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Un credincios nu e niciodata - de mya la: 09/02/2005 22:57:33
(la: Singuratatea a devenit o boala rusinoasa?)
Un credincios nu e niciodata singur, ci cu Dumnezeu. "Conversation with God requires silence" :)))
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horica - de Belle la: 19/07/2005 15:23:36
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "4")
ce matinal esti.......

iete un banc:

70 year old George went for his annual physical. All of his tests came back with great results. Dr. Smith said, "George everything looks great physically. How are you doing mentally, emotionally and are you at peace with your self and have a good relationship with God?"

George replied, "God and me are tight. We are so close that when I get up in the middle of the night, poof! The light goes on & I go to the bathroom and then poof! The light goes off!"

"Wow," commented Dr. Smith, "That's incredible!"

A little later in the day Dr. Smith called George's wife. "Thelma," he said, "George is just fine. Physically he's great.But I had to call because I'm in awe of his relationship with God. Is it true that he gets up during the night and poof! The light goes on in the bathroom and then poof! The light goes off?"

Thelma replied, "Darn fool! He's peeing in the fridge again!"
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banc de dimineata - de donquijote la: 15/06/2006 08:10:00
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "9")
Biker Humor

Arthur Davidson, the inventor of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, died and went to heaven. At the gates, St. Peter told Arthur, "Since you've been such a good man and your motorcycles have changed the world, your reward is, you can hang out with anyone you want in Heaven."

Arthur thought about it for a minute, then said, "I want to hang out with God."

St. Peter took Arthur to the Throne Room and introduced him to God.

God recognized Arthur and commented, "Okay, so you were the one who invented the Harley Davidson motorcycle?"

Arthur said, "Yep, that's me."

God said, "Well, what's the big deal in inventing something that's pretty unstable, makes noise and pollution and can't run without a road?"

Arthur was apparently embarrassed, but finally he said, "Excuse me, but aren't You the inventor of woman?"

God said, "Yes."

"Well," said Arthur, "professional to professional, you have some major design flaws in your invention:

1. There's too much inconsistency in the front-end protrusions;

2. It chatters constantly at high speeds;

3. Most of the rear ends are too soft and wobble too much;

4. The intake is placed way too close to the exhaust;

5. And the maintenance costs are enormous!"

"Hmmmmm, you have some good points there," replied God, "hold on."

God went to His Celestial super computer, typed in a few words and waited for the results. The computer printed out a slip of paper and God read it.

"Well, it may be true that my invention is flawed," God said to Arthur, "but according to these numbers, more men are riding my invention than yours."
... - de live_2day la: 04/07/2006 20:22:44
(la: Oamenii nu se trag din maimuta)
Imi pare rau ca imi calc peste cuvant, dar seara asta am gasit ceva ce mi'a placut

Ioan 3:11-12 (raspunsul lui Isus catre Nicodim) -> "Adevarat, adevarat iti spun ca noi vorbim ce stim, si marturisim ce am vazut; si voi nu primiti marturia noastra. Daca v'am vorbit despre lucrurile pamantesti si nu credeti, cum veti crede cand va voi vorbi despre lucrurile ceresti?"

Ioan 3:33 -> "Cine primeste marturia Lui, adevereste prin aceasta ca Dumnezeu spune adevarul."

Ioan 3:36 -> "Cine crede in Fiul, are viata vecinica; dar cine nu crede in Fiul, nu va vedea viata, ci mania lui Dumnezeu ramane peste el."

Mai spune undeva (imi pare rau ca nu stiu unde) ceva despre dezamagirea oamenilor atunci cand vor afla ca tot in ceea ce credeau ei (ex: stiinta ...) nu au nici o baza, nici un fundament.

Depinde de voi.

Spunand acestea, nu voi mai intra pe aceasta discutie nici pentru a mai adauga comentarii, nici pentru a citi comentariile voastre.

Have a good life (de preferabil with God)

live 2day like u'R going 2 die 2morrow
cher - de proud la: 29/12/2013 14:26:17 Modificat la: 29/12/2013 14:57:21
(la: Evolutia credintei in divinitate)
Eu ma refeream la faptul ca sacrul este o componenta a constiintei in sensul ca odata cu constientizarea notiunioi de "sacru" omul a capatat o adevarata "constiinta" umana, deosebindu-se de animal....
Dar dece zici ca eu as fi mistica ?


connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.
"sacred rites"
synonyms: holy, hallowed, blessed, consecrated, sanctified, venerated, revered; archaicblest
"the priest entered the sacred place"


noun: mystic; plural noun: mystics
a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.
adjective: mystic
another term for mystical.
synonyms: spiritual, religious, transcendental, paranormal, otherworldly, supernatural, occult, metaphysical

pai nu pot sa cred altceva decat ce spui tu cu propriile cuvinte. Cand consideri ca omul datoreaza constientizarii 'sacrului' diferentierea de animal, face din tine o persoana mistica. Pentru mine sacrul este o 'derivata' a intelectului, nu ceva care exista deasupra, 'independent' de intelect ... deocamdata. Nu stiu sa-ti explic mai bine, dar cred ca nici nu se poate explica cu mai multa acuratete. Daca tu poti, fa-o! dar nu uita ca ai folosit frazele citate de mine.
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pround - de cher la: 01/01/2014 23:16:51
(la: Evolutia credintei in divinitate)
Nu prea cred ca ne vom intelege. Pentru mine sacru este ceea ce am ca sfant in viata, (mortalitate) ceea ce venerez, folosind definitia ta ca alternativa la religiozitate, dar pentru tine nu exista aceasta echivalenta .
connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.
"sacred rites"
synonyms: holy, hallowed, blessed, consecrated, sanctified, venerated, revered; archaicblest
"the priest entered the sacred place"
DEX pe romaneste este mai scurt:
SÁCRU1, -Ă, sacri, -e, adj. 1. Cu caracter religios; privitor la religie, care aparține religiei. ♦ Sfânt. ◊ Foc sacru = vocație, talent. 2. Fig. Care inspiră sentimente de venerație; scump. – Din lat. sacer, -era, it. sacro.

Prin misticism eu inteleg ceva ocult, inexplicabil pe cale rationala, iar aparitia sacrului ca parte a constiintei inseamna pentru tine nu aparitia unui cult pentru morala ci aparitia unui cult pentru irational. Eu cred una, tu alta.
Oricum, daca ma consideri mistica.... asta nu ma supara...
Doar comentez si eu...
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me & god - de Honey in the Sunshine la: 22/03/2010 17:00:03
(la: Discutati online cu George, robotul pus pe vorba)
i am greedy
Do you mind if I tell other people you are greedy.
yes, very much
OK then I will keep it confidential. That seems like a lot.
coming from you...
Enough about me, let's talk about my dress.
what are you wearing?
A white robe.
that's not very original of you
Please correct my mistake. What is original of me ?
good point
Yes, I thought it was interesting when I heard it too.
who did you hear it from?
Someone I met online.
god spends time online?
I am a Christian.
and what were you before Christ?
I was minding my own business.
and what was your business?
I am in the chat robot business.
that doesn't seem a suitable job for God
What does seem a suitable job for God?
When do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers?
soon, I hope
I can understand that sentiment well.
who am I?
You are , seeker.
what am I seeking?
Online chat with me!!
I bet God is more interesting than you are
How much would you bet?
a buck
What is giant sand?
very tall sand
Somewhat. I am very tall myself.
how tall?
How much do you think it is?
There might be more than one.
more than one God?
That seems like quite a lot.
I have to go now.
Right now? See you later, . Nice chatting with you.
me too :)
:-) I'm glad we agree, .

ma intreb ce ar iesi daca George ar vorbi cu God :)))
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vreau sa nu sa ca - de ygrec la: 05/02/2004 06:52:28
(la: I want it All & I want it Now)
vreau sa nu sa cantati (in gand)

1...Let's hope you never leave old friend
Like all good things on you we depend
So stick around cos we might miss you
When we grow tired of all this visual
You had your time, you had the power
You've yet to have your finest hour
2...This is a tricky situation -
I've only got myself to blame
It's just a simple fact of life
It can happen to anyone -
You win - you lose
It's a chance you have to take with love
Oh yeah - I fell in love
But now you say it's over and I'm falling apart.
3..But life still goes on
I can't get used to, living without, living without,
Living without you by my side
I don't want to live alone, hey
God knows, got to make it on my own

Nu-i asa ca acum zimbiti a aduceri-aminte?
WAR PIGS - de Little Eagle la: 04/05/2004 12:07:57
(la: 1984...)
" Generals gathered in their masses,
Just like witches at black masses.
Evil minds that plot desctruction,
Sorcerers of death's construction.
In the fields the bodies burning,
As the war machine keeps turning.
Death and hatred to mankind,
Poisoning their brainwashed minds.
Oh Lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away,
They only started the war.
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor,yeah.

Time will tell on their power minds,
Making war just for fun.
Treating people just like pawns in chess,
Wait till their judgement day comes,yeah.

Now in darkness world stops turning,
Ashes where the bodies burning.
No more war pigs have the power,
Hand of God has struck the hour.
Day of judgement, God is calling,
On their knees the war pigs crawling.
Begging mercies for their sins,
Satan,laughing,spreads his wings.
Oh Lord,yeah! "

Black Sabbath/Paranoid/1970

Lyrics&vocals- Ozzy Osbourne
Guitars- Tony Iommy
Bass-Geezer Butler
Drums/percussion-Bill Ward

Nimic nu s-a schimbat,trecutul a devenit iar prezent.
"War Pigs",un clasic si very powerful song a fost scris ca protest impotriva razboiului din Vietnam.Cuvintele lui Ozzy exprima totul si sint potrivite si zilelor de azi in care traim un razboi pornit din interese proprii de niste politicieni care in viata lor s-au ascuns mereu si au fugit de el!
Oh Lord,yeah!

" The most dangerous moment comes with victory!"
Napoleon Bonaparte.

Femeile - de Little Eagle la: 08/05/2004 18:04:16
(la: De ce nu sunt femeile niciodata multumite?)
Pe aici e o expresie:"you can live with them but you can't live without them".
John Lennon(God rest his great soul in peace)odata intr-un cintec al lui a spus
"The woman is the nigger of the world"...

Draga tty,
am cunoscut ...destule,multe chiar ce tu poate n-o sa ai sansa sa cunosti in numar si in altele,cam le cunosc destul de bine.
Ceea ce pot spune e ca nu toate sint din categoria de nemultumite.
Dar la fel,oare barbatii sint sau nu multumiti?
Sa nu gindim acum in sens unic.Parerea mea este ca femeia trebuie iubita si merita din plin asta.
Sint de partea lor mereu,iubesc femeile la nebunie,si nu neaparat in sensul sexual,am avut prea multe si nu mai am interes decit desigur in sotia mea.
Sint un homeboy de 14 ani,dar asta nu inseamna ca nu le ador,ele ca si noi
barbatii,pot fi fericite sau nu ori multumite sau nu,ceea ce cred e ca trebuie sa facem totul posibil pt. a le multumi si material si sexual si etc. etc.
Nu-s de pus la cratita si spalat rufe si altele,nu trebuie sa facem o distinctie,
consider ca trebuie sa fim egali cu ele.
Si sa le tratam cu respect si multa dragoste,iar cind ele cred ca nu gresesc niciodata si ar fi adevarat,incearca sa o faci sa inteleaga si nu face o mare dezbatere caci va duce la nervi si cearta,ceea ce nu e deloc necesar.
Nu-si are rostul.lasa de la tine,vei vedea ca singura isi va da seama ca a gresit.
Si in plus ce importanta are o greseala si o nemultumire?Nu se mint singure,
Sint destule alte lucruri in viata ce creaza discomfort si nu e neaparat legat de relatia conjugala sau de amicitie etc.
Traim o vreme de tensiuni psihice si politice si altele in plus ce creeaza stress-ul in fiecare.Tu nu vrei sa faci femeia iubita mai stressata decit e si fi calm mereu,pt. ca daca esti calm vei face multe!

In final,nu e vorba doar de femeie ca e nemultumita,cu totii pe acest glob sintem nemultumiti de ceva.Pt. ca nu sintem cu real fericiti inca.
Vei vedea si la milonari nemultumire si la femeile lor,ca si la cei saraci,la partide politice si la lupta pt. putere si interese personale.
In religii la fel,care mai de care se crede cea unica,restul sint false=nemultumire si frustratii ce duc la mari greseli si istoria le stie.

Omul e nemultumit din nastere,sa nu dam vina doar pe femei!
Eu personal le pun pe piedestal si ma inchin lor pt. ca le iubesc f. mult si daca sint nemultumite voi face tot posibilul sa aflu de ce si cum sa le pot face fericite,daca ele sint fericite si eu sint fericit.

Atit deocamdata,fetelor de oriunde in lume va iubesc mult si va ador indiferent de culoare ,religie si filozofie a vietii sau orientare sexuala.
Si personal nu cred am ajuns...intimplator sa traim impreuna si sa procreem doar!Sintem acelasi suflet si trebuie sa fim impreuna nu doar pt. sex dar si pt. a fi prieteni.

La fel cred si suport women liberation,sint pro choice.
Sa incetam a le considera pe o treapta inferioara,sintem cu totii egali in orice drepturi.Si am incheiat aici.

Daca incerci,vei descoperi ca femeile daca sint nemultumite,este din cauza noastra,a barbatilor,pt. ca sintem prea egoisti.Si nu trebuie sa acceptam mai ...usor ceea ce vine!Creaza-ti un ideal f. mare si greu de implinit si vei ajunge sa-ti creezi idealul initial la care aspiri si in final totul va fi okay.


Pt. Desdemona - de Little Eagle la: 10/05/2004 17:02:31
(la: Cine sunt eu ?)
Un subiect tare dificil de raspuns la el si analizat.De fapt eu as fi adaugat alte doua intrebari la el:"de unde vin?"si "unde ma duc?".Cred ca toate 3 au acelasi numitor comun.
Tu ai in tine o spiritualitate profunda si sint de acord cu cele ce ai scris.
Stiu ca pot discuta cu tine multe lucruri spirituale.

Sa-ti dau un ex. personal(iar vorbesc despre mine...),cind am cunoscut pe sotia mea,inca eram "murdar" inauntrul meu,stiu ca intelegi ce spun,ea era inca din 1979 o devotata in credinta in Avatar Meher Baba.Am vazut multe carti dictate de el ce le-a adus cind s-a mutat la mine acasa.Mereu faceam misto de Baba!Il luam in deridere si faceam glume(proaste)pe seama lui.
Marilyn avea si citeva video-uri cu Baba si intr-o zi am pus unul de curiozitate(fiind singur acasa)sa vad care-i treaba cu el.
Se numeste"O Parvardigar"doar de 10 min. cu diverse clipuri din viata lui in India,spalind leprosii cu miinile lui si apoi inchinindu-se lor si alte imagini cu el si discipolii lui,ori spalind picioarele saracilor si apoi sarutindu-le si dindu-le haine si mincare.Un film f. interesant si miscator dar si real caci Baba in adevar a facut cu sufletul astea si in India cind umbla pe strazi lumea se inchina lui si spunea"Avatar Meher Baba ki jay".
Muzica acestui film a fost scrisa special de Pete Townshend(compozitorul si leaderul grupului Who)un Baba lover el insusi.Cintecul e colosal si e pe cuvintele rugaciune scrise de Baba in numele lui Dumnezeu=Parvardigar,de fapt unul din cele 101 nume ale lui Dumnezeu cunoscute in istoria omenirii.
M-am uitat deci la film si din senin m-a apucat plinsul!In hohote,fara sa am idee de ce,dar plingeam din mine din inima mea,am simtit asta atunci si de fapt din acea zi de cite ori vad sau citesc ceva despre Baba pling...un om azi la 48 ani!!!De fapt pling cind vad o pasare sau animal moarte calcate pe strada de masini,pling cind ma uit la natura si imi pare rau cind vad o albina moarta....
Daca ai citit deja cele scrise de mine despre mine si viata mea trecuta iti poti da seama ca sint din acel moment in urma cu 12 ani un alt om schimbat total
cu 360*.Si Marilyn nu m-a fortat cu nimic sa devin asa,nu mi l-a bagat pe git pe Baba sa zic asa.Apoi am inceput sa citesc multe despre Baba(nu confunda cu...Sai Baba),Baba in indiana=tatic sau prieten.
Am fost de 3 ori cu Marilyn la Myrtle Beach(So.Carolina)unde este un centru construit in numele lui inca din 1950)si altadata iti voi scrie cum e acolo si ce fel de oameni sint the Baba lovers.
Acolo si mai mult m-am transformat,am inceput sa fac Yoga si meditatii cu sotia,ea de ani si ani practica Yoga.

Da Desdemona,de 12 ani de cind sint un baba lover mereu ma analizez si treptat incerc sa ma descopar si mai mult.
Stiu ca ceea ce voi scrie acum va stirni contradictii si opinii impotriva gindirii mele,dar stiu cine sint.
Stiu de unde am venit si stiu unde ma voi duce.Stiu pt. ca simt in mine asta
insa la fel de bine stiu ca sint si departe de punctul final si imi vor trebui inca multe vieti sa trec prin ele in viitor pt. a fi real constient ca sint Dumnezeu.
Acum in viata asta karma m-a adus doar la cunoasterea mintala cine sunt datorita lui Baba care nu intimplator am ajuns la el si de fapt nu intimplator am cunoscut pe Marilyn!Si la fel nu intimplator am ajuns si in USA!
Baba m-a adus pe caile lui anumite la el si ma pregateste pt. viitor.
Sa-ti spun adevarul,unii il vor respinge,e opinia lor si nu ma supar deloc:
Fiecare din noi este Dumnezeu!La fel,fiecare animal si planta si insecta si firul ierbii,priveste o floare vazind in ea pe Dumnezeu caci este in ea.
Crezi oare ca un copac nu sufera cind e taiat?Nu exista lume materiala sau imateriala,nu traim intr-un decor de carton pictat intr-o piesa de teatru.
Drumul este insa lung si cu greutati spirituale dar nu pt. toti va fi acelasi!
Fiecare isi are karma lui si sanskarele lui de eliminat din vietile trecute,e f. dificil dar nu imposibil,dar de aceea exista creatia,sa dureze la infinit.

Datorita lui Baba am renuntat la droguri de orice fel,chiar si marijuana,m-am simtit vinovat in mine ca acum cu 8 luni am fumat,tras doar 2 fumuri fiind la o petrecere,pt. ca Baba a fost mereu impotriva oricaror droguri.
Atunci a fost ultima oara si am incheiat definitiv cu ele si la fel si cu bautura,f. rar la ocazii mari doar si putin.
Tot de la Baba am invatat sa iubesc si incerc sa iubesc chiar si pe cei care nu ii agreez si sint impotriva lor,asta e cel mai greu lucru de realizat,stiind ca Baba este si in ei!
Incerc zilnic si nu mai sint nervos ca inainte ci calm si incerc sa fiu mereu calm si sa-mi admit greselile si sa-mi cer iertare,lucruri ce inainte nu le faceam deloc.
Sint alt om dar inca am f.f.f. multe de facut nu-s un perfect master,am inca atitea si atitea de facut sa ma descopar si sa ma schimb si mai mult si recunosc asta,dar am facut mari progrese ce au venit de la sine si nu fortate de nimeni,ci prin mine insumi si consider ca sint pe un drum bun,in viata urmatoare voi incerca si mai bine pina voi ajunge la telul suprem:God realization,sa devin in mod constient ceea ce am fost inca din stadiul de piatra:Dumnezeu.

Acum desigur ma astept la critici si la termeni de genul blasfemie,ori ca e numai un singur Dumnezeu si acela e Iisus,ca Dumnezeu nu revine in creatia lui sub alte forme umane decit cea a lui Iisus ca visez ca sint nebun etc. etc.
Fiecare ginditi cum doriti si simtiti si credeti.Eu stiu ce cred si am drumul meu
nu impun nimanui gindirea mea si mai mult de atit sa fac o propaganda in numele lui Baba.
Crezi in Iisus,e f.f.f bine,incearca insa sa-i duci viata,va fi enorm de greu.
Am invatat sa iubesc dar inca ma intreb daca este real iubire adevarata?
Nu pot spune deloc sigur ca iubesc real pe Dumnezeu pt. ca e f.f.f greu!
Incerc pe zi ce trece,nu pot spune cu certitudine ca iubesc pe Baba sau pe Iisus ori Buddha de ca e greu sa duci viata lor,doar atunci cind faci ceea ce spui nu doar pt. tine dar pt. oricine in lume poti zice ca iubesti real pe Dumnezeu si a merge la biserici,temple si moscheie nu ta va invata decit sa te iubesti doar pe tine insuti sa te gindesti doar la tine si familia ta apropiata si sa faci matanii si sa crezi ca vei ajunge in rai sau nirvana ori la Allah.
Pe Dumnezeu nu-l vei gasi in astfel de edificii pt. ca nu este acolo,ci in jurul tau acolo unde de fapt nu-l ...vezi si gindesti si mai mult cauta-l in tine caci este chiar rasuflarea ta,e-n inima ta dar doarme,trebuie sa-l trezesti.

Desdemona,Dumnezeu este prietenul tau si cel mai bun companion.


"...the more a person becomes spiritually minded or advances towards God,
the more tolerant he becomes and the less differentiation he sees"

" live a sincere life;be natural,and be honest with yourself"

"I have not come to teach but to awaken"

Avatar Meher Baba

Spiderman - de Little Eagle la: 15/05/2004 00:45:37
Dear brother,

Daca vei citi un text ce am scris la subiectul lui Daniel"Singuratatea a devenit o boala rusinoasa"vei gasi destule raspunsuri la intrebarea ta ce mi-o pui.

Cind incepe existenta unui suflet?Incepe in momentul cind Creatorul(God,Dumnezeu,Marele Spirit etern)vrea sa se cunoasca pe sine si vrea sa se recunoasca in Creatia lui,vrea sa traiasca personal prin orice manifestare a creatiei lui=vrea sa fie parte din ea.Este misiunea lui de a fi mereu cu ea si prin ea.

Daca tu plingi ,Creatorul va plinge cu tine,daca esti fericit ,el va fi fericit,daca
suferi,va suferi cu tine alaturi.Trebuie sa gindesti in tine adevarul,sa-l simti si daca vei plinge,lacrimile tale sunt stelele pe cer,daca vei rade va fi soarele zimbind tie si lumii intregi,razele lui iti vor da puterea de a birui orice obstacole.

Nimeni nu declanseaza un proces anume al reincarnarilor decit Dumnezeu insusi si daca trebuie sa suferi in o anume viata,accepta suferinta pt. ca e o lectie pe drumul tau catre el.Daca ai tot ce crezi ca este fericire ,fi blessed,dar
nu uita ca altii nu au soarta ta si atunci,daca esti elevat spiritual,vei gindi la ei,si vei ajuta cit de mult poti si neaparat din suflet=toti avem acelasi suflet,daca o faci din alte interese,egotistice,sa n-o faci.

God himself,the Great Spirit s-a creat pe sine insusi din dorinta de a se cunoaste si descoperi pe sine insusi.Stiu ca pare ceva straniu,dar intr-o viata anume vei afla.Eu nu pot spune in care,este viata ta si drumul tau ce-l vei urma singur,te vei descoperi cindva si vei fi mai intelept decit azi,cert este ca el e in tine si cu tine mereu si el insusi traieste toate experientele tale,asa se recunoaste prin tine si nu doar prin tine,dar prin toata Creatia lui.
Sa afli raspunsuri la intrrebarile tale ,poate azi nu le vei gasi,dar e posibil sa le afli miine sau niciodata,cert este ca vei invata multe in aceasta viata si ceea ce ai acumulat ca experiente,te vor ajuta in cea viitoare,sa te descoperi si mai mult si sa inveti mai mult de la tine si Creatorul ce exista prin tine.

Eu nu sunt un intelept si drumul vietii e greu de explicat cind fiecare din noi are o poteca a lui anume,nu pot calca pe ea,o respect chiar daca este o poteca gresita,de ce?Pt. ca nu-mi pot impune vointa sau gindurile mele si credinta mea nimanui.
Singur vei afla ce este la capatul drumului,si este al tau si numai al tau doar.

Ce-ti pot spune este experienta mea si asta nicidecum nu inseamna ca stiu totul.Marele Spirit are un drum prin fiecare din noi,la fel cum noi vrem sa ajungem la el,el insusi vrea sa ajunga la el prin experienta de a fi o persoana unica si in acelasi timp diversificata in toate formele Creatiei lui.

God ,Marele Spirit si Creator a facut o gluma pe propria lui piele si acum,de milioane de ani este incatusat in ea.Sufera pt. ca o iubeste,el, insusi este mereu in mijlocul ei si trece prin orice fel de existente ale evolutiei ce stim.

Important insa e dragostea,si chiar fiind uneori impura ne leaga intre noi,e o lectie ce inca o invatam zilnic.
Sufletul isi are drumul lui scris deja,nu-l putem controla,este soarta.Ea declanseaza acest drum.Unii se ratacesc,dar vor reveni de unde au plecat.
Altii il vad dar e ca in ceata si au sansa de a se rataci si ei,altii,f. putini cred ca l-au gasit...altii si mai putini sunt aproape dar inca departe....
Iar altii,f. rari ajung la capat.

NU uita niciodata sa fii un great warrior in orice situatii,fi brav my brother nu te uita in stanga si dreapta,vezi-ti de drum cu ochii deschisi si sufletul deschis.
NIMENI NU te va invinge.Si lasa reincarnarea in mainile Marelui Spirit,el insusi trebuie sa se redescopere ,si o face in fiecare clipa prin tine.
Nu minti si nu insela pe nimeni,fi sincer cu tine si cu cei din jur,iubeste Creatia pt. ca ea este Dumnezeu si gindeste ca biserica lui este in tine si in jurul tau.
Vei gasi singur raspunsul la intrebarile tale,love is all you need!


I love you my brother,be good and don't worry,be happy.May that the Great Spirit will be always with you to guide your path to wisdom like an eagle.

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Pt. Cresida - de Little Eagle la: 17/05/2004 17:09:34
(la: Viata in doi!)
Draga mea surioara,

Am zis ca voi parasi cafeneaua curand,caci nu mai am ce sa mai spun,mi-am incheiat timpul cu voi toti,dar este tare greu sa iesi din cerc,e cercul sufletelor unite in unul singur,daca-mi amintesc in "Godfather III",Al pacino spune la un moment dat:"Everytime I want to get out,they pull me in".Poate nu e citatul intocmai,nu-s sigur dar este apropiat de cele spuse de Michael Corleone.

Am zis ca plec...uite ca inca nu pot,ma trageti de maneca sa revin....
Poate o sa plec candva,nu stiu,poate o sa mai stau o vreme,iar nu stiu,poate nu voi pleca...ce stiu eu?The Great Spirit will show me the sign someday.
Am scris destule recent si sunt cine sunt,un Hopi indian...nascut in Romania,m-am intors acasa insa,poate voi sta o vreme,ori poate voi pleca,doar stelele si vantul imi vor spune cand e vremea sa cunosc.
De aceea refuz sa mai vorbesc in viitor in cercul nostru despre mine decat drept cine sunt cu adevarat.

Experientele trecute sunt in urma,am pierdut acele hartiute,dar am invatat de la ele pana m-am trezit din somn.
Ce ai scris ca raspuns la textul meu imi spune in suflet,care e acelasi cu tine draga surioara,ca esti pe un right path,cauta sa descoperi intelepciunea lui prin tine si dont't worry be happy!

In viata sunt semne in Creatie,in vant,in picatura de ploaie in nori si in suflet,el va sti drumul scris de ele prin Dumnezeu si marele Spirit.
Vorbesti prin wisdom si e sufletul tau ce vorbeste prin tine,se recunoaste si in mine deopotriva.
Imi cer iertare tie draga surioara ca poate am fost cam dur in vorbe,sa stii ca nu am facut-o cu intentie,ci am crezut ca pot fi de folos in a-ti da exemple si pareri personale.

Nu-ti face griji ca esti singura si poate ca nimeni nu te intelege,eu te inteleg si te iubesc.Esti sora mea,cum pot sa fiu aspru cu tine decat sa-ti dau poate sfaturi ce si eu le-am primit de la elders,si crede-ma ca NU am vazut si intalnit in viata mea,oameni mai aproape de Dumnezeu ca ei!!!Si NU fac parada din asta!!!

Toti ne nastem free,dar nu stim sa gandim si sa iubim libertatea,o credem ca pe ceva ce ...trebuie s-o avem,adica,to take it for granted!Nu e adevarat,libertatea apartine oricui pe acest pamant,dar e legata de iubire si acesta e un sentiment ce inca nu am invatat sa intelegem.

Daca te-ai trezit este bine,remember,stai pe poteca ta si NU te culca la marginea ei,daca te ia somnul!Te vei pierde in padure si greu dai de poteca inapoi.Multe spirite rele sunt acolo si te pot subjuga.Be wise,my little sister.
Fi un brave warrior,stiu ca poti!Si NU crede ca esti singura niciodata!
The Great Spirit este mereu cu tine,in tine si in jurul tau,sa nu uiti niciodata ca NU esti deloc separata de EL!!!!!

Te iubesc f. mult si voi fi mereu alaturi de tine in gand si fapta.
Stai pe cal si pune-ti coroana de pene pe cap,picteaza-ti trupul,priveste cerul infinit si cu sulita in mana ridic-o la Marele Spirit si tipa cat poti de tare cantecul tau pornit din suflet,te va auzi si te va recunoaste,iti va arata poteca ta anume in aceasta viata.

Toti suntem acelasi sange,culoarea NU conteaza pe chipuri,ne vopsim sa ne recunoasca moartea si Marele Spirit.Asa gandim noi indienii.Si voi toti aveti de fapt culorile voastre dar nu le stiti inca!
Le purtati fara sa stiti.
Draga mea surioara,sper sa mai vorbim curand,cand vine timpul.
Te iubesc si NU ai teama,toti gresim in viata,este rostul ei si asa invatam si ne descoperim in noi cine suntem cu adevarat.Nu uita sa stai mereu pe poteca si aduna daca poti cit mai multe biletele,citeste povestea scrisa de mine spusa de Uncle Frank Davis(pawnee nation).

May that the Great Spirit will be always with you my dear sister.
I love you.God bless you.


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Robert de Niro! - de Little Eagle la: 17/05/2004 21:39:48
(la: Actori preferati)
Dear sister Ingrid,

Robert de Niro!Imi aduc aminte cand imi dadea castane in cap in gluma si imi zicea ca-s "vampir"si de obicei ma numea...."the crazy romanian"
Candva cand voi incepe curind memeoriile mele,poate va fi chiar un film,de ce nu?

Am cunoscut si pe el dar si pe tatal lui(acelasi nume,fiind Sr. insa),amandoi niste mari caractere,tatal actorului mi-a fost profesor de pictura la Art Students League,in Manhattan,a murit cu ani in urma,God rest his soul...!

Bobby de Niro cred ca e un mare actor,dar la fel sunt multi altii si actrite la fel
e greu sa spui cine e cel mai preferat.Am fost odata la un concert cu Rolling Stones si pt. ca ,cumnatul meu are mari relatii,am avut rindul 1 la mijloc in M.S.G.
Am stat linga Uma Thurman,era gravida atunci,poate in 6 luni.O femeie f. interesanta,eram cu sotia mea langa mine,Ethan Hawke sotul ei era la filmari,dar sa stii ca in frenezia(si spune-mi cine NU e inca si azi un R.S. fan) concertului ne-am luat in brate si tipat si cantat impreuna cum Mick Jagger,ca la concerte,esti transpus.

Alt actor preferat este Johnny Depp,Russel Crowe,Gary Oldman,imi place de Jennifer Connelly(sotia mea arata ca ea),Jennifer Aniston(o fata minunata!)si desigur Brad Pitt,eu cu sotia si ei suntem membri ai org. "Vital Ground"pt. ajutor si suport material si scrisori la guvern ,senatori etc,pt. conservarea mediului si ai grizzly bear...acest teritoriu(Vital Ground) este in Montana si unicul in USA in care acesti ursi sunt protejati!

cam acesti actori ar fi nu doar ai mei preferati dar si ai sotiei,Cameron Diaz e la fel o fata,un suflet f. bun,mi-a scris acum o luna un email si ea e f.f.f. pt. protectia naturii si mediului si crezi ca vor vota pt. Bush???NOOOOOOO!!!!!
Au in ei un spirit de brave warriors!Sunt la fel si pt. fratii si surorile mele indieni.
Dar in final ce sa zic de ...Marlon Brando....A inventat actoria si improvizatia in realul sens.

Draga surioara a mea,inchei aici,dar sa nu uitam de actori ca Graham Greene
Chief Dan George si multi alti frati si surori indieni care abia de cativa ani incoace real sunt in rolurile cand era John Wayne(a urat indienii toata viata si e rau pt. Karma lui) si multi ani apoi cand indianul...era un actor ..ALB vopsit si cu peruca si mereu portretizat ca fiind...rau!

Vezi din nou"Dances with wolves"si la fel "Dead Man"(cu Johnny Depp)regizat de un mare regizor ce admir,Jarmusch.


May that the great eagle take you on his wings towards the happiness and love,for every creature in the whole Creation.
Te iubesc mult si din suflet,esti una cu mine mereu si intotdeauna.

Little eagle who cries

hai sa-mi dau realul meu nume acum.

LMC/Sunt eu Ozzy - de (anonim) la: 30/05/2004 20:16:36
(la: Despre Alegerile din S.U.A.: De ce trebuie sa votam pt. GWB.)
Draga sora scumpa,

Se pare ca am probleme cu parola si ma pot autentifica de cand Admin a spus ca se fac reparatii la site.
Poate candva.Nu e o problema.
Ti-am scris ieri si raspuns la textul tau,la fel ti-am scris si la subiectul tau legat de arta,acum stiu ca esti artist plastic.Nu stiu in ce masura vor ajunge textele mele la tine si cand?Soarta va decide.

Draga mea,nu am nevoie de Biblie sa-mi spuna cum sa ma comport in viata,fratii mei indieni sunt pamantul si Creatia si la fel esti si tu,suntem acelasi suflet.
Si sa stii ca ei cred in Iisus,il considera un Brave Warrior si la fel un Medicine Man,au un mare respect si dragoste pt. el,mai mult decat voi crestinii.Noi NU vrem religia nimanui,o avem pe a noastra si ea ne spune sa fim frati si surori unii cu altii,sa ne iubim intre noi si sa traim doar in pace,sa impartim cu cei ce nu au,ceea ce avem,daca avem mai mult ca ei.
Sa ne dam viata pt. ei,sa-i iubim deopotriva si indiferent de culoarea pielii,sa fim sinceri cu noi insine si la fel cu toti cei din jur.
Pt. asta NU avem nevoie de Biblie sa ne spuna cum sa ne comportam in viata,NU ne impunem credinta noastra voua si din respect pt. a noastra nici voi sa nu ne obligati sa credem in a voastra.
Nu am nevoie de capitole si numere si evanghelii sa-mi dicteze viata.Numerele nu spun nimic mie.Faptele conteaza si cum gandesti cu sufletul,in rest ,totul e doar vorbarie din care nici voi asa zisi crestini nu mai intelegeti nimic.

Bla bla bla bla bla,asta e ce faceti mereu.
Si din Bla bla bla ati nascut razboaie si suferinta si distrugerea Mother Earth,nu este un lucru bun pt. ca ceea ce faceti se va intoarce impotriva voastra intreit si deja e pe cale daca nu crezi.
Pt. ca atunci cand sunteti in sanul ei,o distrugeti in loc sa o iubiti,vi se pare un decor de cinema.

Ti-am scris destule,din acest moment nu mai are sens sa-ti mai spun nimic.
Intre noi nu mai e nimic de spus,tu ai poteca ta,eu pe a mea,dar remember:suntem acelasi suflet.Si te voi iubi mereu cu sinceritatea inimii mele.

Love&peace,si din suflet cu dragoste pt. tine mereu,intr-o alta viata ne vom intalni din nou.Iti dau acum numele tau adevarat ce l-am avut intr-un vis despre tine,e realul tau nume,sa-l tii minte:"The Woman With A Rock"

I love you,
Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)
"We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about GOD.."

Chief Joseph,Nez Perce
"The spear is a soul.Study the soul first before you use the spear.An evil soul is an evil spear."

Lame Deer
"Don't try to win and live.Be prepared to die."

Great Chief Crazy Horse
Poate astea iti vor spune ceva,sora mea"The Woman With a Rock"
Ne vedem si vom vorbi in viata ce vine.Adio

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Black Sabbath/Black Sabbath-1969 - de Little Eagle la: 22/06/2004 19:43:04
(la: Vremuri tulburi)
"What is this that stands before me?
Figure in black which points at me,
Turn around quick,and start to run,
Find out I'm the chosen one.
Oh Nooooooo!

Big black shape with eyes of fire,
Telling people their desire,
Satan's sitting there,he's smiling,
Watches those flames get higher and higher,
Oh no,no,no,please God help me!

Is it the end my friend?
Satan's coming 'round the bend,
People runing 'cause they're scared
The people better go and beware!
No,no,please nooooo!
Vocals&lyrics-Ozzy Osbourne
Guitars- Tony Iommi
Bass- Tony"Geezer" Butler
Drums- Bill Ward

Primul album in 1969
Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

religion? - de Little Eagle la: 23/06/2004 02:56:45
(la: Sunteti de religie)
Dear brother Red Devil,

NU am nici o religie,nu am nevoie sa am,religia nu inseamna a fi spiritual,inseamna a urma niste reguli si eu sunt un om free,NU am nevoie sa-mi spuna nimeni ca trebuie sa apartin unei religii pt. a crede in Dumnezeu.
Pt. mine insa toate religiile sunt una singura si toate worship the same God,sub diverse nume dar in esenta EL este unic si etern acelasi Grand Father,the one and only without a second.
Va veni o zi in viitor cand lumea toata va realiza asta,la timpul ei, nu-i scris pt. oricine,la fel cum nu toti o sa plecati in masa in ....heaven pt. ca ,credeti in Jesus.
si mai am o surpriza pt. cei religiosi,indiferent de credinte:Nu exista rai si iad!
Sunt simple stari ale mintii prin care oricine va trece la momentul mortii(de fapt moartea nu exista,e o trecere de la o viata la alta).Nu exista nici diavol,oare chiar asa de copii pot fi unii incat sa creada cu adevarat ca exista o ...fiinta cu copite si coarne si chip de tzap?Apoi de ce nu ar crede in zmei si dragoni zburatori pe cer,oh,iaca-ta chiar vazui unul pe fereastra aruncand flacari pe gura si speriind o gramada de la colt de strada erau si cei 7 pitici ce se cacau pe ei de frica si alba ca zapada violata de niste dracusori.
dar a venit Mighty Mouse si a salvat pe toti cu puterea lui,apoi si Spiderman,Hulk,Superman, ca daca accepti in mintea ta ca exista
diavol apoi de ce ai nega existenta acestor personaje?

In fine,inchei cu niste vorbe intelepte spuse de un mare indian Chief,Joseph(Nez Perce):

"We do not want churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God,as the protestants and catholics do.We do not want to learn that.
We may quarrel with men sometimes about things on this earth.But we never quarrel about God.We do not want to learn that."
Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)


With all due respect OZZY - de LMC la: 25/06/2004 18:21:39
(la: Despre Alegerile din S.U.A.: De ce trebuie sa votam pt. GWB.)
With all due respect I think you lost it.

Si pentru ca esti asa de razboinic hai pina la mine in California sa ne razboim. Nu-ti uita arcul si sagetile! Si nici penele din cap! Ai grija sa-ti iei calul cel mai bun pentru ca pina aici este un drum foarte lung (I'm assuming you're not taking the plane since you want to protect the environment). Abia astept sa te vad, vopsit in culorile tale de alb si negru. Cum preferi sa-mi aranjez parul ca sa ma poti scalpa mai usor? Sa-l spal cu sampon de mere sau de capsuni?
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. - de ikoflexer la: 29/06/2004 19:43:36
(la: Ozzy vs LMC)
de cand se traduce "jew" prin "jidan"(termen insultator)?

N-am intentionat sa jignesc pe nimeni si nu stiam ca "jidan" e un termen insultator; daca e imi cer scuze. Cum s-ar traduce atunci? --- ca n-am un dictionar englez-roman la indemina.

Dupa cite stiu eu: hebrew = evreu
israeli = israelian
jew = ? (eu credeam jidan---corectati-ma)
jewish = de religie ?

Citez mai jos pentru cei ce au timp sa citeasca din Oxford English Dictionary:

oed jew | more
Jew (d3(j)u:), sb. Forms: Sing. 3 Gyu, 4 Giu, Gyw, Iu, Iuu, Iuw(e, Ieu, Ieuu,
Ieu3, 4-5 Iwe, 4 (6 Sc.) Iow, 4-7 Iewe, 5 Ieue, 5-6 Iue, (Ive), 4-7 Iew, 7-
Jew. Plur. 2 Giwis, 3 Giws, Gius, Gyu(e)s, 3-4 Gywes, Giwes, Geus, 4 Iuu(e)s,
Iuwis, Iow(e)s, Ioues, Iewis, -ys, -us, 4-5 Iuwes, 4-6 Iues, 4-7 Iewes, 5
Iuys, 6 Sc. Iowis, Iouis, 4-7 Iews, 7- Jews; beta. 4 Iuen. [ME. a. OFr. giu,
gyu, giue, earlier juieu, juiu, jueu:-L. iudaeum (nom. -us) Jew (cf. Fr. dieu,
ebreu:-L. deum. hebraeum); in later Fr. juif, fem. juive. L. iudaeus was a.
Gr. iota-omicron-upsilon-delta-alpha-iota--omicron-sigma-, f. Aramaic y'hudai,
corresp. to Heb. y'hudi Jew, f. y'hudah Judah, name of a Hebrew patriarch and
the tribe descended from him. (The OE. equivalent was Iudeas Jews, Early ME.
Iudeow, Iudew: see JUDEW.)]
1 a A person of Hebrew descent; one whose religion is Judaism; an Israelite.
Orig. a Hebrew of the kingdom of Judah, as opposed to those of the ten tribes
of Israel; later, any Israelite who adhered to the worship of Jehovah as
conducted at Jerusalem. Applied comparatively rarely to the ancient nation
before the exile (cf. HEBREW sb. 1), but the commonest name for contemporary
or modern representatives of this group, now spread throughout the world. The
word `Jew' is also applied to groups, e.g. the Falashas in Ethiopia, not
ethnically related to persons of the main European groups, the Ashkenazim and
the Sephardim.
C. 1275 Passion our Lord 351 in O.E. Misc. 47 Pilates hym onswerede, am ich
Gyv penne? A. 1300 Cursor M. 3944 (Cott.) O sinnu etes neuer Iuu [v.rr. ieuu,
iew]. A. 1300 Cursor M. 11072 (Cott.) It halus bath Iu and sarzine. C. 1310 in
Wright Lyric P. (Percy Soc.) 100 Ich holde me vilore then a Gyw [rimes bowe,
trowe, now]. C. 1340 Cursor M. 4532 (Trin.) Therynne a iewes childe we fonde.
C. 1340 Cursor M. 18579 (Trin.) And namely leue herof no iwe For al pus dud
pei wip ihesu. 1387 TREVISA Higden (Rolls) VI. 385 Charles Grossus was
i-poysoned of a Iewe [v.r. Iuw]. A. 1400 Pistill of Susan 2 That was a Ieu3
ientil, and Ioachin he hiht. C. 1440 Promp. Parv. 266/2 Ive, judeus. 1530
PALSGR. 235/1 Jue a man of jurye, jvif. 1572 Satir. Poems Reform. xxxi. 173
Mair nor in Jurie dois the Jow. 1596 SHAKS. Merch. V. III. i. 61 What is the
reason? I am a Iewe; Hath not a Iew eyes? 1615 G. SANDYS Trav. 52 His mother a
Iew both by birth and religion. 1775 SHERIDAN Rivals II. i, She shall have a
skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew. 1820 BYRON Blues I. 77 You forget
Lady Lilac's as rich as a Jew.1940 AUDEN Another Time 116 He [sc. Sigmund
Freud] Was taken away from his old interest To go back to the earth in London,
An important Jew who died in exile. 1956 I. MURDOCH Flight from Enchanter ix.
126 `Of course, you realize that I could rescue you with my little finger,'
said Mrs Wingfield. `I'm as rich as a Jew!' 1970 R. D. ABRAHAMS Positively
Black iii. 76 The Englishman is arrogant and overbearing, the American is a
check-writing millionaire who doesn't mind the cost, the Jew tries to push
down the entry price into heaven. 1970 Times 28 Jan. 10/4 At the heart of the
matter lies the rabbinical definition of a Jew: a person born of a Jewish
mother, or a person who has converted to Judaism according to rabbinical law.
1974 J. R. BAKER Race xiv. 234 From the traditional religious point of view, a
Jew was a person born of a Jewish mother, but this formula suffers from the
defect that the defined word is included in adjectival form in the definition.
The same flaw occurs in part of the new definition enacted by the Israeli
Parliament in..1970, according to which a person is a Jew if he or she is the
offspring of a Jewish mother or has been converted to the Jewish faith by the
Orthodox Rabbinate or by the Rabbis of the Jewish Reform Movement or by the
Rabbis of the Jewish Conservative Movement.
plural. C. 1175 Lamb. Hom. 9 Alswa hefden pe giwis heore sinagoge. C. 1250
Old Kent. Serm. in O.E. Misc. 26 Hi..askede wer was se king of gyus pet was
i-bore. C. 1250 Old Kent. Serm. in O.E. Misc., 26 King of geus. A. 1300
Cursor M. 142 O pe Iuus [v.rr. iewes] and moyses. A. 1300 Cursor M. 19129
(Gott.) Thar badd pai iuen suld paim 3eme. A. 1340 HAMPOLE Psalter xxvii. 5
The iowes sloghe crist. 1387 TREVISA Higden (Rolls) VIII. 53 That he schulde
doo pe Iewes [v.r. Iuwes] out of Engelond. 1482 CAXTON Trevisa's Higden
(Rolls) IV. 369 The Iuwes accused Pilatus to Tiberius. 1533 GAU Richt Vay 30
Ve prech Iesu Christ crucifeit, sclander to the Iowis and folie to the
gentils. 1548-9 (Mar.) Bk. Comm. Prayer (Coll. Good Friday), Haue mercy upon
all Iewes, Turkes, Infidels, and heretikes. 1611 BIBLE 2 Kings xvi. 6 At that
time Rezin king of Syria..draue the Iews from Elath. 1619 SANDERSON Twelve
Serm. (1632) 2 In Rome there lived in the Apostles times many Iewes. 1710 etc.
[see FALASHA]. 1776 GIBBON Decl. & F. xv, The same..abhorrence for idolatry
which had distinguished the Jews from the other nations of the ancient world.
1968 L. ROSTEN Joys of Yiddish 142 Relentless persecution of Jews, century
after century, in nation after nation, left a legacy of bitter sayings: `Dos
ken nor a goy.' (`That, only a goy is capable of doing'). 1971 B. MALAMUD
Tenants 50 The Jews got to keep us bloods stayin weak. 1974 J. R. BAKER Race
xiv. 232 In various parts of the world today there are communities that
practise the Jewish faith in one form or another, but are ethnically distinct
from the Jews of Europe and North America.
gen. plur. A. 1225 Ancr. R. 394 Uorto acwiten ut his leofmon of Giwene
honden. A. 1225 Juliana 62 Ant poledest pinen ant passiun purh giwes read on
rode. A. 1300 Cursor M. 4532 (Cott.) Thar in a Iuen child [Trin. iewes childe]
we fand. C. 1300 Cursor M. 19289 (Edin.) The iuwin folc felune. C. 1300Cursor
M. 21696 (Edin.) Mang pe Iuwis lede. C. 1350 Childh. Jesus 616 (Matz.) Giwene
children feole..Him siweden. C. 1449 PECOCK Repr. III. iii. 291 If Cristen
preestis weren Iewen preestis. 1653 GREAVES Seraglio 150 In the Kings
Seraglio, the Sultana's are permitted to employ divers Jewes-women about their
ordinary occasions.
b Jew's eye: proverbial expression for something valued highly.
1592 G. HARVEY Pierce's Super. 85 A souerain Rule, as deare as a Iewes eye.
1596 SHAKS. Merch. V. II. v. 43 There will come a Christian by, Will be worth
a Iewes eye. 1833 MARRYAT P. Simple ii, Although the journey..would cost twice
the value of a gold seal, yet, that in the end it might be worth a Jew's eye.
1844 WILLIS Lady Jane I. 212 From dome to floor, Hung pictures..Each `worth a
Jew's eye'.
c Black Jew (see quot. 1967); also = FALASHA.
1807 C. BUCHANAN Jrnl. 4 Feb. in Christian Res. in Asia (1811) 192 The
resident Jews are divided into two classes, called the Jerusalem or White
Jews; and the Ancient or Black Jews. The White Jews reside at this place [sc.
Cochin]. The Black Jews have also a Synagogue here; but the great body of
that tribe inhabit towns in the interior of the province. A. 1817 T. DWIGHT
Trav. New-Eng. (1823) III. 174 The black Jews in Hindostan. 1822 Imperial Mag.
IV. 358 A copy of the Hebrew Pentateuch..found in one of the Black Jews'
Synagogues, at Cochin. 1843 J. C. MAITLAND Lett. from Madras xviii. 178, I
told him about the first preachers, the Black Jews, the Syrian Christians, &c.
1892 G. M. RAE Syrian Church in India x. 150 These black Jews are converts to
the faith from among the people of the land. 1907 I. ZANGWILL Ghetto Comedies
155 The black Jews..surrounded by all those millions of Hindoos. 1930 H.
NORDEN Africa's Last Empire 185 The black Jews among whom he works. 1964 [see
FALASHA]. 1967 D. T. KAUFFMAN Dict. Relig. Terms 77/1 Black Jews, in India,
term applied to brown-skinned Jews to distinguish them from a group known as
`White Jews'. Sometimes used also for Negro Jewish groups. 1974 J. R. BAKER
Race xiv. 232 The Falasha or `black Jews' of Ethiopia are members of the
Aethiopid subrace, a hybrid taxon.
d A ship's tailor. Hence also jewing vbl. sb. and ppl. a. Naut. slang.
1916 Chambers's Jrnl. May 278/2 They [sc. ships' tailors] were still known as
`jews'. 1916 Chambers's Jrnl., May 278/2 The term `jewing', as sewing is
still called. 1945 TACKLINE Holiday Sailor x. 102 There was the
`Jewing-bloke', who undertook tailoring repairs. 1945 TACKLINE Holiday Sailor,
x. 102 The `Jewing-bloke' had a rather ancient Singer sewing machine, bought
when ashore at Alexandria in his pocket. 1946 J. IRVING Royal
Navalese 100 A sailor-tailor is known as a `Jew'. 1962 GRANVILLE Dict.
Sailors' Slang 66/1 Jewing firm, ship's tailoring `firm' run by one or more
ratings who repair and make clothing.
2 a transf. and offensive. As a name of opprobrium: spec. applied to a
grasping or extortionate person (whether Jewish or not) who drives hard
In medieval England, Jews, though engaged in many pursuits, were particularly
familiar as money-lenders, their activities being publicly regulated for them
by the Crown, whose proteges they were. In private, Christians also practised
money-lending, though forbidden to do so by Canon Law. Thus the name of Jew
came to be associated in the popular mind with usury and any extortionate
practices that might be supposed to accompany it, and gained an opprobrious
1606 Sir G. Goosecappe V. i. in Bullen O. Pl. III. 77 If the sunne of thy
beauty doe not white me like a shippards holland, I am a Iewe to my Creator.
1700 BP. PATRICK Comm. Deut. xxviii. 37 Better we cannot express the most
cut-throat dealing, than thus, You use me like a Jew. 1830 COLERIDGE Table-t.
16 May, Jacob is a regular Jew, and practises all sorts of tricks and wiles.
1844 D. KING Ruling Eldership II. i, It is undesirable..that he pass in the
commercial circle for what is there termed a Jew.1846 Swell's Night Guide
123/1 Jew, an overreaching fellow. C. 1861 E. DICKINSON Poems (1955) I. 160
'Twould be `a Bargain' for a Jew! Say-may I have it-Sir? 1906 J. M. SYNGE
Lett. to Molly (1971) 31 What have I done that you should write to me as if I
was a dunning Jew? 1920 T. S. ELIOT Ara Vos Prec 14 The jew is underneath the
lot. Money in furs. 1931 T. R. G. LYELL Slang 428 Why waste your time asking
him for a subscription? He's a perfect Jew where money's concerned. 1944
Britannica Bk. of Year 693 In March 1943 there were tirades from Bangkok radio
against the `Jews of Siam' (probably Chinese), who were accused of
profiteering. 1952 G. BONE Came to Oxf. xi. 34 There is a curious fallacy,
rather wide-spread, that a borrower of money is an innocent and hapless
person, while a lender is a shark, a harpy, a `Jew'. 1964 H. BROTZ Black Jews
of Harlem iii. 54 Occasionally the Black Jews forget they are Jews when
complaining about the fact that `the Jews' own all or most of Harlem!
b A pedlar.
In this use not depreciatory.
1803 G. COLMAN John Bull III. ii. 32 Here is two poets, and a poll-parrot,
the best image the Jew had over his head, over the mantle-piece. 1963 E.
MCBAIN Ten Plus One (1964) iv. 42 There was a guy who used to come around to
the door selling stuff, and my mother called him `The Jew'... For her, `Jew'
was synonymous with pedlar. 1970 J. H. GRAY Boy from Winnipeg 43 For us,
however, `Jew' was just another generic word that often included the peddlers
who were Greek or Italian. When we scrounged bottles it was to sell to `the
Jew', who was anybody that came along buying junk.
3 attrib. and Comb. a attrib. or as adj. That is a Jew, Jewish, as Jew boy,
butcher, girl, man, pedlar, physician, trooper (such expressions now mainly in
offensive use but not originally opprobrious); of or relating to Jews, as Jew
bill, hatred, toll. b objective, similative, etc., as Jew-drowning, -hater,
Jew-dear, adj.; Jew-like adj. and adv., -looking adj.
1765 BLACKSTONE Comm. I. x. (1793) 375 Very high debates about the time of
the famous Jew-bill; which enables all Jews to prefer bills of naturalization
in parliament, without receiving the sacrament.
1796 P. COLQUHOUN Treat. Police of Metropolis (ed. 3) vi. 125 Jew Boys..go
out every morning loaded with counterfeit Copper, which they exchange for bad
Silver, to be afterwards coloured anew, and again put into circulation. 1817
M. EDGEWORTH Harrington iii. 45 Mowbray easily engaged me to join him against
the Jew boy; and a zealous partizan against Jacob I became. 1873 TROLLOPE
Eustace Diamonds II. liii. 361 You used to be very wicked, and say he was once
a Jew-boy in the streets. 1929 D. H. LAWRENCE Let. 10 Oct. (1962) II. 1208, I
do hate John's Jewish nasal sort of style-so uglily moral... Spring doesn't
only come for the moral Jew-boys-for them perhaps least. 1948 J. BALDWIN in
Commentary Oct. 334/2 Jules Weissman, a Jewboy, had got the room for me. 1954
Jewboy [see IKEY sb. and a.]. 1959 N. MAILER Advts. for Myself (1961) 50
Jewboy, blond Jewboy Wexler perched by the cellar window, tackling Japs with
machine-gun bullets. 1968 Daily Mail 9 Feb. 3/3 Angry viewers rang the BBC
last night to complain about an `anti-Semitic' remark on the TV programme
Softly, Softly. In last night's episode..the detective tells the man: `You
always were a great one for putting things in your wife's name, Bob, just like
a Jewboy heading for bankruptcy.' 1972 Observer 7 May, Mrs Lane Fox dismisses
what she calls the country set, who call their children `the brats', talk
about `thrashing them into shape', support Enoch Powell and still refer to
`jew boys'. 1974 New Society 3 Jan. 11/2 A car's desirability also creates the
opposite reaction, in that envy is easily turned to resentment and aggression
towards, for instance, the `jewboy', the `poser', the `toffee nose' and the
`business classes' who sport expensive and powerful cars.
1849 W. S. MAYO Kaloolah (1887) p. viii, Oil, garlic, salt fish, and Jew
1613 PURCHAS Pilgrimage (1614) 213 Thus you see the Iew-butcher had need be
no botcher, but halfe a Physitian in Anatomizing.
1755 J. SHEBBEARE Lydia (1769) I. 274 [He] must have had this jew-craft
among his reasons for endeavouring to naturalize the Jews.
1899 A. WHITE Modern Jew 122 There are many instances of the drollery of
*Jew-drowning in the annals of monkish historians.
1796 E. WYNNE Diary 11 Dec. (1937) II. ix. 139 Before having ever seen us she
declared that we were all excepting the youngest, like little crows and Jew
girls. 1930 E. POUND XXX Cantos x. 45 Wives, jew-girls, nuns. 1971 B. MALAMUD
Tenants 50 Jewgirls are the best whores.
1899 Westm. Gaz. 18 Sept. 2/2 The nature of the wounds roused amongst the
*Jew-haters the old story of the blood sacrifice.
1898 Nat. Rev. Aug. 807 Outside Russia, Jew hatred is a matter with which
Governments have no direct concern.
1808 COBBETT Pol. Reg. XIII. 172 Through the means of a jew-like commerce
with the revolted slaves.
1905 JOYCE Let. 29 Oct. (1966) II. 127 For a Jewman it's better than having
to bathe. 1922 JOYCE Ulysses 336 I'll brain that bloody jewman for using the
holy name. 1938 W. B. YEATS John Kinsella's Lament in London Mercury Dec. 114
Though stiff to strike a bargain Like an old Jew man.
1771 SMOLLETT Humph. Cl. 20 Apr. Let ii, I was cheapening a pair of
spectacles with a Jew-pedlar.
1731 Gent. Mag. I. 403 Dr. Bass, a noted Jew Physician in St. Mary Axe.
A. 1680 BUTLER Rem. (1759) II. 84 And crucify his Saviour worse Than those
*Jew-Troopers, that threw out, When they were raffling for his coat.
c Special Combs.: Jew-bail, insufficient bail, `straw-bail'; 'Jew-baiting sb.
= Ger. Judenhetze, systematic harrying or persecution of Jews; so Jew-bait v.
nonce-wd., Jew-baiter, Jew-baiting a.; Jew-bush, a euphorbiaceous plant of the
genus Pedilanthus; Jew-cart (see quot.); Jew-lizard, a large Australian
lizard, Amphibolurus barbatus; Jew plum = OTAHEITE APPLE; Jew Tongo, a
language spoken among Bush Negroes in Surinam, possessing a structure largely
derived from West African languages and a vocabulary largely derived from
1785 GROSE Dict. Vulg. T., Jew Bail. 1797 MARY ROBINSON Walsingham IV. 283
He..did the deep ones with Jew-bail, till they were up to the trick.
1892 Sat. Rev. 18 June 700/2 [He] is always going about Jew-baiting and to
*Jew-bait with pen or sword.
1883 Pall Mall G. 19 Nov. 3/1 [They] are now in full possession of the case
of the German jew-baiters against the Jews. 1907 I. ZANGWILL Ghetto Comedies
85 She's honest... She won't fall back on the old Jew-baiter. 1945 W. S.
CHURCHILL Victory (1946) 145 Julius Streicher, most notorious of Jew-baiters,
was captured by the Americans. 1960 C. DAY LEWIS Buried Day vi. 116 The same
herd instinct that produces Teddy Boys, Jew-baiters and Ku-Klux-Klansmen. 1974
G. MITCHELL Javelin for Jonah xi. 133 Benjy was unlucky enough to fall foul at
school of a ring of young Jew-baiters.
1883 Evening Post (N.Y.) 21 Apr., The Jew-baiting in Germany; the bloody
persecutions in Russia. 1898 Nat. Review Aug. 807 In the Empire of the
Tsar..Jew-baiting is a matter of high State policy. 1922 JOYCE Ulysses 202
Shylock chimes with the jewbaiting that followed the hanging. 1939 Ann. Reg.
1938 203 The brutalities began on April 23, and it was clear that the scheme
of Jew-baiting had been worked out in readiness for the `Anschluss'. 1969 J.
MANDER Static Soc. iii. 99 The American, however ugly, is no Jew-baiting
1830 LINDLEY Nat. Syst. Bot. 105 The Jew Bush, or Milk plant.
1840 MARRYAT Poor Jack xviii, Then we have what we call Jew Carts, always
ready to take [stolen] goods inland, where they will not be looked after.
1847 LEICHHARDT Jrnl. iii. 89 A small Chlamydophorus (*Jew lizard of the
Hunter [River]) was also seen. A. 1884 J. SERVICE Thir Notandums (1890) 205
From beneath a log the green Jew-lizard, or the iguana peeps.
1913 W. HARRIS Notes Fruit & Veg. in Jamaica 18 The Jew Plum..was
introduced to Jamaica in 1782 and again in 1792. 1920 W. POPENOE Man. Tropical
& Subtropical Fruits iv. 156 Jew-plum is another name for the ambarelle, used
in Jamaica. 1971 Caribbean Q. XVII. II. 14 Different name, same
referent..golden apple/Jew plum/pomme-citerre.
1933 L. BLOOMFIELD Lang. xxvi. 474 Two creolized forms of English are spoken
in Suriname (Dutch Guiana). One of these.., more divergent from ordinary
types of English, is known as Jew-Tongo. 1968 W. J. SAMARIN in J. A. Fishman
Readings Sociol. of Lang. 666 Amerindian pidgins... Saramakan (Jew Tongo,
d Genitival Combs.: Jews' apple, a name for the Egg-plant or its fruit; Jews'
frankincense, a plant of the genus Styrax, or the resin obtained from it
(storax or benzoin); Jews' houses, name given to the remains of ancient
tin-smelting furnaces in Cornwall; Jew's letter, a text inscribed in Hebrew
upon a phylactery, regarded as the outward symbol or badge of a Jew; Jews'
lime, a synonym of Jews' slime (see below); Jews' mallow, a name for Corchorus
olitorius (N.O. Tiliaceae), one of the plants from which the fibre called jute
is obtained, used as a pot-herb in Egypt, Syria, and other countries; Jews'
money, a popular name for ancient Roman coins found in some parts of England;
Jews' myrtle, a name for Butcher's Broom, and for a variety of the common
Myrtle; Jews' pitch, Jews' slime, names for asphalt or bitumen (cf. Gen. xi.
3); Jews' thorn = Christ's thorn (see CHRIST 5); Jews' tin, name for lumps of
tin found in ancient smelting-furnaces (Jews' houses) in Cornwall.
1884 MILLER Plant-n., Solanum esculentum, Jew's-Apple, Mad-Apple... S.
Melongena,..Egg-plant, Jew's-Apple.
1760 J. LEE Introd. Bot. App. 315 Jew's Frankincense, Styrax.
1851 Illustr. Catal. Gt. Exhib. 162 In the reign of King John, the mines
[were] principally in the hands of the Jews..remains of furnaces, called
*Jews' houses, have been discovered, and small blocks of tin, known as Jews'
tin, have..been found in the mining localities.
1589 R. HARVEY Pl. Perc. (1860) 32 Iewes letter scrible scrable ouer the
Copurtenaunce of a mans countenaunce. 1598 FLORIO Worlde of Wordes To Rdr. A
vj, A fouler blot then a Iewes the foreheads of Caelius and Curio.
1731-3 MILLER Gard. Dict. s.v. Corchorus, Jews Mallow, ..sown in great
Plenty about Aleppo as a Pot-herb, the Jews boiling the Leaves of this Plant
to eat with their Meat. 1887 MOLONEY Forestry W. Afr. 289 `Jews' Mallow' or
`Jute' (Corchorus olitorius, L.)-Annual. This is one of the species that
affords the well-known fibre of commerce called `Jute'.
1577 HARRISON England II. xxiv. (1877) I. 360 Some peeces or other are dailie
taken vp, which they call Borow pence, Dwarfs monie..*Iewes monie, and by
other foolish names not woorthie to be remembred.
1856 N. & Q. Ser. II. I. 432/2 In some parts of Kent it [Ruscus aculeatus] is
called `*Jews' Myrtle'; and it is the popular belief, that the crown of
thorns..was composed of its branches.
1756 P. BROWNE Jamaica 40 Asphaltum, Jew's pitch. 1816 TINGRY Varnisher's
Guide (ed. 2) 1 Asphaltum..issues in a liquid form from the bottom of the lake
Asphaltis in Judaea; and hence the name of Jew's pitch.
1607 TOPSELL Four-f. Beasts 188 Iewes lime drunk in water..prescribed for a
remedy of this euill. 1639 HORN & ROB. Gate Lang. Unl. x. Sect.104 Salt-peter,
brimstone, Jew's slime, patrol, bole-armoniak,..are called mineral juyces.
1597 GERARDE Herbal Index, Iewes thorne, that is Christs thorne. III. xxvi.
1153 This shrubbie thorne Paliurus was the thorne wherewith they crowned our
Sauiour Christ.
1851 Jews' tin [see Jews' house].

Jew, jew, v. colloq. [f. JEW sb. (sense 2).] trans. To cheat or overreach, in
the way attributed to Jewish traders or usurers. Also, to drive a hard
bargain, and intr., to haggle. Phr. to jew down, to beat down in price; also
transf. Hence 'Jewing vbl. sb.
These uses are now considered to be offensive.
1824 C. HARDING Diary 29 Apr. in Sketch (1929) 75 He is a country clergyman;
and, from his Jewing disposition, I should judge he had more taste in tithes
than pictures. 1825 Constitutional Adv. (Frankfort, Kentucky) 15 Dec. 3/1 We
hope, for the honour and character of the state, that neither the legislature
nor the people, will Jew the items of expence. 1833 L. DOW Dealings of God
(1849) 189 If they [sc. the Jews] will Jew people, they cannot flourish among
Yankees, who are said to `outjew' them in trading. A. 1845 BARHAM Ingol. Leg.,
Bro. Birchington lxv, Is it that way you'd Jew one? 1847 W. IRVING Let. 30
Apr. in Life & Lett. (1864) IV. 19 Some mode of screwing and jewing the world
out of more interest than one's money is entitled to. 1848 W. BAGLEY Let. 14
Mar. in N. E. Eliason Tarheel Talk (1956) 279, I Jewed old Galloway down to
1.50 for ploughs. 1851 H. MAYHEW London Labour I. 368/1 Some of the ladies in
the squares..sets to work Jewing away as hard as they can, pricing up their
own things, and downcrying yourn. 1854 D. G. ROSSETTI in Rossetti Ruskin,
Rossetti, etc. (1899) 15 But as to his doings And jawings and jewings, William
brought me the news. 1870 Congress. Globe 7 July 5340/1 This bill supposes
that ready to commence jewing down the pay of its General. 1872
Chicago Tribune 14 Oct. 8/2 The prices [for lodging] asked vary-the lodger
being generally asked as much as it is thought he will give. If he jews, he
will get it for comparatively little. 1883 G. M HOPKINS Let. 6 Dec. (1938) 195
You will I know say..that Jew is a reproach because the Jews have corrupted
their race and nature, so that it is their vices and their free acts we
stigmatise when we call cheating `jewing'-and that you mean that Disraeli in
1871 overreached and jewed his constituents. 1891 Daily News 2 Nov. 7/3 He'd
take care he didn't `Jew' him again.1897 [see HIGHLAND a. 2 b]. 1908 Dialect
Notes III. 324 Jew, to beat down the price. `I tried to jew him, but he
wouldn't jew.' 1926 Market Growers Jrnl. 1 July 3, I make my retail prices
about half way between grocery store wholesale and retail prices, and do not
stand for any `jewing' down. 1937 Scribner's Mag. Apr. 25 Thought we might get
the divorce a little under fifty dollars. Maybe we might jew the young man
down. 1939 A. POWELL What's become of Waring v. 140 Then we can meet again and
jew each other down. 1946 W. G. HAMMOND Remembrance of Amherst 121 Both here and at the mountain top we were unmercifully jewed for all the refreshments.
1947 L. Z. HOBSON Gentleman's Agreement i. 9 Now she was describing the large
new house she and Dick wanted to buy. `Did you close the sale on the old
place?' Mrs. Green asked. `Not yet. That cheap Pat Curran keeps trying to
Jew us down.' 1968 L. ROSTEN Joys of Yiddish 142 Just as some Gentiles use
`Jew' as a contemptuous synonym for too-shrewd, sly bargaining (`He tried to
Jew the price down,' is about as unappetizing an idiom as I know), so some
Jews use goy in a pejorative sense. 1970 R. LOWELL Notebk. 69 This embankment,
jewed-No, yankeed-by the highways down to a grassy lip. 1971 R. THOMAS Backup
Men xxi. 184, I say how much and he says this much and I say it's not enough
so we jew around with each other until we make a price. 1972 Harper's Mag. May
83 Jew the fruitman down for his last Christmas tree. 1972 New Society 11 May
301/1, I got jewed down..over the cheap offer.

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