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Teste cu rezolvari complete, cursuri cu teorie si exemple explicate
ivy - uite si un check pufos - de anisia la: 28/10/2004 16:40:10
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata)
7 albusuri le bati bine cu 2 cani de zahar pina iese spuma ca la bezea. apoi adaugi peste 7 linguri de ulei si amesteci incet, apoi 7 galbenusuri unu cate unu, apoi 2 cani de faina si la sfarsit 1 praf de copt stins in zeama de lamaie.
tapetezi cu ulei si faina doua tavi mari de cozonac din alea lungi. si pui aproape toata compozitia. opresti un pic care sa o amesteci cu cacao si sa o pui peste. si cu lingurita amesteci asa prin forma, ca sa se imbine si sa iasa formele alea ciudate de cacao cand se coace checkul.
se coace la mijlocul cuptorului la foc potrivit.
incerci cu un pai daca s-a copt.daca nu ramine aluat pe pai atunci e copt.cind il scoti din tava, asa fierbinte, il pudrezi cu zahar pudra.
sper sa iti placa . mie imi place foarte mult.
Sa nu uitam de cei mai tristi ca noi!
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ptr. Zamolxe - de SB_one la: 12/11/2003 15:16:14
(la: Irak)
Ai vorbit ca un tarabostes; nu-mi ramine decit sa adaug cele de mai jos.

> This will get you fired up!
> I wonder how many people are aware of this information. Love him or
> loath him, he nailed this one right on the head
> By Rush Limbaugh:
> I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the
> September 11 casualty and those who die serving the country in Uniform
> are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you
> just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11.
> Well, I just can't let the numbers pass by because it says something
> really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country.
> If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to
> get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of
> $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million.
> If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed In
> action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half
> of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are
> the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry.
> And there's a payment of $211 per month for each child under 18. When
> the child hits 18, those payments come to a screeching halt.
> Keep in mind that some of the people who are getting an average of
> $1.185 million up to $4.7 million are complaining that it's not enough.
> Their deaths were tragic, but for most, they were simply in the wrong
> place at the wrong time. Soldiers put themselves in harms way FOR ALL
> OF US, and they and their families know the dangers.
> We also learned over the weekend that some of the victims from the
> Oklahoma City bombing have started an organization asking for the same
> deal that the September 11 families are getting. In addition to that,
> some of the families of those bombed in the embassies are now asking for
> compensation as well.
> You see where this is going, don't you? Folks, this is part and parcel
> of over 50 years of entitlement politics in this country. It's just
> really sad.
> Every time a pay raise comes up for the military, they usually receive
> next to nothing of a raise. Now the green machine is in combat in the
> Middle East while their families have to survive on food stamps and live
> in low-rent housing. Make sense?
> However, our own U.S. Congress just voted themselves a raise, and many
> of you don't know that they only have to be in Congress one time to
> receive a pension that is more than $15,000 per month, and most are now
> equal to being millionaires plus. They also do not receive Social
> Security on retirement because they didn't have to pay into the system.
> If some of the military people stay in for 20 years and get out as an
> E-7, you may receive a pension of $1,000 per month, and the very people
> who placed you in harm's way receive a pension of $15,000 per month. I
> would like to see our elected officials pick up a weapon and join ranks
> before they start cutting out benefits and lowering pay for our sons and
> daughters who are now fighting.
> "When do we finally do something about this?" If this doesn't seem fair
> to you, it is time to forward this to as many people as you can.
> If your interested there is more............
> This must be a campaign issue in 2004. Keep it going. SOCIAL SECURITY:
> (This is worth the read. It's short and to the point.)
> Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during election years. Our
> Senators and Congressmen do not pay into Social Security. Many years
> ago they voted in their own benefit plan. In more recent years, no
> congressperson has felt the need to change it. For all practical
> purposes their plan works like this:
> When they retire, they continue to draw the same pay until they die,
> except it may increase from time to time for cost of living adjustments.
> For example, former Senator Byrd and Congressman White and their wives
> may expect to draw $7,800,000 - that's Seven Million, Eight Hundred
> Thousand), with their wives drawing $275,000.00 during the last years of
> their lives. This is calculated on an average life span for each.
> Their cost for this excellent plan is $00.00. These little perks they
> voted for themselves is free to them. You and I pick up the tab for
> this plan. The funds for this fine retirement plan come directly from
> the General Fund--our tax dollars at work! From our own Social Security
> Plan, which you and I pay (or have paid) into --every payday until we
> retire (which amount is matched by our employer) --we can expect to get
> an average $1,000 per month after retirement. Or, in other words, we
> would have to collect our average of $1,000 monthly benefits for 68
> years and one month to equal Senator Bill Bradley's benefits!
> Social Security could be very good if only one small change were made.
> And that change would be to jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan from
> under the Senators and Congressmen. Put them into the Social Security
> plan with the rest of us and then watch how fast they would fix it.
> If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of awareness will be planted
> and maybe good changes will evolve. WE, each one of us... can make a
> difference..
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Buna intrebare! De fapt am avut o serie de slujbe. Am muncit intr-o fabrica, am spalat vase, etc. Nu am lucrat intr-un supermarket, dupa
cum spune presa. Am lucrat la un magazin general, unde am fost
casier, am vindut televizoare. La inceput mi-a fost rusine de toate
slujbele pe care le-am avut, dar mi-am dat seama ca rusinea era a
mea si numai a mea. Mentalitatea romaneasca cu care am venit, ca munca e impartita in munca de jos si cariera....s-a dizolvat repede aici. Muncesti, iti iei checkul la banca, iti platesti datoriile. Nu e nici o rusine in asta. Nu spun ca societatate americana nu e
stratificata (desi idea asta este una dintre iluziile initiale), dar
aici munca e onorata, chiar pina la punctul ca nu mai stim cum sa ne
petrecem timpul liber (acum vorbeste americanul din mine).
Totul a fost atit de nou, totul atit de proaspat, ca m-am simtit
"acasa" imediat. Desi am avut sentimente ambivalente despre noua mea
tara, m-am renascut din momentul in care am aterizat in New York.
Naivitate? Bineinteles! Dar in acel moment naivitatea mi-a folosit ca
un zid de aparare.
Am pictat din primele saptamini, cu o foame pa care n-o mai simtisem
de mult. In Romania, daca n-aveai pile, de-abia gaseai materiale. La
un moment dat, prin anii 80, am folosit pasta de dinti pentru ca nu
puteam gasi albul de titan in magazinele Fondului Plastic. La
institut se intra in functie de ce rude aveai, cu noroc, sau (ca
fata) cu cine te culcai. In liceu stiam dinainte cine va intra la
"Grigorescu." Asta nu lasa prea mult loc pentru cei saraci, ca mine,
care se zbateau sa deseneze, de bine, de rau, cu incapatinare si
speranta. Au fost si exceptii, bineinteles, citiva dintre fostii mei colegi sint personalitati importante ale artei contemporane romanesti. Sa ajunga unde sint astazi, le-au trebuit doze triple de curaj si perseverenta.

Am pictat multe peisaje romanesti, multe bazate pe vederile pe care
le-am luat din tara, multe pictate din memorie. Mai am citeva zeci de
lucrari de acum zece, doisprezece ani, si acum regret ca am vindut
majoritatea lor. Sentimentale? Poate, dar au fost sincere, nascute
din dorul de tara.
Lucram 8 ore pe zi ca vinzator, apoi ma duceam acasa, intr-un
apartament ieftin, unde jumatate de chirie era platita din ajutorul
HUD american (un ajutor financial pentru emigranti sau cei cu salariu sub limita saraciei) si pictam pina la miezul noptii. Cred ca pictura, ca si scrisul, m-au aparat de singuratate.
Nu ca aveam de o validare materiala a artei mele, dar cind mi-am vindut prima pinza cu trei sute de dolari in 1990, nu pot ascunde ca m-am simtit foarte, foarte mindru.
Apoi m-am inscris la facultate, desi de-abia incepusem sa "ghicesc"
limba. A fost un drum greu, incet, singuratic, frumos, care m-a
invatat despre umilinta, prietenie, tradare, natura umana in general.
Am primit burse in primii doi ani, si apoi am inceput sa-mi platesc
studiile. E o evolutie similara cu pata de grasime: incet, dar sigur.
Spun "a fost," dar drumul nu s-a terminat inca.

Cred ca n-am avut un "stil" pina prin 1997. Pina atunci totul a fost
cautare. Uneori ai idei pe care nu le poti aplica pentru ca nu stii
cum. Alteori, esti bun din punct de vedere tehnic, dar ideile sint
sarace. Miracolul se intimpla cind ideile iti intilnesc posibilitatile tehnicile.

Am citit si citesc enorm. Luam autobuzul la New York ca sa vad toate
expozitiile pe care le puteam vedea. Sint interesat in orice. Cind am
inceput sa scriu in engleza, schitele au inceput sa se amestece cu
fragmente de povestiri, frinturi de linii sa se interfereze cu
frinturi de idei. Am inceput sa incorporez text in picturile mele. La
inceput, mai mult ca grafica, frumusetea scrisului de mina amestecata
cu frumustetea unei culori, sau cu gesturalitatea unei linii. Astazi
colectionez scrisori vechi, fotografii anonime, care isi gasesc o
noua viata in lucrarile mele.

Problema cu cautarea unui stil este dificila: incerci sa pictezi ca
maestrii pe care-i admiri (bineinteles ca asta nu e o solutie), iti
dai seama ca ceea ce faci sint copii dupa artistii pe care-i admiri.
Cred ca trebuie sa uiti aproape tot ceea ce ai invatat ca sa ajungi
la un stil personal. E o vocatie destul de trista: pianistul da
concerte, e definit de o audienta, actorul deasemenea. Artistul
vizual e "redus" la micimea monastica a atelierului. John Cage
vorbeste foarte frumos despre starea asta, cind spune: "Cind lucrezi,
toti sint in atelierul tau: trecutul, prietenii, lumea artistica, si
mai mult decit orice, toate ideile tale. Toti sint acolo. Dar in timp
ce continui sa pictezi, ei incep sa plece, unul cite unul, si esti
lasat singur. Apoi, daca esti norocos, chiar si tu insuti pleci."
(traducere aproximativa).

O mare diferenta pentru mine a facut-o descoperirea artei americane,
pe care am detestat-o sau ridiculizat-o in Romania, pentru ca n-am
stiut nimic despre ea. Dupa citiva ani, am inceput sa descopar
vitalitatea ei nemaipomenita. Sint norocos ca am prieteni artisti aici care sint de 100 de ori mai buni decit mine (nu in sensul competitiei, arta n-are de-a face cu sportul), dar in sensul ca sint unici, in sensul in care arta lor e ca o continua lectie pentru mine.
Sint flamind de a invata. Prietenii mei mi-a dat curajul de a
experimenta, de a incerca lucruri noi, indiferent de opinia celor din
jurul meu.
Acum, ca profesor, pot sa spun ca invat multe si de la studentii mei.
Invat ceva in fiecare zi. E o bucurie aproape copilareasca de a fi in
atelier si a "crea" ceva. Arta e un mod de a te minuna zilnic, si in acelasi timp, dupa cum bine zice Twyla Tharp, un mod de a zice: multumesc.

Spun, mai in gluma, mai in serios, ca cea mai buna lucrare a mea este
lucrarea pe care n-am pictat-o inca. Cea mai reusita expozitie pe
care am tocmai avut-o aici, in octombrie, a fost culminarea acestor cautari. Dupa 14 ani de la plecare pot sa spun ca nu imi este
rusine de arta mea. Cred ca am inceput sa dezvolt un limbaj care e al
meu si numai al meu.
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REALITY CHECK - de sugary la: 30/12/2003 13:30:48
(la: Invatamantul din ziua de azi)
citind comentariile voatre m-a surprins partinirea--poate involuntara--de care dati dovada, cu atat mai vizibila cu cat balanta e intr-o perpetua confuzie: haideti sa o aducem la echilibru! in primul rand, toti vorbiti de the almighty curriculum--evident, cu un arsenal impresionant de critici--sau de atitudinea profesorilor-- poorly lacking din toate punctele de vedere--unii gasiti "material didactic" si in reale--ma hazardez oare sa le numesc chiar inteligente?--incercari de aliniere in randul tarilor europene.atacand exteriorul problemei, v-a scapat pe usa din spate esenta! daca sistemul de invatamant in romania se clatina--"daca" este superfluu:)--vinovat e...cerebelul! intra in scena vesnicul cliseu mioritic: tot raul porneste de sus, de la "bigwhigs", sau, ca sa fim mai pragmatici, de Jos, de la ochiul Dracului.pai cine munceste pe gratis, pentru satisfactie romania?! procentajul e mai mic ca ratele de la Flanco :).ipoteza: profesorii NU sunt institutii caritabile; demonstratie: daca functionarul lihnit, prapadit si batut de soarta isi goleste capul si se ingroapa in hartii 8 ore/zi => profesorul--care dupa examene si grade este platit mai prost ca gunoierul-- are si el dreptul sa faca minimul care ii este permis (tineti insa cont ca si "minimul" respectiv inseamna sa-si "ingroape" vocea in ore lungi si capete galagioase, putine capabile de ecouri with a twist).
in al doilea rand--cu riscul de a ma lungi--remediul unei programe stufoase este o minte limpede. cu toate ca incep sa ma simt o specie pe cale de disparitie, nu pot sa cred ca trebuie sa fi Balanta pentru a-ti gasi echilibru intre comentarii la romana si ecuatii la matematica (si, imi sopteste fratiorul, algoritme la informatica).TIP OF THE DAY: exista invatat fara tocit: exista "skim the text"--in cazul de fata "skim the syllabus". un adolescent rebel ar trebui sa stie sa nu inghita informatia cu polonicul, sa o purice, sa scoata surplusul de grasime si voila! SKIMMED FOOD FOR THOUGHT! daca stau sa ma gandesc bine, incalceala de dezincalcit creste populatia de celule cenusii, nu o imbuiba pana la BUM-ul proverbial cu mure-n gura!
Intrebarea daca lucrarile dumneavoastra vor fi cit de cit "vizibile" pe piata americana...foarte greu de raspuns. In primul rind: veti pleca in SUA pentru: 1.studii? emigrant? turist? In al doilea rind, se pare ca aveti dedicatia, si sper timpul si banii ca sa gasiti o fereastra in piata americana. Banii nu va vor cumpara un loc pe piata americana, pentru ca, in cele din urma, calitatea artei vorbeste de la sine, dar va trebui sa munciti foarte mult, de la timbre, pina la diapozitive. In Statele Unite traiesc o multime de artisti. Doar in New York City, de exemplu, locuiesc o suta de mii de artisti plastici. Zeci de mii de absolventi ale facultatilor de arte inunda piata americana in fiecare an. In 2001, artistii reprezentau aproape 2 la suta din forta de munca americana, cu vreo 2 milioane si jumatate de americani care declara ca sint "artisti." Doar 3 la suta dintre acesti artisti traiesc din vinzarea operelor de arta.

Ce v-as sfatui:
1. In ce fel credeti ca arta dumneavoastra e unica? Daca descoperiti asta, va va fi mai usor sa va explorati posibilitatile. Nu trimiteti portofolii peste tot. Analizati piata, tipul de galerie care v-ar putea reprezenta. Ceea ce e popular in New York nu se vinde in California. Scena artistica din Los Angeles e foarte diferita de cea din Texas. Una dintre greselile pe care le-am facut aici a fost acea de a trimite diapozitive la toate galeriile pe care le-am putut gasi in listele revistelor de arta de aici, fara sa ma interesez in ceea ce erau specializati. Banuiesc ca multe dintre portofoliile pe care le-am trimis au ajuns in cosul de gunoi foarte repede. Ar fi bine sa aveti pe cineva aici, in USA, care va poate ghida prin labirintul galeriilor si sistemului legal.
2. Revizuiti website-ul. Imaginile sint bune, prezentarea interesanta, dar sint multe greseli gramaticale in text, pe care cineva cu o foarte buna cunoastere a limbii engleze (americane) si romane le poate rectifica usor. Directorii de galerii primesc sute de portofolii in fiecare zi. Nu se uita la nimic care nu este aproape perfect. Editorii de reviste procedeaza la fel. Am avut o povestire care a stat timp de doi ani si jumatate pe biroul editoarei unei mari reviste din New York. Dupa doi ani si jumatate, povestirea a fost publicata, si chiar am primit un check substantial. Mai tirziu, editoarea mi-a spus ca ei citesc tot ce primesc, ceea ce inseamna aproape o mie de manuscrise pe saptamina! Invatati sa aveti rabdare de broasca testoasa si piele de rinocer.
3. Aveti rabdare si tineti evidenta a tuturor contactelor pe care le faceti.
4. Sper ca aveti un portofoliu solid, si multe seturi de diapozitive. De cele mai multe ori, nu le ve-ti mai vedea inapoi, deci pregatiti-va sa cheltuiti (iarasi) bani.
5. Nu intrati in nici un contract legal fara sa va sfatuiti cu un avocat familiar cu problemele de arta.
6. Nu platiti NICIODATA ca sa expuneti. Multe galerii (prestigioase sau nu), cer mii de dolari in avans pentru expozitii. Inainte de a incerca sa trimiteti lucrari galeriilor de aici, expuneti in locuri mai putin prestigioase (restaurante, librarii, etc).
6. Nu uitati ca nimeni nu va asteapta cu flori, nimeni nu este gata sa va "descopere."
Cu putin noroc, si multa munca.....cred ca va ve-ti putea face arta "visibila."
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Oil Change instructions for W - de SB_one la: 26/02/2004 14:07:15
(la: Femeia)
Oil Change instructions for Women

1. Pull up to Jiffy Lube when the mileage reaches 3000 miles since the last oil change.
2. Drink a cup of coffee. 15 minutes later, write a check and leave with a properly maintained vehicle.
Money spent Oil Change $24.00 Coffee $1.00 Total $25.00

PS cine nu stie engleza, sa-l traduca in franceza sau romana ( danke)
Infinitul e mare, mai ales catre sfirsit.
(W. Allen)
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O conversatie sau cinii latra caravana trece - de Dinu Lazar la: 16/04/2004 01:11:54
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Onor foto grafii cafegii sunt invitati la to!


-More than 750 photographers have signed a petition asking the Missouri School of Journalism and National Press Photographers Association to put aside their differences and work towards reuniting POYi and NPPA's Best of Photojournalism (BOP) contests.

-AFP photographer Patrick Baz gives us his observations from Baghdad, one year after a U.S. tank fired on the Palestine Hotel, killing two journalists. Because of the dangers Western journalists face covering Iraq's hot spots, Baz says a new generation of Iraqi photojournalists are emerging.

-ReflexNews photographer Shawn Baldwin describes a recent kidnapping at the hands of Shiite militiamen while on assignment in Iraq for the New York Times.

-Adam Moss, appointed editor-in-chief of New York Magazine in February, has made a bid to dramatically reshape the weekly's photography and design. Moss poached a photo editor from The New York Times Magazine and a design director from Travel + Leisure. In other news, ZUMA Press signs another photojournalist, Corbis adds to its assignment services department and lifestyle photographer Mats Rudels finds a new rep.

-In edit news, magazine publishers are scrambling to create new venues for the influx of automotive ad dollars. We have news on several new startups.

-With wedding season almost upon us, a number of stock and syndication outfits have tied the knot. PictureArts has acquired Nonstock's RM collection; Sipa has partnered with EPA; Queerstock has bonded with Retna and Imaginechina has hooked up with Taiwan's United Daily News Group.

-PDN and Canon are offering two upcoming educational events surrounding PDN's 30, a special issue showcasing the rising stars in photography. The first PDN's 30 seminar kicks off April 22 at San Francisco's Academy of Art College.

-The French Association of Women Journalists (AFJ) is calling for entries for the fourth annual Canon Female Photojournalist Award. The award includes a 8,000 Euro prize intended to help the winner complete a documentary project.

Attention Wedding Photographers:

Whether you shoot weddings full time, or on the occasional weekend, check out our contest celebrating the most creative wedding photography. Top Knots, sponsored by Fujifilm, honors the best ceremony shots, spontaneous images, portraits and more, selected by a prestigious jury. If your image is chosen, it will be featured in our July issue devoted to Wedding Photography, and on PDNOnline. The deadline is coming up soon, so download entry forms and rules now.
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Medical analysis - de Horia D la: 18/05/2004 11:02:15
(la: Banc: doi mosi pe o banca...)

One day, in line at the cafeteria, Bob says to Stanley behind him, "My elbow hurts like hell. I guess I better see a doctor."

"Listen, you don't have to spend that kind of money," Stan replies "There's a diagnostic computer down at Wal-Mart. Just give it a urine sample and the computer'll tell you what's wrong and what to do about it. It takes ten seconds and costs ten dollars...a lot cheaper than a doctor."

So Bob deposits a urine sample in a small jar and takes it to Wal-Mart. He
deposits ten dollars, and the computer lights up and asks for the urine sample. He pours the sample into the slot and waits. Ten seconds later, the computer ejects a printout:

"You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water and avoid heavy activity. It will improve in two weeks."

That evening while thinking how amazing this new technology was, Jack began wondering if the computer could be fooled. He mixed some tap water, a stool sample from his dog, urine samples from his wife and daughter, and masturbated into the mixture for good measure.

Bob hurries back to Wal-Mart, eager to check the results. He deposits ten dollars, pours in his concoction, and waits.

The computer prints the following:
1. Your tap water is too hard. Get a water softener.
2. Your dog has ringworm. Bathe him with anti-fungal shampoo.
3. Your daughter has a cocaine habit. Get her into rehab...
4. Your wife is pregnant. Twins. They aren't yours. Get a lawyer.
5. If you don't stop playing with yourself, your elbow will never get better.

And, as always, thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.
Brave Warrior??? - de LMC la: 26/05/2004 15:34:11
(la: I'm back...)
Daca intradevar te consideri un Brave Warrior poate vei intelege si conotatiile unui Brave Warrior. Din cite am citit despre tine (no offense) ideiile liberale care le-ai prezentat in general, nu prea dau dovada de un Brave Warrior. Please check the dictionary under "Brave" and "Warrior".

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Hey Ozzy!!!! - de LMC la: 25/06/2004 19:07:27
(la: Despre Alegerile din S.U.A.: De ce trebuie sa votam pt. GWB.)
Check out my profile, see if you can contact me personally. You seem to need a way to release yourself. I'm ready to take it all in.
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jimmy - de Belle la: 27/06/2004 15:16:34
(la: Cosmetologie... dar nu pentru trolli..)
nu stiam si-ti multumesc de informatie. inca nu am riduri da' banuiesc ca n-are ce sa faca rau daca o aplic chiar si in absenta ridurilor. apropos, poti sa-mi dai reteta pentru ingrijirea parului cu drojdie (parca despre asa ceva aminteai intr-un mesaj mai vechi) ca poate ma enervez si-l tund hehehe (sotul nu cred c-ar fi foarte incantat de idee insa....)

poate in 2-3 ani sa incerc figura cu gardul electric, deocamdata e prea complicat, cei de la care am cumparat casa n-au prea avut grija de curte asa ca deocamdata ne chinuim s-o scoatem la lumina si sa aiba cat-de-cat un aspect decent

ce ma impiedica sa vizitez egiptul? ce altceva decat banii... sau mai bine zis lipsa lor lol. avem tot ce ne trebuie si nu ne lipseste nimic esential, ba ne putem permite si sa ne auto-rasfatam din cand in cand dar mai dureaza pana sa putem face cheltuieli majore extra-bugetare. rata la casa + impozit + asigurare ne costa dublu fata de cat e costa chiria, si-am avut cheltuieli neprevazute dupa ce am cumparat casa (o gramada de chestii au trebuit inlocuite care nu faceau parte din plan, e mare diferenta sa vezi casa mobilata si locuita inainte s-o cumperi, si s-o vezi goala dupa ce a devenit a ta). de asta nici prin romania ca sa-mi vad parintii nu ajung prea des

o sa tin minte recomandarile privind ceea ce-ar fi de vazut mai intai si cu prima ocazie ma voi arunca si-n acea parte de lume

si pe-aici exista deal-uri bune si chiar foarte bune, check it out
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de cand se traduce "jew" prin "jidan"(termen insultator)?

N-am intentionat sa jignesc pe nimeni si nu stiam ca "jidan" e un termen insultator; daca e imi cer scuze. Cum s-ar traduce atunci? --- ca n-am un dictionar englez-roman la indemina.

Dupa cite stiu eu: hebrew = evreu
israeli = israelian
jew = ? (eu credeam jidan---corectati-ma)
jewish = de religie ?

Citez mai jos pentru cei ce au timp sa citeasca din Oxford English Dictionary:

oed jew | more
Jew (d3(j)u:), sb. Forms: Sing. 3 Gyu, 4 Giu, Gyw, Iu, Iuu, Iuw(e, Ieu, Ieuu,
Ieu3, 4-5 Iwe, 4 (6 Sc.) Iow, 4-7 Iewe, 5 Ieue, 5-6 Iue, (Ive), 4-7 Iew, 7-
Jew. Plur. 2 Giwis, 3 Giws, Gius, Gyu(e)s, 3-4 Gywes, Giwes, Geus, 4 Iuu(e)s,
Iuwis, Iow(e)s, Ioues, Iewis, -ys, -us, 4-5 Iuwes, 4-6 Iues, 4-7 Iewes, 5
Iuys, 6 Sc. Iowis, Iouis, 4-7 Iews, 7- Jews; beta. 4 Iuen. [ME. a. OFr. giu,
gyu, giue, earlier juieu, juiu, jueu:-L. iudaeum (nom. -us) Jew (cf. Fr. dieu,
ebreu:-L. deum. hebraeum); in later Fr. juif, fem. juive. L. iudaeus was a.
Gr. iota-omicron-upsilon-delta-alpha-iota--omicron-sigma-, f. Aramaic y'hudai,
corresp. to Heb. y'hudi Jew, f. y'hudah Judah, name of a Hebrew patriarch and
the tribe descended from him. (The OE. equivalent was Iudeas Jews, Early ME.
Iudeow, Iudew: see JUDEW.)]
1 a A person of Hebrew descent; one whose religion is Judaism; an Israelite.
Orig. a Hebrew of the kingdom of Judah, as opposed to those of the ten tribes
of Israel; later, any Israelite who adhered to the worship of Jehovah as
conducted at Jerusalem. Applied comparatively rarely to the ancient nation
before the exile (cf. HEBREW sb. 1), but the commonest name for contemporary
or modern representatives of this group, now spread throughout the world. The
word `Jew' is also applied to groups, e.g. the Falashas in Ethiopia, not
ethnically related to persons of the main European groups, the Ashkenazim and
the Sephardim.
C. 1275 Passion our Lord 351 in O.E. Misc. 47 Pilates hym onswerede, am ich
Gyv penne? A. 1300 Cursor M. 3944 (Cott.) O sinnu etes neuer Iuu [v.rr. ieuu,
iew]. A. 1300 Cursor M. 11072 (Cott.) It halus bath Iu and sarzine. C. 1310 in
Wright Lyric P. (Percy Soc.) 100 Ich holde me vilore then a Gyw [rimes bowe,
trowe, now]. C. 1340 Cursor M. 4532 (Trin.) Therynne a iewes childe we fonde.
C. 1340 Cursor M. 18579 (Trin.) And namely leue herof no iwe For al pus dud
pei wip ihesu. 1387 TREVISA Higden (Rolls) VI. 385 Charles Grossus was
i-poysoned of a Iewe [v.r. Iuw]. A. 1400 Pistill of Susan 2 That was a Ieu3
ientil, and Ioachin he hiht. C. 1440 Promp. Parv. 266/2 Ive, judeus. 1530
PALSGR. 235/1 Jue a man of jurye, jvif. 1572 Satir. Poems Reform. xxxi. 173
Mair nor in Jurie dois the Jow. 1596 SHAKS. Merch. V. III. i. 61 What is the
reason? I am a Iewe; Hath not a Iew eyes? 1615 G. SANDYS Trav. 52 His mother a
Iew both by birth and religion. 1775 SHERIDAN Rivals II. i, She shall have a
skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew. 1820 BYRON Blues I. 77 You forget
Lady Lilac's as rich as a Jew.1940 AUDEN Another Time 116 He [sc. Sigmund
Freud] Was taken away from his old interest To go back to the earth in London,
An important Jew who died in exile. 1956 I. MURDOCH Flight from Enchanter ix.
126 `Of course, you realize that I could rescue you with my little finger,'
said Mrs Wingfield. `I'm as rich as a Jew!' 1970 R. D. ABRAHAMS Positively
Black iii. 76 The Englishman is arrogant and overbearing, the American is a
check-writing millionaire who doesn't mind the cost, the Jew tries to push
down the entry price into heaven. 1970 Times 28 Jan. 10/4 At the heart of the
matter lies the rabbinical definition of a Jew: a person born of a Jewish
mother, or a person who has converted to Judaism according to rabbinical law.
1974 J. R. BAKER Race xiv. 234 From the traditional religious point of view, a
Jew was a person born of a Jewish mother, but this formula suffers from the
defect that the defined word is included in adjectival form in the definition.
The same flaw occurs in part of the new definition enacted by the Israeli
Parliament in..1970, according to which a person is a Jew if he or she is the
offspring of a Jewish mother or has been converted to the Jewish faith by the
Orthodox Rabbinate or by the Rabbis of the Jewish Reform Movement or by the
Rabbis of the Jewish Conservative Movement.
plural. C. 1175 Lamb. Hom. 9 Alswa hefden pe giwis heore sinagoge. C. 1250
Old Kent. Serm. in O.E. Misc. 26 Hi..askede wer was se king of gyus pet was
i-bore. C. 1250 Old Kent. Serm. in O.E. Misc., 26 King of geus. A. 1300
Cursor M. 142 O pe Iuus [v.rr. iewes] and moyses. A. 1300 Cursor M. 19129
(Gott.) Thar badd pai iuen suld paim 3eme. A. 1340 HAMPOLE Psalter xxvii. 5
The iowes sloghe crist. 1387 TREVISA Higden (Rolls) VIII. 53 That he schulde
doo pe Iewes [v.r. Iuwes] out of Engelond. 1482 CAXTON Trevisa's Higden
(Rolls) IV. 369 The Iuwes accused Pilatus to Tiberius. 1533 GAU Richt Vay 30
Ve prech Iesu Christ crucifeit, sclander to the Iowis and folie to the
gentils. 1548-9 (Mar.) Bk. Comm. Prayer (Coll. Good Friday), Haue mercy upon
all Iewes, Turkes, Infidels, and heretikes. 1611 BIBLE 2 Kings xvi. 6 At that
time Rezin king of Syria..draue the Iews from Elath. 1619 SANDERSON Twelve
Serm. (1632) 2 In Rome there lived in the Apostles times many Iewes. 1710 etc.
[see FALASHA]. 1776 GIBBON Decl. & F. xv, The same..abhorrence for idolatry
which had distinguished the Jews from the other nations of the ancient world.
1968 L. ROSTEN Joys of Yiddish 142 Relentless persecution of Jews, century
after century, in nation after nation, left a legacy of bitter sayings: `Dos
ken nor a goy.' (`That, only a goy is capable of doing'). 1971 B. MALAMUD
Tenants 50 The Jews got to keep us bloods stayin weak. 1974 J. R. BAKER Race
xiv. 232 In various parts of the world today there are communities that
practise the Jewish faith in one form or another, but are ethnically distinct
from the Jews of Europe and North America.
gen. plur. A. 1225 Ancr. R. 394 Uorto acwiten ut his leofmon of Giwene
honden. A. 1225 Juliana 62 Ant poledest pinen ant passiun purh giwes read on
rode. A. 1300 Cursor M. 4532 (Cott.) Thar in a Iuen child [Trin. iewes childe]
we fand. C. 1300 Cursor M. 19289 (Edin.) The iuwin folc felune. C. 1300Cursor
M. 21696 (Edin.) Mang pe Iuwis lede. C. 1350 Childh. Jesus 616 (Matz.) Giwene
children feole..Him siweden. C. 1449 PECOCK Repr. III. iii. 291 If Cristen
preestis weren Iewen preestis. 1653 GREAVES Seraglio 150 In the Kings
Seraglio, the Sultana's are permitted to employ divers Jewes-women about their
ordinary occasions.
b Jew's eye: proverbial expression for something valued highly.
1592 G. HARVEY Pierce's Super. 85 A souerain Rule, as deare as a Iewes eye.
1596 SHAKS. Merch. V. II. v. 43 There will come a Christian by, Will be worth
a Iewes eye. 1833 MARRYAT P. Simple ii, Although the journey..would cost twice
the value of a gold seal, yet, that in the end it might be worth a Jew's eye.
1844 WILLIS Lady Jane I. 212 From dome to floor, Hung pictures..Each `worth a
Jew's eye'.
c Black Jew (see quot. 1967); also = FALASHA.
1807 C. BUCHANAN Jrnl. 4 Feb. in Christian Res. in Asia (1811) 192 The
resident Jews are divided into two classes, called the Jerusalem or White
Jews; and the Ancient or Black Jews. The White Jews reside at this place [sc.
Cochin]. The Black Jews have also a Synagogue here; but the great body of
that tribe inhabit towns in the interior of the province. A. 1817 T. DWIGHT
Trav. New-Eng. (1823) III. 174 The black Jews in Hindostan. 1822 Imperial Mag.
IV. 358 A copy of the Hebrew Pentateuch..found in one of the Black Jews'
Synagogues, at Cochin. 1843 J. C. MAITLAND Lett. from Madras xviii. 178, I
told him about the first preachers, the Black Jews, the Syrian Christians, &c.
1892 G. M. RAE Syrian Church in India x. 150 These black Jews are converts to
the faith from among the people of the land. 1907 I. ZANGWILL Ghetto Comedies
155 The black Jews..surrounded by all those millions of Hindoos. 1930 H.
NORDEN Africa's Last Empire 185 The black Jews among whom he works. 1964 [see
FALASHA]. 1967 D. T. KAUFFMAN Dict. Relig. Terms 77/1 Black Jews, in India,
term applied to brown-skinned Jews to distinguish them from a group known as
`White Jews'. Sometimes used also for Negro Jewish groups. 1974 J. R. BAKER
Race xiv. 232 The Falasha or `black Jews' of Ethiopia are members of the
Aethiopid subrace, a hybrid taxon.
d A ship's tailor. Hence also jewing vbl. sb. and ppl. a. Naut. slang.
1916 Chambers's Jrnl. May 278/2 They [sc. ships' tailors] were still known as
`jews'. 1916 Chambers's Jrnl., May 278/2 The term `jewing', as sewing is
still called. 1945 TACKLINE Holiday Sailor x. 102 There was the
`Jewing-bloke', who undertook tailoring repairs. 1945 TACKLINE Holiday Sailor,
x. 102 The `Jewing-bloke' had a rather ancient Singer sewing machine, bought
when ashore at Alexandria in his pocket. 1946 J. IRVING Royal
Navalese 100 A sailor-tailor is known as a `Jew'. 1962 GRANVILLE Dict.
Sailors' Slang 66/1 Jewing firm, ship's tailoring `firm' run by one or more
ratings who repair and make clothing.
2 a transf. and offensive. As a name of opprobrium: spec. applied to a
grasping or extortionate person (whether Jewish or not) who drives hard
In medieval England, Jews, though engaged in many pursuits, were particularly
familiar as money-lenders, their activities being publicly regulated for them
by the Crown, whose proteges they were. In private, Christians also practised
money-lending, though forbidden to do so by Canon Law. Thus the name of Jew
came to be associated in the popular mind with usury and any extortionate
practices that might be supposed to accompany it, and gained an opprobrious
1606 Sir G. Goosecappe V. i. in Bullen O. Pl. III. 77 If the sunne of thy
beauty doe not white me like a shippards holland, I am a Iewe to my Creator.
1700 BP. PATRICK Comm. Deut. xxviii. 37 Better we cannot express the most
cut-throat dealing, than thus, You use me like a Jew. 1830 COLERIDGE Table-t.
16 May, Jacob is a regular Jew, and practises all sorts of tricks and wiles.
1844 D. KING Ruling Eldership II. i, It is undesirable..that he pass in the
commercial circle for what is there termed a Jew.1846 Swell's Night Guide
123/1 Jew, an overreaching fellow. C. 1861 E. DICKINSON Poems (1955) I. 160
'Twould be `a Bargain' for a Jew! Say-may I have it-Sir? 1906 J. M. SYNGE
Lett. to Molly (1971) 31 What have I done that you should write to me as if I
was a dunning Jew? 1920 T. S. ELIOT Ara Vos Prec 14 The jew is underneath the
lot. Money in furs. 1931 T. R. G. LYELL Slang 428 Why waste your time asking
him for a subscription? He's a perfect Jew where money's concerned. 1944
Britannica Bk. of Year 693 In March 1943 there were tirades from Bangkok radio
against the `Jews of Siam' (probably Chinese), who were accused of
profiteering. 1952 G. BONE Came to Oxf. xi. 34 There is a curious fallacy,
rather wide-spread, that a borrower of money is an innocent and hapless
person, while a lender is a shark, a harpy, a `Jew'. 1964 H. BROTZ Black Jews
of Harlem iii. 54 Occasionally the Black Jews forget they are Jews when
complaining about the fact that `the Jews' own all or most of Harlem!
b A pedlar.
In this use not depreciatory.
1803 G. COLMAN John Bull III. ii. 32 Here is two poets, and a poll-parrot,
the best image the Jew had over his head, over the mantle-piece. 1963 E.
MCBAIN Ten Plus One (1964) iv. 42 There was a guy who used to come around to
the door selling stuff, and my mother called him `The Jew'... For her, `Jew'
was synonymous with pedlar. 1970 J. H. GRAY Boy from Winnipeg 43 For us,
however, `Jew' was just another generic word that often included the peddlers
who were Greek or Italian. When we scrounged bottles it was to sell to `the
Jew', who was anybody that came along buying junk.
3 attrib. and Comb. a attrib. or as adj. That is a Jew, Jewish, as Jew boy,
butcher, girl, man, pedlar, physician, trooper (such expressions now mainly in
offensive use but not originally opprobrious); of or relating to Jews, as Jew
bill, hatred, toll. b objective, similative, etc., as Jew-drowning, -hater,
Jew-dear, adj.; Jew-like adj. and adv., -looking adj.
1765 BLACKSTONE Comm. I. x. (1793) 375 Very high debates about the time of
the famous Jew-bill; which enables all Jews to prefer bills of naturalization
in parliament, without receiving the sacrament.
1796 P. COLQUHOUN Treat. Police of Metropolis (ed. 3) vi. 125 Jew Boys..go
out every morning loaded with counterfeit Copper, which they exchange for bad
Silver, to be afterwards coloured anew, and again put into circulation. 1817
M. EDGEWORTH Harrington iii. 45 Mowbray easily engaged me to join him against
the Jew boy; and a zealous partizan against Jacob I became. 1873 TROLLOPE
Eustace Diamonds II. liii. 361 You used to be very wicked, and say he was once
a Jew-boy in the streets. 1929 D. H. LAWRENCE Let. 10 Oct. (1962) II. 1208, I
do hate John's Jewish nasal sort of style-so uglily moral... Spring doesn't
only come for the moral Jew-boys-for them perhaps least. 1948 J. BALDWIN in
Commentary Oct. 334/2 Jules Weissman, a Jewboy, had got the room for me. 1954
Jewboy [see IKEY sb. and a.]. 1959 N. MAILER Advts. for Myself (1961) 50
Jewboy, blond Jewboy Wexler perched by the cellar window, tackling Japs with
machine-gun bullets. 1968 Daily Mail 9 Feb. 3/3 Angry viewers rang the BBC
last night to complain about an `anti-Semitic' remark on the TV programme
Softly, Softly. In last night's episode..the detective tells the man: `You
always were a great one for putting things in your wife's name, Bob, just like
a Jewboy heading for bankruptcy.' 1972 Observer 7 May, Mrs Lane Fox dismisses
what she calls the country set, who call their children `the brats', talk
about `thrashing them into shape', support Enoch Powell and still refer to
`jew boys'. 1974 New Society 3 Jan. 11/2 A car's desirability also creates the
opposite reaction, in that envy is easily turned to resentment and aggression
towards, for instance, the `jewboy', the `poser', the `toffee nose' and the
`business classes' who sport expensive and powerful cars.
1849 W. S. MAYO Kaloolah (1887) p. viii, Oil, garlic, salt fish, and Jew
1613 PURCHAS Pilgrimage (1614) 213 Thus you see the Iew-butcher had need be
no botcher, but halfe a Physitian in Anatomizing.
1755 J. SHEBBEARE Lydia (1769) I. 274 [He] must have had this jew-craft
among his reasons for endeavouring to naturalize the Jews.
1899 A. WHITE Modern Jew 122 There are many instances of the drollery of
*Jew-drowning in the annals of monkish historians.
1796 E. WYNNE Diary 11 Dec. (1937) II. ix. 139 Before having ever seen us she
declared that we were all excepting the youngest, like little crows and Jew
girls. 1930 E. POUND XXX Cantos x. 45 Wives, jew-girls, nuns. 1971 B. MALAMUD
Tenants 50 Jewgirls are the best whores.
1899 Westm. Gaz. 18 Sept. 2/2 The nature of the wounds roused amongst the
*Jew-haters the old story of the blood sacrifice.
1898 Nat. Rev. Aug. 807 Outside Russia, Jew hatred is a matter with which
Governments have no direct concern.
1808 COBBETT Pol. Reg. XIII. 172 Through the means of a jew-like commerce
with the revolted slaves.
1905 JOYCE Let. 29 Oct. (1966) II. 127 For a Jewman it's better than having
to bathe. 1922 JOYCE Ulysses 336 I'll brain that bloody jewman for using the
holy name. 1938 W. B. YEATS John Kinsella's Lament in London Mercury Dec. 114
Though stiff to strike a bargain Like an old Jew man.
1771 SMOLLETT Humph. Cl. 20 Apr. Let ii, I was cheapening a pair of
spectacles with a Jew-pedlar.
1731 Gent. Mag. I. 403 Dr. Bass, a noted Jew Physician in St. Mary Axe.
A. 1680 BUTLER Rem. (1759) II. 84 And crucify his Saviour worse Than those
*Jew-Troopers, that threw out, When they were raffling for his coat.
c Special Combs.: Jew-bail, insufficient bail, `straw-bail'; 'Jew-baiting sb.
= Ger. Judenhetze, systematic harrying or persecution of Jews; so Jew-bait v.
nonce-wd., Jew-baiter, Jew-baiting a.; Jew-bush, a euphorbiaceous plant of the
genus Pedilanthus; Jew-cart (see quot.); Jew-lizard, a large Australian
lizard, Amphibolurus barbatus; Jew plum = OTAHEITE APPLE; Jew Tongo, a
language spoken among Bush Negroes in Surinam, possessing a structure largely
derived from West African languages and a vocabulary largely derived from
1785 GROSE Dict. Vulg. T., Jew Bail. 1797 MARY ROBINSON Walsingham IV. 283
He..did the deep ones with Jew-bail, till they were up to the trick.
1892 Sat. Rev. 18 June 700/2 [He] is always going about Jew-baiting and to
*Jew-bait with pen or sword.
1883 Pall Mall G. 19 Nov. 3/1 [They] are now in full possession of the case
of the German jew-baiters against the Jews. 1907 I. ZANGWILL Ghetto Comedies
85 She's honest... She won't fall back on the old Jew-baiter. 1945 W. S.
CHURCHILL Victory (1946) 145 Julius Streicher, most notorious of Jew-baiters,
was captured by the Americans. 1960 C. DAY LEWIS Buried Day vi. 116 The same
herd instinct that produces Teddy Boys, Jew-baiters and Ku-Klux-Klansmen. 1974
G. MITCHELL Javelin for Jonah xi. 133 Benjy was unlucky enough to fall foul at
school of a ring of young Jew-baiters.
1883 Evening Post (N.Y.) 21 Apr., The Jew-baiting in Germany; the bloody
persecutions in Russia. 1898 Nat. Review Aug. 807 In the Empire of the
Tsar..Jew-baiting is a matter of high State policy. 1922 JOYCE Ulysses 202
Shylock chimes with the jewbaiting that followed the hanging. 1939 Ann. Reg.
1938 203 The brutalities began on April 23, and it was clear that the scheme
of Jew-baiting had been worked out in readiness for the `Anschluss'. 1969 J.
MANDER Static Soc. iii. 99 The American, however ugly, is no Jew-baiting
1830 LINDLEY Nat. Syst. Bot. 105 The Jew Bush, or Milk plant.
1840 MARRYAT Poor Jack xviii, Then we have what we call Jew Carts, always
ready to take [stolen] goods inland, where they will not be looked after.
1847 LEICHHARDT Jrnl. iii. 89 A small Chlamydophorus (*Jew lizard of the
Hunter [River]) was also seen. A. 1884 J. SERVICE Thir Notandums (1890) 205
From beneath a log the green Jew-lizard, or the iguana peeps.
1913 W. HARRIS Notes Fruit & Veg. in Jamaica 18 The Jew Plum..was
introduced to Jamaica in 1782 and again in 1792. 1920 W. POPENOE Man. Tropical
& Subtropical Fruits iv. 156 Jew-plum is another name for the ambarelle, used
in Jamaica. 1971 Caribbean Q. XVII. II. 14 Different name, same
referent..golden apple/Jew plum/pomme-citerre.
1933 L. BLOOMFIELD Lang. xxvi. 474 Two creolized forms of English are spoken
in Suriname (Dutch Guiana). One of these.., more divergent from ordinary
types of English, is known as Jew-Tongo. 1968 W. J. SAMARIN in J. A. Fishman
Readings Sociol. of Lang. 666 Amerindian pidgins... Saramakan (Jew Tongo,
d Genitival Combs.: Jews' apple, a name for the Egg-plant or its fruit; Jews'
frankincense, a plant of the genus Styrax, or the resin obtained from it
(storax or benzoin); Jews' houses, name given to the remains of ancient
tin-smelting furnaces in Cornwall; Jew's letter, a text inscribed in Hebrew
upon a phylactery, regarded as the outward symbol or badge of a Jew; Jews'
lime, a synonym of Jews' slime (see below); Jews' mallow, a name for Corchorus
olitorius (N.O. Tiliaceae), one of the plants from which the fibre called jute
is obtained, used as a pot-herb in Egypt, Syria, and other countries; Jews'
money, a popular name for ancient Roman coins found in some parts of England;
Jews' myrtle, a name for Butcher's Broom, and for a variety of the common
Myrtle; Jews' pitch, Jews' slime, names for asphalt or bitumen (cf. Gen. xi.
3); Jews' thorn = Christ's thorn (see CHRIST 5); Jews' tin, name for lumps of
tin found in ancient smelting-furnaces (Jews' houses) in Cornwall.
1884 MILLER Plant-n., Solanum esculentum, Jew's-Apple, Mad-Apple... S.
Melongena,..Egg-plant, Jew's-Apple.
1760 J. LEE Introd. Bot. App. 315 Jew's Frankincense, Styrax.
1851 Illustr. Catal. Gt. Exhib. 162 In the reign of King John, the mines
[were] principally in the hands of the Jews..remains of furnaces, called
*Jews' houses, have been discovered, and small blocks of tin, known as Jews'
tin, have..been found in the mining localities.
1589 R. HARVEY Pl. Perc. (1860) 32 Iewes letter scrible scrable ouer the
Copurtenaunce of a mans countenaunce. 1598 FLORIO Worlde of Wordes To Rdr. A
vj, A fouler blot then a Iewes the foreheads of Caelius and Curio.
1731-3 MILLER Gard. Dict. s.v. Corchorus, Jews Mallow, ..sown in great
Plenty about Aleppo as a Pot-herb, the Jews boiling the Leaves of this Plant
to eat with their Meat. 1887 MOLONEY Forestry W. Afr. 289 `Jews' Mallow' or
`Jute' (Corchorus olitorius, L.)-Annual. This is one of the species that
affords the well-known fibre of commerce called `Jute'.
1577 HARRISON England II. xxiv. (1877) I. 360 Some peeces or other are dailie
taken vp, which they call Borow pence, Dwarfs monie..*Iewes monie, and by
other foolish names not woorthie to be remembred.
1856 N. & Q. Ser. II. I. 432/2 In some parts of Kent it [Ruscus aculeatus] is
called `*Jews' Myrtle'; and it is the popular belief, that the crown of
thorns..was composed of its branches.
1756 P. BROWNE Jamaica 40 Asphaltum, Jew's pitch. 1816 TINGRY Varnisher's
Guide (ed. 2) 1 Asphaltum..issues in a liquid form from the bottom of the lake
Asphaltis in Judaea; and hence the name of Jew's pitch.
1607 TOPSELL Four-f. Beasts 188 Iewes lime drunk in water..prescribed for a
remedy of this euill. 1639 HORN & ROB. Gate Lang. Unl. x. Sect.104 Salt-peter,
brimstone, Jew's slime, patrol, bole-armoniak,..are called mineral juyces.
1597 GERARDE Herbal Index, Iewes thorne, that is Christs thorne. III. xxvi.
1153 This shrubbie thorne Paliurus was the thorne wherewith they crowned our
Sauiour Christ.
1851 Jews' tin [see Jews' house].

Jew, jew, v. colloq. [f. JEW sb. (sense 2).] trans. To cheat or overreach, in
the way attributed to Jewish traders or usurers. Also, to drive a hard
bargain, and intr., to haggle. Phr. to jew down, to beat down in price; also
transf. Hence 'Jewing vbl. sb.
These uses are now considered to be offensive.
1824 C. HARDING Diary 29 Apr. in Sketch (1929) 75 He is a country clergyman;
and, from his Jewing disposition, I should judge he had more taste in tithes
than pictures. 1825 Constitutional Adv. (Frankfort, Kentucky) 15 Dec. 3/1 We
hope, for the honour and character of the state, that neither the legislature
nor the people, will Jew the items of expence. 1833 L. DOW Dealings of God
(1849) 189 If they [sc. the Jews] will Jew people, they cannot flourish among
Yankees, who are said to `outjew' them in trading. A. 1845 BARHAM Ingol. Leg.,
Bro. Birchington lxv, Is it that way you'd Jew one? 1847 W. IRVING Let. 30
Apr. in Life & Lett. (1864) IV. 19 Some mode of screwing and jewing the world
out of more interest than one's money is entitled to. 1848 W. BAGLEY Let. 14
Mar. in N. E. Eliason Tarheel Talk (1956) 279, I Jewed old Galloway down to
1.50 for ploughs. 1851 H. MAYHEW London Labour I. 368/1 Some of the ladies in
the squares..sets to work Jewing away as hard as they can, pricing up their
own things, and downcrying yourn. 1854 D. G. ROSSETTI in Rossetti Ruskin,
Rossetti, etc. (1899) 15 But as to his doings And jawings and jewings, William
brought me the news. 1870 Congress. Globe 7 July 5340/1 This bill supposes
that ready to commence jewing down the pay of its General. 1872
Chicago Tribune 14 Oct. 8/2 The prices [for lodging] asked vary-the lodger
being generally asked as much as it is thought he will give. If he jews, he
will get it for comparatively little. 1883 G. M HOPKINS Let. 6 Dec. (1938) 195
You will I know say..that Jew is a reproach because the Jews have corrupted
their race and nature, so that it is their vices and their free acts we
stigmatise when we call cheating `jewing'-and that you mean that Disraeli in
1871 overreached and jewed his constituents. 1891 Daily News 2 Nov. 7/3 He'd
take care he didn't `Jew' him again.1897 [see HIGHLAND a. 2 b]. 1908 Dialect
Notes III. 324 Jew, to beat down the price. `I tried to jew him, but he
wouldn't jew.' 1926 Market Growers Jrnl. 1 July 3, I make my retail prices
about half way between grocery store wholesale and retail prices, and do not
stand for any `jewing' down. 1937 Scribner's Mag. Apr. 25 Thought we might get
the divorce a little under fifty dollars. Maybe we might jew the young man
down. 1939 A. POWELL What's become of Waring v. 140 Then we can meet again and
jew each other down. 1946 W. G. HAMMOND Remembrance of Amherst 121 Both here and at the mountain top we were unmercifully jewed for all the refreshments.
1947 L. Z. HOBSON Gentleman's Agreement i. 9 Now she was describing the large
new house she and Dick wanted to buy. `Did you close the sale on the old
place?' Mrs. Green asked. `Not yet. That cheap Pat Curran keeps trying to
Jew us down.' 1968 L. ROSTEN Joys of Yiddish 142 Just as some Gentiles use
`Jew' as a contemptuous synonym for too-shrewd, sly bargaining (`He tried to
Jew the price down,' is about as unappetizing an idiom as I know), so some
Jews use goy in a pejorative sense. 1970 R. LOWELL Notebk. 69 This embankment,
jewed-No, yankeed-by the highways down to a grassy lip. 1971 R. THOMAS Backup
Men xxi. 184, I say how much and he says this much and I say it's not enough
so we jew around with each other until we make a price. 1972 Harper's Mag. May
83 Jew the fruitman down for his last Christmas tree. 1972 New Society 11 May
301/1, I got jewed down..over the cheap offer.

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grupuri de discutii - de Dinu Lazar la: 07/07/2004 22:22:11
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Fac si eu cut and paste care este:

In addition to EP (, there are a couple of excellent listservs that specialize in digital photography--check out PhotoNews Network's Digital Forum ( - click on Forums) and APA's digital list ( - click on apanet).
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Lectura de vineri, in loc de dialog, care ... - de Dinu Lazar la: 23/07/2004 07:01:14
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Dear reader,

Welcome back to PDNOnline. Here's what you'll find in today's update.

- We talk to the winner of this year's Fujifilm Young Reporter Award about his recent work in Iraq.

- The aftermath of the chapter 11 bankruptcy of 5th and Sunset involves lots of legal wranglings, some angry creditors, a lot of rumors, speculation and accusations. PDNOnline wades into the mess.

- People on the Move: Lots of movement. We have the lowdown on who's doing the hiring at three new start-up magazines, plus a new art director at Premiere, another new hire at New York, a new staff photographer added at Getty, changes at Blur Photo, and an update on what may be New York's new (mini) Photo District. ($ premium for subscribers only.)

- Edit news: Who's shooting for the new LA-based magazine Fugue; a custom publishing venture between Sports Illustrated and a liquor company; Hearst announces its own shopping magazine; how Jane's redesign looks; Dennis Publishing kills one of its title; and more. ($ premium for subscribers only.)

- Michelle McNally talks --and listens--about changes to The New York Times photo policies.

- You've seen the portrait of the VII photographers that's appearing in a national ad campaign everywhere.
Notice anything odd?

- Who's Shooting What: Danielle Levitt and Brian Hagiwara shoot 'tween idols; Carmichael Lynch's two new ad campaigns; Olaf Veltman is still busy; who's shooting BP ads for O&M; who's shooting Cool Whip for Foote Cone & Belding; who's shooting for Kaiser Permanente; who ThinkDesign hired for a new annual report; some of Mark Seliger's recent ad work involves underwear and perfume; and more tidbits. ($ premium for subscribers only.)

Sources & Services:
Picto, a new digital photo lab serving Toronto's photo community, is profiled in the latest addition to Photosource.

Top Knots
Check out the winners of wedding photography competition. All the selected images from the contest, including the winners' contact information, is now online in a gallery sponsored by Fujifilm and produced in cooperation with Elegant Bride magazine.

We'll be back next week with some information on that thorny legal topic: Model releases. To accompany our story in the August PDN about how model releases can and can't help protect you against legal action, we have an online feature with actual model release language, and some advice from a stock agency lawyer about how to word your releases.

Best wishes,
The Editors
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Tot despre politisti - de F16_Ghost_Rider la: 24/07/2004 13:02:50
(la: Un nou forum: "Bancuri, glume, poante...")
Sper ca nimeni sa nu se supere ca e in engleza.

Never say these things to a cop

- Hey, you must'a been doin' about 125 mph to keep up with me! Good job!
- Sorry, Officer, I didn't realize my radar detector wasn't plugged in.
- I thought you had to be in relatively good physical condition to be a Police Officer.
- Excuse me, but is "stick up" hyphenated?
- Hi Officer, do you mind holding my beer while I find my driver's license?
- You know, I was going to be cop, but I decided to finish high school instead.
- "Bad Cop! No Donut!"
- I was trying to keep up with traffic. Yes, I know there are no other cars around, that's how far I am behind the other cars.
- You're NOT gonna check the trunk, are you?
- Didn't I see you get your butt kicked last week on "COPS"?
- I bet I could grab that gun before you finish writing my ticket.
- So, uh, you "on the take" or what?
- Gee, officer! That's terrific. The police officer yesterday only gave me a warning too!
- Do you know why you pulled me over? Good, at least one of us does.
- So, are you still crabby because your mamma didn't let you play with your gun when you were little?
- Hey is that a 9 mm? That's nothing compared to this .44 magnum.
- When you smack the crap outta me, make sure you smile pretty for the video camcorder.
- Is it true that people become policemen because they are too dumb to work at McDonalds?
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nu merge - de Qbelle la: 05/08/2004 14:43:34
(la: Web Site)
la linkul atasat apare urmatorul mesaj

We're sorry, but we can't find the HomePage you've requested. It's possible that:

° The address was entered incorrectly. Check your spelling and try again.

° The .Mac member of this name has either created a page and removed it or has never published a HomePage.

° There is no .Mac member of this name. If you'd like this member name for yourself, sign up for a .Mac account right now and have your own HomePage in minutes.

Peisaje - de Dinu Lazar la: 18/09/2004 00:13:00
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Da, domnule Popescu, este un loc unde ar trebui sa mergem des sa invatam; alte linkuri utile de vazut sunt si la

Sa speram ca o sa ajungem sa vedem in viata asta si un sit sau

Pina atunci, pentru ca noua ni s-au lichefiat anumite sinapse, si nu comunicam nici ce facem la Oradea ca sa stie si lumea, raminem doar sa ne uitam la ce se mai intimpla la altii...:


-People on the Move: In the ad world, new hires at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Halo Group, Nelson Schmidt, Wolf Group, Group One and more. In the magazine world, staff changes at Money, Men's Journal, Spa Finder, Institutional Investor and more.
Newspaper news: Vin Alabiso's new job and new faces at The New York Times. Plus news from reps, photogs and the fine art auction house Christie's. ($ subscriber premium.)

-Highlights from Perpignan: Highlights from the exhibitions and the most talked about slide shows at Visa pour l'Image, including David Strick's off-kilter view of Hollywood and Christopher Morris's travels with President Bush.

-News photographer Chris Ramirez explains the unique contraption he uses to create interactive panoramic at news events. Be sure to check out his 360-degree immersive images from the Republican National Convention and related protest.

-Edit News- Fall Launches: Nylon's plans for a lads mag, Hachette's new lifestyle magazine, a Details spin off. Also, news on Disney, Hearst and some college-age publications. ($ subscriber premium)

-Ad news-- Who's Shooting What: Who's been shooting for Amtrak's image library, Amex's campaign for a new card, TBWA/Chiat/Day's ads for Aricept, that nutty chicken Web promotion for Burger King, the cool "Spy vs. Spy" ads for Mountain Dew and a lot more. ($ subscriber premium)

-Questions for Creatives: What the director of photography at NBC Universal wants from photographers. ($ subscriber

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Ion Zupcu - de Dinu Lazar la: 09/10/2004 17:44:08
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Web Special Edition Prints

Available for a limited time only:


(Internet orders only - Not available from galleries)

These BLACK and WHITE artist-made silver gelatin prints are offered in 7"x7" size mounted on a 16"x20" cotton rag, acid free, four ply museum
The number in the edition is determined by number of photographs sold.
Each print is signed on the front and stamped on the back of the mat.
Please send personal check or money order between

October15 to December15, 2004

to:Ion Zupcu
88-63 Myrtle Ave.
Glendale, NY 11385

Once the ordering period has closed, all prints in the edition will be
made, signed, numbered and shipped within six days, right before the

Thank you

Ion Zupcu
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Fotografie subacvatica ! - de Dinu Lazar la: 19/10/2004 23:03:20
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Ca veni vorba de acest subiect:, the website for digital photographers with a passion for underwater photography, has posted coverage of the annual DEMA (Diving Equipment and Marketing Association) show just held in Houston.

Wetpixel's coverage includes information on underwater and water-resistant housings, flash strobes / video lights, macro lenses, and a whole lot more besides. Over 30 companies are covered, including names such as EwaMarine, Fantasea, Ikelite, Kodak, Light & Motion, and Sea & Sea, amongst others. If you're into digital photography, and want to take your camera on your next scuba or snorkelling trip, you'll definitely want to check it out!

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fetelor dragelor, - de anisia la: 28/10/2004 22:41:42
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata)
daca e voie vin si eu cu retete care sa va ajute. ca eu am multe de la mama.
ce frumos ar fi sa deschideti o cofetarie. puteti sa o numiti "La Fefe" eu nu am e-ul acela cu accent in taste, dar pe ala l-as fi pus ultimul. (fefe de la fefeline)...

ivy, eu am sa incerc checkul lui Belle la sfirsit de saptamina. ca mi se pare tare bun. spor la copt si tie. si petrecere frumoasa.
Sa nu uitam de cei mai tristi ca noi!
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Bacul e aproape: cum stai la mate? Testeaza-te online!
Teste cu rezolvari complete, cursuri cu teorie si exemple explicate


cautari recente
mai multe...

linkuri de la Ghidoo: