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Articol din cotidianul israelian Ha'aretz - de Filip Antonio la: 31/01/2004 19:18:05
(la: A existat holocaust in Romania?)
Right-wing Romanian politician to visit Israel

By Amiram Barkat

Corneliu Vadim Tudor, the head of a radical right political party in Romania, intends to visit Israel in March.

News of his intention was relayed by Israeli businessman Nati Meir, who has been in contact with Tudor, the leader of the Greater Romania Party (PRM).

Haaretz has learned that Romanian President Ion Iliescu also intends to visit Israel at the end of March.

Meir, presenting himself as Tudor's adviser for overseas affairs, told Reuters news agency that Tudor will "seek forgiveness at the Western Wall."

In a speech given to Romania's parliament in 2002, and on other occasions, Tudor has claimed that Romania did not take part in the murder of Jews during the Holocaust. But Tudor is now aware that the Holocaust transpired in Romania, said Meir, adding that Tudor has sent Yad Vashem a letter about his country's culpability. Yad Vashem spokesmen, however, said they do not know anything about such a statement.

Since he announced his intention to take part in Romania's presidential elections, scheduled for September, Tudor has made several attempts to shed his reputation for anti-Semitism. But officials from Israel's Foreign Ministry and Yad Vashem believe Tudor's new stance is motivated by electoral calculations.

In past years, Tudor made several statements against Jews and foreigners and his party's official journal has been a warehouse for crude anti-Semitic opinions.

With Meir's help, Tudor met two months ago with Israeli media consultant Ayal Arad, and asked to retain his services. Arad said he is still considering whether or not to accept Tudor's offer. According to Arad, during their meeting, Tudor asked him about how he might persuade Jewish communities that he is not an anti-Semite.

At the end of November 2003, Tudor held a press conference, and said he retracts statements he made in the past about Jews. He stated that he "loves Jews," and denounced statements made by Iliescu to Haaretz about how the Holocaust wasn't distinctive to the Jews. Last month, Tudor dedicated a bronze statue of Yitzhak Rabin in Romania. Tudor invited Rabin's children to the ceremony, but they declined.

Ze'ev Schwartz, who chairs the association of Romanian-born Israelis, dismissed Tudor's recent performances as "a new element in the drama."

"This man is a Holocaust denier, and we simply do not believe him," Schwartz said. He added that he intends to help sponsor protest demonstrations of Holocaust survivors and Romanian natives during Tudor's visit.
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Sharon vrea un referendum - de Filip Antonio la: 04/02/2004 11:06:14
(la: Evreii impotriva lui Sharon? Anita unde esti?)
Sharon defends plan to evacuate Gaza settlements
Eds: UPDATES with Sharon backing for referendum, graf 4
AP Photos
Associated Press Writer
JERUSALEM (AP) - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Wednesday
defended his plan to dismantle virtually all Jewish
settlements in Gaza, amid new signs that the proposal is
threatening the stability of his government.
Ten lawmakers from the ruling Likud Party sent a letter to
Sharon threatening to abandon the prime minister if he
moves forward with his plans without their consent.
«We announce beforehand that it will be very difficult
for us to support this plan without the approval of the
Likud institutions on this sensitive subject,» the
lawmakers wrote. They added that they would not support the
entry of the opposition Labor Party into the government.
A senior official said Sharon would put his unilateral
disengagement plan - including removing some settlements
and imposing a boundary on the West Bank if peace talks
fail - before a national referendum, as demanded by Likud
lawmakers. The official, speaking on condition of
anonymity, said Sharon would welcome the idea of putting
the plan before the people, because the issue cuts across
ideological lines and «has overwhelming support among the
Labor said Tuesday that it would back Sharon's plan,
assuring him of a parliamentary majority even if two
ultranationalist parties quit the government.
But one of the lawmakers who signed Wednesday's letter,
Yuli Edelstein, claimed the group had enough support from
other Likud members to block any parliamentary majority for
Even if the effort fails, the letter reflected the
internal divisions that Sharon faces over his Gaza pullout
Sharon on Tuesday shrugged off the growing threats, saying
he is determined to go ahead with plans to remove 17
settlements in Gaza and three in the West Bank without
waiting for a peace deal with the Palestinians. He said he
would try to form a new governing coalition rather than
back down.
The prime minister's surprise announcement Monday has
divided Israelis into two camps: those who believe Sharon,
for decades the main architect of Jewish settlement
expansion, is truly changing course; and those who suspect
him of trying to sow confusion and deflect attention from a
widening corruption probe against him.
Sharon said Wednesday that his plan is not related to the
corruption probe, Israel radio reported. Speaking to
reporters at the Israeli parliament building, he said he
was moving forward in spite of his legal troubles, not
because of them.
Sharon, who has denied wrongdoing, is to be questioned by
police Thursday on suspicion he accepted bribes from an
Israeli real-estate developer.
Commentators said whatever Sharon's motives, his
declaration has created irreversible facts, and no future
prime minister could demand to hold on to parts of Gaza in
a peace deal with the Palestinians. «The words that were
uttered can never be taken back,» commentator Dan Margalit
wrote in the Maariv daily.
Opinion polls suggested that Sharon has broad public
support for dismantling most Gaza settlements, increasingly
seen by many Israelis as a security burden. Israel controls
one-third of the strip, while 1.3 million Palestinians
share the rest.
In his first public comment on the issue Tuesday, Sharon
avoided mention of Gaza but said he was determined to press
ahead with the removal of settlements.
«Not only is this difficult for the settlers, but also,
it is more painful for myself than anyone else in Israel,»
Sharon said during a visit of the coastal city of Ashkelon.
«But I've reached a decision and I am going to carry it
Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia told Palestinian
radio he wants to see «deeds, not words. We want to see
them leaving the whole Gaza Strip, leaving Gaza as
liberated Palestinian land and leaving us to concentrate on
their withdrawal from the West Bank.»
In the West Bank on Wednesday, the army said it had
arrested a senior operative in the militant Al Aqsa
Martyrs' Brigades in the village of Tubas. Palestinian
sources identified the man as Jihad Sawafta, who they said
had escaped an Israeli assassination attempt in 2002.
Senior aides to Sharon and Qureia were scheduled to meet
Wednesday in hopes of arranging a meeting between the two
prime ministers, the two sides confirmed. A summit would be
a crucial step in reviving the U.S.-backed «road map»
peace plan.
The talks were to focus on Israel's contentious West Bank
separation barrier - which the Palestinians oppose - and
Palestinian efforts to persuade militant groups to halt
attacks on Israelis, Palestinian officials said.
Efforts to bring the two men together have faltered since
Qureia took office in October, and the road map has been
stalled for months. But Qureia has come under pressure
recently from the United States and Egypt, a key mediator
between Israel and the Palestinians, to agree to a meeting.
The road map aims for an independent Palestinian state,
alongside Israel, by 2005.
«This is maybe their last opportunity to implement the
road map,» a senior Israeli official, speaking on
condition of anonymity, said of a possible summit.
A top security adviser to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat
on Wednesday accused the United States of «blackmailing»
the Palestinians.
Jibril Rajoub said the Americans have threatened to
disengage from the peace process unless the Palestinians
arrest those responsible for an October bomb blast in Gaza
that killed three Americans traveling in a diplomatic
«You know that the Americans stopped their involvement
waiting for the results of the investigation,» Rajoub told
foreign journalists. «I think that this is blackmail.»
American officials have said they are disappointed with
the lack of cooperation by Palestinian security forces in
the search for the perpetrators.
Sharon has said repeatedly in recent weeks that he plans
to take unilateral steps in the West Bank and Gaza -
dismantling some settlements, redeploying troops and
imposing a boundary - if there is no progress on the road
map in the coming months.
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Tot pentru anita - de Hypatia la: 06/02/2004 07:30:51
(la: A existat holocaust in Romania?)
Eu tot vreau sa inchei si tot nu ma lasati sa o fac.... Semanati mult cu personajul din comisia Wiesel, pentru care mi-am facut aspre mustrari de constiinta....
Cred ca nu exprim suficient de clar ceea ce vreau sa spun: n-am nimic cu comisia in sine. Eu cred ca e formata numai din evrei, indiferent cum s-ar numi ei. Persoanele in cauza sunt chemate sa faca o treaba, si si-o vor face cum stiu ei mai bine, caci interesele lor sunt aceleasi cu cele ale comunitatii internationale din care provin. E simplu. Insasi constituirea comisiei si toata conjunctura e dictata din afara. E o impunere nedemocratica a unui punct de vedere etnic. Si atunci ce importanta mai are ce crede acest popor? Eu insami am scris de vreo doua ori ca poporul roman are multe pacate, pe care le repeta la infinit. De ce nu considerati asta o recunoastere?
Ce ar presupune, pentru D-voastra, ca poporul roman sa-si recunoasca pacatele?
Constat ca, desi folosim aceasi limba. nu ne intelegem. Ma acuzati ca nu iau in calcul totul. Dar D-voastra scrieti o gramada de lucruri. Nu toate au legatura si relevanta intre ele. Eu pun problema principial, nu punctual. d-voastra raspundeti cum va convine.
Am citit azi noapte despre holocaustul armean din Turcia. A fost intr-adevar, ingrozitor. N-am gasit nicaieri vreun text oficial prin care armenii sa ceara scuze turcilor si nici scuze oferite de turci armenilor.
Si acolo a fost genocid fara drept de apel. O fi existand si la turci un forum cu conferinta activa, prin care sa se discute atat de aprins, astfel de lucruri?
Mi-ati mai spus undeva ca fac politica strutului, incercand sa trec cu vederea ororile trecutlui. Departe de mine una ca asta. Din contra, toti avem de invatat cate ceva din ce s-a intamplat in anii aceia ai holocaustului. Dar nu asa. Nu cu forta! Nu persuadat. In felul acesta, s-ar putea ca reactiile sa fie taman inversul celor scontate. Nici un om zdravan la cap nu poate concepe o reiterare a fenomenului, dar asta depinde doar de noi, de atitudinele noastre, care sunt intercauzale, caci fiinte sociale suntem. Daca iertarea vine asa de greu, unde este calea reconstructiei relatiilor interumane?

Numai bine, domnule anita.

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maan :) - de zaraza la: 12/10/2005 23:13:09
(la: Mister Cafenea !)
zic sa-l persuadezi (cum numai tu stii si poti) pe daydreamdalia sa participe la mister, caci alea de mai sus erau intrebarile din viva (si am cautat ptr tine mesajul la conferinta gresita... asteptam pe daydreamdalia!!!

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Intrebari la care s-a si intrebari la care nu s-a - de Dinu Lazar la: 31/03/2006 18:48:38
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Intreaba unu` cit sa ceara pe o lucrare foto.
Un alt fotograf ii raspunde pe larg.
Chestia se intimpla desigur in alta tzara.
Dar, oricum, e interesant.

Try anywhere between £1.00 and £10,000.00 per day. That should cover it!

A bit of a pointless statement you might say. And indeed you are correct.
Much as anyone else's might be, without knowing the first thing about your
circumstances. After all, £250.00, £500.00, £1000.00, £2000.00 per day could
all be wide of the mark, in terms of your client and for yourself!

The first thing you have to do is to work out how much it is costing you to
breathe. What are your outgoings?

Do you work from home or rent a studio?

Do you own the property and have a mortgage?

Utility bills, council tax, maintenance on same?

Do you own a car? How much is it costing you to run? Annual bills for fuel,
insurance, tax, maintenance, depreciation, HP, leasing etc., cost to renew?

Digital photographic equipment? (Phew-LM!) Cameras, lenses, computers and all
the peripherals needed to join it all up into a seamless working unit.
Office equipment? Insurance again. How much is it all costing you? Leasing?
Buy out right - then interest lost on savings?

Pension? Life insurance? Public liability? Servicing an overdraft to the bank!!?

And so on and so on and so on. It never ends. But that’s just for starters!
There will be many more things you will need, just supply clients with your talent.

After the night session, then you need something to buy breakfast in the morning.

Work out all those costs and you come to a frightening figure.

There are then 365 days in the year and I don't believe you will be able to work
every one of those days, so break it down into a realistic figure.

You might want weekends off just like so many of your clients. You might not get
them, but you might get two days of forced holiday in the week, without wishing
to have them by not having any work! So that balances that out. You are down to 265 days.

You might like at least two weeks holiday. After all, many of your clients will
be on four, five, even six weeks holiday a year all paid for. Well you can possibly count
on another five weeks of unpaid holiday in the form of no work. Down to say 230 days.

Now supposing you get a one day job. It maybe necessary to spend one day preparing
for the shoot. It maybe complicated, it may not, but it might take another day to
finish off sitting in front of the computer and then try to get the next job. You
get the drift? For every shooting day, you get another down day. So you are now down
to 115 days of full fee earning days.

Give yourself a bit of a leeway, because you will need to see clients and persuade them
with all your charms. Then there is Aunt Agatha who is coming to London to do a day's
shopping and wouldn't her nephew just like to take her to Harrod's? She might buy you
your first decent meal in a month though, so you do it without protest. Then there is
all that faffing about creating your book, not to mention all the training days and other
trivia that gets in the way of earning money.

And you will soon realise that you will do well to shoot at full fees for more than 100 days
in a year. I say 100 as that happens to be an easy number for us all, to divide all those costs
by, that you are going to run up in the year.

Let's face it, the costs are easy to calculate, but not easy to anticipate.
The end result could be a frightening figure, simply because this is what you need to breathe
for one year. It takes no account of re-investment into the business. It makes no allowance to
put money by for that ocean going yacht you have promised yourself within five years!
It certainly takes no account of your talent. If you are the bee's knees why shouldn't
you charge more than the next guy?

Do some sums first. At least you get some idea of where to start from. Don't take any
notice of moneys promised in the future. We would all be millionaires if all that came to fruition.
Be careful of supposed retainers.
They have a habit of being cut short!

There is a figure out there below which you will take your last breath.
Don't go there. It is easy to be a busy fool!
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Guine - de alex andra la: 10/04/2006 22:18:25
Evident ca este si o forma de arta, cand e facuta cu arta. Si e si o forma literara, cand textul e inspirat, si adesea o forma de umor. Publicitatea ca realizare e uneori geniala. Scopul sau ultim insa este unul singur - sa vanda produsul in cauza. Ca sugereaza subtil, ca te trage direct de maneca, depinde de produsul in sine, de creatorul ei si probabil de publicul caruia i se adreseaza. Explicit sau, cel mai adesea implicit, publicitatea este orientata spre convingerea, persuadarea categoriei de cumparatori vizate sa actioneze in sensul dorit. Si asta dincolo de valoarea intrinseca a obiectului reclamei.
Problema eticii profesionale e si ea relativa, asa cum si tu o admiti. Ce inseamna etica profesionala in publicitate? Sa-ti faci bine job-ul, adica artistic ? Sa nu minti, prezentand un produs inferior drept ceea ce nu este? Dar care e job-ul tau in publicitate? Este rolul tau sa judeci valoarea produsului? Nu e treaba producatorului asta? Nu e vorba aici de etica lui profesionala?
Ca nu suntem "doar niste patratele de gelatina gata sa vibreze la orice spot publicitar" este sigur, dar ca nu ramanem indiferenti la cantecul de sirena este si asta aproape la fel de sigur, cu exceptiile de rigoare.

Lost without music in a world of noises
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Dupa citeva intimplari (arabi - de jeniffer la: 25/07/2006 12:28:16
(la: Pierderi ireparabile)
Dupa citeva intimplari (arabi vorbind despre evrei, agresivitate venind de la persoane credincioase, intelegerea gresita, prin prisma ideilor religioase a realului), la intrebarea exista zeul descris de biblie? am raspuns nu. In jurul meu totul o confirma, cunosc atei si informatia este stiintifica.

Fara zeu in gind ma simt in acord cu ceea ce mi se poate intipla si ce exista. Ceea ce fac din viata mea depinde de vointa si inteligenta, a crede ca zeul nu exista este normal.

"Principalul uzaj pe care il facem de iubirea noastra pentru adevar este de a ne persuada ca ceea ce iubim este adevarat." Pierre Nicole, evene
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lol - de zaraza la: 18/11/2007 23:41:09
(la: ok, Solutia antalcool)
romane, nu-i problema daca nu poti sa te lasi de bautura. te iau si asa, bem impreuna!

esti simpatic, dom'le. mi-a placut aia cu dusul gunoiului spontan! pai stii cat timp imi iau sa-l persuadez pe barbatu-meu sa faca treaba asta? e clar, nu esti apreciat la justa valoare!

Bright, - de Cerulsarat la: 15/10/2008 10:44:35
(la: manipulare)
exemplul pe care l-ai dat cu copilul pe care parintii vor sa-l faca medic si-i repeta asta de cand e mic cred ca este un exemplu de persuasiune si nu de manipulare. Diferenta intre persuasiune si manipulare ar fi (din punctul meu de vedere, s-ar putea sa gresesc) ca persoana persuadata cunoaste intentia celui care incearca sa convinga, pe cand persoana manipulata nu cunoaste aceasta intentie, manipularea constand in distorsionarea adevarului, lasand numai impresia libertatii de gandire a persoanei manipulate...
Parintii care-i tot repeta copilului sa se faca medic cred ca incearca sa-l convinga si nu sa-l manipuleze...parerea mea...
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Intruder - de GloriaVictis la: 15/10/2008 12:59:32
(la: manipulare)
asta ar insemna ca instrumentele folosite in manipulare si persuasiune sunt aceleasi, difera motivatia/ scopul, calitatea raportarii la celalalt si gradul in care se asuma o responsabilitate pentru rezultat/ impact. "manipulare pozitiva" ar fi deci de fapt persuasiune... right?

atat manipularea cat si persuasiunea implica o doza de premeditare - cred ca in ex cu politicianul, daca acela crede ca poate dar ulterior se dovedeste ca nu - asta nu-l transforma in manipulator (el chiar a fost convins ca poate - a incercat si reusit sa convinga, deci la nivel de intentie si proces ramane persuadare). Demisia de onoare mie-mi suna a alta poveste... sau?
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intrusule - de thebrightside la: 15/10/2008 14:08:52
(la: manipulare)
vezi la ce cometariu am raspuns.
fata zice ca manipularea si persuasiunea sunt ciorbe amandoua (????)
adica altfel spus ca ciorba e mai buna ca morcovu', iara zic ?????

io nu pot accepta ca se poate spune despre un copil de 8 ani care nu si-a manifestat in nici un fel interesul catre biologie si care este pus sa toceasca sistematic tot ce insemna bio (eventual mai e si inscris la vreu curs pe langa scoala), este persuadat, convins sau cum vreti voi sa-i ziceti. este ma-ni-pu-lat in directia catre care parintii sai vor s-o apuce, fara sa aiba nici cea mai vaga idee ce repercursiuni va avea asta asupra lui ca in-divid in viitor.
asta se cheama ma-ni-pu-la-re.

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maan - de thebrightside la: 15/10/2008 15:50:29
(la: manipulare)
nu ma refer la manipulare, ci la colaterale.
din punctu' ei de vedere manipularea, pacalirea, persuadarea sunt unu si acelasi lucru si sunt bune cu ardei. :))

cre' ca tre' sa-i faca o idee clara despre termenii astia inainte sa se gandeasca cu ce merge manipularea.

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*** - de 1brasovean la: 16/04/2011 09:24:01
(la: Ia sa vedem)
asta cred ca se potriveste la fix cu literatura aia la metru pentru tampitei, despre cum sa reusesti sa una, sa alta, sa faci-si-sa-dregi, cu self-promovare, sa-ti persuadezi seful, sa fii fericit/a, sa colegii samd,
stii domnia ta, literatura pentru to(n)ti:)

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