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a McDonald's love story - de Horia D la: 31/08/2005 20:55:37
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "5")
A little old couple walked slowly into a McDonald's one cold winter

They looked out of place amid the young families and young couples eating there that night.

Some of the customers looked admiringly at them. You could tell what the admirers were thinking:

"Look, there is a couple who has been through a lot together, probably for 60 years or more!"

The little old man walked up to the cash register, placed his order with no hesitation and then paid for their meal.

The couple took a table near the back wall and started taking food off of
the tray.

There was one hamburger, one order of french fries and one drink.

The little old man unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in

He placed one half in front of his wife.

Then he carefully counted out the french fries, divided them in two piles
and neatly placed one pile in front of his wife.

He took a sip of the drink, and then his wife took a sip as the man began to eat his few bites.

Again, you could tell what people around the old couple were saying. - "They were used to sharing everything."

Then the crowd noticed that the little old lady still hadn't eaten a thing.

She just sat there watching her husband eat and occasionally sipped some of the drink.

A young man came over and begged them to let him buy them another meal.

The lady explained that no, they were used to sharing.

As the little old man finished eating and was wiping his face neatly with a
napkin, the young man could stand it no longer and asked again.

After being politely refused again, he finally asked the little old lady,
"Ma'am, why aren't you eating. You said that you share everything.

What is it that you are waiting for?"

She answered,

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Banc de Dimineata - de fefe la: 15/09/2005 17:41:03
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "5")
A large woman wearing a sleeveless sun dress walked into a bar
in Clayton, England. She raised her right arm revealing a huge, hairy
armpit as she pointed to all the people sitting at the bar and
asked,"what man here will buy a lady a drink"?

The bar went silent as the patrons tried to ignore her. But down at the
end of the bar, an owly-eyed drunk slammed his hand down on the counter
and bellowed, "Give the ballerina a drink."

The bartender poured the drink and the woman chugged it down. She
turned to the patrons and again pointed around at all of them revealing
the same hairy armpit and asked, "what man here will buy a lady a

Once again, the same little drunk slapped his money down ! on the bar
and said, "Give the ballerina another drink!!!"

The bartender approached the little drunk and said, "I say, old chap,
it's none of my business if you want to buy the lady a drink, but why
do you keep calling her '"The ballerina"?

The drunk replied, "Any woman who can lift her leg that high has got to
be a ballerina!"
Bancul cu Balerina - de fefe la: 16/09/2005 18:03:48
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "5")
Vi-l mai pun odata ca aseara io si dnl. Fefe am crapat de ris. Stateam
in pat la televizor si dintr-o data m-a bufnit risul ca mi-am adus aminte
de el. I l-am spus si lu Dnl. Fefe si l-am terminat, nu mai putea sa respire.


A large woman wearing a sleeveless sun dress walked into a bar
inClayton,England. She raised her right arm revealing a huge, hairy
armpit as she pointed to all the people sitting at the bar and
asked,"what man here will buy a lady a drink"?

The bar went silent as the patrons tried to ignore her. But down at the
end of the bar, an owly-eyed drunk slammed his hand down on the counter
and bellowed, "Give the ballerina a drink."

The bartender poured the drink and the woman chugged it down. She
turned to the patrons and again pointed around at all of them revealing
the same hairy armpit and asked, "what man here will buy a lady a

Once again, the same little drunk slapped his money down ! on the bar
and said, "Give the ballerina another drink!!!"

The bartender approached the little drunk and said, "I say, old chap,
it's none of my business if you want to buy the lady a drink, but why
do you keep calling her '"The ballerina"?

The drunk replied, "Any woman who can lift her leg that high has got to
be a ballerina!"
poezie cine ghiceste autorul? :) - de Cassandra la: 02/10/2005 22:48:09
(la: carti care v-au refuzat)
Fifteen men on the Dead Man's Chest
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

in tema - de donquijote la: 14/04/2006 11:15:24
(la: Sunt romanii saraci cu duhul?)
A man enters a bar and orders a drink. The bar has a robot bartender. The robot serves him a perfectly prepared cocktail, and then asks him, "What's your I.Q.?"

The man replies, "150", and the robot proceeds to make conversation about global warming factors, quantum physics and spirituality, biomimicry, environmental interconnectedness, string theory, nano-technology and sexual proclivities.

The man is very impressed and thinks, "This is really cool." He decides to test the robot. He walks out of the bar, turns around, and comes back in for another drink.

Again the robot serves hima perfectly prepared drink and asks him, "What's your I.Q.?"

"About 100," the man responds.

Immediately, the robot starts talking, but this time, about football, NASCAR, fishing, supermodels, favorite fast foods, guns, and women's breasts.

Really impressed, the man leaves the bar and decides to give the robot one more test. He heads out and returns, the robot serves him and asks, "What's your I.Q.?"

"Er ... 50, I think," the man replies.

And the robot says ... real slowly ... "So ..... ya gonna follow the Colts again this year?"
ups, asa e, vineeeeeeee - de Yuki la: 15/07/2006 13:52:07
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "9")
A Scotsman, American, and an Irishman are in a bar.
They are having a good time and all agree that the bar is a nice place.

Then the Scotsman says, "Aye, this is a nice bar, but where I come from, back in Glasgow, there's a better one. At MacDougal's, you buy a drink, you buy another drink, and MacDougal himself will buy your third drink!"

The others agree that sounds like a good place.

Then the American says, "Yeah,that's a nice bar, but where I come from, there's a better one. Over in Brooklyn, there's this place, Vinny's. At Vinny's, you buy a drink, Vinny buys you a drink. You buy another drink, Vinny buys you another drink."

Everyone agrees that sounds like a great bar.

Then the Irishman says, "You think that's great? Where I come from in Dublin, there's this place called Murphy's. At Murphy's, they buy you your first drink, they buy you your second drink, they buy you your third drink, and then, they take you in the back and get you laid!"

"Wow!" say the other two. "That's fantastic! Did that actually happen to you?"

"No," replies the Irish guy, "but it happened to me sister!"

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why drink wine and not water - de donquijote la: 30/09/2006 21:07:15
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "10")
It has been scientifically proven that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have absorbed more than 1 kilo (about 2.1 lbs.) of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria found in feces.

In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poo.

However, we do not run that risk when drinking wine, beer (or other liquors) because alcohol has to go through a distillation process of boiling, filtering and fermenting. Thus,



Free yourself of poo, drink WINE!!!

Remember: It is better to drink wine and talk shit than to drink water and be full of shit.
Instructions for a wife then and now - de MMM la: 16/11/2004 04:16:47
(la: Femeia)
The following is from a 1950's Home Economics textbook intended for
the High School girls, teaching how to prepare for married life.

1. Have dinner ready: Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a
delicious meal - on time. This is a way of letting him know that you
have been thinking about him, and are concerned about his needs. Most
men are hungry when they come home and the prospects of a good meal
are part of the warm welcome needed.

2. Prepare yourself: Take 15 minutes to rest so you will be refreshed
when he arrives. Touch up your make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and
be fresh looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people. Be
a little gay and a little more interesting. His boring day may need a

3. Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of
the house just before your husband arrives, gathering up school books,
toys, paper, etc. Then run a dust cloth over the tables. Your husband
will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give
you a lift too.

4. Prepare the children: Take a few minutes to wash the children's
hands and faces if they are small, comb their hair, and if necessary,
change their clothes. They are little treasures and he would like to
see them playing the part.

5. Minimize the noise: At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise
of washer, dryer, dishwasher, or vacuum. Try to encourage the children
to be quiet. Be happy to see him. Greet him with a warm smile and be
glad to see him.

6. Some DON'TS: Don't greet him with problems or complaints. Don't
complain if he's late for dinner. Count this as minor compared with
what he might have gone through that day.

7. Make him comfortable: Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or
suggest he lie down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready
for him. Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in
a low, soft, soothing and pleasant voice. Allow him to relax and

8. Listen to him: You may have a dozen things to tell him, but the
moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first.

9. Make the evening his: Never complain if he does not take you out to
dinner or to other places of entertainment; instead try to understand
his world of strain and pressure and his need to be home and relax.

10. The Goal: Try to make your home a place of peace and order where
your husband can relax.

Now The updated version for the 2000s woman.

1. Have dinner ready: Make reservations ahead of time. If your day
becomes too hectic just leave him a voice mail message regarding where
you'd like to eat and at what time. This lets him know that your day
has been crappy and gives him an opportunity to change your mood.

2. Prepare yourself: A quick stop at the "LANCOME" counter on your way
home will do wonders for your outlook and will keep you from becoming
irritated every time he belches at the table. (Don't forget to use his
credit card!)

3. Clear away the clutter: Call the housekeeper and let her know
you'll need her for an extra day this week. Tell her that any
miscellaneous items left on the floor by the children can be placed in
the Goodwill box in the garage.

4. Prepare the children: Drop them off at grandma's!

5. Minimize the noise: When he arrives at home remind him that the
washer and garbage disposal are still not working properly and the
noise is driving you crazy (but do this in a nice way and greet him
with a warm smile...this way he might fix it faster).

6. Some DON'TS: Don't greet him with problems and complaints. Let him
speak first, and then your complaints will get more attention and
remain fresh in his mind throughout dinner. Don't complain if he's
late for dinner. Simply remind him that the last one home does the
cooking and the cleanup.

7. Make him comfortable: Remind him where he can find a warm fuzzy
blanket if he's cold. This will show you really care.

8. Listen to him: But don't ever let him get the last word.

9. Make the evening his: a chance to get the washer and garbage
disposal fixed.

10. The Goal: To try to keep things amicable without reminding him
that you make more money than he does.

The value of a drink - de Horia D la: 25/05/2006 15:04:19
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "9")

The Value of a Drink
"Sometimes when I reflect back on all the wine I drink
I feel shame. Then I look into the glass and think
about the workers in the vineyards and all of their hopes
and dreams . If I didn't drink this wine, they might be out
of work and their dreams would be shattered.
Then I say to myself, "It is better that I drink this wine and let their
dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver."
~ Jack Handy
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what
the hell happened to your bra and panties.
"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they
wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're
going to feel all day. " !
~Frank Sinatra
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may create the illusion that you
are tougher, smarter, faster and better looking than most people.
"When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading."
~ Henny Youngman
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may lead you to think people are
laughing WITH you.
"24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not."
~ Stephen Wright
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can sing.
"When we drink, we get drunk. When we get drunk,
we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.
When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. So, let's all
get drunk and go to heaven!"
~ Brian O'Rourke
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause pregnancy.
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
~ Benjamin Franklin
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol is a major factor in dancing like a
"Without question, the greatest invention in the
history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the
wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does
not go nearly as well with pizza."
~ Dave Barry
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to tell your
friends over and over again that you love them.
To some it's! a six-pack, to me it's a Support Group. Salvation in a can!
~ Dave Howell
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you can
logically converse with members of the opposite sex without spitting.
And saving the best for last, as explained by Cliff Clavin, of Cheers.
One afternoon at Cheers, Cliff Clavin was explaining the Buffalo Theory
to his buddy Norm.
Here's how it went:
"Well ya see, Norm, it's like this... A herd of buffalo can only move as
fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the
slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural
selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed
and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of
the weakest members. In much the same way, the human brain can only
operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol,
as we know, kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and
weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer
eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more
efficient machine.
That's why you always feel smarter after a few beers."
WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are
whispering when you are not.
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Beer is the cause and soluti - de Cassandra la: 04/06/2006 21:35:15
(la: ALCOOL-the best, the worse)
Beer is the cause and solution to all of life's problems. ~Homer Simpson

I drink only to make my friends seem interesting. ~Don Marquis

My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle. ~Henny Youngman

I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me. ~Winston Churchill

I love to cook with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food

Oil Change instructions for W - de SB_one la: 26/02/2004 14:07:15
(la: Femeia)
Oil Change instructions for Women

1. Pull up to Jiffy Lube when the mileage reaches 3000 miles since the last oil change.
2. Drink a cup of coffee. 15 minutes later, write a check and leave with a properly maintained vehicle.
Money spent Oil Change $24.00 Coffee $1.00 Total $25.00

PS cine nu stie engleza, sa-l traduca in franceza sau romana ( danke)
Infinitul e mare, mai ales catre sfirsit.
(W. Allen)
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Sex,drugs,alcohol and rock'n roll - de Little Eagle la: 01/03/2004 14:03:16
(la: Droguri)
My friend,

Poate am facut o greseala. Se pare ca tu personal nu ai fost atras de cele spuse de mine mai sus si evident nu ai fost curios macar sa incerci a fuma un JOINT ,pacat... mai bine sus in corcodus decit la umbra unuia uscat! Si totusi cred ca sint oameni in cafenea care au incercat odata in viata lor.
Nu cred ca-i deloc condamnabil si in final sa lasam pe altii sa faca comentarii care stiu despre ce am vorbit.

"Just remember love is life
And hate is living death
Treat your life for what it's worth
And live for every breath."

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Raspuns pt. Anita and thelinuxguy - de Ly la: 17/04/2004 12:07:12
(la: Irakul un al doilea Vietnam?)

Poti sa-ti pui aceeasi intrebare despre romani. Si multi altii. Altfel - hey e o lume de imagini si de multe ori conteaza imaginea proiectata (cuvintele multi nu le inteleg si nu le asculta) - la "popor", si connections and direct benefits pentru cei ce propun si imping pe cineva.

Anita47 - ai un stil cam pus pe polemica in general.

In orice caz nu am studiat pozitia lui Kerry vis-a vis de conflictul Israelo-Arab dar sunt sigura ca poti gasi detaliile care te intereseaza in site-ul lui. Ca sa fiu sincera eu m-am concentrat pe programul lui economic si cum vede celelate tari si aliante dianafara US.

Dar intr-o nota optimista pentru tine, bunicul lui Kerry a fost evreu ceh. Personal cred ca daca va fi Kerry la Casa Alba probabil ca aceeasi linie politica vsa Israel si teroristi va continua dar intr-un stil mai asezonat si mai inclinat spre diplomatie. DAR NU i-am citit perspectiva.

Daca ai timp Anita, poate revii cu un summary la asta.
Would you like to read your name in Paris, London and New York? - de Dinu Lazar la: 22/04/2004 06:22:10
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Dear Friend of Black and White Photography,

Would you like to read your name in Paris, London and New York?

Then take part and win:
your photo along with your name on the new AGFA MULTICONTRAST packages
your photo along with your name all over the world in a high-quality black and white photo calendar
and in addition one of 3 Hasselblad 501 CM cameras
or other prizes

Within the Subject "Move it!" AGFA is looking for the 12 best analogue black and white prints.

All professional photographers, students of photography and enthusiastic amateurs are welcome to join the competition which is still running up to the 28th of May 2004.

Further information as well as the entry form can be found at:

Please, tell your colleagues and friends of our competition and forward this message!

We are looking forward to lots of exciting high-quality photos.

With best regards,

Your Agfa Black and White Team

Anja Paufler
CI – Global Marketing Paper

e-mail for further inquiries:
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and the ways of living - de Belle la: 18/05/2004 18:43:07
(la: Despre viata si moarte)

e usor sa accepti viata cand descoperi ca sunt atat de multe de facut, si moartea o voi accepta caci ce altceva voi putea face ..dar tot imi va fi frica de ea. poate frica nu e cuvantul potrivit dar nu gasesc un sinonim mai bun ca sa exprim ceea ce simt fata de moarte.

sunt de acord ca nasa ta e acum intr-un loc unde nu mai simte durerea si suferinta datorate bolii... cred ca asta e singura mangaiere cand ne despartim de cei dragi cred/sper ca si bunicile mele sunt bine unde sunt (doar pe una am cunoscut-o si si pe-aceea foarte putin)

subiectul e natural intr-adevar, dar spun ca e macabru pentru ca este mult mai usor si placut sa vorbesti despre viata... besides nu sunt o fire prea "filozofica" din pacate ;) .. poate ca sunt lasa, poate ca mi-e mai usor sa fiu lasa, poate nici eu nu stiu defapt adevaratul motiv.

am banuit ca ceea ce-a spus Crazy Horse se situa intr-un alt context, eu nu am facut decat sa "translatez" la prezent, prezentul MEU, si pentru moment, in lipsa unei amenintari reale, for me no day is a good day to die, to the contrary, wish there are enough days for me to live and accomplish what I have to.

am citit cu foarte mare atentie tot ce ai scris... teama imi va fi mereu dar la momentul de cumpana voi incerca sa-mi reamintesc cantecul razboinicului...

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To All my brothers and sisters - de Little Eagle la: 27/06/2004 03:56:25
(la: Native American Indians)
Pt. ca nu veti mai avea de-a face cu mine de acum incolo,va las sa zic asa o mica mostenire din credinta poporului meu.Aceste cuvinte ,sper ca vor gasi un ecou in sufletul vostru.
Din nou si nu fac nici o reclamatie impotriva Admin,sper ca va tipari tot ce am scris azi,am zis,macar ca fiind ultimele mele cuvinte si consider ca am dreptul la ele.Unora li se da o masa buna,si poate o tigara ori o ultima rugaciune.Nu mai fumez,Nu mai beau,Nu mai consum droguri,Nu mananc carne de nici un fel
sunt vegetarian.
Cel putin lasa-ma Admin sa-mi spun ultimele cuvinte,in mod decent si sa nu fiu cenzurat.
Nu-ti fie teama,NU voi spune nimic rau nimanui!

Acestea-s cuvintele mele venite de la poporul meu,macar acum lasa-ma sa vorbesc freely:
Imi pare rau ca nu am rabdarea si timpul de a traduce in R. din engleza,totusi stiu ca voi toti sunteti inteligenti si veti intelege totul.

"When you begin a great work you can't expect to finish it all at once;therefore do you and your brothers press on,and let nothing discourage you till you have entirely finished what you have begun?
Now brother,as for me,I assure you I will press on,and the contrary winds may blow strong in my face,yet I will go forward and never turn back,and continue to press forward untill I have finished,and I would have you do the same....
Though you may hear birds singing on this side and that side,you must not take notice of that,but hear me when I speak to you,and take it to heart,
for you may always depend that what I say shall be true."

Black Hawk(Sauk-Lakota)

" Grandfather says that when your friends die you must not cry.
You must not hurt anybody or do harm to anybody.You must not fight.Do right always.It will give you satisfaction in life.
If the white man wants to live in peace with the indian,he can live in peace.
Give them all the same law.Give them all a chance to live and grow.
All men were made by the same Great Spirit Chief.They are all brothers.
The earth is the Mother of all people,and all people should have equal rights upon it.
You might as well expect the rivers to run backward as that any man who was
born a free man should be contented when penned up and denied liberty to go where he pleases.
If you tie a horse to a stake,do you expect he will grow fat?
If you pen an indian up on a small spot of earth,and compell him to stay there,he will not be contented,nor will he grow and prosper."

Chief Joseph(Nez Perce)



Ps:Admin inca odata te rog sa publici tot ce am scris azi.
Adios muchachos.

Dear Admin,

As dori sa stiu de ce nu-mi publici deloc textele ce am scris ieri?Cred ca vreo poate 5 lui LMC in care incerc sa-mi cer iertare de atatea ori.
Nu as vrea sa creada ca am disparut aiurea fara sa fac asta,ma faci sa ma simt f. nasol si realmente trist,de luni beau iar in prostie,incat nu stiu cand sunt treaz sau beat,ma consum si nu vrei sa ma ajuti deloc.

Oare sa ma apuc iar de droguri in plus????Sunt o fire cum sunt si trec de la o stare la alta f. repede,oricat de negru avea sufletul,sunt de multi ani o fire sensibila si daca plang,nu degeaba mi s-a dat numele de Little Eagle Who Cries de fratii mei Navajo.

Am mai scris ca de la acel Malcom McDowell din A clockwork la inceputul filmului,am devenit cel de la sfarsit azi.
Chiar asa m-ai pus la colt complet???Oare cati din cafenea nu se cearta dar ies mereu basma curata, folosit cuvinte dure si urate ca de birjar,dar macar sunt sincer,nu am 2 fetze ca multi altii.
Recunosc comportamentul meu urat,dar as dori sa am o discutie cu LMC,de prietenie desigur.

Cred ca putini o iubesc asa de mult ca mine.Acum am devenit un Jim Morrisson din nou,stau cu sticla de Jack Daniels la scaun....
Da-mi un semn,ori ajung la un mental institution....sotia mea chiar cu 3 zile in urma mi-a zis ca as trebui sa fiu internat.

Vrei sa ma ai pe constiinta acum????
Incerc sa lupt cu acest demon alcohol.....I think I'll start to live inside the bottle again.....
Te rog sa dai lui LMC(scriu pt. a nu stiu cata oara)tel.mele:
Home 1-732-290-2496
Cell 1-908-902-4488(sotia insa il are acum cu ea)
Fax 1-732-290-2542

Sa incerce la home insa,ori fax,la fel de ce nu-mi dai telefon sa vorbim?????

Te rog, from the bottom of my black heart,daca e sa faci un gest pt. un om ce sufera destul chiar de atatea zile,vei publica acest text ori vei face in asa fel sa ajunga la LMC sa ma sune.

Am I asking for much?And all of you have a drink on me.Let's party and live for today,tomorrow never comes.....

I love you all,God bless you,
Love&peace,and nu-ti face probleme,I'll be cool si PROMIT solemn ca NU am sa mai vorbesc urat si sa injur pe nimeni!!!!!So help me God!

Ozzy Osbourne,
the Ozzman cometh

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Pt.LMC/from Ozzy with love - de Little Eagle la: 02/07/2004 03:39:16
Dear Sis,
Got your faxes,thanks,I believe...I can quit drinking again?Oh well....riders on the storm...the J.D. is still by my working desk...second one,I don't know .

Dar uite....DE CE scriu in engleza????Pt. ca -s beat aproape mort?Pt. ca am devenit...Jim Morrisson din nou si Ozzy?niste betivi si drug addicts si cu toate astea genii in muzica???

Nu e vina ta si a nimanui,e a mea,sunt o fire sensibila,adica daca fac o tampenie,nu-i de ajuns sa-mi cer iertare,trebuie sa ma pedepsesc ori sa o iau pe betii si droguri,nu stiu cum am ajuns sa traiesc ....atatia ani.....?

Sambata ce a trecut dupa ce te-am vorbit asa de rau...a fi artist si boem NU e o scuza a la Ozzy sau vorbit la tel. cu fratele meu indian Navajo si mi-a spus ca un prieten comun(Dark Owl) care avea 25 ani si era din tribul comanchee(il aveti voi in CA,e tara lor acolo!)s-a sinucis prin coma plans pt. sunt om de atunci,nu mai vreau sa lucrez,vreau sa beau si sa mor maine,I don't give a damn!!!!

Asta sunt.Cum sunt ori ma acceptati ori nu,dar eu va iubesc pe toti deopotriva cu tot sufletul meu....negru,daca va place Ozzy sau Jim atunci desigur ca va va place si de mine.

Am sa-ti scriu darling despre arta si am sa-ti si trimit email daca imi dai adresa,sa vezi ceea ce am pictat si fac azi.NU-ti fie teama de mine!!!!!!!!
NU ai sa dai peste cineva mai sincer ca mine....oricum as fi ....
Cine vrea sa vorbeasca cu mine,aveti deja telefoanele mele scrise lui LMC la indemana.

I love you all si trebuie sa inchei cu un cantec al Grupului meu,Black Sabbath,din 1973....cand Ozzy era cu ei si era sufletul grupului....a fost insa dat afara pt. ca era si devenise pe la 1978 un total betiv si drug addict...nici ca mai putea canta.....ce sa mai zic de Jim 1970 a murit la 29 ani,cara sticla de whiskey pe scena cand cantas...precum Janice Joplin....e ciudat cum 3 GENII in muzica au murit in acelasi an...1970....Adauga la ei 2 pe Jimmi Hendrix!!!!
N-au apucat 30 ani.......scrie-mi,are importanta ca sunt ce sunt? NU am politica in mine,Poti fi ce vrei tu sa fii,e okay with me,la fel si eu sunt...just a rider in the storm....a traveler in time,who cares about politics in the end?

Hai sa fim toti frati si surori si sa nu ne mai certam si sa ne injuram,are vreun sens?NU!!!!!Si ...vorbesc din...experienta!!!!!!!!
Sa avem discutii sincere si cuminti,la cortul nostru,in cercul nostru intim,si ne spunem TOT ce avem pe suflet,oricat de negru ar fi el,ne curatam prin noi insine,si apoi invatam sa ne iubim pt. ca LOVE IS THE BEST FEELING ON EARTH!!!Got it?Love&peace?from a drunk and a drug addict???Un om ca mine trebuie sa dea lectii?

Magdalena,NU imi cer iertare acum doar tie,ci tuturor pe care i-am ranit prin cuvintele mele la adrersa ta,indirect pe voi toti v-am injurat si NU e corect,Nu este drept...!Un brave warrior nu se comporta asa......dar sufar desrtul de 4 zile,cu 1 luna in urma m-am lasat de fumat complet,de9 luni sunt vegetarian,
Nu am baut decat la mari 4 zile beau de nu mai stiu de ma iau de mana cu alt tip ce am cunoscut cu 10 ani in urma......poate nu mai e nevoie sa -ti dai seama cine e....tot universul stie cine e!!!!!Keith Richards.....

....satisfaction....HELL...It's only Rolling Stones,babe....

Promit sa-ti mai scriu.Multumesc pt. faxes,da-mi adresa si-ti trimit orice flori vrei tu,am crezut ca o cutie de bomboane Godiva(My favorite),va fi ca un sarut

Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

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Cezar - de Little Eagle la: 04/07/2004 09:07:23
(la: Iubirea, un "natural"? Care dragoste?)
Dear Bro,

It is VERY simple couple of words I say everything using.Morrison's song.LA woman....odata am sa scriu ceva despre acest FANTASTIC GRUP INCA DIN 1967......domne,cand ascult acest cantec ori orice cantece ale The DOORS
inebunesc,gasesc in ele poezie(Jim MOrrison,un geniu),merg cu masina si oriunde merg si pe jos imi vin in minte si le cant cu voce tare...CUM NU poti trai in tine pe Jim????El cadea pe scena beat mort si plin de oare...cine NU iubeste muzica lor???Fara Jim...NU ar fi DOORS,Fara Ozzy NU ar fi fost Sabbath,Fara Pete Nu ar fi fost the Who,Fara Keith and Mick....NO STONES...ce sa mai zic de a fost idolul din nou....intreb...I am asking a question if the answer can be sold......CONTEAZA Ca aceste genii au fost ori sunt niste drug addicts si alcoholics????Daca real va luati de ei in asa nu ascultati deloc muzica lor!

Jim Morrison???YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE,YOU MUST BE AN IDIOT daca odata in viata ta NU ai auzit un cantec al lor(the doors)si NU ti-a placut!!!!Cine e asa NU are ce vorbi cu mine .Kaput!!!!

Asa ca inchei cu ce am zis la inceput:
"....a lucky little lady in the city of lights,
or just a lost angel in the city of night,
City of night babe.LA woman...,gimme your blues,gimme yourblueblueblue blues,gimme your blues...."""

O boy daca cineva din voi nu va place LA woman(a zice...David al lui Michelangelo.dar in NU-mi vorbiti deloc de muzica niciodata)Si poate cativa stiti si ce inseamna....gimme your blues...cand spui asta unei babe.Alright now,live for today,tomorrow never comes...ascultati Doors si mai vorbim...acum alta mica poveste.....Marilyn sotia mea,care de 5 zile vrea sa ma bage la balamuc(mental institution....)
de cand iar beau cu galeata whiskey si vin....

Pete(Townshend )a avut drinking problems si aproape a murit plus aproaape pierdut...familia...odata era beat mort si s-a trezit in ....sifonierul lui Mick Jagger,ei sunt mari prieteni de zeci de si avut opresc aici....!!!!!!!
Nu am voie sa spun nimic fara permisiune!!!!!!!!!
deci inchei aici,si...poate versurile lui Jim vor spune totul....

Ozzy....and all of you guys and girls(I love you ALLLLLLLL!!!)JUST
HAVE A DRINK ON ME!!!Bon Scott.....a murit ca John Bonham,amandoi beti morti si s-au inecat in propia place AC/DC,cel cu Scott pana la 1980?Va place Led nu-mi veniti cu ...."Nu stiu,N-am auzit...etc...."""Zepp NU ar fi existat fara Bonham,un drogat si betiv notoriu.....a locuit vecin de gard cu...alt mare drummer....Bill Ward(de la Black Sabbath);vroia sa-i taie ca Bill era asa de bun la tobe...!!!mai va zic eu multe cand am dreptul sa le zic,okay?

Oameni ca avem o amprenta de lasat in lume????
Oricat de drogati si insane am fi??????????
Ozzy...I gotta go to sleep...I'm drunk and make no sense of myself.....aici e 2 dimineata...

Alice - de Little Eagle la: 06/07/2004 00:21:04
Dear Sis,cred ca vreau sa am sex cu tine....,

Fie ca ai fi barbat sau femeie I am a believer and ....I believe we'll have a great time!!!!!!!On rocks and have a drink on me in the meanwhile,girl,ori man,who cares?

Yeah,yeah,yeah,great lyrics,great music,I LOVE YOU and I love the fact that You have BALLS!!!!
Jim Morrison a fost bisexual,ca idee,sa stii si citeste ce ti-am scris recent darling,ori alte comentarii pt. ca....LIFE IS SHORT.....

I LOVE YOU,Love&peace,

Ps:cantecul scris de tine e din albumul.........."DIARY OF A MADMAN"adica John(John Michael Osbourne...=OZZY)care suntem....CRAZY!!!!
A fost ultimul album cu ....geniul guitarist Randy Rhoads.....God bless him,mort la...25 ani!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice,soon baby,
Love you two times...
One for tomorrow
One for today
I'm going away.....I will love you 10 times and never going anywhere....

same old fart

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