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Drogurile in SUA - de Adrian Marchidann la: 25/11/2004 11:52:23
(la: Copii romani in SUA)
"America nu inseamna suburbiile Chicago-ului, nu inseamna Washington, nu inseamna Los Angeles sau San Diego, nu inseama New York"

Anonimul are dreptate. Orasele astea sunt atipice pentru America. Cu toate astea, chiar si in ele, copii sunt mult mai protejati impotriva consumului de droguri decat in Romania. Atat in scoala, pe strada cat si in spital la sectia de dezintoxicare.
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Ceva lectura pentru uichend - de Dinu Lazar la: 26/11/2004 09:38:41
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
CONQUER FLASH WITH THE TWEEDIE TECHNIQUE In this landmark smArticle, wedding shooter Jim Tweedie presents his on-camera flash exposure techniques that are easy to learn, and incredibly powerful.  Learn what we believe is the best article about on-camera flash ever written.

Digital lighting expert Chris Grey shows you how to add some easy impact to your images by using his hard light techniques in his new smArticle.

SUZETTE ON PHOTOSHOP:DIGITAL "MAT CUT" COMPOSITES Suzette makes Senior composite creation a breeze - and terrific looking too.  Learn how to make this fresh new product to sell in your studio in the latest from Suzette.

SNEEK PEEK at our new Photoshop DVD with Suzette availalbe next month:

COMPUTER MONITORS: OUR RECOMMENDED LIST Photographers need monitors that meet the demands of accurate color, contrast and detail without creating unneeded eye strain.  We've sorted through the variety of screens to provide our recommended list.

Professional labs across the US are making plans to join us on the Professional Workflow 2 tour - some are going to all 38 cities with us. Why?  Because we present the digital workflow that works for you and for your lab.  Come see how well it works - register online.

Click here for more details on the awesome new program. THE ULTIMATE PRO SCHOOL - SHOOTSMARTER UNIVERSITY:

TWO cool new 4 day "hands-on" courses at SSU:

MASTERING CANON DIGITAL WORKFLOW with digital expert Chris Grey Ever wonder what it would be like to really unleash the power locked inside your Canon equipment? Are you looking for the facts about Canon-specific digital workflow to help you gain speed, confidence and control over your images? Join us for this all digital, all Canon course and discover the power of professional workflow.

DIGITAL WEDDING ESSENTIALS with Jim Tweedie This "hands-on" course, presented by one of the top digital wedding shooters in Chicago, will provide the real life info you need to move your work up into  the top levels of digital wedding photography.
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Stiinta si Creatie, - de DESTIN la: 09/12/2004 03:28:32
Stiinta a avansat foarte putin in cercetarea corpului spiritual pe care continua sa-l abordeze din punct de vedere exclusiv materialist:

creierul este detinatorul exclusiv al activitatilor spirituale.

Foarte multi oameni de stiinta din lumea medicala cred ca in eventualitatea unui transplant de creier nu am face decat sa mutam creierul unui individ cu personalitatea, memoria, gandirea lui in corpul altui individ al carui creier a fost distrus.

Nimic mai fals.

Creierul este un organ care are rolul de a asigura exteriorizarea activitatilor corpului spiritual, adevaratul depozitar al personalitatii memoriei, gandirii etc.

A crede ca intr-un creier este localizata informatia este fals

Cand se va face primul transplant de creier va fi demonstrat acest fapt.

In prezent oamenii de stiinta accepta cu greu si faptul ca celula nervoasa se divide.

Aceasta a intarziat, probabil si cercetarile pentru realizarea primului transplant de creier.

Celula nervoasa se divide (celule embrionare) iar fragmente celulare pot fi transplantate asa cum au aratat numerosi oameni de stiinta.

Transplantul de creier poate demonstra existenta corpului spiritual.

Sa nu uitam cele scrise în geneza:

"Dumnezeu i-a suflet in nari suflare de viata“.

Corpul spiritual i-a fost introdus prin nari in diencefal.

Deci avea si creierul.


Elizabeth Dunn (Universitatea din Chicago, in 1903);

Geofrey Raisman (Universitatea Cambridge, Anglia, in 1960);

Lars Olson, Ake Seiker (Clinica din Karolinska, Suedia, 1966);

Steven Mc.Loon (Universitatea din Minesota), Richard Wyatt (seful sectiei de neuropsihiatria de la Institutul National de Sanatate Mintala din Betheoda, Maryland).

Cine se teme de suferi de teama.
Lecturica uichendoasa sau - de Dinu Lazar la: 18/12/2004 08:38:23
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Tacutii foto cafegii pot totusi citi cit se aduce o cafea noua :

And we thought business slowed down in the holiday season.
This week's update to PDNOnline includes lots of news on new
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Newswire :

-How one advertising photographer's marketing pitch paid off
and lead to an ad shoot for Reebok.

-Advertising special: Which photographers shot pop star
Thalia for the new Hershey's campaign, BBDO Chicago's new ads
for Big Red, the Zoo York ad campaign, recent projects for
Ralph Lauren and L'Oreal, a project for Epson, a Harley
Davidson advertorial, a Colgate MaxClean ad for Y&R Toronto,
and lots more. ($ premium for subscribers only.)

-People on the Move is packed. New photo editors at Adweek and
Absolute; Dallas Morning News's Ken Geiger gets a new gig; a
new CD hired at Mullen; new talent at Stockland Martel, Patti
Schumann and ZUMA Press; SuperStock's new CEO. ($ premium for
subscribers only.)

-In Memoriam: Craig Aurness, stock pioneer and photographer.

-Kodak's layoffs continue in Canada and Europe.

-In France, a former Corbis Sygma photo editor has launched a
photo portal to help independent photojournalism agencies
compete with the big players.

Newswire Index


Feature: A City In Flux

Photographer Douglas Levere talks about the work behind his
new book: a collection of images meticulously recreating
photos in Abbott's landmark "Changing New York" -- same time
of day, same time of year, same kind of camera. Compare
Abbott's and Levere's images side by side to enjoy a tribute
to a great photographer, a curiously engaging work of urban
and architectural history.

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What To Do During Your Christmas Vacation

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This is our last newsletter of the year! If important news
breaks in the next two weeks, we'll post it on our site, but
we won't be sending out another email alert until January.

To all our readers and newsletter subscribers: Best wishes for
a happy, prosperous and peaceful 2005.

The Editors
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De fapt fotografii de stock vor avea o viata de cacao - de Dinu Lazar la: 04/01/2005 21:04:59
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Addition expands comprehensive creative choice and services in one place

SEATTLE and DÜSSELDORF (January 3, 2004) - Corbis today announced its acquisition of Zefa Visual Media Group, the third-largest image licensing company in the world, resulting in combined revenues in excess of US$200 MM.
The addition of Zefa advances Corbis' strategy of offering complete visual solutions, encompassing existing imagery, custom production, and rights services.

"This deal further solidifies our plan to accelerate penetration of key commercial markets," said Steve Davis, President and CEO of Corbis.
"Moreover, as a result, we expect to dramatically improve our market share, not only in Germany, France, and the UK, but around the globe."

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, Zefa has more than 140 employees and eight offices in Europe and the United States. The company represents more than 450,000 images, used daily by advertising agencies, corporations, and publishers around the world.

"Zefa's fresh, fashion-forward photography is a perfect complement to Corbis' imagery and services," said Jennifer Hurshell, Corbis Senior Vice-President, Image Licensing. "Our clients demand tremendous stylistic breadth of imagery, and this takes us another step forward to building one of greatest creative resources in the world."

"Corbis and Zefa share a deep commitment to offering our clients the most relevant imagery to communicate their ideas," said Tomas Speight, CEO of Zefa. "This will enormously benefit our photographers, who will gain global reach from Corbis' global sales network and industry-leading services."

In 2005, Corbis will integrate Zefa into its website, global sales organization, and marketing programs, offering comprehensive access to Corbis and Zefa imagery and services. Erwin Fey, Zefa President, will transition into a strategic consulting role with Corbis, and Tomas Speight, CEO of Zefa, will enter a new role as a Vice-President, leading international operations expansion activities.

Corbis provides complete visual solutions used every day by publishers, advertising and design agencies, filmmakers, and other creative professionals to tell their stories with impact that goes beyond words. Our image licensing, rights services and assignment photography services enable clients around the world to differentiate brands, sell products and services, support news stories and entertain audiences.

Corbis images can be found and licensed at And client advisory services are available around the clock-including subject matter and conceptual research, rights management and clearances, and production expertise.

Corbis is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo.

zefa visual media gmbh is the largest European group in the professional stock imagery market, and currently ranks number three worldwide. The main office of zefa visual media group is in Düsseldorf, Germany. There is another sales office in Hamburg as well as 16 subsidiaries and partner agencies around the world, all forming the zefa visual media group. The range of images offered by zefa covers a wide selection of rights-managed and royalty-free collections. In addition, zefa visual media also has its own global network of top creative photographers.

Over 70 group partners license the usage rights to the groupŽs images via its global image portal
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on the radio station - de sanjuro la: 20/01/2005 16:11:19
(la: Un nou forum: "Bancuri, glume, poante...")
Imi cer scuze pentru cei care nu cunosc lb. engleza...

On WBAM FM (Chicago) radio station, on a morning show, the DJ launches a new contest with consistent prizes.

The CONTEST was called MATE MATCH. The DJ called someone on his office, ask the person if it's married or has a significant other.

In case of positive answer, the DJ ask him 3 very personal questions after which the person is asked to provide the name and the phone number of the mate to check the answers.

If the answers are correct the couple wins a really big prize.

DJ: "Hi, this is Edgar from WBAM. Have you heard about our MATE MATCH contest ?"
HIM(laughing): "Yeah, I've heard."
DJ: "OK! So you know the prize is a 5 days trip to Orlando, Florida, in case you win. Your first name ?"
HIM: "Brian."
DJ: "Brian, are you married, RIGHT ?"
Brian: "Yes."
DJ: "Good. And your wife first name is ... ?"
Brian: " Sara."
DJ: "Sara is at work right now ?"
Brian (laughing): "Yes, she's at work."
DJ: "Okay then ... first question - When did you two have sex last time ?"
Brian: "She's going to kill me !"
DJ: "Don't worry, Brian."
Brian: "This morning, around 8 a.m."
DJ: "Well done, man! Second question - How long did it take ?"
Brian: "About 10 minutes."
DJ: "Wow! You really want to wins this trip, right? Nobody would easily recognize this !"
Brian: "Yes, we'd really enjoy this trip."
DJ: "Okaaay ... last question - Where did you two do it ?"
Brian (laughing): "Weeeellllll .... "
DJ: "So far you did good, Brian ... come on, tell me where."
Brian: "Not there is something, but her mother lives with us for few weeks."
DJ: "Hmmm ... sounds better and better ..."
Brian: "... and my mother in law was in the shower and ... in short ... we did it on the kitchen table !"
DJ: "Isn't that great ? A real adventure ... well, my dear listeners, let's put Brian on "hold" and call the WIFE. "
DJ: "Hello. Sara's there ?"
After a short while ... Sara's on the phone :

DJ: "Hi Sara, this is Edgar from WBAM. We're on air and till now we talked couple of hours to Brian."
Sara (laughing): "Couple of hours ?"
DJ: "Well, several minutes, in fact ... he's on air with us. Do you know the rules of our MATE MATCH contest ?"
Sara: "No."
DJ: " Okaaay."
Brian: laughs.
Sara (laughing): "Brian, what in the world are you up to ?"
Brian: "Sara, you just have to give absolutely honest answers to the next questions. You gotta be absolutely honest."
DJ: "OK ... let's see ... if your answers are the same with Brian's ... you'll win a 5 days trip to Orlando, Florida. You got it, Sara ?"
Sara (laughing): "Yeah, I got it."
DJ: "Then ... let's see ... - When did you two have sex last time ?"
Sara: "O God ! Brian ...... this morning before Brian left for work."
DJ: "Good, good ... but which hour was it ?"
Sara: "I think around 8 a.m."
DJ: "Very good ... next question - How long did it take ? "
Sara: "12, 15 minutes .. probably."
DJ: "Hmmm. Close enough. I'm sure you're trying to protect his manhood. You're one question to the trip in Florida. Are you ready ?"
Sara (laughing): "Yeesss."
DJ: " Where did you two do it ?"
Sara: "Oh God, Brian ... you didn't tell them ... did you ?"
Brian: "Don't worry ... tell them."
DJ: "What's wrong Sara ... something's bothering you ?"
Sara: "Well, just that my mother is in holiday and she's living with us ......"
DJ: "And she saw you ?"
Sara: "Brian?!"
Brian: "No ... oh no, I don't ..."
DJ: "Hold it ... calm down ... I need an answer ! Please !?"
Sara: "Oh, God , I don't believe you told them such a thing !"
Brian: "Come on, honey, we're talking about a trip to Florida !"
DJ: "Come on, sis ... we don't have all day for this. Where did you two do it ?"
Sara (after a short pause): " In the ass !"

(a long, long, long silence)
DJ: "We'll be back after commercials ............. "

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Re : eu fac parte dintr-o comunita - de Chriss la: 09/02/2005 20:50:40
(la: Comunitate Romaneasca din Occident)
eu fac parte dintr-o comunita
#35695, de Horia D la Wed, 09/02/2005 - 02:16

Buna Horia D,
Eu nu consider ca ma leg la cap daca incerc sa gasesc o comunitate Romaneasca. Poate gresesc dar totusi cred ca singele apa nu se face, si ca atare mi-ar place daca am avea si noi un restaurant Romanesc, sau un club sau chiar daca ar fi si aici spectacole pentru Romani. Sint sigura ca ar fi destui Romani care ar fi interesati in asa ceva.
Da avem prieteni, nu ma intelege gresit, dar citind cite activitati sint pentru comunitatile Romanesti din Toronto, NY, Chicago sau California, ma gindesc la faptul ca ar fi frumos sa avem si noi asa ceva. Si cum nici aceste comunitati nu au aparut asa dintr-o data, incerc, sa raspindesc gindul, si poate, cu timpul o sa putem sa formam o asemenea comunitate. Ai vazut ca in Chicago de exemplu, au restaurante Rominesti, muzeu, librarie si spectacole Romanesti? Nu ti-ar place din cind in cind sa poti sa mergi la un spectacol romainesc? sau sa te duci al un Revelion Romanesc? Mie da mi-ar place.
Poate ai sa ma intrebi de ce nu cumpar un bilet de avion si sa ma duc in Chicago. Da si aceasta este o posibiliatate, dar eu sper ca totusi sa pot sa unesc Romaninii de la mine din zona si in citiva ani poate sa avem si noi restaurantele noastre, spectacolele noastre, etc.

Ori cum, multumesc pentru raspuns.
Cu sinceritate,
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Pentru cristelino - de stancosty1 la: 14/03/2005 10:44:28
(la: "Ce bine e sa fi desptept si in acelasi timp si roman")
Dragă domnule,
e drept că românii nu sunt nici mai grozavi si nici mai prosti decât altii, dar cred că totusi comiti niste mici erori.
In primul rând, inginerii români au modernizat masina natională. Nu mă refer la micile modificări, dar, de exemplu, modelul Dacia Nova este conceput integral în România, încă dinainte de 1989. Apoi, toate celelalte modele (Supernova, Solenza şi Logan) sunt concepute (cu exceptia motorului) la uzina de la Pitesti-Colibasi. Ultimul model abia a fost lansat la salonul auto de la Geneva.
Apoi, este cu totul fals că tăranul elvetian, după ce mulge vaca, asamblează ceasuri, o iau ca pe o glumă, nu foarte bună.
Iar că americanii au cele mai diverse inventii, asta se datorează, în afara spiritului practic pe care îl au, faptului că au o permanentă infuzie de materie cenusie, chiar si din cele mai dezvoltate tări europene.
Să nu uităm că singurul român laureat al premiului Nobel (în biologie celulară şi microbiologie), George Palade, a obţinut acest premiu ca cetătean american. Si asta pentru simplul fapt ca acolo sunt banii.
Un mare economist american se numea Georgescu Roegen si venea de pe meleaguri dâmbovitene (de la Târgoviste, mai exact)
Cei mai mari inventatori de pe toate meleagurile si-au brevetat inventiile în primul rând în America si dau aici numai două exemple celebre: englezul Alexander Graham Bell (cel cu telefonul) şi italianul Gugliemo Marconi (cu radioul). In preajma războiului mondial (al doilea), mari fizicieni, precum Einstein, din Germania, Enrico Fermi, din Italia, (care a construit primul reactor nuclear la Chicago), sotii Joliot-Curie, din Franta şi multi altii au emigrat în America si ei sunt cei care, de exemplu, au construit bomba atomică. Bomba cu hidrogen a fost construită, evident tot la americani, de un evreu ungur, si el autoexilat: Leo Szillard.
Apropo de unguri, desi sunt mai putin numerosi ca noi, au mai multi oameni de stiintă afirmati pe plan mondial si mai multi laureati ai premiului Nobel. Ultimul, după stiinta mea, a fost Denis Gabor, inventatorul holografiei (e drept, a cîstigat acest premiu ca cetatean englez, dar Gogu Constantinescu, cel care a pus bazele sonicitătii a făcut la fel).
Asa că, domnule cristelino, avînd în vedere că Franta e plină de monumente si placi comemorative închinate unor personalitati române, nu cred ca ai de ce să te plângi.
S-auzim de bine!
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brotacel - de Horia D la: 21/03/2005 20:38:13
(la: Salariul minim in occident)
ca sa complectez ceea ce a scris belle, depinde si unde $50K pe an, abia vei supravietui intr-un oras ca NY, LA, Chicago, dar poti avea o viata decenta undeva mai la tara.
o experienta neplacuta - de maximus la: 26/03/2005 02:08:15
(la: E tare greu sa fii roman azi,in UE)
Trecand prin Londra am avut neplacuta experienta de nu fi lasat afara din aeroport cu pasaportul romanesc.Asta cu toate ca veneam din Chicago si faceam doar un stop de o noapte.S-a rezolvat pana la urma datorita faptului ca aveam camera la hotel,iar doamna de la vama cumva stanjenita mi-a spus ca romanii nu pot intra in Anglia fara viza.Eu traiesc in Statele Unite iar pasaportul celalt face minuni,ma rog nu generalizez dar face parte din topicul prezent in comentariu.Ai dreptate de altfel , sa speram ca in viitor imaginea se va mai ameliora.
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Un sit dedicat photoshop-istilor - de Dinu Lazar la: 02/04/2005 06:52:42
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Cafeneaua forum members may be interested to know of a new website called Photoshop News that was launched today:

It was set up by Photoshop expert Jeff Schewe in Chicago and offers a rolling news service of stories relating to Photoshop, it's history, new developments, related links to digital cameras etc, plus lots of background information about the program, starting with an article by Ruth Knoll, wife of Thomas Knoll, on what it means to be a Photoshop widow!
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vizavi de aspectul material - de maximus la: 08/04/2005 20:24:49
(la: Cum va simtiti cand va intoarceti in Romania ?)
Experienta mea e cat de cat aprpiata de a ta .Am mai multi prieteni americani , care culmea e ca nu le pasa de cati bani am sau cat fac ori samd .Romanii pe de alta parte e exact cum spui(nu toti si nu generalizez),am sa dau cateva exemple . O prietena f.buna a sotiei imediat ce a luat o marire de salariu o suna imediat sa o intrebe ce mai face si bineinteles aduce vorba de subiectul de mai sus,cu toate ca stia ca sotia mea nu lucra 40 de ore pe sapt. si deci mai greu cu maririle de salariu(avem o fetita de 4 ani si am decis ca sa avem grija noi de ea si nu day care-ul de aici).Plus sotia mea merge la scoala deci timp pt lucru f putin.Adevarul e ca ne-am mutat in Chicago din Detroit si n-am reusit sa ne facem prieteni din nou ca si acolo . Cum am spus nu generalizez dar romanilor ,in special celor parveniti le cam place sa se laude .C-am atat ca ma lungesc cu vorba.
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Cassandra, are you kidding? - de rodi la: 26/04/2005 20:18:12
(la: Oamenii devin homosexuali/lesbiene, sau se nasc asa ?)
Nu ma uit in ziare sau la televizor dupa crime, dar cateodata ma mai uit la "American Justice", o emisiune despre marii killeri ai Americii. No, hai sa-ti dau niste exemple de serial killers homosexuali:

Donald Harvey - 37 de victime in Kentucky, "sora medicala" de meserie. A incercat sa-si ucida amantul cu arsenic, din gelozie, dar nu a reusit, in schimb l-a omorat pe tatal sau. Boyfriendul s-a mutat intr-un final de la el si si-a luat o prietena. Killer-ul a incercat din gelozie sa o ucida si pe ea.

Pentru restul iti dau doar numele, ii poti gasi pe internet ca sunt celebri:

John Wayne Gacy - Chicago , 33 victime
Patrick Kearney - Los Angeles 32 victime ( ii facea bucati dupa ce avea sex cu ei)
Bruce Davis - Illinois 27 de victime
Corll-Henley-Brooks - Texas , 27 de victime
Juan Corona 25 victime
si uite ca nu-l gasesc pe unul despre care am vazut la televizor acum vreo cateva luni. Era insurat, iar cand nevasta pleca de acasa, isi aducea baietii agatati prin gay-baruri. Dupa ce avea sex cu ei, ii ineca in piscina din fata casei si-i ingropa in padurea de pe proprietatea lui. Cand l-au descoperit dupa cativa ani, nevestei nu i-a venit sa creada, pentru ca era cel mai "successful" businessman din zona, cel mai "bun" tata si sot. S-a sinucis in Canada, incercand sa fuga de autoritatile americane.
Plus , daca-mi aduc aminte, parca si la noi, Luchian Mihalea a avut, Dumnezeu sa-l ierte, aceeasi soarta ca toate aceste victime. Iar mai recent am auzit despre un om de afaceri strain , homosexual , venit in Romania care a fost ucis de catre amantul lui roman.

Cassandra e o idiotenie sa spui ca homosexualii se omoara mai des intre ei decat heterosexualii, dar tot o idiotenie e sa spui ca sunt ingeri care n-au de-a face cu violenta. Hai sa fim seriosi.

om - de cattallin2002 la: 05/07/2005 13:06:32
(la: Vizite-n astral si din tainele egoului)
Pentru inceput imi pare rau sa-ti dau o veste proasta: religia hindusa in sine este malefica pt ca se inchina la idoli, asa cum faceu si popoarele cu care se luptau crestinii in trecut. Au cam aceiasi zei cu alte denumiri.
La ei totul e deiferit de religia crestina, par doar la fel si sint aduse sa para la fel. In 1893 s-a tinut la Chicago parlamentul religiilor si a venit si un guru hindus care a vorbit. Multi din cei de acolo au fost entuziasmati, multi intelectuali, de la Harvard chiar au devenit partizanii lui. Si guru asta si-a propus sa raspindeasca hinduismul in lume, si de aceea l-a facut sa para asemanator cu crestinismul . De aici vine ideea ca toate religiile sint la fel, toti se inchina la acelasi Dumnezeu, etc. Dar chiar el zicea ca toate sint la fel, dar deasupra tuturor este hinduismul, intelegerea ultima a lucrurilor. Si tot el recunostea ca hindusii au "curajul" sa se inchine si la rau. E o mare pacaleala si yoga e de fapt o munca intreaga sa ajungi sa te ajute diavolul, daca citesti viata sfintului Petru o sa vezi cum s-a luptat el cu un vrajitor din Roma care era f apreciat de Nero si avea puteri f mari. Putea sa zboare, etc. Si cum l-a biruit Petru. De asemenea am nenumarate marturii ale unor persoane care au facut yoga si apoi si-au dat seama ce faceau de fapt.
La intrebarea ta, normal ca Dumnezeu ne vindeca de fapt, dar am citit si experimentat ca atunci cind faci un pacat primesti un fel de energie de la diavol, care te face sa te simti putin timp bine si sa repeti experienta. Chiar cei ce omorau simteau o placere la inceput care ii facea sa repete experienta. Asta de fapt se aplica la toate viciile. La inceput cineva se drogheaza de placere si apoi nu mai scapa si daca vrea. Cu cit pune mai mult stapinire pe noi diavolul, cu atit e mai greu de revenit la normal. Si yoga e considerata un drog mai puternic decit cocaina.
Referitor la medici, si Dumnezeu in general daca ajuta pe cineva il ajuta tot prin ce se vede. Doar poate la nu stiu ce sfinti apre ajutor ca o minune, prin ce nu se vede. Poate e chestie de putere a credintei. Asadar eu ma rog si ma duc chiar la medicul de care am nevoie si altfel ma duc la 10 medici si tot nu imi gasesc ce am.
La P.S. am un raspuns clar, este tot o idee indusa de hindusi. S-au descoperit manuscrisele de la Marea Moarta scrise inainte de Hristos si erau aproape identice cu Vechiul Testament de azi. Si referitor la noul testament, exista numeroase copii ale Bibliei, daca cineva schimba ceva ramineau alte zeci de originale. Si apoi cum putea un sfint sa modifice ceva din cuvintul lui Dumnezeu, era nebun?
Numai bine. Sint si site-uri legat de ceea ce m-ai intrebat, ex , sint mai multe categorii de subiecte.
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am gasit un comentariu interesant - de Horia D la: 03/10/2005 16:32:38
(la: long live the stock market!!)
in Daily Metals Review. Uite-l:

Gold Price Drops in London as Dollar Gains on Rate-Increase Speculation

Oct. 3 -- Gold fell in London as the dollar gained against the euro, eroding the metal's attraction as an alternative investment to U.S. stocks and bonds.

The dollar rose to $1.1928 against the euro, the most since July 8, on speculation the U.S. Federal Reserve will keep raising its benchmark interest rate to contain inflation. The correlation coefficient for gold and the euro is 0.66. That measures the coincidence of closing daily gains and declines in the past year on a scale of -1, meaning prices move opposite each other, to 1, meaning they move in lockstep.

``Gold has slipped further due to the euro's break below $1.20, and with the start of a week-long holiday in China, trade has been relatively light,'' James Moore, a Kettering, U.K.-based precious metals analyst with, said in an e- mailed note today.

Gold for immediate delivery fell as much as $5.23, or 1.1 percent, to $464.07 an ounce. It traded at $465.36 an ounce at 11:05 a.m. London time.

The metal reached a 17-year high of $475.45 in London on Sept. 22, partly on speculation that a surge in crude oil prices after Hurricane Rita would stoke inflation. Some investors buy the metal as a hedge against inflation. Gold surged 7.8 percent in September, the biggest monthly gain since December 2002.

San Francisco Fed President Janet Yellen last week indicated policy makers may lift the target rate for overnight loans between banks more than currently forecast. Kansas City Fed President Thomas Hoenig on Sept. 26 said inflation is ``high enough to get your attention.'' A rate increase may boost the dollar, and reduce gold's appeal as an alternative investment.

Interest Rates

Policy makers on Sept. 20 lifted the interest-rate target for the 11th consecutive time, to 3.75 percent, and said further increases were likely. The next Fed policy meeting is Nov. 1.

Hedge-fund managers and other large speculators have more than doubled their so-called net-long positions, or bets prices will rise, in the past eight weeks to the highest since at least 1983.

The net-long position in New York gold futures rose 5 percent in the week ended Sept. 27, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission said Sept. 30. Speculative long positions outnumbered short positions by 166,100 Comex gold contracts, up 7,974 from a week earlier, the commission said.

``The gold market is due for a correction,'' John Reade, Reade, an analyst at UBS AG in London, said in an e-mailed report today. ``With the dollar strong, it seems likely that this correction may be helped by moves in the currency market.''

Gold Shares

Gold's drop triggered a decline in shares of gold miners in South Africa, the world's biggest gold producer. Gold Fields Ltd., the world's fourth-biggest gold miner, fell 3.1 percent to 92.40 rand ($14.40). Harmony Gold Mining Co., South Africa's third- biggest gold producer, dropped 4 percent to 68.62 rand.

Gold may rise this week, pushing prices above a 17-year high, as investors seek a hedge against inflation, a Bloomberg survey showed. Seventeen of 33 traders, investors and analysts surveyed Sept. 29 and Sept. 30 from Hong Kong to Chicago urged investors to buy gold. Seven respondents said gold will fall, and nine expect little change.

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rac si cultura mea generala... - de Intruder la: 06/10/2005 21:08:22
(la: va masturbati?)
Nu vreau sa par rautacios, insa oricata cultura generala ai avea, mi se pare ciudat sa retii si sa poti identifica o bucata ca cea citata de Cassandra..., in care laba e pusa la rang de virtute. Lucrul asta e o chestie aparte, trebuie sa ai un motiv ca sa fi retinut asta, altfel ori e gratuit totul, ori exista o explicatie, tinuta secret, de nedezvaluit.

- Philip Roth este membru al Academiei Americane...
- a primit National Book Award de vreo doua ori...
- prin 1997 i se decerneaza Premiul Pulitzer...
- preda la Universitatea din Chicago...are un masterat luat pe acolo...!
- Cassandra a dat doar un FRAGMENT care se potrivea cu cand ai devenit un lup moralist? nu-nteleg de ce dracu' trebuie sa ma justific eu in fata ta???...deja ai sarit calul!
hai sa-ti spun adevarul despre mine, am impresia totusi ca te macina prea tare curiozitatea, ok?
da, sunt un "porc ordinar" care stie pe de rost fragmentul lui Roth postat de Cassandra, sunt un animal care-l imita intocmai pe Alexander Portnoy (desi nu sunt circumscris!). chiar nici nu stiu ce caut eu pe aici cand sunt asa de complexat si m-ascund de tine care vrei poate, sa m-aduci pe calea cea buna!...vezi?...asta-i motivul pentru care am retinut fragmentul! am pus in rama pe usa de la baie, am uitat sa zic...:D
pe cand tu, daca ai retinut (sa zicem) niste fragmente din Biblie, esti un prooroc si-un sfant, asa-i?
sa stii ca ma deranjeaza atitudinea ta, vadit respingatoare...poate imi faci tu o lista de lecturi, ce zici???

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pai hai sa-ti spun - de Horia D la: 07/10/2005 04:59:07
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "6")
am o gramada de barbecue, burgers, si brats on the grill, chips and salsa, spinach dip, shrimp on ice, prietenii mei din lexington aduc chilli,
prietenii din chicago aduc dulciuri si tot felul de exotic drinks (el distribuie alcohol prt cosco), eu pun bere,rom, vodka si whisky, plus fiecare isi aduce daca vrea sa bea altceva.
si voi avea cateva galoane de inghetzata de la graters
9un alt prieten are graters license pe kentucky), deci vor fi si ceva dulciuri, dar eu nule am cu dulciurile.
de ce nu iei tu pe d-na lascar, si vii in jos pe 65, sau 75? tipul cu cosco vine din chicago, deci nu prea departe de tine.
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Irma, - de Sunday la: 31/10/2005 17:00:18
(la: Unora le place jazz-ul)
Nu, nu rid de tine, fiindca nici eu nu am stiut prea multe despre Jazz la inceput. Este insa o muzica foarte fascinanta si pasionanta. Ca sa intelegi mai bine, trebuie sa incepit sa asculti jazz-ul original, acela care s-a nascut in New Orleans, a calatorit in Chicago, Harlem, si la sfirsit prin toate colturile de lume.
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Pentru artistii fotografi cafegii, o posibila oportunitate - de Dinu Lazar la: 12/11/2005 22:37:39
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
"Call for Artists: Snapshots - Digital and Photographic 2-D Work"
2005-11-11 until 2005-11-27
Gallery 25
Fresno, CA, USA United States of America

"Snapshots" Open call for entries for an un-juried show featuring digital art and photography: All entries recieved by the deadline will be exhibited in our gallery arranged mural-like, edge to edge. During the exhibition the images and artist information will be available for gallery visitors to view in a special artist portfolio which will remain in the gallery for public viewing. Prints can be made available to buyers by directly contacting the artist.

Entrants submit two (2) prints of a single original work, (one image for the wall, a second for the portfolio) and should be printed from their home computer. All styles of 2D artwork and photography where digital processes of any kind were integral to the creation of the images are acceptable. We are interested in the immediacy with which work can be created through digital means in our contemporary culture. This show represents a literal snapshot of a moment in art history where the creation of Art has been dymistified, and is in the hands of the many, and not just a select chosen few. The show will be widely promoted and will include a reception for the artists.

This call is international, and open to all. ALL WORK GUARANTEED EXHIBITION.

Show Dates: December 1 - 18, 2005
Deadline for entries: November 27, 2005
Entry Fee: Registration fee is $30. US (cashiers check or money order, please no personel checks)
Multiple entries are permitted. Limit of 3 entries per person. ($10. registration fee for each additional image.)

Submission Rules: Work should be 8-1/2 X 11 (with 1/2" borders) and mailed directly to the gallery( at the above address), along with a brief statement about you, your work and contact information, (ie. e-mail address/website, price of work). Artist name and e-mail address should be clearly printed on back side of all images. An SASE should be included if work is to be returned. All work sent without an SASE will become property of Gallery 25.

Remember, we need two (2) prints of EACH image, one to exhibit on the wall, the other for the artist's portfolio to accompany the artist's statement and contact information. (So, if you submit 2 images, we need 4 prints, and a payment of $40.)

Sales of Artwork: Submissions will be included in the artist's portfolio which will be on display with the show and will be offered for sale. Price and type of print to be determined by the artist when interest is shown by a buyer in a particular work. Artists retain ownership of all intellectual property rights to their artwork and prints are made by permission of the artist only. Gallery 25 is not responsible for initiated sales, and accepts no responsibility for transactions between buyer and artist.

Gallery Information: Gallery 25, located in Fresno, California is one of the oldest cooperative galleries in the country. Formed in 1974, the Gallery has been a forum for contemporary art since its inception. The origins are in the feminist art movement of the early 1970‚s. In 1970, California State University‚s Art Department developed one of the first feminist art education programs in the country. This program was brought into existence by visiting artist Judy Chicago who was searching for a place to develop her ideas for the education of women artists. After Chicago‚s departure, the program became an integral part of the art curriculum under the leadership of art professor Joyce Aiken. Located in a beautifully restored building at the corner of Van Ness and Mono Street, Gallery 25 anchors the west end of block populated by several art galleries and artists studios in the heart of downtown Fresno.
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Sadly, an Honest Creationist - de Cassandra la: 18/12/2005 23:11:34
(la: Oamenii nu se trag din maimuta)
by Richard Dawkins

Reproduc acest articol, este lung dar merita lectura cu prisosinta:

Creation “scientists” have more need than most of us to parade their degrees and qualifications, but it pays to look closely at the institutions that awarded them and the subjects in which they were taken. Those vaunted Ph.D.s tend to be in subjects such as marine engineering or gas kinetics rather than in relevant disciplines like zoology or geology. And often they are earned not at real universities, but at little-known Bible colleges deep in Bush country.

There are, however, a few shining exceptions. Kurt Wise now makes his living at Bryan College (motto “Christ Above All”) located in Dayton, Tennessee, home of the famed Scopes trial. And yet, he originally obtained an authentic degree in geophysics from the University of Chicago, followed by a Ph.D. in geology from Harvard, no less, where he studied under (the name is milked for all it is worth in creationist propaganda) Stephen Jay Gould.

Kurt Wise is a contributor to , a compendium edited by John F. Ashton (Ph.D., of course). I recommend this book. It is a revelation. I would not have believed such wishful thinking and self-deception possible. At least some of the authors seem to be sincere, and they don’t water down their beliefs. Much of their fire is aimed at weaker brethren who think God works through evolution, or who clutch at the feeble hope that one “day” in Genesis might mean not twenty-four hours but a hundred million years. These are hard-core “young earth creationists” who believe that the universe and all of life came into existence within one week, less than 10,000 years ago. And Wise—flying valiantly in the face of reason, evidence, and education—is among them. If there were a prize for Virtuoso Believing (it is surely only a matter of time before the Templeton Foundation awards one) Kurt Wise, B.A. (Chicago), Ph.D. (Harvard), would have to be a prime candidate.

Wise stands out among young earth creationists not only for his impeccable education, but because he displays a modicum of scientific honesty and integrity. I have seen a published letter in which he comments on alleged “human bones” in Carboniferous coal deposits. If authenticated as human, these “bones” would blow the theory of evolution out of the water (incidentally giving lie to the canard that evolution is unfalsifiable and therefore unscientific: J. B. S. Haldane, asked by an overzealous Popperian what empirical finding might falsify evolution, famously growled, “Fossil rabbits in the Precambrian!”). Most creationists would not go out of their way to debunk a promising story of human remains in the Pennsylvanian Coal Measures. Yet Wise patiently and seriously examined the specimens as a trained paleontologist, and concluded unequivocally that they were “inorganically precipitated iron siderite nodules and not fossil material at all.” Unusually among the motley denizens of the “big tent” of creationism and intelligent design, he seems to accept that God needs no help from false witness.

All the more interesting, then, to read his personal testimony in In . It is actually quite moving, in a pathetic kind of way. He begins with his childhood ambition. Where other boys wanted to be astronauts or firemen, the young Kurt touchingly dreamed of getting a Ph.D. from Harvard and teaching science at a major university. He achieved the first part of his goal, but became increasingly uneasy as his scientific learning conflicted with his religious faith. When he could bear the strain no longer, he clinched the matter with a Bible and a pair of scissors. He went right through from Genesis 1 to Revelations 22, literally cutting out every verse that would have to go if the scientific worldview were true. At the end of this exercise, there was so little left of his Bible that

. . . try as I might, and even with the benefit of intact margins throughout the pages of Scripture, I found it impossible to pick up the Bible without it being rent in two. I had to make a decision between evolution and Scripture. Either the Scripture was true and evolution was wrong or evolution was true and I must toss out the Bible. . . . It was there that night that I accepted the Word of God and rejected all that would ever counter it, including evolution. With that, in great sorrow, I tossed into the fire all my dreams and hopes in science.

See what I mean about pathetic? Most revealing of all is Wise’s concluding paragraph:

Although there are scientific reasons for accepting a young earth, I am a young-age creationist because that is my understanding of the Scripture. As I shared with my professors years ago when I was in college, if all the evidence in the universe turns against creationism, I would be the first to admit it, but I would still be a creationist because that is what the Word of God seems to indicate. Here I must stand.

See what I mean about honest? Understandably enough, creationists who aspire to be taken seriously as scientists don’t go out of their way to admit that Scripture—a local origin myth of a tribe of Middle-Eastern camel-herders—trumps evidence. The great evolutionist John Maynard Smith, who once publicly wiped the floor with Duane P. Gish (up until then a highly regarded creationist debater), did it by going on the offensive right from the outset and challenging him directly: “Do you seriously mean to tell me you believe that all life was created within one week?”

Kurt Wise doesn’t need the challenge; he volunteers that, even if all the evidence in the universe flatly contradicted Scripture, and even if he had reached the point of admitting this to himself, he would still take his stand on Scripture and deny the evidence. This leaves me, as a scientist, speechless. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have a mind capable of such doublethink. It reminds me of Winston Smith in struggling to believe that two plus two equals five if Big Brother said so. But that was fiction and, anyway, Winston was tortured into submission. Kurt Wise—and presumably others like him who are less candid—has suffered no such physical coercion. But, as I hinted at the end of my previous column, I do wonder whether childhood indoctrination could wreak a sufficiently powerful brainwashing effect to account for this bizarre phenomenon.

Whatever the underlying explanation, this example suggests a fascinating, if pessimistic, conclusion about human psychology. It implies that there is no sensible limit to what the human mind is capable of believing, against any amount of contrary evidence. Depending upon how many Kurt Wises are out there, it could mean that we are completely wasting our time arguing the case and presenting the evidence for evolution. We have it on the authority of a man who may well be creationism’s most highly qualified and most intelligent scientist that no evidence, no matter how overwhelming, no matter how all-embracing, no matter how devastatingly convincing, can ever make any difference.

Can you imagine believing that and at the same time accepting a salary, month after month, to teach science? Even at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee? I’m not sure that I could live with myself. And I think I would curse my God for leading me to such a pass.

Richard Dawkins is the Charles Simonyi Professor of Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. An evolutionary biologist and prolific author and lecturer

"Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived" Isaac Asimov

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