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banc de dimineata: Fleas!! - de Horia D la: 18/03/2005 15:09:22
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
Two fleas had an arrangement to meet every winter in Miami for a vacation.

Last year when one flea got to Miami, he was shivering and shaking. The other flea asked him, Why are you shaking so badly? The first flea said, "I rode down here from Jersey in the moustache of a guy on a Harley." The other flea responded, "That's the worst way to travel. Try what I do. Go to the airport bar have a few drinks. While you are there, look for a nice & pretty stewardess. Crawl up her leg and nestle where it is warm and cozy. It's the best way to travel I can think of." The first flea thanked the second flea and said he would give it a try next winter. A year goes by & when the first flea shows up in Miami, he is shivering and shaking again. The second flea asks, "Didn't you try what I told you?" "Yes", says the first flea, "I did exactly as you said. I went to the airport bar, I had a few drinks.Finally this nice young stewardess came in. I crawled right up to her warm cozy spot. It was so nice and warm that I fell asleep. When I woke up I was back in the moustache of a guy on a Harley."
Facial Reflectance Field Demo - de Mihai Marincean la: 19/03/2005 12:44:37
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)

"This demo allows you to virtually relight real faces. You can light the subject as if they were in a variety of real lighting environments captured from around the world, or position and adjust your own virtual lights to achieve whatever effect you desire."
1 aprilie marca tsunami? - de Dinu Lazar la: 22/03/2005 21:16:27
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Mie nu imi suna bine chestia asta:

Dear Friends,
I am Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka from Kathmandu, Nepal and I am 22 years old guy. I am student and I am doing my BA in English, Sociology and Anthropology. I am also learning photography but as my first work, I got the job at a local newspaper to shot photo for them and I was sent to take photographs of Andaman and NICO bar islands in India. But it was that I was also hit by the tsunami and I lost my camera and a good friend that help me in all my troubles and problems. I was also injured by that nightmare and have a pierce a nail in my right hand over an elbow, but I was a lucky one that I survive but I feel myself guilty because my friend did not want to go over there but I presser him to go with me. Because of me he lost his life, so I feel that I will never touch the camera and never take any photo in my life but back in home in Nepal. I find a note book of my lost friend in my room that was filled with his word about me and he wanted to me be a famous photographer and film makers. He was an orphan so my mom treats him as her own son so he feels that I was a brother to him, so he wanted me to be a good and famous photographer of Nepal. I did not even get the body of my brother, now I am quite well but as I uplift any heavy things with my right hand it hurt like hell. By time pass physical wound will heal but the wound that I got on my heart never heals. So I thought to start over again my friend dreams. So I have to start from nothing because I have lost my all camera. So I beg you to send me any SLR camera as donations or I will pay you back but only as installments of 100 US$ each installment. I was using Nikon FM 10 with 28-80-2.8 lens. It is best for me if you can send me Nikon FM10 w/35-70mm lens Or 500 US$. I will pay you back I promise you, so please do help me. You can also send me any other books or note books about photography and other cameras that you do not use. It will be very helpful for me, the world is changing a lot with digital camera and I love to get one, if any body have one that you do not use that or you get new one than please do send me that too with its all manual and soft wear for that I will pay you back or as donations.
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CT Popescu dumnezeu - de ampop la: 24/03/2005 08:42:16
(la: CTP si-a dat demisia. Bine sau rau pentru presa romaneasca?)
Nu contest calitatile lui CTP dar devenise in ultima vreme un fel de dumnezeu al presei romanesti. Cu alura sa severa, seroasa, emitea din Olimpul Casei Scanteii judecati de valoare, forma opinii pentru prostime...poate ca a fost necesara o mica umilinta pentru ca inainte de toate si CTP este om. Lumea presei este deseori controlata de relatii oculte, de potentatii vremii si de ce nu, in prezent de clepticratia rosie la putere in Romania. Tinu probabil a fost victima aceleiasi cleptocratii, cand nu a mai "jucat" cum i-a cantat "sistemul". Acum CTP este inlaturat probabil din alte o fi nici el pe placul "sistemului" ori "sistemul' s-a folosit de el si acum il arunca la cosul de gunoi. Vom vedea daca CTP mai poate sau este "lasat" de "sistem" sa-si revina la linia de plutire si sa editeze un ziar nou. Nu am fost niciodata un fan al lui CTP dar ii recunosc calitatile jurnalistice. Si imi aduc aminte cum CTP il inclotea pe "Iepuras" in campania electorala din toamna, fiind partinitor fata de "Ursulet". Sa fie oare iepurasul cel ce s-a razbunat pe CTP..." "manastire-ntre picior" (cum zicea o buna prietena maghiara) :)...."Every gambler knows that the secret of surviving 's knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep, Cause every hand 's a winner and evrey hand 's a looser...and the best that you can hope for is to DIE INTO SLEEP" .
No comment! - de ampop la: 24/03/2005 10:39:32
(la: Terri Schiavo , eutanasia pro sau contra?)
March 23, 2005
Doctor says Terri is Aware and Feels Pain - Updated
From the NRO: A doctor who has seen Terri Schiavo this month says she seems to be aware of what's going on and appears to feel pain. [pdf file]

William Polk Cheshire, Jr., M.D,. M.A, a neurologist practicing the State of Florida who believes that it can be ethically permissible to discontinue artificially provided nutrition and hydration for persons in a permanent vegetative state. He writes,

Having now reviewed the relevant facts, having met and observed Ms. Schiavo in person, and having reflected deeply on the moral and ethical issues, I would like to explain why I have changed my mind in regard to this particular case.
He explains that Terri was found by court appointed doctors to be in a state of PVS, meaning wakefulness without awareness and lacking the integrated function of the cerebral cortex. Related to Terri's PVS diagnosis he suggests,
There remain, in fact, huge uncertainties, in regard to Terri’s true neurological status. Although exploring such questions may be uncomfortable, I believe that medicine has an obligation to ascertain the neurological facts to the highest possible degree of certainty.
One of his first statements in the seven page document addresses the lack of adequate medical imaging for the purpose of diagnosis. He states,
Although Terri has undergone structural imaging studies of her brain (such as the CT scan which I have reviewed). She ahas not, to my knowledge, undergoing functional imaging studies, such as positron emission topography (PET) or functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). The structural studies have shown substantial loss of cerebral cortex which was deprives of blood supply for more than 40 minutes in 1990, but there does remain some cerebral cortex.
He follows with a lengthy summary of his direct examination of Terri, medical records, and hours of video tape. I've (roughly) reproduced it below (emphasis mine).

Based on my review of extensive medical records documenting Terri’s care over the years, on my personal observations of Terri, and on my observations of Terri’s responses in the many hours of videotapes taken in 2002, she demonstrates a number of behaviors that I believe case a reasonable doubt on the prior diagnosis of PVS.
Her behavior is frequently context-specific. For example, her facial expression brightens and she smiles in response to the voice of familiar persons such as her parents or her nurse. Her agitation subsides and her facial demeanor soften when quiet music is played. When jubilant piano music is played, her face brightens, she lifts her eyebrows, smiles, and even laughs. Her lateral gaze toward the tape player is sustained for many minutes. Several times I witnessed Terri briefly, albeit inconsistently, laugh in response to a humorous comment someone in the room had made. I did not see her laugh in the absence of someone else’s laughter.
Although she does not seem to track or follow visual objects consistently or for long periods of time, she does fixate her gaze on colorful objects or human faces for some 15 seconds at a time and occasionally follow with her eyes at least briefly as these objects move from side to side. When I first walked into her room, she immediately turned her head toward me and looked directly at my face. There was a look of curiosity or expectation in her express, and she maintained eye contact for about half a minute. Later, when she again looked at me, she brought her lips together as if to pronounce the letter "O", and although for a moment it appeared that she might be making an intentional effort to speak, her fade then fell blank, and no words came out.
Although I did not hear Terri utter distinct words, she demonstrates emotional expressivity by her use of single syllable vocalizations such as "ah," making cooing sounds, or by expressing guttural sounds of annoyance or moaning appropriate to the context of the situation. The context-specific range and variability of her vocalizations suggest at least a reasonable probability of the processing of emotional thought within her brain. There have been reports of Terri rarely using actual words specific to her situational context. The July 25, 2003 affidavit of speech pathologist Sara Green Mele, MS, on page 6, reads, "The records of Mediplex reflect the fact that she has said ‘stop’ in apparent response to a medical procedure being done to her." The Adult Protective Services team has been unable to retrieve those original medical records I this instance.
Although Terri has not consistently followed commands there appear to be some notable exceptions. In the taped examination by Dr. Hammesfahr from 2002, when asked to close her eyes she began to blink repeatedly. Although it was unclear whether she squeezed her grip when asked, she did appear to raise her right leg four times in succession each time she was asked to do so. Rehabilitation notes from 1991 indicated that she tracked inconsistently, and although did not develop a yes/no communication system, did follow some commands inconsistently and demonstrated good eye contact of family members.
There is a remarkable moment in the videotape of the September 3, 2002 examination by Dr. Hammesfahr that seemed to go unnoticed at the time. At 2:44 p.m., Dr. Hammesfahr had just turned Terri onto her right side to examine her back with a painful sharp stimulus (a sharp piece of wood), to which Terri had responded with signs of discomfort. Well after he ceased applying the stimulus and had returned Terri to a comfortable position, he says to her parents, "So, we’re going to have to roll her over ...," Immediately Terri cries. She vocalizes a crying sound, "Ugh, ha, ha, ha," presses her eyebrows together, and sadly grimaces. It is important to note that, at that moment, no one is touching Terri or causing actual pain. Rather, she appears to comprehend the meaning of Dr. Hammesfahr’s comment and signals her anticipation of pain. This response suggests some degree of language processing and interpretation at the level of the cerebral cortex.
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ziua buna belle - de anisia la: 24/03/2005 14:06:31
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
ai facut ochisori? uite aici o cana mare de cafea sa te trezesti mai bine ... (_)o
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...viata bate filmul. Si digitalul, desigur. - de Dinu Lazar la: 26/03/2005 17:47:51
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Pentru cine mai are indoieli, un citat si un link:

As a professional photographer with over 30 years experience and exhibited at many venues, I can say that the print I produced this afternoon is better than anything I have ever done in the darkroom. The print has sharpness, great colour saturation and all the qualities that I would expect from a wet chemistry photograph, let alone a digital print. It is stunning. Any photographer who questions the quality or merit of a digital print compared to a wet chemistry print need only look at the output from the R1800.
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Si inca un citat si un link - de Dinu Lazar la: 26/03/2005 17:51:59
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Pentru jmekerii care dau sfaturi prin forumurile dimbovitzene sa faca fraierii intii poze pe film, ca cica sanchi asa se invatza:

Canon have made a big mistake with the 350D camera. The mistake is, that this camera is going to kill off their film camera sector. Once you have touched and used the 350D you won't want anything less. I had an afternoon playing with this camera and all I can say is WOW!! Canon has done it again. This camera is fast, versatile and sexy. In short it is desirable beyond belief - I would swap my entire 35mm film gear for it and throw in my wife too.
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(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
The seismic transformation from film to digital has left both clients and photographers alike unsure how and what to charge for photographs taken and supplied digitally.

The issue was clear when film was the norm, and during the recent transition period of shooting film but delivering a digital scan. Clients would pay for film costs and processing, and would receive processed scans as an additional service, paying scanning fees either to the photographer or to a processing lab.

In the photographer's case these fees went wholly or partially towards the additional expenses incurred in digital production - simply put, the costs of the computer, monitor, calibration equipment, scanner and photo-processing software (Photoshop), investment in acquiring the necessary skills, and of course the additional labour time now spent after each job, scanning individual film into 'ready to use' RGB digital files.

Now however, film, ‘wet’ processing and the presentation of prints, transparencies or even scans from film is steadily fading.

Digital capture is now the norm in the overwhelming degree of cases - but the 'virtual' nature of digital images has left some clients thinking there are no longer any costs to pay beyond the photographer's initial commission fee.

And many photographers who are in no doubt about the additional costs they still have to bear, charge for those costs in ways that confuse not only their clients but also themselves.

So what should photographers be charging for, and why?

They no longer have to pay for film & processing, so some would argue, neither should their clients.

But photographers still have to supply their intellectual property - photographs - in a material form. They do so in the form of processed digital image files*, digitally transmitted to clients or delivered on digital media (CD, DVD).

That is the service photographers now provide & must charge their clients for - their costs of capturing, processing, transmitting and presenting the images on digital media to clients.

This service requires the appropriate equipment, skills and labour time, and so fees must be levied to clients (in the same way as a film scanning fee) that goes wholly or partially towards the additional expenses incurred in digital production.

So perhaps the question would be better re-phrased as follows: What services do clients require, and what should they pay?

Some clients say they require nothing more than the files straight from the camera (sometimes the entire contents of the camera card) and claim they should pay no more than the commission fee itself, by asserting that these ‘digits’ cost the photographer nothing, and should therefore not be charged to the client.

Firstly, this is not true.

In order to produce digital images, the photographer has to meet the huge capital cost of professional digital cameras, which cost 3-4 times more than film cameras, and require replacement in less than half the time of their film equivalents (The life span of professional digital cameras is currently about two years before replacement, whereas film cameras could last a decade or more).

Secondly, the frequent dismissal of these capital costs on the grounds that they save photographers money in film and lab bills is not true either.

The photographer used to pass these film/lab production charges directly on to the client IN ADDITION to the commission fee, so nothing is being saved by the photographer, who is now facing the extra costs of producing digital images, which now, as then, has to be met one way or another by the client.

The ‘straight from the camera’ supply of digital files is deeply unsatisfactory for photographers and clients, and the practice of handing over the entire contents of a camera card for the commission fee - commonly referred to in justly unflattering terms as a 'Dump and Run' - cannot be endorsed or encouraged by the NUJ.

The client gets unedited digital files, including all the under and overexposed frames, the unsharp frames and all the "indecisive" moments.
Moreover, digital files that are correctly exposed but otherwise uncorrected or processed in imaging software like Photoshop rarely match the quality of original prints or transparencies, or the scans photographers used to make from them.

It also provides no way of tracking image usage, due to the amount of files handed over, lack of captions or photographer credit on each file, and with widespread ignorance about the licensing of images**, constitutes a virtually 'Royalty Free' handover of images from the photographer without appropriate payment.

(This should be distinguished from the legitimate professional need for unprocessed files on some occasions – for example a newspaper requiring a picture wired on a very tight deadline. However, the photographer should in these cases still provide AN EDIT of their shoot, which should be captioned accordingly with copyright details – not the whole card, and licensing usage should always be confirmed beforehand).

Photographers take pride in providing an edited selection of colour corrected, sharpened & captioned photographs - in short, working professionally - the way they always have, by presenting an edited, processed, captioned set of prints, transparencies and images.

So professionally prepared files are the best way of supplying photographs for both photographer and client - they are after all exactly what the client previously received in the form of prints, transparencies or scans from film.

And charging for the production of professional files is also the most appropriate way of meeting digital costs. They can either be charged for individually, or in bulk at an hourly rate if appropriate.

It should be remembered here that in addition to meeting the capital costs of digital cameras, and charging for extra labour time, the photographer has to meet the costs of running a 'digital darkroom'. These include the capital cost of computers that become obsolete almost as fast as the cameras, monitors and software.

In addition photographers charge for digital delivery, either by burning to CD/DVD, or by digital transmission, and also digital archiving on a hard drive or storable media.

Here then is a guide to digital charges recommended by the NUJ, to create a transparent and open system that fairly rewards photographers for both their time and expertise, as well as one that informs buyers of photography what they should expect for their money.

The guide works through a typical digital photographer’s workflow – from digital capture through to the presentation of processed files.

Digital or inkjet contact sheets - £20.00 per contact sheet.

Processed digital image file (or scan from film) - £15.00 per file.

Bulk processing of digital files - £100.00 per hour for orders over 7 files (minimum fee one hour)

(A contact sheet is in effect ‘the contents of the camera card’, but is a preview for client choice and photographer processing – a legitimate and more transparent alternative to a ‘Dump and Run’, as the client can choose how many files they need processing on an amount or cost basis, in consultation with the photographer)

Burning files to CD - £10.00 per CD

Burning files to DVD - £20.00 per DVD

Digital Transmission - £20.00 for up to 10 images.

Each further transmission after the first 10 - £2.00 surcharge on each image (£15.00 plus £2.00 = £17.00)

VAT is added at the standard rate where the photographer is VAT registered.

NB: these charges are applicable only to editorial and PR photography for newspaper and magazines. Digital charges for medium to large format and studio work will be higher, especially where files are converted from RGB to CMYK, and proof prints are supplied.

A processed digital image file is a file that is cleaned, cropped and colour corrected for appropriate use in print or the Web, and captioned with IPTC information. For further definitions and guidelines, please refer to the NUJ Digital Processing Guide, which provides a basic outline.

* Photographers, particularly freelances, do not sell their images to clients - they ‘license’ the use of the image for a specific purpose and time frame for an appropriate fee, and issue a simple license agreement and Terms and Conditions in their delivery note. The license, in conjunction with covering digital costs and the photographers commission fee constitutes their ‘fee for the job’, and can vary from job to job. For further definitions and guidelines, please refer to the NUJ Photographic Licensing Guide, which provides a basic outline.
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Photoshop CS2 - de Mihai Marincean la: 29/03/2005 15:26:48
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
"International versions are expected to begin shipping in late May and early June. Adobe Photoshop CS2 will be available for an estimated street price of US$599 and licensed users of any previous version of Photoshop can upgrade for US$149."

Ha! As face un upgrade la CS2 pentru 149$, doar ca la noi CS-ul costa 849$ iar upgrade-ul e "doar" 240$. Oare la softuri nu se baga accize? La preturile astea sint clar produse de lux. :)

servus belle, - de Jimmy_Cecilia la: 30/03/2005 14:27:55
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
deocamdata, de azi dimineata am dezinstalat si reinstalat internetul aol,
ca era complect detracat de

alaltaieri am sosit la ora 14H30, a fost o zi splendida, dar ieri dupa masa a plouat, iar azi e innourat,
parca ma bate in cap timpul asta...

am facut focul si stau la caldurica, sunt abia 16°C afara, ma demoralizeaza...

tocmai mi-am facut o cafea, belle,
iti ofer o cana :)
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buna idee - de alex boldea la: 01/04/2005 09:40:40
(la: Motto-ul zilei)
hmm... cuvinte intelepte vrei...
e greu la ora asta a diminetii, nu imi vine in minte decat "rau nu e ce intra in gura omului, rau e ce iese" dar daca imi ceri sa spun si cine e autorul, chiar nu ma stiu... dar era faimos :)

beauty can't be seen, but only kissed
dragostea nu are varsta... - de scouty_tam la: 01/04/2005 16:28:15
(la: Cata importanta are diferenta mare de varsta intre parteneri?)
Zodiacul chinezesc spune ca... exact acele cupluri in care diferenta dintre parteneri este de 7 ani... sunt cele mai armonioase. E vorba acolo, de compatibilitati calculate dupa astre si alte observatii facute dupa o perioada destul de mare de timp si... generatii.

Cum nu cred 100% in zodiace, pot cita ca 'dragostea nu are varsta'. Evident, asta poate fi interpretata din doua puncte de vedere:
1. Dragostea care dureaza... si dureaza... si dureaza (sa nu-mi spuneti ca starea de indragostire este permanenta, ca nu va cred) din cauze de dragoste, indragostire, comunicare, negociere, surpriza, cooperare.
2. Dragostea dintre partenerii care nu au aceeasi varsta (cu diferente mari) care dureaza... dureaza... dureaza... tot datorita celor mai sus enumerate.

Voi introduce un fragment original din cartea 'High fidelity' - Nick Hornby. Nu va pot demonstra, in nici un caz, ca exista mai multi oameni care gandesc altfel... decat 'normal-ul' celorlalti (si aici... hai sa vedem ce-i aia 'normalitate') dar se gasesc :>

'Read any woman's magazine and you'll se the same complaint over and over again: men - those little boys ten or twenty or thirty years on- are hopeless in bed. They are not interested in 'foreplay'; they have no desire to stimulate the erogenous zones of the opposite sex; they are selfish, greedy, clumsy, unsophisticated. These complains, you can't help feeling, are kind of ironic. Back then, all we wanted was foreplay, and girls weren't interested. They didn't want to be touched, caressed, stimulated, aroused; in fact, they used to thump us if we tried. It's not really very surprising, then, that we're not much good at all that. We spent two or three long and extremely formative years being told very forcibly not even to think about it. Between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four, foreplay changes from being something that women want and men can't be bothered with. (Or so they say. Me, I like foreplay - mostly because the times when all I wanted to do was touch are alarmingly fresh in my mind.) The perfect match, if you ask me, is between the Cosmo woman and the fourteen-year-old boy.'

... sau iubirea nu are limite... depinde cum trasneste. Sunt prea multi factori si prea multe astre in calcule, ca sa spunem ca exista doar interese, cand se face evaluarea unui cuplu, cu parteneri de varste diferite.
Surreal but nice
Alergam dupa o fantoma si can - de Horia D la: 01/04/2005 16:52:16
(la: Drumul spre inima)
Alergam dupa o fantoma si cand o prindem – sub forma de mai multi bani, mai multe distractii, mai mult confort, etc – ne dam seama ca am ajuns doar la o fericire efemera.

dar eu sunt shallow, si ma multumesc cu o fericire efemera:))
si drumul catre inima, trece prin stomac:))
Ia plugul neamule, ca veni primavara si se merge la arat - de Dinu Lazar la: 03/04/2005 16:51:08
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Rob Miller released a plugin called VignettingRemover (for Windows), which can be used with 8bit and 16bit RGB images. It is primarily meant for removing vignetting from astronomical photos, but it can also be used for normal photos. It is freeware, but the author asks you to donate $5 if you like it.

Two more plugins have been added to the Photo-Plugins collection (for Windows). Lens Corrector removes barrel or pincushion distortions and Selective Saturation applies saturation adjustments to areas with a certain saturation. All Photo-Plugins are freely usable, but George appreciates donations via Paypal that help to cover his web site fees.

Richard Rosenman added two new plugins (for Windows) to his vast collection. Pinocchio is a fun tool that lets you prolong the nose of people in photos by dragging it in the preview. Color Replacer performs selective color replacements.

XLProfiler (for Windows) is a freeware ICC profiler for digital cameras and scanners, it is a combination of a Microsoft Excel Workbook and a standard Adobe Photoshop plug-in filter. The procedure looks quite complex, so you need to invest some time.

Cybia updated his free brush packs for Photoshop, PSP and GIMP (for Win/Mac). You can now download 4 packs of FREE brushes, containing a total of 1100 individual tips. Cybia also offers 5 commercial brush packs for $10 each.

PhotoFiltre (for Windows) is an image editing tool with a lot of nice features. Many interesting plugins, which only work in PhotoFiltre, are also available for it. PhotoFiltre is free for a private, non-commercial or educational use (including non-profit organizations). Paradoxically it isn't possible to register it at the moment, so you are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes, which is a bit weird.

The free LE version of Ultimate Paint 2.86 (for Windows) works just like the commercial version, but does not support Adobe plugins and has only 20 image filters built-in. It is meant to be a replacement for Ultimate FX which isn't officially supported any more.

The free Personal Learning Edition of Alias MotionBuilder (for Win/Mac) is a character performance and animation package for non-commercial use. It offers all features of MotionBuilder Standard 6, but doesn't allow exporting to FBX, an application independent 3D format.

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Exista si la noi, si inca foarte multe feluri... - de camyb1981 la: 06/04/2005 14:22:14
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
Se gasesc chiar niste condimente, pe care scrie "herbes fines" dupa modelul frantuzesc, daca nu cumva sint chiar importate de la ei.Pentru cei care nu sunt mari cunoscatori in domeniu (si eu printre ei:) iti indica si la ce mincare sa le folosesti, ca sa nu faci vreo gafa culinara:) si mai mult, exista niste pliculete mici (gen supa la cana), astfel incit daca nu sint pe gustul tau, nu te costa mult si nu-ti ramine de aruncat. Varianta pliculetelor exista pentru zeci de condimente, auzite si neauzite sint rafturi intregi in supermarket.

"Opreste trecerea. Stiu ca unde nu e moarte nu e nici iubire , si totusi te rog: opreste, Doamne, ceasornicul cu care ne masori destramarea."
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Ma bagai si eu ca musca-n lapte:)) - de camyb1981 la: 06/04/2005 14:23:51
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
Exista si la noi, si inca foarte multe feluri...
Se gasesc chiar niste condimente, pe care scrie "herbes fines" dupa modelul frantuzesc, daca nu cumva sint chiar importate de la ei.Pentru cei care nu sunt mari cunoscatori in domeniu (si eu printre ei:) iti indica si la ce mincare sa le folosesti, ca sa nu faci vreo gafa culinara:) si mai mult, exista niste pliculete mici (gen supa la cana), astfel incit daca nu sint pe gustul tau, nu te costa mult si nu-ti ramine de aruncat. Varianta pliculetelor exista pentru zeci de condimente, auzite si neauzite sint rafturi intregi in supermarket.

Spor la cumparaturi!

"Opreste trecerea. Stiu ca unde nu e moarte nu e nici iubire , si totusi te rog: opreste, Doamne, ceasornicul cu care ne masori destramarea."
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Belle, - de Jimmy_Cecilia la: 07/04/2005 17:48:58
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
aici in FR gasesti toate aluaturile in hyper si supermarket,
in congelate...
insa n-au nici o data acelasi gust cu cele facute acasa...

mama le face pe toate acasa...
cum iti ziceam, eu nu-s prea prajituri,
apoi nu prea am timp...

dar la ce-mi place... comand la mama...
eu ce fac des, este cremesul, doar crema si o pun in cesti..
ca si asa nu mananc nici o data aluatul... :))

mai fac prajiturile cu fructe, gen "clafuti", ca si cea in retzeta cu prune
un fel de coca de clatite putin mai groasa, in care amestec fructele

si prajitura cu iaurt, unde pun fructe in bucati si strugurei, pe care-i las la inceput sa macereze in apa calda cu rhum

in rest multa frisca, o fac acasa din smantana fluida, o pun peste tot:
savarina, peste capsuni, zmeura, fructe, salata de fructe
o mai si mananc asa goala, cu lingura... :))

si uitasem: fac cafea turceasca, o pun in cani sa se raceasca,
iar deasupra 2 linguri de frisca... servita rece...mmmmmmm... :))
cu un praf de cardamom deasupra..
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i love it!!!! - de ingerash la: 07/04/2005 22:02:42
(la: ganduri...)
am citit-o pe toata ( pe bune! ) si...... mi-a ajuns la suflet, a atins ceva, pe/de undeva din "adanc" .....suna ca o despartire prea timpurie...
o durere, invizibila, dar prea mare...suferi in tacere,departe de toti si toate, departe de parca ma doare si pe mine....uf, dar e o durere atat de placuta....
de ce toate lucrurile bune dor? si de ce se termina atat de repede?
nu stiu daca ti-am mai zis ( asta e din cauza scurtei mele memorii ), dar iti zic acum: imi place cum simti!!!

p.s: can we chat on messenger some time? pls, i really wanna know u better, if u'll allow me to ( am mania de incerca, cel putin, sa-i inteleg pe ceilalti si, bineinteles, o curiozitate imensa .....)

p.s2: daca n-ai gasit id-ul meu, uite-l aici: ingerash4luv

Adevaratele dureri sunt cele pe care le duci in tacere si de care nu vrei sa fii nici compatimit, nici mangaiat....
cura cea frumoasa - de 26octombrie la: 08/04/2005 13:26:27
(la: Cu ce regim ati reusit sa slabiti?)
nu trebuie sa bei jumatate de litru decat diminata, cand te trezesti, inainte de prima masa. Evident, e indicat sa bei toata ziua cat mai multe lichide. Eu imi fac ceaiuri, cate 2 litri odata si cam la fiecare tigara (oops!) beau o cana de ceai..
poti sa prepari alimentele cum vrei tu, mai putin prajit. tot ce e prajit face o pelicula de grasime care incetineste digestia. daca vrei, voi cauta pe acasa cele doua pagini cu cura, unde totul e mai in detaliu decat am putut eu scrie aici si ti le voi trimite pe mail, dar asta next week, ok?
Multa bafta. Eu tocmai mi-am improspatat garderoba si ma simt tare, tare bine in pielea mea!! Sa-ti traiasca bebe-ul (fata? baiat?)!
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