ma uit la cerul nesfarsit(noroc ca locuim in natura si nu-s decat cateva case ici si colo,la distante mari,in rest e numai natura)si vorbesc cu Dumnezeu,cum as vorbi cu tine.Ii spun ce am pe suflet,e o discutie intre noi,si sa stii ca-L simt in mine.

Nu m-am rugat niciodata sa am o sotie buna si frumoasa,pereche potrivita,sau casa etc,mereu mi s-a parut rusinos sa cer ceva de la EL pt. mine personal,dar asa sunt eu.
Nu am cerut si nu m-am rugat dar cu toate astea Dumnezeu a avut grija de mine mereu si mi-a dat ceea ce as fi putut cere prin rugaciuni de la EL.

Tu stii ca am unele afinitati cu indienii americani,ca demult am fost acceptat in tribul navajo-hopi,acest trib este considerat de toate natiile de indieni inca de sute ani in urma drept pazitorul tzarii,al Americii,ei sunt sa zic asa custodele Americii.
Am vazut si eu diverse lucruri de necrezut pt. multi,indienii au mari cunostinte in leacuri pt. orice boli si cand vindeca pe cineva se roaga puternic la Marele Spirit.Idea a fost si este ca un Medicine Man niciodata nu vine la tine,tu te duci la el si niciodata nu iti va cere bani sau orice altceva pt. ca te-a lecuit,pt. ei este o rusine si ar fi nedemni de a mai fi shamani daca cer remunreatii.
Uneori accepta putin tutun,dar sa-l dai din suflet.
Multe din medicamentele de azi sunt bazate pe leacuri indiene,dar ei inca nu le-au spus pe toate pt. ca nu vor ca mari firme sa faca bani de pe urma lor.Ei cred ca a lecui trebuie sa fie fara nici o plata.Multe secrete vor ramane secretele lor doar.

Imi place de ei si ma simt bine in compania lor pt. ca avem aceiasi gandire cu totii,si dorim binele Mother Nature,de aceea cand ne rugam la Dumnezeu,in primul rand ne rugam pt. a pastra Creatia si a o apara.Restul nu are importanta,bani,case,serviciu,etc.Dumnezeu va avea grija de noi si fara a-i cere sa ne ajute.

Astea am avut de spus deocamdata.Important e sa crezi in Dumnezeu pt. ca intr-adevar exista!!!!Nu am nici o indoiala,sunt mai mult ca sigur si convins de existenta LUI.

I love you,
Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)
"God is not kind;He is an ocean of mercy"
"Remember when you stumble,My hand is extended to lift you up."
"Think always of ME,whatever you may be doing,then gradually you will realize that it is I doing everything through you."
"Don't let little things disturb you.Rise above them.Be big.Be generous.Leave the rest to me."
"I am never silent,I speak eternally.The voice that is deep within the soul is My voice...the voice of inspiration,of intuition,of guidance.To those who are receptive to this voice I speak."
" If you cannot accept me as God,that should not worry you.Accept me as a true friend."
"Do not listen to the voice of the mind.Listen to the voice of the heart.The mind wavers.The heart does not."
"...the more a person becomes spiritually minded or advances towards God,
the more tolerant he becomes and less differentiation he sees."
"You can never escape from me,even if you try to escapefrom Me,it is not possible to get rid of me."
"I had to come,and I have come.I am the Ancient One.'
"Don't worry be happy."

Avatar Meher Baba(1894-1969)


Dacians believed in inmortality ... - de DESTIN la: 26/07/2004 04:05:50
Dacians believed in inmortality and venerated Zalmoxis in hills and mountains. The cult was very spiritual. There were not any temple or images. It is not clear if this Zalmoxis was a god or a person who really existed but he was mentioned by Plato in some occasions.

Luis Alberto Alonso Calavero

Cine se teme de suferi de teama.

Pt. Belle de la Ozzy - de (anonim) la: 18/10/2004 22:41:38
(la: Anonimitatea la Cafenea, pro sau contra.)
Nu ma ascund dupa degete si nici nu stau la panda ca pisica si e la alegerea mea daca vreau sa stau,sa vin sau sa plec de la cafenea.
De aceea nu ma inscriu ca utilizator pt. ca vreau sa simt ca sunt liber sa fac ce miscare doresc eu.
Imi e de ajuns cata tensiune observ ca exista azi intre voi toti membrii cafenelei incat nu vad de ce as fi si eu in numarul vostru.Si,la fel de bine nimeni nu ma poate opri sa urmaresc ce mai e pe la cafenea,ori consideri ca este un domeniu la care doar cei inscrisi au dreptul?

Iar legat de poza,am zis (citeste cu atentie)ca doar daca vrei ti-o poti pune,dar in acelasi timp nu ai acces sa le vezi pe ale celor care si-au dat-o pt. ca n-ar fi fair.
Am zis 2 sa fie un # cu sot,la fel de bine pot fi 2 sau 4,iti poti pune un album intreg daca vrei.

Frumusetea nu are o importanta,se vede insa ca tu ai o "idee" a ta si imi dau seama ca esti o persoana inchisa in sine care vede lucrurile ori albe ori negre si nu-i bine caci sunt extreme opuse care te indeparteaza de a vedea ca exista si gri.
Pe scurt ai un chip on the shoulder.Dovada? cati oare nu te critica in cafenea?

Am expus doar o idee care te-a dus spre alt raspuns tipic ironic si cinic precum iti e stilul,doar persoanele slabe se ascund in spatele acestor paravane,dar n-a venit inca vremea sa-ti gasesti drumul tau,poate in alta viata.
Nu m-am luat de tine si niciodata in publicul cafenelei si nici acum nu ma iau ci iti raspund si nu trage concluzii pripite cum ai obiceiul.
Imi pari mereu nervoasa,incearca sa fii mai calma,la fel as zice si altora din cafenea dar se stiu ei f. bine.
In continuare de vrei sau nu, eu mai apar uneori intre voi si mereu am s-o fac pe "anonimul",ce vezi rau in asta ori imi interzici dreptul la First amendament?

"It is not necessary for eagles to be crows."
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Egoism - de Little Eagle la: 03/11/2004 21:31:57
(la: Alegerile in USA)
Observ cata ignoranta exista in aceasta cafenea la acest subiect,si sare in ochi numai de la cei habotnici bisericosi, ipocriti republicani/romani.
Nu stiti decat sa fiti cinici, ironici si plini de egoism,cine se aseamana se aduna desigur.
Nu va ganditi decat la buzunarul vostru si mai dati citate biblice despre Isus...
pt. voi fiecare zi incepe punandu-va ochelarii de cal si sa va aruncati in viata voastra monotona superficiala.Restul conteaza.Dati din gura ca sunteti patrioti si our nu fac decat sa moara pt. interesele perfide ale unui grup mic de oameni.

Nici nu vedeti sforile cum va trag in sus si jos,sarmane marionete.Denigrati lumea
acestei tari,sunteti impotriva libertatilor umane.Minciuna ce cade de sus din Casa Alba n-o simtiti,micul vostru univers egotistic trebuie pastrat si de fapt se si vede inteligenta voastra prin asocierea cu acest presedinte si cei care l-au votat de care ati fugi de fapt daca ati fi prin Sud prin teritorii de rednecks.Deh,cu ei defilati,de nu exista prostime,ce v-ati face?Oricum cine se aseamana se aduna.

Iar daca va e scarba de homosexuali,mexicani,hispanici si va plangeti ca pe vremuri era altfel fara ei,ce-ar fi sa va faceti bagajele si sa plecati din tara asta care nu este a voastra si nu va fi niciodata!Nu va mai dati ...americani pt. ca NU aveti acest drept.Sunteti niste simpli turisti in America,ati venit ,ati luat totul,ati intors spatele la toate clasele"inferioare"marimilor voastre de domni si doamne,va dati republicani dar degeaba,nu veti fi niciodata americani adevarati.

Este cert ca nu democratii au pierdut ci voi!Acum nu va dati seama,acum va dati mari si tari,dupa o vreme vi se va desumfla egoul precum un balon.
N-am intalnit asemenea oameni orbi.
Pt. ca sunteti asa cum sunteti meritati sa va scriu aceste cuvinte.
Nu m-am referit daca observati la nimeni in particular!!!Sunteti un grup ca atare.

Imi pare rau ca John Kerry a pierdut? Desigur.De ce v-a fost frica sa nu iasa presedinte?Pt. ca ar fi luat putin din banutii vostri si ajutat majoritatea care nu au norocul vostru?Ma gandesc daca Isus ar fi gandit la fel cu voi cei care "credeti"in El?Va bucurati de cursul la bursa in crestere,de parca pe lumea cealalta veti cara cu voi dolarii vostri atat de importanti incat va cade mana sa dati din ei celui de langa tine,dar din gusa stiti sa veniti cu vorbe biblice...."sa ne iubim aproapele"...
Isus nu s-a gandit la familie ci la necunoscuti,pe care insa nu-i vedeti o familie deloc de parca au raie pe ei.

Traiasca demagogia si ipocrizia din voi.Mai aveti de invatat ce inseamna sa iubesti
si mai mult,sa credeti in Dumnezeu.Datorita unor oameni ca voi imi este rusine sa
stiu ca m-am nascut in Romania.American?Sunt mai american ca oricine din voi,am capatat dreptul de a trai pe acest pamant de la cei care sunt de fapt stapanii lui!Nu uitati:sunteti doar niste turisti aici.

It is not necessary for eagles to be crows.


Ps:mai tineti minte ca sunteti o minoritate!America are nevoie de o revolutie si de data asta va fi cea mai mare.As vrea sa va vad atunci cum va inghesuiti la avioane sa plecati Romania.Ori poate atunci,pt. ca sunteti atat de ipocriti si lasi veti tipa in gura mare cat de...mari democrati sunteti!
Puneti-ma la zid acum,sunt obisnuit sa fiu luat la vorbe acide de voi,destepti si
cu muci in piept.
Sunt la alte diverse forumuri inscris unul tot cu romani dar NU am gasit acolo pe nimeni asa ca voi sa creeze mereu conflicte.Sunt la unul francez din Paris unde nu-s deloc romani ci doar francezi,germani,australieni,italieni,New Zeeland,desigur natiuni pe care nu le suferiti pt. ca sunt impotriva lui Kerry.
Vreau sa spun un lucru:toti sunt profund dezamagiti de prostia celor ce au votat pt. Bush!Nu le vine sa creada ca am cazut din nou in plasa!NU Europa de vest are nevoie de America ci invers.Sa vedeti de acum ce mare izolare de restul lumii va fi aici.De ce nu? hai si un mic razboi prin Iran,ca tot se va introduce draft in the army.Si de ce nu?Apoi ce rost are sa vorbim cu North Coreea?Sunt niste amarati,nu-s de nasul nostru.Saraci dar au arme nucleare si in plus...n-au nimic de pierdut ca voi!

uMpic de concluzie si mai mult de peisaje ... - de Dinu Lazar la: 30/11/2004 21:25:14
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Acu` iata care e problema; preturile nu trebuie sa fie socotite pe bucata de obiect, ci la timpul consumat. Ar fi deci, in cazul comenzii de fotografie comerciala, pretul la ora si la zi; asa, din cite aud pe aici prin Capitala, in sectorul editorial se platesc: cam 50$ - 150$ pe zi la revistele de femei, cam 300$ - 500$ revistele straine care au nevoie de reportaje, si minim 400$-600$ pe zi la lucrarile comerciale; la asta se adauga desigur TVA si toate cheltuielile.
Sunt si lucrari comerciale platite bine si fotografi romani care pot negocia si 2000$ pe zi, pina in 4000$ pe zi - cam 4-5 oameni maxim; cea mai bine platita sedinta foto din Ro de care stiu eu a fost de cam 18.000 euro/zi, unui fotograf strain, normal, pentru o pza de tot rahatu` la o agentie mare de publicitate.
Astea nu sunt venituri care se cistiga in fiecare zi; cine are citeva comenzi pe luna e mare boier, concurenta e mare, si fotograful roman atita are cap sa faca, in loc sa sporeasca prestigiul meseriei si bransei, coboara pretu, ca atita minte are. Asta e...
Socotit la singe, costurile exercitarii meseriei sunt mai mari la noi decit oriunde ( ma rog, cine vrea sa fie legal in toate cele) si veniturile cam de 10 ori mai mici ca oriunde. Ma si mir ca exista fotografi pe aici in aceste conditii. Dar vazind slaba sau execrabila calitate foto a imaginii profesionale, a calendarelor, prospectelor, afiselor, posterelor, imi dau seama ca fotograful roman e mai shmeker decit pare, si respecta intru totul zicala: ei se fac ca ne platesc, noi ne facem ca muncim.

Italienii au transat mult mai bine problema; dati o cautare cu Tau visual.
Iata citeva chestii care mi se par deshtepte dar care la noi nu se pot aplica, datorita calitatii morale a majoritatii fotografilor romani.


The first distinction to make is between :
A) an image which has to be created expressly for the job in hand (committed works)
B) the acquisition for the rights of use to an already existent image.

A) If an image has to be created from scratch then its final price will
include labour, production costs plus the acquisition of rights to publish
or use the image.

B) If the image already exists a recompense will be paid to the photographer or agency to acquire the rights of the chosen image.


It is not possible to produce a uniform price guide which is valid for all
photographers given that there are many different professionals which compete within the market place with decidely different personal ability.

Each photographer is free to personally evaluate their own level and consequently choose which fees should be applied.


Capacity or possibility of prices below that of level 1 are to be considered out of the market and not plausible in correct professional conduct.

Prices superior to those of level 7 are possible in all cases of famous

-- LEVEL 1 --- A professional of sufficient or medium capacity without particular specialization, active at a local level, normally or minimally equipped and generally speaking oriented towards low budget jobs.

--- LEVEL 2 --- A professional of sufficient or medium capacity in line with the majority of assignements offered in his area. Active in an ample area locally without particular specialization, normally equipped and oriented towards economic solutions for clients.

--- LEVEL 3 --- A professional of good preparation with a medium technical capacity in line with average quality standards, nationally speaking. Active at a provincial and or regional level with a reasonable number of clients acquired, not available for the more economic assignements. This photographer will sometimes require the services of an art buyer, stylist, make up artist, etc.

--- LEVEL 4 --- A professional well prepared with a technical capacity which is medium or medium-high. Active in different regions and able to guarantee a perfect technical level for all normal shooting conditions, with a complete range of equipment. This photographer will often require the services of an art buyer, stylist, make up artist, etc. according to the needs of the client. Oriented towards the selection of work offered with exclusion to those of minor interest. An interesting portfolio of clients with at least one job a year with a nationwide diffusion.

--- LEVEL 5 --- A professional who is very well prepared with a medium-high or high level technical capacity, without doubt very well known compared to the average photographer in the same area; active both regionally and nationally and able to guarantee technically perfect results for all the accepted assignments, requires other professionals for the solution of specific problems and oriented towards a selection of works offered, with a significant portfolio of clients, undertaking al least 3 or more jobs with a nationwide diffusion a year.

--- LEVEL 6 --- An exceptionally well prepared photographer working both technically and creatively at a very high level, significant in absolute.
Active at a national and international level, operating in the metropolitan centers at the highest professional levels. Oriented towards a severe selection of works offered, and to the construction of a good professional image, significant portfolio of clients acquired, almost all a national and
international level.

---LEVEL 7 --- a professional of undoubted international fame, active directly or through agents in at least two countries and operating at the maximum level both professionally and creatively.


This is a fee-table used to calculate the price of a job that, by mutual agreement with the client, is not paid for each single photo, but on the basis of time employed to execute the assignment.

Working day in own studio (See note)

Fees listed by TAU Visual professional level – See description of levels.

Level 1 lire 400.000 200 euro 250 $
Level 2 lire 600.000 300 euro 375 $
Level 3 lire 900.000 450 euro 560 $
Level 4 lire 1.300.000 650 euro 810 $
Level 5 lire 1.800.000 900 euro 1125 $
Level 6 lire 3.000.000 1.500 euro 1500 $
Level 7 lire 5.000.000 2.500 euro 3125 $

An image of average difficulty, in a simple ambient.

Fees listed by professional TAU Visual levels (see description of levels).

Level 1 lire 135.000 67.5 euro 85 $
Level 2 lire 200.000 100 euro 125 $
Level 3 lire 300.000 150 euro 185 $
Level 4 lire 435.000 217.5 euro 270 $
Level 5 lire 600.000 300 euro 375 $
Level 6 lire 1.000.000 500 euro 625 $
Level 7 lire 1.700.000 850 euro 1050 $


Up to 5.000 copies

Inside photo 100 to 150 euro 125 to 185 $
double page 200 to 250 euro 250 to 315 $
front cover 250 to 350 euro 315 to 435 $

5.000 to 20.000 copies

inside photo 150 to 200 euro 185 to 250 $
double page 250 to 300 euro 315 to 375 $
front cover 350 to 450 euro 375 to 565 $

Si la noi deci se ofera 4 euroi pe poza. Buna treaba. D`aia sunt atitea mertzane si gipane pe strada, pentru ca fotografu` roman (inclusiv subsemnatul) e un incult in general si un incult economic in special si accepta si astia 4 euroi, facind atita rau acestei meserii.
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Kradu - de Little Eagle la: 02/12/2004 17:01:03
(la: Fahrenheit 9/11)
Cind observ ignoranta unora ca tine,ma intristez dar asa vor fi si ramine unii ,orbiti de minciuna.
Cu tine nu mai am ce discuta absolut nimic de acum incolo.Nu-mi pierd timpul cu cei ca tine.
Reflecta insa la aceste vorbe vechi:
"It is not necessary for eagles to be crows."
Sitting Bull

Little Eagle
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Scarlet - de rangi la: 09/12/2004 17:18:04
(la: Perspectiva unei picaturi de ploaie)
"Life in itself has no meaning. Life is an opportunity to create meaning. Meaning has not to be discovered: it has to be created. You will find meaning only if you create it. It is not lying there somewhere behind the bushes, so you can go and you search a little bit and find it. It is not there like a rock that you will find. It is a poetry to be composed, it is a song to be sung, it is a dance to be danced.
Meaning is a dance, not a rock. Meaning is music. You will find it only if you create it. Remember it.
Millions of people are living meaningless lives because of this utterly stupid idea that meaning has to be discovered. As if it is already there. All that you need is to just pull the curtain, and behold! meaning is here. It is not like that.
So remember: Buddha finds the meaning because he creates it. I found it because I created it.... And only those who create find. And it is good that meaning is not lying there somewhere, otherwise one person would have discovered it -- then what would be the need for everybody else to discover it?
You must be waiting passively for the meaning to come... it will never come. This has been the idea of the past religions, that the meaning is already there. It is not! Freedom is there to create it, energy is there to create it. The field is there to sow the seeds and reap the crop. All is there-- but the meaning has to be created. That's why to create it is such a joy, such an adventure, such an ecstasy.
Don't allow your life to become just a dead ritual. Let there be moments, unexplainable. Let there be a few things which are mysterious, for which you cannot supply any reason. Let there be a few doings for which people will think you are a little crazy. A man who is a hundred percent sane is dead. A little bit of craziness by the side is always a great joy. Go on doing a few crazy things too. And then meaning will be possible. "
Osho, The Perfect MasterVolume 2, Chapter 4

« Ce que vous n’aimez pas, ne le faites pas »
don - de Belle la: 05/05/2005 18:39:33
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
naaaah, si-a facut efectul da' era musai sa comentez... evident ca imi
statea pe limba un comentariu si la "mare si tare" dar va las voua
baietilor placerea sa combateti preferintele feminine ;)

uite am si eu un banc pentru tine

Why God created Eve

1. God was worried that Adam would frequently become lost in the
garden because he would not ask for directions.

2. God knew that one day Adam would require someone to locate and
hand him the remote.

3. God knew Adam would never go out and buy himself a new fig leaf
when his wore out and would therefore need Eve to buy one for him.

4. God knew Adam would never be able to make a doctor's, dentist's or
haircut appointment by himself

5. God knew Adam would never remember which night to put the
garbage on the curb

6. God knew if the world was to be populated, men would never be able
to handle the pain and discomfort of childbearing.

7. As the Keeper of the Garden, Adam would never remember where he
left his tools.

8. Apparently, Adam needed someone to blame his troubles on when God
caught him hiding in the garden

9. As the Bible says, "It is not good for man to be alone."

10. When God finished the creation of Adam, He stepped back,
scratched his head, and said, "I can do better than that."

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ptr. ca tot se vorbeste despre preturi.... - de Dinu Lazar la: 01/08/2005 06:59:04
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Exista o discutie chiar acum pe o lista a fotografilor profesionisti; un amic din State are o replica ce pune pe ginduri...

You know, the thought occurs to me that, thanks to advancements in
technology, the need (as it is perceived by the consumer) for
professional photographers is ever dwindling.

This is not meant as a trolling post to raise ire, but a simple
observation. Remember, 100 years ago doing this newfangled thing
called photography required a quasi-chemistry degree; mixing
emulsions, chemicals, etc. was the state of the art. Not a whole lot
of photos were taken, since one needed a "pro" just to get a single
picture made.

Time passed, new stuff got invented and then George E came along with
the portable camera. Now here was a camera for the masses - anyone's
Uncle Filbert could take some family snaps, but the pro level stuff
was still far more costly and the skills required to use it way
beyond casual - so the profession prospered. If anything, I'd imagine
that seeing the fuzzy badly composed shots from Filbert would incite
more people to want to go to a pro for a "real" portrait.

Another 50-ish years, and nowadays the quality of equipment is nil
between "pro level" and advanced consumer. Heck, they even coined the
term "prosumer" to accommodate the idea of just regular folk owning
fancy gear. Thanks to post production software that can be applied to
digital images, the number of individuals who have access to hitherto
custom or high-end retouching has exploded. So, it is not
inconceivable that the Uncle Filbert of today can and does produce
work as excellent as any pro.

And this is not to denigrate the professionals, who must work ever
harder to convince people that their fees are worth it. Certainly, on
the artistic side the pro's ability to herd the wedding guests or
know how the lighting should be or time to the exact nanosecond
before releasing the shutter are tangible skills that must be
included in the consumer's perception of value. But those skills are
getting buried under the sheer number of advanced hobbyists who are
happy just to get their work published, or honored to be taking the
photos for the family wedding. And, whereas in past decades the
difference between those hobbyists' output and the professionals' was
noticeable, I think we are seeing a time now where that difference is
ever narrowing. In fact, with more images being viewed on screens,
any subtleties of lighting and tonality are all the more lost as when
compared to paper versions (magazine or inkjet).

What I'm saying is that, through no fault of anything but
technological progress, I get the sense that in another 50 years
(probably less) there will no longer be a professional photographic
"industry" - there will be equipment and software providers, but the
huge value added by pros of yesteryear and to a lesser degree today
will shaved even further to the point where commercial venues of
photography will be limited. Photographs as fine art will no doubt
survive, as they should, but it just seems to me that wedding,
photojournalism, and to some degree commercial photography may become
quaint memories by the time our children have grown.
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Jafurile, la ordinea zilei daca mergeti in concediu - de Dinu Lazar la: 11/08/2005 14:49:11
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
August. Vacanta. Deconectare.
Dar altii abia asteapta sa ne-o faca.
Tocmai are loc o discutie intre citiva fotografi pe tema asta...
Try to use only very old or destroyed-look cameras and do not make any noise when you are plundered.
When this happened nobody will help you; mafia is everywere.
And try to look very poor; no clock, no chains, any gold jewelry... and a miserable bag is also suitable...
Let all your original papers at hotel and use only copies.
I have had cameras or other stuff stolen in almost every country I have ever worked. The exceptions: 13 African countries, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (as was), Russia and the Middle East, Spain & Portugal. In Hungary I left two leica's under a chair in a hotel lobby. The camera's were returned to me by a furious hotel worker. "Do you know what a temptation it is for our people when they see valuable stuff lying around?" This was in the days of communism. In Africa, a herdsman walked an hour into the nearest town to turn in a viewfinder that had fallen off a camera.

London still has an organized street Mafia, I am sure. Leave anything of apparent value in a locked car, even on a busy central London street with hundreds of people passing by, and it may be taken. Within 20 minutes it will be on a train to France, or elsewhere.

New York? 2 shiny cases full of Leica gear were taken within 5 minutes of my arrival at Westbeth, a building that is kept locked at the weekend. I was in the elevator about to go up to my apartment floor when my wife returned to the building. I looked for a switch to inactivate the elevator--couldn't find one. Took 12 paces to the front door to open it for my wife. In the intervening 20 seconds the elevator went up and came down empty. This was on a Sunday morning in an apparently deserted building. My mistake was to be using flashy cases. Never again.

Italy? Hah. Dinu is right. Don't draw attention to yourself. Don't have flashy bags. If you can, find a trustworthy local to work with you to keep an eye on your stuff.
I always travel "downgraded", looking like I just barely made it and my stuff too. If I lose the gear it is not the end of the world, but I HATE the paperwork and time lost processing, processing, processing . . . and it is worse in Europe, and it is an eternal hell in South America (and will never get resolved). Having said that, my only real losses or problems have been here in North America . . . what a surprise.

I read a long time ago about a film crew (might have been a photog, don't remember), who had dingy looking cases with stenciled words to the effect of "morticians" or "coroners" supplies. According to them it worked well. If you are falling into town alone it isn't too hard to look like a vagrant, but if you arrive with a crew and insist on being "the president has arrived!!!!", well rots of ruck. It is amusing to see companies like Lightware who make superb cases, also offer covers that they advise you to "shoot with graffiti, scrawl upon, etc, etc".

If you insist upon walking the streets looking like a north american with half a camera shop hanging off you, well good, you deserve to get mugged.
The best shooters ever in the history of this medium usually walked about with only a single camera and maybe one or two extra lenses . . . Bresson, Haas, etc (notice they are two extremely different styles, but both minimalists when it came to walking the walk . . . you could learn to do the same).

Make your stuff look like s**t so nobody wants it . . . it still won't save you from the smartest hit and run thief, but then not much will except for a
45 automatic. . . and that ain't exectly a good idea, not even in gun crazy america.

Check the info from sites like Lonelyplanet, Roughguide, and Footprint. It isn't an exact evaluation of the situation, but it will give you a general feel for how you should proceed . . . much better than what you will find on this list . . . their updates are fairly current.
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cassandra - de om la: 11/08/2005 17:25:13
(la: Oamenii nu se trag din maimuta)
mersic de biblio...adevarat ca am citit cate ceva din fiecare cand eram mic, dar de asemenea, eram unpic razboinic si "vedeam" cam in genul "what I'd say to martians " by Jack Handey
by Jack Handey
Issue of 2005-08-08 and 15
Posted 2005-08-01

People of Mars, you say we are brutes and savages. But let me tell you one thing: if I could get loose from this cage you have me in, I would tear you guys a new Martian asshole.You say we are violent and barbaric, but has any one of you come up to my cage and extended his hand? Because, if he did, I would jerk it off and eat it right in front of him. “Mmm, that’s good Martian,” I would say.

You say your civilization is more advanced than ours. But who is really the more “civilized” one? You, standing there watching this cage? Or me, with my pants down, trying to urinate on you? You criticize our Earth religions, saying they have no relevance to the way we actually live. But think about this: if I could get my hands on that god of yours, I would grab his skinny neck and choke him until his big green head exploded.

We are a warlike species, you claim, and you show me films of Earth battles to prove it. But I have seen all the films about twenty times. Get some new films, or, so help me, if I ever get out of here I will empty my laser pistol into everyone I see, even pets.

Speaking of films, I could show you some films, films that portray a different, gentler side of Earth. And while you’re watching the films I’d sort of slip away, because guess what: the projector is actually a thing that shoots out spinning blades! And you fell for it! Well, maybe not now you wouldn’t.

You point to your long tradition of living peacefully with Earth. But you know what I point to? Your stupid heads.

You say there is much your civilization could teach ours. But perhaps there is something that I could teach you—namely, how to scream like a parrot when I put your big Martian head in a vise.

You claim there are other intelligent beings in the galaxy besides earthlings and Martians. Good, then we can attack them together. And after we’re through attacking them we’ll attack you.

I came here in peace, seeking gold and slaves. But you have treated me like an intruder. Maybe it is not me who is the intruder but you.

No, not me. You, stupid.

You keep my body imprisoned in this cage. But I am able to transport my mind to a place far away, a happier place, where I use Martian heads for batting practice.

I admit that sometimes I think we are not so different after all. When you see one of your old ones trip and fall down, do you not point and laugh, just as we on Earth do? And I think we can agree that nothing is more admired by the people of Earth and Mars alike than a fine, high-quality cigarette. For fun, we humans like to ski down mountains covered with snow; you like to“milk” bacteria off of scum hills and pack them into your gill slits. Are we so different? Of course we are, and you will be even more different if I ever finish my homemade flamethrower.

You may kill me, either on purpose or by not making sure that all the surfaces in my cage are safe to lick. But you can’t kill an idea. And that idea is: me chasing you with a big wooden mallet.

You say you will release me only if I sign a statement saying that I will not attack you. And I have agreed, the only condition being that I can sign with a long sharp pen. And still you keep me locked up.

True, you have allowed me reading material—not the “human reproduction” magazines I requested but the works of your greatest philosopher, Zandor or Zanax or whatever his name is. I would like to discuss his ideas with him—just me, him, and one of his big, heavy books.

If you will not free me, at least deliver a message to Earth. Send my love to my wife, and also to my girlfriend. And to my children, if I have any anyplace. Ask my wife to please send me a bazooka, which is a flower we have on Earth. If my so-called friend Don asks you where the money I owe him is, please anally probe him. Do that anyway.

If you keep me imprisoned long enough, eventually I will die. Because one thing you Martians do not understand is that we humans cannot live without our freedom. So, if you see me lying lifeless in my cage, come on in, because I’m dead. Really.

Maybe one day we will not be the enemies you make us out to be. Perhaps one day a little Earth child will sit down to play with a little Martian child, or larva, or whatever they are. But, after a while, guess what happens: the little Martian tries to eat the Earth child. But guess what the Earth child has? A gun. You weren’t expecting that, were you? And now the Martian child is running away, as fast as he can. Run, little Martian baby, run!

I would like to thank everyone for coming to my cage tonight to hear my speech. Donations will be gratefully accepted. (No Mars money, please.)
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ultimele, parol! - de om la: 12/12/2005 20:07:49
(la: Pentru orice problema exista o solutie)
The Puzzles
The man in the Elevator
A man lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every day he takes the elevator to go down to the ground floor to go to work or to go shopping. When he returns he takes the elevator to the seventh floor and walks up the stairs to reach his apartment on the tenth floor. He hates walking so why does he do it?
This is probably the best known and most celebrated of all lateral thinking puzzles. It is a true classic. Although there are many possible solutions which fit the initial conditions, only the canonical answer is truly satisfying.

The Man who Hanged Himself
Not far from Madrid, there is a large wooden barn. The barn is completely empty except for a dead man hanging from the middle of the central rafter. The rope around his neck is ten feet long and his feet are three feet off the ground. The nearest wall is 20 feet away from the man. It is not possible to climb up the walls or along the rafters. The man hanged himself. How did he do it?

Death in a Field
A man is lying dead in a field. Next to him there is an unopened package. There is no other creature in the field. How did he die?

Anthony and Cleopatra
Anthony and Cleopatra are lying dead on the floor of a villa in Egypt. Nearby is a broken bowl. There is no mark on either of their bodies and they were not poisoned. How did they die?

The Coal, Carrot and Scarf
Five pieces of coal, a carrot and a scarf are lying on the lawn. Nobody put them on the lawn but there is a perfectly logical reason why they should be there. What is it?

Trouble with Sons
A woman had two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year. But they were not twins, and they were not adopted. How could this be so?

Push that Car
A man pushed his car. He stopped when he reached a hotel at which point he knew he was bankrupt. Why?

The Arm of the Postal Service
One day a man received a parcel in the post. Carefully packed inside was a human arm. He examined it, repacked it and then sent it on to another man. The second man also carefully examined the arm before taking it to the woods and burying it. Why did they do this?
This one probably has more variations than any other. A great one to puzzle out. It requires plenty of good questions.

A man died and went to Heaven. There were thousands of other people there. They were all naked and all looked as they did at the age of 21. He looked around to see if there was anyone he recognised. He saw a couple and he knew immediately that they were Adam and Eve. How did he know?

A man rode into town on Friday. He stayed for three nights and then left on Friday. How come?
A silly one - but it is surprisingly popular.

Manhole Covers
Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones?
This is logical rather than lateral, but it is a good puzzle which can be solved by lateral thinking techniques. It is supposedly used by a very well-known software company as an interview question for prospective employees.

The Deadly Party
A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why did the man not die?

The Deadly Dish
Two men went into a restaurant. They both ordered the same dish from the menu. After they tasted it, one of the men went outside the restaurant and shot himself. Why?

The Realization
A man was walking downstairs in a building when he suddenly realized that his wife had just died. How?

The Blind Beggar
A blind beggar had a brother who died. What relation was the blind beggar to the brother who died? (Brother is not the answer).

The Broken Match
A man is found dead in a field. He is clutching a broken match. What happened?

The Music Stopped
The music stopped. She died. Explain.

Swimmer in the Forest
Deep in the forest was found the body of a man who was wearing only swimming trunks, snorkel and facemask. The nearest lake was 8 miles away and the sea was 100 miles away. How had he died?
This is supposedly based on a true incident. Does this make it an urban legend? Many urban legends can be restated as lateral thinking puzzles. This is a very good one of this type.

The Elder Twin
One day Kerry celebrated her birthday. Two days later her older twin brother, Terry, celebrated his birthday. How come?

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imaginginfo - de Dinu Lazar la: 22/12/2005 17:14:37
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Esteee! Acum merge. E foarte interesant, adevarat. Site de site.

Dau si eu aici citeva situri care mi-au placut in ultimul timp si care merita a fi vazute intre caltaboshi, cozonaci si friptane; sunt de la diversi amici, cu descrierile lor:


I've made a couple of CS2 scripts that are useful to me, and I thought they may be useful to others too. they are at:

I use them when preparing submissions to my stock library. If anyone cares to improve or modify them go right ahead, and I would be interested in any constructive feedback.


That link ( comes from a very interesting site for photographers and graphic artists with lots more info on marketing and other subjects, but I'm posting again to tell you about a service offered by Acclaim Images. If you sell with them, they will construct a website for you which will include all of your images and links back to their site where they may be purchased.

Here is mine... Of course, it is not highly individualized as far as design is concerned (I think there were choices concerning background color and one other attribute that I can't remember right now), but since it's free, there's not much to complain about and if you take a look, I think you'll agree that it isn't bad!!
Have been following the discussion about web design and coincidentally came across this article that I thought might add to the discussion...

"Marketing With Your Website," at
For every photographer selling prints there's a differing menu of
prices. Ultimately, only you can decide what your images are worth.
I've decided on mine, you can see my prices here..... http://
It may be of interest to some to look at new guidelines on best practice for supply of digital imagery that have just been released:-

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