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The Hours - de Pasagerul la: 24/10/2005 00:09:56
(la: Ce muzica ascultati in ultima vreme?)
Am pus pe lista de download.
All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
Mark Twain
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zaraza - de Pasagerul la: 25/10/2005 10:11:27
(la: Ce muzica ascultati in ultima vreme?)
Goldfrapp e pe lista mea de download, dar s-a impotmolit pe la 70%.
All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
Mark Twain
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zaraza - de Pasagerul la: 29/10/2005 13:09:15
(la: Ce muzica ascultati in ultima vreme?)
eu lucrez cu "emule".
Am gasit si Black Cherry si Strict Machine. Acum le-am pus la download.
All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
Mark Twain
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zaraza - de Pasagerul la: 29/10/2005 13:26:09
(la: Ce muzica ascultati in ultima vreme?)
ce mai ai pe lista de download?
La mine arata cam asa(partial):
Jaco Pastorius -Nrth Sea Jazz
Gotan project-la Revancha del tango
Nouvelle Vague
Terje Rypdal-Odissey
Anton Bruckner-Symphony 4-8(Sergiu Celibidache)
Philip Glass-The Hours
Manu Chao-Radio Bemba Sound System
King Crimson-Full Discography
etc... etc...

All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
Mark Twain
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:) - de zaraza la: 29/10/2005 13:46:37
(la: Ce muzica ascultati in ultima vreme?)
lista mea e mai restransa, ca nu;s eu seful in casa pe download. :)
momentan doar filme, o gramada, si parca mai aveam niste albume ale lui jamiroquai.

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hanii - de popix la: 30/10/2005 14:05:36
(la: Ce muzica ascultati in ultima vreme?)
e alberto iglesias, daca te intere fac un download
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HUMANITY PHOTO AWARDS 2006 - de Dinu Lazar la: 31/10/2005 07:05:21
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
All over the world, many traditional customs are changing, and some vanishing forever. The aim of this contest is to encourage the recording of traditional customs and the evolution of various folk cultures through the use of photography, and to stimulate international interest in the study, exploration, rescue, preservation, and indeed, enjoyment of our cultural heritage. It is an initiative created out of respect for our common humanity and in a spirit of international good will.
Opening Date: September 1, 2005
Deadline: March 31, 2006 (Entries received after this date will be held over until the next contest.)
Jury: Entries will undergo appraisal by an international jury panel formed by nine accomplished photographers and scholars with expertise in the study of culture. The jury panel decides prize-winning photographs on the basis of both aesthetic quality and documentary value in May 2006. A group of 3 to 5 theorists, critics and journalists will observe and commentate the judging process.
Announcement: The final result will be announced at CFPA’s website before June 15, 2006.
Awards Ceremony & Opening Ceremony of Winning photos Exhibition: October 2006.
The contest is based on picture stories/portfolios of between 6 to 12 photographs. Single photographs will not be accepted. Please enter into the following categories:
A. Portrait & Costume
Including portraits with special national features, mode of dress, hairstyles and other adornments.
B. Architecture
Including residential, religious and public buildings, interior and exterior views, structures, details, furniture, decorations and construction processes.
C. Daily Life
Reflecting ways of life, including routine means of production, such as fishing, hunting, farming, forestry, animal husbandry, markets, transportation, preparation and consumption of foodstuffs and liquor and other activities; and the living customs of a particular group, tribe or region.
D. Festivities
Including feasts, celebrations, religious festival and ceremonies of all kinds.
E. Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology
Including education, entertainment, traditional sports, games, drama, art, handicrafts, learning, traditional medicine and technology.
F. Traditional Rites
Including birth, initiation, wedding, funeral, taboo, worship, morality, reciprocal courtesy, traditional etiquette, traditional ceremony of family, village or ethnic group, and local belief.
Humanity Photo Top Award
Top Award is to be selected from First Prize-winning photographs in all categories. The selection will be made on the basis of outstanding merit, both in terms of documentary value and aesthetic quality. The winning work should best reflect the philosophy of the contest. This award carries a cash prize of RMB60,000, an award certificate, a copy of the contest collection book or CD, and an invitation to China (including a return flight ticket and hotel accommodation) to attend the awards ceremony and exhibition opening ceremony.
Humanity Photo Theme Awards
In each category there will be one first, two second and three third prize winners. Each winner receives prize money, an award certificate, a copy of the contest collection book or CD, and an invitation to the ceremonies with accommodation provided.
First Prize: a cash award of RMB16,000 and a return flight ticket to the ceremonies;
Second Prize: a cash award of RMB6,600;
Third Prize: a cash award of RMB3,600.
Humanity Photo Documentary Award
There will be 100 winners selected for these awards. Each winner receives an award certificate, a copy of the contest collection book or CD, and an invitation to the ceremonies with accommodation provided.
All participants are invited to award ceremonies, and each is to receive a HPA certificate. (Travel and accommodation expenses will be at his/her own cost.)
N.B. The cash prizes for winners outside of China will be paid in the equivalent amount of US dollars. (Indicating exchange rate: 1USD to 8.3 RMB)
Entry Rules (please read carefully and fill in Entry Forms accordingly)
1. There are no restrictions of profession, gender, age or nationality for participants.
2. One photo story entered by two participants will not be accepted. The name on the Entry Form must be the same as shown on the passport. Please use only Chinese or English to fill in the Entry Forms. And legible handwriting is required; if not, to print them out.
3. The photographs must be taken by the participant him/herself.
4. Members of the jury, observers and working staff of HPA2006 cannot enter the contest.
5. Entries can comprise of several ethnic groups in one country or one nationality living in different countries.
6. There is no time limit as to when entries were taken. They can have been taken on one occasion or over a period of time.
7. Composite images and trick photographs will not be accepted.
8. Only picture stories or sets of pictures can be entered. Single photographs will not be accepted. Each entry should consist of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 photographs. No more than 3 entries per participant may be submitted. Participants are solely responsible for choosing the proper categories. No switching of categories are allowed after submission.
9. Slides will not be accepted. E-mail entries will not be accepted.
10. For digital photos, a set of prints on photographic printing paper with print quality no less than 300dpi are to be sent in by mail together with a virus free CD-ROM where photos are stored in TIFF or un- pressed JPG format in no less than 300dpi and 30cm on longer side.
11. Only black or color prints may be entered. The minimum size is 20.3cm (8 inches) and the maximum size is 30.5cm (12 inches)------ The size means the trim size barring the margins of the photos.
12. Photographs must not be mounted. No paster, staples or pins should be used.
13. Submitted material should be carefully made. Under normal circumstances, the negatives or originals will not be required for scrutiny but the organizers reserve the right to do so for exceptional reasons. Refusal for co-operation may diminish chances to win awards.
14. Photographs that have won prizes or been exhibited in other competitions are free to enter. Photographs that have won prizes in previous HPA contests cannot be entered.
15. One participant should only fill one “Entry Form I”. Every photo story submitted should be accompanied by one set of “Entry Form II” with a title and authentic caption information in Chinese or English. Do not affix them on the photos. The category code(A-F), the story sequence number and total numbers should be written on back of each photo in pencil. Do not write any personal information on the photograph.
16. Entries should be forwarded either by mail or by courier. Please send the entries in flat envelope, not in roll. Please write “Photographs for the Humanity Photo Awards Contest & No Commercial Value” on the package to avoid extra costs and delays at the Customs.
17. Entries together with entry forms must be received by the sponsor CFPA on or before March 31, 2006. (The arrival date as postmarked by the Beijing Post Office controls.)
18. There is no entry fee. Photographs will not be returned. Do not send the originals.
19. In order to promote HPA and its activities, the sponsor has the right to use entries submitted for the contest in publications, exhibitions, TV programs, etc., without remuneration.
20. Any legal responsibility relating to entries, such as copyright, right of reputation and portrait, will be borne by the participants. Submission of entries signifies acceptance of above conditions. All Entry Forms must be signed. Entries accompanied by unsigned forms will be disqualified.
21. There are Entry Forms and articles of humanity photo awards 2006 at Please download them there. Printing and copy both have the same validity.

More information about HPA at
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AOP & AOI Exhibition Call for Entries - de Dinu Lazar la: 03/11/2005 21:33:57
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Sublime: Representations of Awe in Contemporary Culture Deadline for
entries: 25 November

Inspired by recent imagery of the forces of nature and scenes of war, this exhibition is a unique opportunity for photographers and illustrators worldwide to submit images they feel depict contemporary visions of the sublime. The curatorial team will be selecting work in both media to form Sublime, to be on show at the AOP Gallery, London, from 5 to 26 January 2006. Download your entry pack now including entry forms and guidelines plus further information on the Sublime at <> or contact Stella on +44 (0)20 7324 7222
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pasagere, - de Calypso la: 10/11/2005 21:29:02
(la: Muzica)
de unde download-ezi tu muzica romaneasca?

din 2002 cand am fost ultima data in Ro n-am mai ascultat deloc muzica romaneasca; fiind intr-un supermarché au auzit si eu, din intamplare, O-zone...

da-mi si mie niste coordonate ca nu prea am timp sa caut, please...
Singurul joc de calculator ca - de Honey in the Sunshine la: 16/11/2005 22:53:19
(la: Calculatorul: inamic public nr.1?)
Singurul joc de calculator care m-a innebunit pur si simplu a fost "The Sims"... :)
Cred ca simptomurile seamana cu cele ale japonezilor despre care se vorbea :)... Imi downloadam incontinuu "objects, skins, furniture, houses, floors, clothes" de pe net :)... Mai ales ca jucam cu cheat-uri si in scurt timp imi faceam adevarate palate...
Personajele erau deobicei luate din carti... Si sa vezi atunci "navigare" ca sa gasesti un skin care sa semene cat mai mult cu felul in care iti imaginezi tu respectivul personaj!
Sa nu mai vorbesc de decoratiunile interioare... Uneori imi lua juma' de zi doar ca sa "asortez" un living sau un dormitor.

P.S.: e doar vina Oanei, ea m-a incurajat sa marturisesc :)
"Oricum, e intotdeauna perfect adevarat si contrariul" - Longanesi
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Horica - de Lascar Barca la: 17/11/2005 03:50:26
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "7")

Du-te acolo si clicheaza pe Raluca:))) Mihai Margineanu

Confirma te rog!RPLY ASAP::)))
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lascare - de Horia D la: 17/11/2005 03:53:11
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "7")
se download acum.. 35%..
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lauti aici de la mine:)) - de Horia D la: 29/11/2005 22:28:53
(la: Trubadurul mahalalelor?)
de fapt e de la lasacar, dar el e mai cu bun simt:))
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buni baieti:)) - de Horia D la: 09/12/2005 03:10:15
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "7")
he he he... acum download in nestire:)
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Ok, got it ! - de Mr Six la: 09/12/2005 18:11:48
(la: long live the stock market!!)
Goog a mai primit un bullish target...astia au inceput download-ul, iti spun eu. Am avut dreptate cu 400 support, going long (daca nu am cumparat tot degeaba :(((
-M-a fript cisco deocamdata, sa vad next week ce urmeaza...Bob P. a zis ca urmeaza un upweek for nasdaq, dow etc...:)...sint chiar curios.
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Alti cafegii fotografi, cu cafea expresso, nu turceasca - de Dinu Lazar la: 21/12/2005 23:56:07
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
We are pleased to announce the issue #4 of Fotoespresso in 2005.

You can download a version from:

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
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imaginginfo - de Dinu Lazar la: 22/12/2005 17:14:37
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Esteee! Acum merge. E foarte interesant, adevarat. Site de site.

Dau si eu aici citeva situri care mi-au placut in ultimul timp si care merita a fi vazute intre caltaboshi, cozonaci si friptane; sunt de la diversi amici, cu descrierile lor:


I've made a couple of CS2 scripts that are useful to me, and I thought they may be useful to others too. they are at:

I use them when preparing submissions to my stock library. If anyone cares to improve or modify them go right ahead, and I would be interested in any constructive feedback.


That link ( comes from a very interesting site for photographers and graphic artists with lots more info on marketing and other subjects, but I'm posting again to tell you about a service offered by Acclaim Images. If you sell with them, they will construct a website for you which will include all of your images and links back to their site where they may be purchased.

Here is mine... Of course, it is not highly individualized as far as design is concerned (I think there were choices concerning background color and one other attribute that I can't remember right now), but since it's free, there's not much to complain about and if you take a look, I think you'll agree that it isn't bad!!
Have been following the discussion about web design and coincidentally came across this article that I thought might add to the discussion...

"Marketing With Your Website," at
For every photographer selling prints there's a differing menu of
prices. Ultimately, only you can decide what your images are worth.
I've decided on mine, you can see my prices here..... http://
It may be of interest to some to look at new guidelines on best practice for supply of digital imagery that have just been released:-

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Stock - de Vancea Dorin la: 02/01/2006 07:58:17
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Site-urile de micro-stock sunt o afacere foarte profitabila pentru cei de la conducere. O poza costa 1$, autorul primeste 0.20$, si uite rezultatul fara prea multa munca. Cine a inventat acest sistem a fost cu 2 secunde mai inteligent ca noi toti, pentru ca nu noi am fost cei care am descoperit aceasta cale de a face bani. Am glumit si eu ...

Intr-un fel mi se par foarte avantajoase aceste site-uri, dar in acelasi timp as distruge toate serverele si tot sistemul de micro-stock.
Bineinteles ca fotografiile de pe mstock sunt foarte slabe comparativ cu cele profesionale gen corbis.
Site-urile precum corbis, getimages, etc ... au pierdut mult teren(cred) din cauza acestor micro-stock-uri.

Da, am si eu poze puse la vanzare pe .Mi-am pus pozele acolo pentru ca, cu banii pe care "ii fac" pot sa-mi cumpar credite pentru a putea downloada poze.

Asa ca ... daca vreti o fotografie ... pardon, o poza pentru un calendar de 10x15cm intrati pe site-uri de micro-stock si cautati acolo material mult ... dar nu bun :)

La multi ani !
Greu de spus ce ne rezerva viitorul - de Dinu Lazar la: 02/01/2006 20:06:41
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
E un alt amic care pune punctul pe i cu afacerea cu stockul eftin:

There is a mention in all Small Business Trend Reports for 2006 about "avocation" and hobbies turning into business, explaining how anyone with a certain knowlegde on certain area previously considered a hobby will make it's best effort to turn it into a cash flow, and drmatically , the subject of digital photography is cited as a primary example of this "side business", and we have to expect more photo hobbists uploading images to websites devoted to capture these market niche. This has nothing to do with RF or RM. It's the "easiness" of Digital Photography to provide good files shot by your neighbour, who got his camera during Christmas.

It follows that it makes no sense to fingger point this or that photographer , for doing this or that once or twice, as the number of "professional" photographers involved in these sites is marginal compared to the number of weekend photographers who may get some "good enough" images taken during their holiday trips, which may eventually end up being bought by someone , specially when pricing for these images move around 1$ per download.

For these hobbbyst, anything above 1$ is a profit obtained from a side business, while they still secure their income from a steady 9 to 5 job. We have to look for other options and other markets, as this "emerging" one is growing non stop, and hobbyst don't give a damn about copyright, RF or RM and never will , if they get an additional 200 $ check at the end of each month. At the end of the year that might mean somewhere around 2-3 thousand dollars which may pay for the next holiday trip!. Makes total sense.
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Mare e gradina lu` al de sus... cea mai tare chestie... - de Dinu Lazar la: 04/01/2006 08:57:50
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
My new enterprise, SuckerStock, continues to take shape. The business
model is still being refined, but I can release the news that it will be
the first site where photographers will pay a small fee, less than $1.00,
for each download of their images.

SuckerStock is a natural evolution of stock pricing schemes, from RM
to RF to subscription to micro to our new opportunity, which we are
calling "debit stock." Our test marketing leads us to believe we will blow away
the quantity of downloads from micro sites, as there is an
incentive for the downloader to download as many images as possible in
order to increase income. The photographer benefits, of course, through much
more extensive dissemination of their work; and, as with
all the others RF schemes and models, the photographers who sign up
with us first will be at the top of the pyramid as the innovation hits the marketplace.
There will even be an opportunity for photographers to
pay for the promotion of the site in all the major publications and online
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Cursuri de matematica si fizica online!
Incearca-le gratuit acum

Peste 3500 de videouri de cursuri cu teorie, teste si exemple explicate