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*** - de andre_ la: 25/01/2011 09:54:04
(la: Remembrance of things past)
The cellist of Sarajevo - Steven Galloway
The boy who was raised as a dog. And other stories from a child psychiatrist's notebook - Bruce Perry
toate de J.R.R. Tolkien - de desdemona la: 22/07/2004 11:05:07
(la: Care sunt ultimele 5 carti pe care le-ati citit?)
toate de J.R.R. Tolkien (editate de C.Tolkien)
1."Unfinished Tales 1"
2."Unfinished Tales 2"
3."The Lays of Beleriand"
4."The Shaping of Middle Earth"
5."The Lost Road and Other Writings"
(Sunt un fan al 'tatalui' hobbit-ilor !!!)
Copyright-ul prin lume; la o adica in Venezuela, care este - de Dinu Lazar la: 12/12/2004 17:07:39
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Primim de la un fotograf din Venezuela:

THis is just to inform you that the "Revolution" that is currently set in place in this country, led by a monkey and his chimps, is just showing off it's real nature, and most of what we thought about their real intentions is becoming a solid reality.

Please excuse the intro, but go on, as this is not a political statement.

Just a few days ago, and amendment to local Intellectual Property Law, by far one of the most modern copyright and intellectual property protection laws in the world, is about to suffer a massive and abusive modification, breaking out with all the previous international agreements signed by this country, including the Bern and Paris Conventions, The Uruguay Round and other older agreements.

Basically , a group of revolutionary artists, has introduced to the revolutionary congress a proposal for revolutionary change in IP laws to force creators to register with SAPI, our Copyright Office here in Caracas, as a formal requisite to enjoy the benefits of IP protection.

I am not joking fellows. THis is happening today here, and is totally and formally intended to legalise pirating of Music CD's and tapes,VHs; and DVD's and VCD's for films, and eventually , photography in all areas.
It is well known to us that one of the most important leaders of the revolution is the owner of the largest company dedicated to piracy of such discs (software, music and movies) and is making hundreds of millions in earnings from this business, and now he will have the legal rights to do so in the open, in a proper manner, all in the name of the revolution, to help "the people" against the empire, and all the crap you may think of.

After the last fraudulent elections a few weeks ago, the revolution has taken control of all state and goverment instances and offices and there is simply nothing to do at any legal and decent level against this and many past and coming abuses.
Anyone trying to set a legal defense against this abuses is considered and enemy of the revolution and they make sure to push you into doom by means I rather not discuss here.

So consider yourself warned., Those of you, Photographers and Agencies that are currently setting plans to cut deals with clients in this country,specially with the goverment, get to know how is it gonna be, or at least, make sure you get in writing a better deal for you products and services , although things in writing, like contracts, are just disposable paper and ink for the revolution. There are other modifications to the law that would not deal with our field, but are equally abusive in other areas ( pretended ownership of satellite/broadcast transmissions, etc).

I made my best not to turn this into a political thing, just the bare minumum as to set you on "warning mode", so please if anyone wants to comment on the political side, just keep it off this forum.

Talking about protection for RF files, well... just forget it. Not even RM (or RP or L for this
matter) will have it.

We are becoming the Planet of the Apes.


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Harold Pinter-note biografice - de Pasagerul la: 14/10/2005 01:30:14
(la: Premiul Booker 2005-John Banville)
De pe situl Nobel Prize:
Biobibliographical notes

Harold Pinter was born on 10 October 1930 in the London borough of Hackney, son of a Jewish dressmaker. Growing up, Pinter was met with the expressions of anti-Semitism, and has indicated its importance for his becoming a dramatist. At the outbreak of the Second World War, he was evacuated from London at the age of nine, returning when twelve. He has said that the experience of wartime bombing has never lost its hold on him. Back in London, he attended Hackney Grammar School where he played Macbeth and Romeo among other characters in productions directed by Joseph Brearley. This prompted him to choose a career in acting. In 1948 he was accepted at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. In 1950, he published his first poems. In 1951 he was accepted at the Central School of Speech and Drama. That same year, he won a place in Anew McMaster's famous Irish repertory company, renowned for its performances of Shakespeare. Pinter toured again between 1954 and 1957, using the stage name of David Baron. Between 1956 and 1980 he was married to actor Vivien Merchant. In 1980 he married the author and historian Lady Antonia Fraser.

Pinter made his playwriting debut in 1957 with The Room, presented in Bristol. Other early plays were The Birthday Party (1957), at first a fiasco of legendary dimensions but later one of his most performed plays, and The Dumb Waiter (1957). His conclusive breakthrough came with The Caretaker (1959), followed by The Homecoming (1964) and other plays.

Harold Pinter is generally seen as the foremost representative of British drama in the second half of the 20th century. That he occupies a position as a modern classic is illustrated by his name entering the language as an adjective used to describe a particular atmosphere and environment in drama: "Pinteresque".

Pinter restored theatre to its basic elements: an enclosed space and unpredictable dialogue, where people are at the mercy of each other and pretence crumbles. With a minimum of plot, drama emerges from the power struggle and hide-and-seek of interlocution. Pinter's drama was first perceived as a variation of absurd theatre, but has later more aptly been characterised as "comedy of menace", a genre where the writer allows us to eavesdrop on the play of domination and submission hidden in the most mundane of conversations. In a typical Pinter play, we meet people defending themselves against intrusion or their own impulses by entrenching themselves in a reduced and controlled existence. Another principal theme is the volatility and elusiveness of the past.

It is said of Harold Pinter that following an initial period of psychological realism he proceeded to a second, more lyrical phase with plays such as Landscape (1967) and Silence (1968) and finally to a third, political phase with One for the Road (1984), Mountain Language (1988), The New World Order (1991) and other plays. But this division into periods seems oversimplified and ignores some of his strongest writing, such as No Man's Land (1974) and Ashes to Ashes (1996). In fact, the continuity in his work is remarkable, and his political themes can be seen as a development of the early Pinter's analysing of threat and injustice.

Since 1973, Pinter has won recognition as a fighter for human rights, alongside his writing. He has often taken stands seen as controversial. Pinter has also written radio plays and screenplays for film and television. Among his best-known screenplays are those for The Servant (1963), The Accident (1967), The Go-Between (1971) and The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981, based on the John Fowles novel). Pinter has also made a pioneering contribution as a director.

All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
Mark Twain
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dendrofilie sau arbofilie - de Cassandra la: 12/02/2006 23:38:04
(la: Granitele sexului normal.)
excitare sexuala produsa de copaci. phitofilie - de plante in general.
pentru delectarea cititorilor, reproduc un fragment cules de prin internet:

"The practice of dendrophilia covers a vast range of tree-related activities. Most commonly reported cases include men who enjoy rubbing their genitals against rough tree bark to climax, or women using tree branches as penetrating masturbatory aids. Dendrophilia also applies to sexual attraction to objects made from trees, such as dildoes carved from wood.

Other, less painful-sounding methods adopted by those who lust after nature also include wrapping large leaves around the penis as a masturbating sleeve, brushing leafy branches or vines against the body for stimulation, or using the crevices or squirrel-holes found in trees for the obvious insertion purposes.

The sight of a sap-laden opening in a tree trunk is very suggestive of aroused female genitalia, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by cultures that worshipped trees and vegetation as a means to promote their own fertility. In some varieties of trees, particularly those with long, twisting branches and roots such as the mandrake, the plants can have an appearance likened to the voluptuous curves of a woman’s body or the protruding appendages of an aroused male. Many trees have been associated with beautiful women in popular mythology, such as the nymph Acantha being turned into a tree to escape an unwanted suitor.
The flowers, buds and other reproductive parts of many plants also appear to share visual characteristics with human anatomy, making them popular courting gifts and fetish objects. Romantic poets may describe their lover’s vulva as they would the parting of petals of a flower. The fragrance of many flowers, intended to attract insects for pollination purposes, has long been a favorite ingredient for many human aphrodisiacs and perfumes.

Perhaps the most amusing practice associated with phytophilia is the talking to a plant in a sexual manner. While it’s a well-known and commonly practiced myth that speaking to houseplants or garden vegetation will encourage them to grow, some phytophiliacs take this to a whole new level by "talking dirty" to their green friends, even tenderly caressing the stems or leaves.

While diddling with plant life may take the fancy of someone just exploring new textures or novelties, the reasons that many true dendrophiliacs and phytophiliacs offer for their sexual deviances often take their roots in enjoying completely submissive lovers, ones who cannot tell tales or ridicule them as a human partner might. There are also theories that these types of attractions are also displaced paraphilias, stemming from a great emotional love for nature that evolves into a sexual love."
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Intrebari la care s-a si intrebari la care nu s-a - de Dinu Lazar la: 31/03/2006 18:48:38
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Intreaba unu` cit sa ceara pe o lucrare foto.
Un alt fotograf ii raspunde pe larg.
Chestia se intimpla desigur in alta tzara.
Dar, oricum, e interesant.

Try anywhere between £1.00 and £10,000.00 per day. That should cover it!

A bit of a pointless statement you might say. And indeed you are correct.
Much as anyone else's might be, without knowing the first thing about your
circumstances. After all, £250.00, £500.00, £1000.00, £2000.00 per day could
all be wide of the mark, in terms of your client and for yourself!

The first thing you have to do is to work out how much it is costing you to
breathe. What are your outgoings?

Do you work from home or rent a studio?

Do you own the property and have a mortgage?

Utility bills, council tax, maintenance on same?

Do you own a car? How much is it costing you to run? Annual bills for fuel,
insurance, tax, maintenance, depreciation, HP, leasing etc., cost to renew?

Digital photographic equipment? (Phew-LM!) Cameras, lenses, computers and all
the peripherals needed to join it all up into a seamless working unit.
Office equipment? Insurance again. How much is it all costing you? Leasing?
Buy out right - then interest lost on savings?

Pension? Life insurance? Public liability? Servicing an overdraft to the bank!!?

And so on and so on and so on. It never ends. But that’s just for starters!
There will be many more things you will need, just supply clients with your talent.

After the night session, then you need something to buy breakfast in the morning.

Work out all those costs and you come to a frightening figure.

There are then 365 days in the year and I don't believe you will be able to work
every one of those days, so break it down into a realistic figure.

You might want weekends off just like so many of your clients. You might not get
them, but you might get two days of forced holiday in the week, without wishing
to have them by not having any work! So that balances that out. You are down to 265 days.

You might like at least two weeks holiday. After all, many of your clients will
be on four, five, even six weeks holiday a year all paid for. Well you can possibly count
on another five weeks of unpaid holiday in the form of no work. Down to say 230 days.

Now supposing you get a one day job. It maybe necessary to spend one day preparing
for the shoot. It maybe complicated, it may not, but it might take another day to
finish off sitting in front of the computer and then try to get the next job. You
get the drift? For every shooting day, you get another down day. So you are now down
to 115 days of full fee earning days.

Give yourself a bit of a leeway, because you will need to see clients and persuade them
with all your charms. Then there is Aunt Agatha who is coming to London to do a day's
shopping and wouldn't her nephew just like to take her to Harrod's? She might buy you
your first decent meal in a month though, so you do it without protest. Then there is
all that faffing about creating your book, not to mention all the training days and other
trivia that gets in the way of earning money.

And you will soon realise that you will do well to shoot at full fees for more than 100 days
in a year. I say 100 as that happens to be an easy number for us all, to divide all those costs
by, that you are going to run up in the year.

Let's face it, the costs are easy to calculate, but not easy to anticipate.
The end result could be a frightening figure, simply because this is what you need to breathe
for one year. It takes no account of re-investment into the business. It makes no allowance to
put money by for that ocean going yacht you have promised yourself within five years!
It certainly takes no account of your talent. If you are the bee's knees why shouldn't
you charge more than the next guy?

Do some sums first. At least you get some idea of where to start from. Don't take any
notice of moneys promised in the future. We would all be millionaires if all that came to fruition.
Be careful of supposed retainers.
They have a habit of being cut short!

There is a figure out there below which you will take your last breath.
Don't go there. It is easy to be a busy fool!
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Coon: blacks made the transition later and were more primi - de Muresh la: 05/06/2006 07:33:53
(la: Oare toţi oamenii de astăzi au origină comună ?)
"Coon believed that blacks and possibly other races made the
transition later than Caucasians did, and were hence more primitive."
Coon asta nu e un fistecine. Om invatat. Absolvent al "Phillips Academy"si Harvard pe care a absovit-o cu "magna cum laude" in 1925.
A obtinut Ph.D. in 1928 si a lucrat la Univ. Harvard ca profesor.
Pe scurt omu' e departe de a fi un zero. Si totusi: in al sau "The Story of Man" scris in 1954 el scrie: blacks and possibly other races made the transition later than Caucasians did, and were hence more primitive."
Adica, dupa Coon, humanoizii au parasit Africa in cateva mari valuri. Primii au parasit cei diun rasa cunoscuta astazi drept rasa caucaziana. Ei au cea mai mare vechime ca oameni si, de aceea , sunt cei mai destepti. Ultimii au plecat din Africa cei din rasa neagra si ei sunt mai pe la urma.
"Coon argued that these races were descendants of five different subspecies of humans that had existed in the Middle Pleistocene era and had evolved independently into races of Homo sapiens. According to Coon, the Caucasoids, who he believed had evolved first, were by implication a bit further up the ladder of civilization."
Bineinteles, teorii de acestea dau apa la moara rasistilor.
Ce cred eu:
Chiar daca Coon are dreptate, rasele s-au amestecat si nu mai gasesti diferente importante care ar putea deosebi o rasa de o alta. Diferenta aspectala intre rasele diferite se datoresc unor numar restrans de gene si inteligenta nu "intra" aici.
Care e parerea dv.?

Lectura de uichend - de Dinu Lazar la: 10/09/2004 09:02:31
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Pentru cine vrea sa devina cindva mai pro...

Dear reader,

Today's update to PDNOnline offers you more
illuminating-- and possibly controversial-- feature stories you won't find in the print edition. Plus we have brand new Newswire stories.

3 Photojournalists, 3 Stories, Much Dedication

Our September story "Still There" profiles three photojournalists who have devoted years to covering one subject or issue that's become close to their hearts and their consciences. Here at PDNonline we present more work by these dedicated photographers, spanning more than a decade.

Magazine Survey

If you've seen our September issue, you've seen PDN's report card on magazine clients, based on reader responses to our survey. PDNOnline offers two more reports on what the survey tells us about the editorial market--available only online.

Surveying Working Conditions

We find out: What are typical day rates? Do most magazines pay within 30 days, or longer? Do most photographers care more about fees, creative freedom or seeing their photos look nice? Will you earn higher fees as you get older? ($ premium for subscribers

The Best & The Worst

Of the 32 most frequently rated magazines, we rank the best and worst on six criteria, and make note of those magazines whose rates fluctuate according to who their hiring.($ premium for subscribers only.)

-The Visa Pour L'Image festival in Perpignan is over; we report who took home the big prizes for news photos, magazine photo essays and humanitarian work.

-Bill Shapiro, managing editor of the
soon-to-be-relaunched Life, talks about his vision for the weekly's editorial mix, use of photo spreads, news and celebrity coverage. ($ premium for subscribers

-Getty has announced new $20,000 grants to support long-term photo projects-- and to represent the resulting work for one year.

-AP has signed a deal with the VII photojournalism agency to represent its archive.

Product News
Two new digital backs from Leaf, special features on Wacom's tablet, Blue-Wav's big fat optical storage and other new product announcements.

Also on PDNOnline: Highlights from September, and a feature found only online for photojournalists looking for support from NGOs.($ premium for subscribers only.)

Best wishes,
The Editors
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watch out for racoons, and ot - de Horia D la: 14/12/2004 21:46:07
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata)
watch out for racoons, and other litlle rodents:))

The things that come to those who wait are what's left behind by those
who got there first.
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De fapt fotografii de stock vor avea o viata de cacao - de Dinu Lazar la: 04/01/2005 21:04:59
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Addition expands comprehensive creative choice and services in one place

SEATTLE and DÜSSELDORF (January 3, 2004) - Corbis today announced its acquisition of Zefa Visual Media Group, the third-largest image licensing company in the world, resulting in combined revenues in excess of US$200 MM.
The addition of Zefa advances Corbis' strategy of offering complete visual solutions, encompassing existing imagery, custom production, and rights services.

"This deal further solidifies our plan to accelerate penetration of key commercial markets," said Steve Davis, President and CEO of Corbis.
"Moreover, as a result, we expect to dramatically improve our market share, not only in Germany, France, and the UK, but around the globe."

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, Zefa has more than 140 employees and eight offices in Europe and the United States. The company represents more than 450,000 images, used daily by advertising agencies, corporations, and publishers around the world.

"Zefa's fresh, fashion-forward photography is a perfect complement to Corbis' imagery and services," said Jennifer Hurshell, Corbis Senior Vice-President, Image Licensing. "Our clients demand tremendous stylistic breadth of imagery, and this takes us another step forward to building one of greatest creative resources in the world."

"Corbis and Zefa share a deep commitment to offering our clients the most relevant imagery to communicate their ideas," said Tomas Speight, CEO of Zefa. "This will enormously benefit our photographers, who will gain global reach from Corbis' global sales network and industry-leading services."

In 2005, Corbis will integrate Zefa into its website, global sales organization, and marketing programs, offering comprehensive access to Corbis and Zefa imagery and services. Erwin Fey, Zefa President, will transition into a strategic consulting role with Corbis, and Tomas Speight, CEO of Zefa, will enter a new role as a Vice-President, leading international operations expansion activities.

Corbis provides complete visual solutions used every day by publishers, advertising and design agencies, filmmakers, and other creative professionals to tell their stories with impact that goes beyond words. Our image licensing, rights services and assignment photography services enable clients around the world to differentiate brands, sell products and services, support news stories and entertain audiences.

Corbis images can be found and licensed at And client advisory services are available around the clock-including subject matter and conceptual research, rights management and clearances, and production expertise.

Corbis is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Tokyo.

zefa visual media gmbh is the largest European group in the professional stock imagery market, and currently ranks number three worldwide. The main office of zefa visual media group is in Düsseldorf, Germany. There is another sales office in Hamburg as well as 16 subsidiaries and partner agencies around the world, all forming the zefa visual media group. The range of images offered by zefa covers a wide selection of rights-managed and royalty-free collections. In addition, zefa visual media also has its own global network of top creative photographers.

Over 70 group partners license the usage rights to the groupŽs images via its global image portal
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Walking through the woods, a - de Horia D la: 10/02/2005 16:11:23
(la: Un nou forum: "Bancuri, glume, poante...")
Walking through the woods, a man comes upon another man hugging a tree with his ear firmly against it. He asks, "Just out of curiosity, what the hell are you doing?"
"I'm listening to the music of the tree."
"You've gotta be kidding."
"No, not at all! Would you like to give it a try?"
"Well, okay." So he wraps his arms around the tree and presses his ear up against it.
The other man immediately slaps a set of handcuffs on him, takes his wallet, jewelry, car keys, then strips him naked and leaves.
Two hours later, another nature lover strolls by, sees this man handcuffed to the tree, naked and asked, "What the hell happened to you?"
He tells the guy the whole story about how he got there. While he was regaling his plight, the newcomer is shaking his head in sympathy, circling him.
When the handcuffed man is finished talking, the second man walks around behind him, kisses him tenderly behind the ear and says, "This just isn't your day, is it, Sugar?"
athos - despre apes and monkeys - de Horia D la: 17/05/2005 22:05:50
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "3")
uite ce am gasit:

What's the difference between monkeys and apes?

There are about 200 species of primates including lemurs, monkeys, apes and humans. All primates share similar characteristics including having hair instead of fur, fingernails instead of claws, binocular vision that allows depth perception, opposable thumbs (thumb can touch all other digits), and the ability to grasp things. A larger brain than most other animals in relation to body size gives them a higher level of intelligence and the ability to process more complicated information.
While some people call all of the primates “monkeys”, there are distinct differences between monkeys and their more advanced cousins, the apes. Gibbons and siamangs are known as Lesser Apes while chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas are called Great Apes. The apes lack tails, generally have larger bodies and brains than the monkeys, and their intelligence is greater. Mobile rotary shoulder joints allow apes to brachiate (swing) through the trees. They can also walk upright on the ground on two legs for short distances while monkeys generally travel around on all four legs. Genetic studies indicate that chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than the other apes. Scientists have shown that at least 98% of human DNA is identical to that of chimpanzees.

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To Horia and the "American Dream"; and "Canadian Dream"; and... - de Madblanch la: 16/06/2005 01:44:54
(la: EXPERIENTA CANADIANA "Canadian Experience")
Sunt in final fericita ca am gasit pe cineva cu care pot spune ca ma identific! Merci Horia pentru comentariu. Desi in America eu am petrecut numai 12 ani, well, ideea e aceeasi... Hmm... nu am condus taxiuri inca....:o) In mare, situatia mea este similara cu cea prezentata mai sus de Horia. Munca dura pentru primii doi ani, mai putin dura insa cu ore mai indelungate pentru urmatorii doi, apoi Universitate full-time si servici full-time pentru urmatorii patru, apoi meseria visata pentru alti patru ani, aceasta cu avantajele si dezavantajele ei... Iar acum, de fapt din decembrie 2004, am luat-o de la capat cu emigrarea, decindu-ma sa ma mut la Paris (desi in legatura directa cu serviciul si fara obligatia de a reincepe de la zero - din fericire - insa din nou fiind obligata sa trec prin perioada de ajustare la o noua cultura. Noroc ca in Romania, in timpul comunismului, am mancat destula bataie (de cap in special) sa invat limba franceza! A fost si comunismul bun la ceva - insa asta e o alta discutie. Dar hey, sunt cea mai fericita pesoana de pe Pamant! In Paris, in love... Asa ca am uitat toate momentele dificile (care n-au fost putine de altfel, insa pentru care sunt recunoscatoare pentru ca m-au facut cine sunt acum, in momentul de fata). Cum spuneam, la inceput, un emigrant, oricine ar fi si orice calificare ar avea, trece evident prin o perioada de ajustare. Apoi, odata "integrat" - cel putin in idee - trebuie hotarat ce e de facut, care este punctul de pornire pentru a ne indeplini visul care ne-a facut sa emigram in primul rand. Si apoi, ne punem pe treaba. Intr-adevar, e mult mai usor sa ne plangem si sa actionam ca victime decat sa ne punem cu burta pe carte in acelasi timp muncind sa ne intretinem si sa platim pentru cursuri. Iar asta nu este numai viata emigrantilor in America, de exemplu. Este de asemenea viata majoritatii de studenti Americani, care, neavand o situatie financiara foarte elevata, sunt fortati sa munceasca sa-si plateasca studiile si rent-ul. Ca am uitat sa mentionez, in America, parintii se debaraseaza de copii odata ce acestia devin majori. Sau, in cazuri mai fericite, daca cei mentionati mai sus locuiesc inca in casa parintilor, well, sunt obligati sa plateasca chirie si intretinere acestora. Nu vreau sa intru in mai multe detalii, insa nu mai pot suporta toata vorbaria asta care face numai praf degeaba. "Boo-hoo, pity me, I am a poor immigrant, I am entitled to the best, but I don't think I am ready to "lower" myself to do this job..." (!!!!) Trebuie inteles ca viata e dura, si nimic nu ni se ofera pe gratis. And yes, vacatele si concediile sunt de scurta durata si nu foarte dese. Insa, pentru un motiv anume sau altul, it feels kind of good to say, "Yes, I made it in America!"
Iar despre Canada, sora mea locuieste in Toronto impreuna cu sotul si baietelul lor de 8 ani. Ca si mine, si ei au trecut prin momente foarte delicate, desi aveau amandoi studii superioare si erau supra-calificati. Insa, au strans din dinti, si-au facut un plan, l-au indeplinit, iar astazi, dupa cinci ani, sunt exact unde isi doreau sa se afle in cinci ani... Cred ca nu mai e nevoie de detalii. Si asta, inca o data, este rezultatul muncii dure, perseverentei si sperantei.
What else can I say? Hmmm... Vive la France! :o)
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HUMANITY PHOTO AWARDS 2006 - de Dinu Lazar la: 31/10/2005 07:05:21
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
All over the world, many traditional customs are changing, and some vanishing forever. The aim of this contest is to encourage the recording of traditional customs and the evolution of various folk cultures through the use of photography, and to stimulate international interest in the study, exploration, rescue, preservation, and indeed, enjoyment of our cultural heritage. It is an initiative created out of respect for our common humanity and in a spirit of international good will.
Opening Date: September 1, 2005
Deadline: March 31, 2006 (Entries received after this date will be held over until the next contest.)
Jury: Entries will undergo appraisal by an international jury panel formed by nine accomplished photographers and scholars with expertise in the study of culture. The jury panel decides prize-winning photographs on the basis of both aesthetic quality and documentary value in May 2006. A group of 3 to 5 theorists, critics and journalists will observe and commentate the judging process.
Announcement: The final result will be announced at CFPA’s website before June 15, 2006.
Awards Ceremony & Opening Ceremony of Winning photos Exhibition: October 2006.
The contest is based on picture stories/portfolios of between 6 to 12 photographs. Single photographs will not be accepted. Please enter into the following categories:
A. Portrait & Costume
Including portraits with special national features, mode of dress, hairstyles and other adornments.
B. Architecture
Including residential, religious and public buildings, interior and exterior views, structures, details, furniture, decorations and construction processes.
C. Daily Life
Reflecting ways of life, including routine means of production, such as fishing, hunting, farming, forestry, animal husbandry, markets, transportation, preparation and consumption of foodstuffs and liquor and other activities; and the living customs of a particular group, tribe or region.
D. Festivities
Including feasts, celebrations, religious festival and ceremonies of all kinds.
E. Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology
Including education, entertainment, traditional sports, games, drama, art, handicrafts, learning, traditional medicine and technology.
F. Traditional Rites
Including birth, initiation, wedding, funeral, taboo, worship, morality, reciprocal courtesy, traditional etiquette, traditional ceremony of family, village or ethnic group, and local belief.
Humanity Photo Top Award
Top Award is to be selected from First Prize-winning photographs in all categories. The selection will be made on the basis of outstanding merit, both in terms of documentary value and aesthetic quality. The winning work should best reflect the philosophy of the contest. This award carries a cash prize of RMB60,000, an award certificate, a copy of the contest collection book or CD, and an invitation to China (including a return flight ticket and hotel accommodation) to attend the awards ceremony and exhibition opening ceremony.
Humanity Photo Theme Awards
In each category there will be one first, two second and three third prize winners. Each winner receives prize money, an award certificate, a copy of the contest collection book or CD, and an invitation to the ceremonies with accommodation provided.
First Prize: a cash award of RMB16,000 and a return flight ticket to the ceremonies;
Second Prize: a cash award of RMB6,600;
Third Prize: a cash award of RMB3,600.
Humanity Photo Documentary Award
There will be 100 winners selected for these awards. Each winner receives an award certificate, a copy of the contest collection book or CD, and an invitation to the ceremonies with accommodation provided.
All participants are invited to award ceremonies, and each is to receive a HPA certificate. (Travel and accommodation expenses will be at his/her own cost.)
N.B. The cash prizes for winners outside of China will be paid in the equivalent amount of US dollars. (Indicating exchange rate: 1USD to 8.3 RMB)
Entry Rules (please read carefully and fill in Entry Forms accordingly)
1. There are no restrictions of profession, gender, age or nationality for participants.
2. One photo story entered by two participants will not be accepted. The name on the Entry Form must be the same as shown on the passport. Please use only Chinese or English to fill in the Entry Forms. And legible handwriting is required; if not, to print them out.
3. The photographs must be taken by the participant him/herself.
4. Members of the jury, observers and working staff of HPA2006 cannot enter the contest.
5. Entries can comprise of several ethnic groups in one country or one nationality living in different countries.
6. There is no time limit as to when entries were taken. They can have been taken on one occasion or over a period of time.
7. Composite images and trick photographs will not be accepted.
8. Only picture stories or sets of pictures can be entered. Single photographs will not be accepted. Each entry should consist of a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 photographs. No more than 3 entries per participant may be submitted. Participants are solely responsible for choosing the proper categories. No switching of categories are allowed after submission.
9. Slides will not be accepted. E-mail entries will not be accepted.
10. For digital photos, a set of prints on photographic printing paper with print quality no less than 300dpi are to be sent in by mail together with a virus free CD-ROM where photos are stored in TIFF or un- pressed JPG format in no less than 300dpi and 30cm on longer side.
11. Only black or color prints may be entered. The minimum size is 20.3cm (8 inches) and the maximum size is 30.5cm (12 inches)------ The size means the trim size barring the margins of the photos.
12. Photographs must not be mounted. No paster, staples or pins should be used.
13. Submitted material should be carefully made. Under normal circumstances, the negatives or originals will not be required for scrutiny but the organizers reserve the right to do so for exceptional reasons. Refusal for co-operation may diminish chances to win awards.
14. Photographs that have won prizes or been exhibited in other competitions are free to enter. Photographs that have won prizes in previous HPA contests cannot be entered.
15. One participant should only fill one “Entry Form I”. Every photo story submitted should be accompanied by one set of “Entry Form II” with a title and authentic caption information in Chinese or English. Do not affix them on the photos. The category code(A-F), the story sequence number and total numbers should be written on back of each photo in pencil. Do not write any personal information on the photograph.
16. Entries should be forwarded either by mail or by courier. Please send the entries in flat envelope, not in roll. Please write “Photographs for the Humanity Photo Awards Contest & No Commercial Value” on the package to avoid extra costs and delays at the Customs.
17. Entries together with entry forms must be received by the sponsor CFPA on or before March 31, 2006. (The arrival date as postmarked by the Beijing Post Office controls.)
18. There is no entry fee. Photographs will not be returned. Do not send the originals.
19. In order to promote HPA and its activities, the sponsor has the right to use entries submitted for the contest in publications, exhibitions, TV programs, etc., without remuneration.
20. Any legal responsibility relating to entries, such as copyright, right of reputation and portrait, will be borne by the participants. Submission of entries signifies acceptance of above conditions. All Entry Forms must be signed. Entries accompanied by unsigned forms will be disqualified.
21. There are Entry Forms and articles of humanity photo awards 2006 at Please download them there. Printing and copy both have the same validity.

More information about HPA at
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Antony and the Johnsons- Crip - de divine la: 10/08/2006 19:50:56
(la: Muzica)
Antony and the Johnsons- Cripple and the Starfish, o voce puternica, limpede si melancolica
The UPDIG consortium - de Dinu Lazar la: 06/11/2006 06:15:44
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
The UPDIG consortium succesfully presented at the Photo Plus in New York,
Version 2 of the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (originally
posted in their website last October ).

We should encourage each and everyone involved in commercial digital photography
to download this documents and actually submit the info to stubborn clients ,
designers and everyone in the digital food chain, as to be able to provide a
better approach to standard procedures for delivery, archiving etc.

It is never the last word in these matters, but so far it is a comprehensive
and massively endorsed set of methods and techniques, worth reviewing it.

Actually, ASMP and other groups are suggesting that photographers who are
compliant of the UPDIG methods and techniques should "help the cause" clearly
stating it in their invoices, websites etc.

At the very least, it sets a point of reference against which to compare results,
and a common sense ground to discuss with less knowledgeable people.

So, please, download the pdf documents, familiarize with their contents and keep
them handy for reference.
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continuare - de zaraza la: 19/04/2010 19:07:10
(la: Cine nu stie, sa intrebe! Cine stie, sa raspunda!)
It didn't really enter the language at large, however, until 1840. That's when Democratic supporters of Martin Van Buren adopted it as the name of their political club, giving OK a double meaning. ("Old Kinderhook" was a native of Kinderhook, New York.)

OK became the warcry of Tammany hooligans in New York while beating up their opponents. It was mentioned in newspaper stories around the country.

Van Buren's opponents tried to turn the phrase against him, saying that it had originated with Van Buren's allegedly illiterate predecessor, Andrew Jackson, a story that has survived to this day. They also devoted considerable energy to coming up with unflattering interpretations, e.g., "Out of Kash, Out of Kredit, and Out of Klothes."

Newspaper editors and publicists around the country delighted in coming up with even sillier interpretations-- Oll Killed, Orfully Konfused, Often Kontradicts, etc.--so that by the time the campaign was over the expression had taken firm root nationwide.

As time went on, though, people forgot about the abbreviation fad and Old Kinderhook and began manufacturing their own etymologies. Here's a sampling:

(1) It's a derivative of the Choctaw Indian affirmative "okeh." Andrew Jackson, who figures in many stories about OK, is said to have introduced the word to the white man.

(2) Another Jackson story has it that he used to mark OK for "oll korrect" on court documents. In the one example of this that was actually unearthed, however, the OK was found actually to be OR, for "order recorded," a common courthouse abbreviation.

(3) It was a telegraphic signal meaning "open key," that is, ready to receive. Others say OK was used for "all right" because A and R had already been appropriated for other purposes. Big problem with this theory: the first telegraph message was transmitted in 1844, five years after OK appeared.

(4) It stands for O. Kendall & Sons, a supplier of army biscuits that stamped its initials on its product.

(5) It comes from Aux Cayes, already discussed. A variant is that it comes from the French au quai, "to the dock," said of cotton that had been approved for loading on a ship.

(6) It stands for Obediah Kelly, a railroad freight agent, who used to mark his initials on documents to indicate all was in order.

(7) It comes from the Greek Olla Kalla, "all good."

(8) A German general who fought on the side of the Americans in the Revolutionary War used to sign documents OK for Ober-Kommando.

There are dozens of other interpretations, all equally knuckleheaded. Pay them no mind. If Professor Read says OK = oll korrect, that's good enough for me.

— Cecil Adams
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DEHA este pe scurt un hormon - de Nico la: 10/10/2003 19:13:41
(la: D.H.E.A. sau tineretea vesnica ???)
DEHA este pe scurt un hormon produs de corpul uman: dehydroepiandrosteron. Este responsabil pentru producerea si reglarea steroizilor si hormonilor sexuali. S-a observat ca nivelul acestui hormon scade dramatic cu varsta ( la 70 ani este 5% comparativ cu nivelul de la 20 ani). Acest fapt a dus la deductia logica - dar necomfirmata din pacate - ca suplimentand acest hormon imbatranirea poate fi reversata sau macar incetinita. Nu este total exlusa posibilitatea metionata de tine ... teoretic vorbind!

Pentru vorbitorii de limba engleza ( De pe Internet adunate!)):
"DHEA" is short for dehydroepiandrosterone, a hormone naturally produced in the human body in the adrenal gland.
For what is DHEA used?
DHEA / Dehydroepiandrosterone is the sole precursor hormone responsible for the production and regulation of every other steroid and sex hormone in the body. It has recently been discovered that bodily levels of DHEA decline with age (a typical 70-year old will have about 5-10% the DHEA of what a typical 20 year old produces), leading to the (logically correct and possible) hypothesis that supplementing DHEA will reverse or halt the aging process. This is probably just another round of humankind's hope for the discovery of the Fountain of Youth, but there are some valuable elements to DHEA supplementation that are worth investigating. For example, declining levels of DHEA are implicated in
Alzheimer's disease
atherosclerosis and heart disease
De citit, ca de dus un dialog e mai greu se pare... - de Dinu Lazar la: 31/12/2003 01:16:24
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Phil Wever shares his experiences in his latest smARTICLE so you wanna be a
digital event photographer, and demonstrates what it takes to be on top in
this tough marketplace. No matter what type of photography you're in, you
will certainly benefit from how to get client pleasing images "under the

Happy medium? In part one of a three-part article, Jim covers his thoughts
on when to shoot film, and when to shoot digital when creating wedding
images. Here's an insiders view to this hot topic.

For shooting in the studio, you need an accurate monitor. For retouching
your photos, you need an accurate monitor. To make your on-screen images
match your printed images, yep, you need an accurate monitor. Will has
discovered a monitor that's a great performer at at a terrific price.

This month Suzette shows us an advanced technique for quick eyeglass glare
removal with great results.

As you wrap up the year and set your focus on marketing efforts for 2004,
be a GUERILLA in your strategies. In Ira's smARTICLE this month read how
you can integrate some of these guerilla tactics into your marketing for
greater success!

"People ask me all the time how do you become a great photographer? I
always reply----take lots of photographs and find great faces!!!!!!"
Please enjoy and absorb the latest of Marc's "Stories":

Over 320 joined Will Crockett in Portland for the top drawing seminar tour
in the country - Professional Workflow. Next up is PHOENIX, NEW ORLEANS,
HOUSTON, and ORLANDO. Phoenix is almost sold out so please register here:

Read this terrific feature article and judge for yourself.

View a special Holiday card to you from ShootSmarter thanks to Shelly at
GinJoint Interactive.

Our good friends over at ASMP have done us ALL a favor in getting the
government to allow photographers to carry on their gear. Be sure to print
out this official TSA bulletin and carry it with you, just in case.

25 students per class, 4 instructors, lots of high end imaging gear, pounds
of positive energy, and YOU!. Our popular multi-day totally hands-on
workshop is scheduled for only 3 presentations in 2004. MORE INFO:
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Sharon vrea un referendum - de Filip Antonio la: 04/02/2004 11:06:14
(la: Evreii impotriva lui Sharon? Anita unde esti?)
Sharon defends plan to evacuate Gaza settlements
Eds: UPDATES with Sharon backing for referendum, graf 4
AP Photos
Associated Press Writer
JERUSALEM (AP) - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Wednesday
defended his plan to dismantle virtually all Jewish
settlements in Gaza, amid new signs that the proposal is
threatening the stability of his government.
Ten lawmakers from the ruling Likud Party sent a letter to
Sharon threatening to abandon the prime minister if he
moves forward with his plans without their consent.
«We announce beforehand that it will be very difficult
for us to support this plan without the approval of the
Likud institutions on this sensitive subject,» the
lawmakers wrote. They added that they would not support the
entry of the opposition Labor Party into the government.
A senior official said Sharon would put his unilateral
disengagement plan - including removing some settlements
and imposing a boundary on the West Bank if peace talks
fail - before a national referendum, as demanded by Likud
lawmakers. The official, speaking on condition of
anonymity, said Sharon would welcome the idea of putting
the plan before the people, because the issue cuts across
ideological lines and «has overwhelming support among the
Labor said Tuesday that it would back Sharon's plan,
assuring him of a parliamentary majority even if two
ultranationalist parties quit the government.
But one of the lawmakers who signed Wednesday's letter,
Yuli Edelstein, claimed the group had enough support from
other Likud members to block any parliamentary majority for
Even if the effort fails, the letter reflected the
internal divisions that Sharon faces over his Gaza pullout
Sharon on Tuesday shrugged off the growing threats, saying
he is determined to go ahead with plans to remove 17
settlements in Gaza and three in the West Bank without
waiting for a peace deal with the Palestinians. He said he
would try to form a new governing coalition rather than
back down.
The prime minister's surprise announcement Monday has
divided Israelis into two camps: those who believe Sharon,
for decades the main architect of Jewish settlement
expansion, is truly changing course; and those who suspect
him of trying to sow confusion and deflect attention from a
widening corruption probe against him.
Sharon said Wednesday that his plan is not related to the
corruption probe, Israel radio reported. Speaking to
reporters at the Israeli parliament building, he said he
was moving forward in spite of his legal troubles, not
because of them.
Sharon, who has denied wrongdoing, is to be questioned by
police Thursday on suspicion he accepted bribes from an
Israeli real-estate developer.
Commentators said whatever Sharon's motives, his
declaration has created irreversible facts, and no future
prime minister could demand to hold on to parts of Gaza in
a peace deal with the Palestinians. «The words that were
uttered can never be taken back,» commentator Dan Margalit
wrote in the Maariv daily.
Opinion polls suggested that Sharon has broad public
support for dismantling most Gaza settlements, increasingly
seen by many Israelis as a security burden. Israel controls
one-third of the strip, while 1.3 million Palestinians
share the rest.
In his first public comment on the issue Tuesday, Sharon
avoided mention of Gaza but said he was determined to press
ahead with the removal of settlements.
«Not only is this difficult for the settlers, but also,
it is more painful for myself than anyone else in Israel,»
Sharon said during a visit of the coastal city of Ashkelon.
«But I've reached a decision and I am going to carry it
Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia told Palestinian
radio he wants to see «deeds, not words. We want to see
them leaving the whole Gaza Strip, leaving Gaza as
liberated Palestinian land and leaving us to concentrate on
their withdrawal from the West Bank.»
In the West Bank on Wednesday, the army said it had
arrested a senior operative in the militant Al Aqsa
Martyrs' Brigades in the village of Tubas. Palestinian
sources identified the man as Jihad Sawafta, who they said
had escaped an Israeli assassination attempt in 2002.
Senior aides to Sharon and Qureia were scheduled to meet
Wednesday in hopes of arranging a meeting between the two
prime ministers, the two sides confirmed. A summit would be
a crucial step in reviving the U.S.-backed «road map»
peace plan.
The talks were to focus on Israel's contentious West Bank
separation barrier - which the Palestinians oppose - and
Palestinian efforts to persuade militant groups to halt
attacks on Israelis, Palestinian officials said.
Efforts to bring the two men together have faltered since
Qureia took office in October, and the road map has been
stalled for months. But Qureia has come under pressure
recently from the United States and Egypt, a key mediator
between Israel and the Palestinians, to agree to a meeting.
The road map aims for an independent Palestinian state,
alongside Israel, by 2005.
«This is maybe their last opportunity to implement the
road map,» a senior Israeli official, speaking on
condition of anonymity, said of a possible summit.
A top security adviser to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat
on Wednesday accused the United States of «blackmailing»
the Palestinians.
Jibril Rajoub said the Americans have threatened to
disengage from the peace process unless the Palestinians
arrest those responsible for an October bomb blast in Gaza
that killed three Americans traveling in a diplomatic
«You know that the Americans stopped their involvement
waiting for the results of the investigation,» Rajoub told
foreign journalists. «I think that this is blackmail.»
American officials have said they are disappointed with
the lack of cooperation by Palestinian security forces in
the search for the perpetrators.
Sharon has said repeatedly in recent weeks that he plans
to take unilateral steps in the West Bank and Gaza -
dismantling some settlements, redeploying troops and
imposing a boundary - if there is no progress on the road
map in the coming months.
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