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destin - de dinisor la: 11/09/2004 23:19:18
(la: Barbatul roman din diaspora)
avea bunica mea o vorba: la placinte inainte la razboi inapoi. se pare ca ai tai compatrioti, barbatii..te lasa singur!
nu mi-ai raspuns insa la frumos sa lasi o dansa cu semnul intrebarii...
Viata este timpul ce ne-a fost daruit, de la prima pana la ultima clipa!
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Pai d'asta ne esti d-le AlexM? - de dinisor la: 24/09/2004 20:16:41
(la: Cafengii din toate tarile, adunati-va!)
Cica la placinta inainte la razboi inapoi....!!!

Hai sa zic eu cum vine treaba, ca vad ca nu te prinsesi! Spuseram clar ca se asteapta propunerile pana la sfarsitul anului. Si toate se strang la dosarel. Ca vii si matale cand dosarelu' e gata (adica la spartu' targului, cu alte cuvinte...) s-ar putea sa fie prea tarziu. Nu de alta, dar pana atunci noi traim cu impresia ca iti este tot una daca participi sau nu...

Eh, te luminasi acu'? Replica iti apartine...
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horica - de anisia la: 04/03/2005 19:32:26
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
count me on !!! the time of our lives...mmmm....again, it's a promise?

ca stii cum se zice: la placinte inainte, la razboi inapoi!!!
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Corect Daniel... - de ampop la: 26/04/2005 12:14:22
(la: Despre ziariştii răpiţi în Irak)
Ar fi fost aberant ca cineva sa creada ca razboiul este o joaca, fara pierderi de vieti. Beneficiul "umbrelei" NATO presupune si sacrificii din pacate. sa nu mai filosofam oarecum steril, daca prin absurd lui Ceausescu i s-ar fi cerut sa trimita trupe in Afganistan, oare el n-ar fi trimis? caci era parte a Tratatului de la Varsovia. Si fara bull-shit nationalist si "idepedenta". Din nefericire este vorba de optiuni si doar atat...principiul "la placinte inainte, la razboi inapoi" nu este fezabil. Fiecare stie riscurile meseriei sale si le asuma de la inceput. Sa dea Domnul sa scape!
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scuzele pentru ortografie nu-s destule - de Dan Manoliu la: 23/06/2005 21:42:41
(la: "Ce bine e sa fi desptept si in acelasi timp si roman")
? 1827 - Petrache Poenaru, membru al Academiei Romane si unul dintre organizatorii învatamântului national inventeaza predecesorul stiloului modern: ?condei portaret, fara sfârsit, alimentându?se singur cu cerneala?
Homer had a long lasting writing pen made of reed.
Da Vinci drew improvements ..

? 1858 - Bucuresti - primul oras din lume iluminat cu petrol si prima rafinare a petrolului.
Romans had full streets in Rome lighted with torches and with heated sidewalks so that Roman ladies feet do not freeze …
Baltimore in 1816 was the first city to light its streets with gas. ...
Soon much of America, as well as other countries were lighted by gas
First oil refining was done in Ploiesti (not Bucuresti) by Enhlish engineers 1n 1856 … at the time when America found its first oil field … We were ahead here!!!

? 1880 - Dumitru Vasescu - construieste automobilul cu motor cu aburi.
In 1769, the very first self-propelled road vehicle was a military tractor invented by French engineer and mechanic, Nicolas Joseph Cugnot (1725 - 1804). Cugnot used a steam engine to power his vehicle, built under his instructions at the Paris Arsenal by mechanic Brezin. It was used by the French Army to haul artillery at a whopping speed of 2 1/2 mph on only three wheels. The vehicle had to stop every ten to fifteen minutes to build up steam power. The steam engine and boiler were separate from the rest of the vehicle and placed in the front (see engraving above). The following year (1770), Cugnot built a steam-powered tricycle that carried four passengers.

? 1881 Alexandru Ciurcu - obtine un brevet din Franta prin care prevede posibilitatea zborului cu reactie.
The earliest rockets were almost certainly Chinese—there is little doubt that the Chinese first developed “black powder,” the basic propellant used in rockets. The combination of salt-peter, charcoal, and sulphur was probably used in fireworks by the Chinese centuries before Christ lived, but the only written records available are dated well into the Middle Ages.
Mongols besieging the city of Kaifeng in 1232 used arrows propelled by rockets (though primarily as a psychological weapon).
Knowledge about rocketry seems to have moved with the Mongol invasions—the Arabs are seen as having developed rockets by the thirteenth century and are reported as having used them against Saint Louis in the Seventh Crusade; the Italians were experimenting with rockets by the fifteenth century. A major refinement in the formula for black powder was made in the thirteenth century by Roger Bacon; this resulted in the creation of gunpowder.
All of those people dreamt of sending people to the moon on the tail of a rocket … Even Cyrano de Bergerac (the real one) did that in a poem …
Conrad Hass (1551-1579), German, an artillery engineer and chief of arsenal of the town of Sibiu. Hass wrote about the construction and the flight tests of multistage rockets, apparently the earliest writings in existence about the science of rocket engineering. How about that???

? 1885 Victor Babes - realizeaza primul tratat de bacteriologie din lume.
May be correct partially… but Pasteur discovered every single entry from the Babes book…see below. I included some additional date for comparison and scale … The Babes Treaty is a list of the following discoveries … And Pasteur is one of many …
1839: Departure to the Royal College of Besançon 1840: Successful candidate for the literature baccalauréat in Besançon. Maître d'études at the College of Besançon 1842: Successful candidate for the mathematical sciences baccalauréat in Dijon 1843: Accepted at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris 1845: Bachelor of Science 1846: Appointed physics professor at the Tournon high school (Ardèche), but stays on at the Ecole Normale Supérieure as a qualified demonstrator. Study of crystals 1847: Doctor of Science 1848: Appointed physics professor at the Dijon high school. Appointed substitute chemistry professor at the science university of Strasbourg.
Research on dimorphism. Historic paper on the distinction between sodium ammonium paratartrate and tartrate. 1849: Pasteur's wedding with Miss Marie Laurent, daughter of the Strasbourg University rector.
Research on the specific properties of the two acids that make up racemic acid. 1851: Paper by Pasteur on aspartic and malic acids. 1852: New research on relationships that can exist between crystalline forms, chemical composition and the direction of rotatory polarisation. 1853: Pasteur is made Knight of the Imperial Order of the Legion of Honour. He obtains the prize of the Pharmacy Society of Paris for the synthesis of racemic acid. Paper on the discovery of the transformation of tartaric acid into racemic acid, discovery of the optically inactive tartaric acid. 1854: Pasteur is nominated Dean of the University of Science at Lille. 1855: Beginning of studies on fermentation, presentation in Lille of a paper on amyl alcohol. 1856: Beginning of researches on alcoholic fermentation. 1857: Appointed administrator of the Ecole Normale and director of scientific studies of this school. Paper on lactic fermentation. Paper on alcoholic fermentation. 1858: Installation of his laboratory in the attic of the Ecole Normale in Paris, rue d'Ulm Survey by Pasteur on so-called "spontaneous" generations. 1859: Experimental physiology prize from the Academy of Science for his work on fermentations. 1860: Air sampling at Arbois to investigate the issue of so-called "spontaneous" generation. Examination of the doctrine of so-called "spontaneous" generation. 1861: Jecker prize from the Academy of Science for his work on fermentations. Publication in the bulletin of the Chemistry Society of Paris of all his results on vinegar.
1862: Election at the Academy of Science (mineralogy section). Studies on mycoderma and on the role of these plants in acetic fermentation. Alhumbertprize for his research on spontaneous generation. 1863: Napoléon III asks Pasteur to study wine diseases Studies on wine - the influence of air oxygen on vinification. Nominated Professor of Applied Geology, Physics and Chemistry at the National College of Fine Arts 1864: Installation of a laboratory at Arbois for his research on wine 1865: Practical process for improving wine conservation. Studies on silkworm diseases, work on pasteurisation. 1866: Publication of the paper "Studies on wine". Publication of an essay on the scientific work of Claude Bernard. 1867: Creation of a physiological chemistry laboratory at the Ecole Normale. Appointed Professor of organic chemistry at the Sorbonne. Great Prize from the Universal Exhibition for his studies on wine. Resignation from his administrative duties at the Ecole Normale. 1868: Degree as a medical doctor at the University of Bonn. Pasteur suffers from a stroke affecting his left side. Commander of the Legion of Honour. Publication of his studies on vinegar. 1870: Publication of his studies on silkworm diseases. 1871: Studies on beer. 1873: Elected Member of the Academy of Medicine 1876: Publication of his studies on beer. 1877: Paper on the alteration of urine. Studies on anthrax. Studies on septicaemia. 1878: Nominated Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour.
Publication of the paper "Germ theory and its applications to medicine and surgery". Papers on chicken cholera.
Research on gangrene, septicaemia and puerperal fever 1879: Paper on plague. Discovery of immunisation by attenuated cultures. 1880: Becomes Member of the Central Society of Veterinary Medicine. Paper on virulent diseases (Pasteur introduces the principle of attenuated-virus vaccines). Beginning of his research on rabies. 1881: Nominated Grand Cross Holder of the Legion of Honour. Anthrax vaccine. Work on yellow fever near Bordeaux.
Election to the French Academy. 1882: Paper on contagious pleuropneumonia of horned animals. Studies on swine erysipelas. 1883: Vaccination against swine erysipelas using an attenuated-virus vaccine. 1884: New communications on rabies. Communication on pathogenic microbes and attenuated-virus vaccines at the Copenhagen Congress. Pasteur presents the general principle of vaccinations against virulent diseases. 1885: First anti-rabies vaccination on a human being

? 1886 Alexandru Ciurcu - construieste prima ambarcatiune cu reactie.
It’s more complicated, Ciurcu e numai un participant … one of two; also, educated in France.
Desire and Victoire Piot (A late eighteenth century French engineer / inventor and the origins of the Vapour Pulse Jet) probably fled France on the out break of the Franco–Prussian war in 1870 finally arriving in London where he tested his first successful pulse jet boats. Desire Piot could well have been inspired by a rocket powered boat developed by Just Buisson and Ciurcu. Not so successful demonstrations of their jet boat on the river Seine in Paris took place from August to December 1886 for the benefit of the French Ministry of Defense.

? 1887 C. I. Istrate - Friedelina si franceinele.

? 1895 D. Hurmuzescu - descopera electroscopul.
Jean Antoine Nollet (1700–1770) was a clergyman and physicist. In 1748, Nollet invented one of the first electrometers, the electroscope, which detected the presence of electric charge by using electrostatic attraction and repulsion. Nollet later wrote a theory on electrical attraction and repulsion based on the existence of a continuous flow of electrical matter between charged bodies and became the the first professor of experimental physics at the University of Paris.
Many others including George Washington did the same before our guy … 1755 or so …

? 1899 C.I. Istrate - o noua clasa de coloranti.
Maybe …

? 1900 Nicolae Teclu - becul cu reglarea curentului electric si gaz.
Are you serious??? “Becul de labborator cu reglarea curentului de AER si gaz”; big difference!!!
How about Bunsen? Premix (meaning air and gas) burners were the first purpose-designed burners, and they can be traced back more than 100 years to the Bunsen and similar laboratory burners. A premix burner system really consists of two key components, the burner head or nozzle, and the gas-air mixing device that feeds it. In some cases they're built as a single unit. The mixer uses the energy of a pressurized stream of air and/or gas to mix the two and present them to the burner nozzle, which provides an ignition and anchoring point for the flame and controls its shape.

? 1904 Emil Racovita - fondatorul biospeologiei.
Absolutely correct!!!

? 1905 Augustin Maior - telefonia multipla.
AT&T 1902 … also Bell Laboratoryes …

? 1906, 18.03 - Traian Vuia - avionul cu tren de aterizare pe roti cu pneuri; cu ?Vuia I? acesta reuseste prima decolare fara sa foloseasca nici un mijloc ajutator, numai cu aparate aflate la bord (în fapt, primul avion din istorie).
Are you serious?
The first powered heavier-than-air flight took place in 1890 (Clement Ader, steam engine on bat-winged monoplane, 60 yards). The Wrights' 1903 flight (300 yards) was the first photographed heavier-than-air flight. [Correction: not quite true; there exist photos of Lilienthal's non-powered heavier-than-air flights in the 1890s.] After the advent of relatively light combustion engines (such as Benz, Otto, Diesel), other pioneers pursued similar approaches, but no photographs were taken by Richard Pearse (New Zealand, March 1903) and Karl Jatho (August 1903). Finally, the Wrights needed headwinds or catapults to start their planes, so they were not fully self-powered. But Brazil's Santos-Dumont was (1906, first official airplane flight).
Important stuff: Richard Pearse March 31, 1902. Accounts by witnesses of the flight vary, from "50 to 400 yards in length", but it seems most likely that it was around 350 yards long, and ending prematurely when the flying machine landed in a large hedge - 4 metres off the ground ! The aircraft was the first to use proper ailerons, instead of the inferior wing warping system that the Wright's used. The flying machine also had a modern tricycle type landing gear, thus negating the need for ramps, slides, or skids. Any suitable road would do. The flying machine was aerodynamically crude, for sure, but did the job on the day, and in fact for months afterwards. By the end of July 1903, Pearse had achieved flights of around one kilometre in length, and perhaps even more amazingly, some of them included turns ! An absolutely fantastic achievement for the time. Pearce also built the engine, which was estimated at about 15 - 22hp, but hampered by a much cruder propeller than the Wright's machine.

? 1906 A.A. Beldiman - aparatul hidraulic cu dalta de percutie pentru sondaje adânci.
Tough to prove!!!

? 1908 Lazar Edeleanu ? primul procedeu de rafinare a produselor petroliere cu bioxid de sulf din lume, procedeu care ii poarta numele.
A good one!!! Oil helped us a lot in the first half of last century.

? 1908 Acad. Nicolaie Vasilescu-Karpen - ?pila Karpen", care functioneaza înca si produce curent electric, neîntrerupt, de aproape 100 de ani!
William Grove produced the first fuel cell in 1839 over 150 years ago. He based his experiment on the fact that sending an electric current through water splits the water into its component parts of hydrogen and oxygen. So, Grove tried reversing the reaction - combining hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity and water. This is the basis of a simple fuel cell. The term “fuel cell” was coined later in 1889 by Ludwig Mond and Charles Langer, who attempted to build the first practical device using air and industrial coal gas.

? 1910 iunie - Aurel Vlaicu - lanseaza primul avion din lume fuselat aerodinamic.
See also Rolland Garos and other Santos-Dumont financed … French aircraft … and … so… on …

? 1910 Tache Brumarescu - masina de taiat sulf.
So what? The Austrians have invented the sowing machine before that. So what. The English invented the automated knitting machines before that. So what?

? 1910 Stefan Procopiu - efectul circular al discontinuitatilor de magnetism.
Bohr-Procopiu magneton … amazing participation to highly sophisticated physics. An excellent one …

? 1910 Gh. Marinescu - tratamentul paraliziei generale.
Close but no cigar! It was alive and well in America before 1900 …

? 1910 Henri Coanda reuseste primul zbor al unui avion cu reactie (fabricatie proprie).
Correct!!! First and foremost, it is now being recognized as the first air-reactive engine (jet) aircraft, making its first and only flight October, 1910. ... in Paris (not Romania, of course).

? 1910 Ioan Cantacuzino - ? fenomenul Cantacuzino? (aglutinarea unor microbi).
How about this? First experiments with streptococcal agglutination Paul Moser and Bensaude, Le phenomene de l'agglutination des. microbes. Carre, Paris 1897. ...

? 1913-1916 Ioan Cantacuzino - vaccinarea antiholerica (metoda Cantacuzino)
Pasteur was known as the father of stereochemistry, but his contributions to microbiology and medicine were greater. Pasteur discovered anaerobic bacteria and two silkworm diseases. It was he who discovered that if you take a microbe that causes a particular disease, for instance, smallpox, and make a weakened form of it, that weakened smallpox microbe can be used to fight off the stronger smallpox microbes. Doctors now inoculate people against all kinds of diseases and, for a time, had almost eradicated smallpox. Pasteur also invented the anthrax vaccine, the cholera vaccine, and the rabies vaccine. He died in 1895.

? 1916 D. Danielopolu - actiunea hipertensiva a digitalei.
The man credited with the introduction of digitalis into the practice of medicine was William Withering. Withering was born in Wellington, Shropshire, England in 1741. He followed in the medical footsteps of his father who was an apothecary-surgeon. Withering received his MD degree in 1766. As an individual, William Withering was an extremely giving person. He would personally see and treat two or three thousand poor patients a year limiting him to making about 1000 British pounds as compared to his contemporary doctors who made 5000 British pounds per year. Withering published about 19 articles during his lifetime. After fighting a long battle with tuberculosis, William Withering, the father of digitalis medicine, died on October 6 1799, at the age of 58.

? 1918 Gogu Constantinescu - întemeiaza o noua stiinta: sonicitatea.
Correct but not in Romania; in England where he educated himself and become a teacher of physics. Had he stayed in Romania he would have done nothing like most of us …

? 1919 Stefan Procopiu - unitatea elementara de energie magnetica (magnetonul).
Same as above, verry good!!!

? 1920 Emil Racovita - pune bazele Institutul de Speologie Cluj (primul din lume).
First in the world is tough to prove!!!

? 1920 ing. Gheorghe Botezatu - a calculat traiectoriile posibile Pamânt - Luna, folosite la pregatirea programelor ?Apollo? (al caror parinte a fost sibianul Herman Oberth); el a fost si seful echipei de matematicieni care a lucrat la proiectul rachetei ?Apollo? care a dus primul om pe Luna.
About the calculations Earth-Moon you must be kidding.
Herman Oberth also started Hitler’s V1 and, by the way, hated Romania and wrote to German leadership to dump Romania as an ally …

? 1921 Aurel Persu - automobilul fara diferential, cu motor în spate (de forma ?picaturii de apa").
Could be but it does not work …

? 1921 Nicolae Paulescu - descopera insulina; pentru ca era un anti-mason virulent, Premiul Nobel l-au primit canadienii F. Banting si J.R.J. McLeod pentru aceasta descoperire?
It should already be clear that 1920 comes before 1921 but anyway … there were others also …
1908 German scientist, Georg Zuelzer develops the first injectible pancreatic extract to suppress glycosuria; however, there are extreme side effects to the treatment.
1010-1920 Frederick Madison Allen and Elliot P. Joslin emerge as the two leading diabetes specialists in the United States.
1913 Allen, after three years of diabetes study, publishes Studies Concerning Glycosuria and Diabetes, a book which is significant for the revolution in diabetes therapy that developed from it.
1919 Frederick Allen publishes Total Dietary Regulation in the Treatment of Diabetes, citing exhaustive case records of 76 of the 100 diabetes patients he observed, becomes the director of diabetes research at the Rockefeller Institute.
July 1, 1920 Dr. Banting opens his first office in London, Ontario. He receives his first patient on July 29th; his total earnings for his first month of work is $4.00.

? 1921 Stefan Procopiu - Fenomenul Procopiu (depolarizarea luminii).
May be …

? 1922 C.Levaditi si Sazevac - bismutul ca agent terapeutic împotriva sifilisului.
Syphilis was treated with mercury or other ineffective remedies until World War I (1914-1916), when effective treatments based on arsenic or bismuth were introduced. These were succeeded by antibiotics after World War II.

? 1925 Traian Vuia - generatorul de abur cu ardere în camera închisa si cu vaporizare instantanee.
Vuia was a great engineer, but when he tried to patent his airplane the Arsenal in Romania threw him out and he had to go to France to find forward looking people to fund his invention … Now we want him! La placinte innainte, la razboi innapoi …

? 1930 Elie Carafoli - avionul cu aripa joasa.
Zdenek Lhota - Czechoslovakia – 1925 - flew the BH-11 low-wing monoplane.
Albert W. (Al) Mooney - chief engineer at Alexander (1928-1929) was responsible for the Bullet, an advanced, high speed, low wing monoplane. With Mooney's patented retractable landing gear, it was a mild sensation and ahead of its time.

? 1933 Henri Coanda - aerodina lenticulara (farfuria zburatoare).
? 1938 Henri Coanda - efectul Coanda.
? 1938 Henri Coanda - discul volant.
The Coanda Effect is a real Romanian contribution to the progress of science. All good!!! But again in England, not in Romania. That should tell anyone something …

? 1952 Ia fiinta Institutul National de Geronto-Geriatrie ?Dr. Ana Aslan", primul institut de geriatrie din lume, model pentru tarile dezvoltate, prin asistenta clinica si cercetare. ?Ana Aslan? are, anual, mii de pacienti.
A big lie …and a lot of word of mouth phony advertising …

Exagerarea contributiei noastre la motorul societatii umane ii face pe unii romani sa creada ca, de buni ce suntem, n-avem nimic de schimbat, iar ceilalti sa ne pupe ...

Sarcina celor ce publca e sa corecteze asta.

Dan Manoliu
daniel racovitan - de ooanna la: 30/01/2006 11:47:04
(la: Romanii din tzara vs. diaspora) tot respectul si dragul ...."diaspora " sau nu , tot oameni au alte mentalitati ??....hai sa fim seriosi....sunt si in tara oameni mai deschisi la minte decat , doar , cei plecati in nonconformisti....parerea mea este ca sunt mai merituosi cei care iau taurul de coarne aici in tara , pentru a schimba ceva , decat cei care dau bir cu fugitii : " la placinte inainte , la razboi , inapoi "....
...." Well, uite o mentalitate de roman din Romania :) ".........incerci sa ma scoti in ridicol.......... " unii chiar o fac! tocmai pentru ca nu au fost capabili sa se "inradacineze" in tara de adoptie) "............ei , " well " , aceia nu mai sunt " roman din Romania " ei , cel putin , au curajul sa recunoasca faptul ca este vorba de RADACINI.....degeaba incercati sa nu acceptati realitatea : radacinile sunt deja formate cand va duceti acolo....." made in romania ".....
....mondializarea nu va reusi atata timp cat voi va veti consuma energia pentru a va convinge ( si a ne convinge pe noi , cei ramasi in tara ) ca nu sunteti romani.....important este sa-ti respecti radacinile si sa le accepti......dupa aceea totul vine de la sine....
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postul s-o trecut mai an l-o - de cosmacpan la: 09/02/2006 21:46:26
postul s-o trecut mai an
l-o gatat badea TRaian
mai sunt zile ca sa stii
pana-n postul Pastelui.
zici ceva de-o lumanare
parfumuri ametzitoare
cartzi luate dintr-un raft
taft, taft, taft
nu sunt io prea bun la limbi
taft-ul cu cine il schimbi?
e cumva limba germana?
ca nu pui geana pe geoana
in engleza cautai
si nimica nu aflai
la franceza chiar sunt cuc
si la dictionat ma duc
poate vine din chineza?
sau poate din vieneza?
oricum eu mai bag viteza.
pe tatiku l-am pierdut,
omul nou a disparut
latu a uitat de noi
noroc cu voi fetele,
fetele atletele
ca la Creanga-mi zboara-un gand,
unde-i lupul cel flamand?
nu mai zic, ma mai opresc
ca sa nu va ispitesc
La placinte inainte
la razboi nu-i de noi
la rahat si baclavale
se aude o suspinare
cate kile-s pe cantare
si aud si-un pitzigoi, care striga:
catzi ca noi? catzi ca noi?

#104909 (raspuns la: #104897) comenteaza . modifica . semnaleaza adminului
oasaoru tupeu - de cosmacpan la: 15/02/2006 00:37:01
am pus corect accentu'
o fi blanda isaura
ca-n oglinda imi vad gura.
stau si-ntreb si eu ca Gogu:
Valentin e pisalogu'?
de te tzine in sedinta
pai daca este asa
Dragobete te-o fura,
ca el este de la noi
nu tu meeting, plai cu boi
fara briefing, fara break
te invita la un chec
da cum fac si cum o prind
ca tot la placinte ajung.
si-mi aduc iar trei cuvinte:
la placinte inainte
la razboi inapoi
ca doar n u-s pasnici ca noi.

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retragere trupe - de brod la: 13/02/2007 20:03:43
(la: Credeti ca ar trebui retrase trupele romane din strainatate?)
iar vrem sa facem politica aia de rahat, cu care ne bucuram de scepticismul (daca nu e chiar dispret) lumii intregi? cate putin cu unii... apoi o rasuceala spre ceilalti... la placinte inainte, la razboi inapoi?!? uite ce scria caragiale, acum 100 de ani:
"Incepem o altă istorie mai puţin veselă decât cea de până ieri: râsul şi gluma nu ne vor mai putea sluji de mângâiere ca altădată faţă cu cele ce se vor petrece în lumea noastră românească. Copiii noştri vor avea poate de ce să plângă - noi am râs destul (…)
Un dezastru mare ne pândeşte - un dezastru incalculabil; şi nu văd în toată Europa astăzi pe nimeni care să ne compătimească măcar daco-macedo-românismul în faliment, dar-mi-te să ne deie o mână de ajutor. Ce am făcut, ce am dres nu ştiu; ştiu că lumea întreagă nu ne poate suferi. Am abuzat, prin spirit de paradă şi de bravadură, de închipuit prestigiu; am profesat cu furoare insolentă grandomania; am tot aruncat praf în ochii lumii - până ce am ajuns, în sfârşit, să dispunem lumea întreagă a face astăzi haz de nenorocirile noastre”.

(Scrisoare de la Berlin, către Petre Th. Missir, 3 aprilie 1907)
mushil78 - de anisia la: 23/03/2007 21:01:45
(la: Vine Pastele)
la placinte, inainte... la razboi inapoi:). tu nu-ti doresti nimic de la Iepurasu'?
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*** - de Giordano Bruno la: 29/06/2007 16:03:39
(la: dati-va cu parerea: impartire pe categorii)
Vad ca picky isi contureaza/marcheaza teritoriu . ""1. Literatura pe vizor.
Bătăi în poarta literaturii. ""
La naiba ... acum citeva luni nici nu visam aroma poeziei .. dar , mi s-a stimulat prin simpla conversatie si a jocurilor de cuvinte . Nu cred sa fie buna ideea . Cine isi baga nasu unde-i de munca ? vb aceea la placinte inainte la razboi inapoi .
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* - de zaraza sc la: 17/10/2008 10:38:05
(la: Versuri la comanda)
La placinte, inainte,
La razboi, inapoi.
Unii-s eroi la placinte
Ceilalti eroi la razboi.


#352458 (raspuns la: #352186) comenteaza . modifica . semnaleaza adminului
e BINE Sancho - de sami_paris75 la: 15/11/2008 23:21:29
(la: i’m lovin’it)
Eu simt in nari mirosul de placinte calde.
La placinti inainte,la razboi inapoi.
Ai imaginatie ,nu gluma!:)
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*** - de irma la: 15/06/2009 19:23:01
(la: Doar scrisul e hobbyul criticabil al cafegiilor?)
nu stii vorba? la placinte inainte, la razboi inapoi :)
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*** - de picky la: 11/04/2011 23:39:54
(la: De ce se inchid spitalele)
Măh! Tu eşti ăla care caută d-astea:

cautari recente
"explicatia proverbului haina face pe om"
"pizde di gorj"
"Propzitii cu cuvinte care incep cu litera M"
"cele mai frumoase filme porno"
*** - de om la: 21/11/2011 15:56:52
(la: un zambet pe 16 bits)
cautari recente
"id fete singure din buzau" = 072 354 xxxx
"cabana Baciu" = hotelul Gica Popescu
"nu sa fi bogat te face fericit ci sa devi bogat" = apoi poti sa mori fericit
"so mai penes" =so cheres
"zeama de urzici" = Fe
"cresc amintirile de lucian blaga" = asa o fi
"ce sint cartile pentru mine" = kindle surprise
"explicarea proverbului ;asculta invatatura tatalui tau si nu uita povetele maicii tale" = daca esti baiat
"negura" = da gura
"irlanda dublin" = IRA
"nrgura" = d gura
"ca va ajunge sangele pana la zabeile cailor" = abator
"inebuni sau innebuni" = in rai
"ghicitori matematice pt clasele I IV" = imparte 3 paie la 4 magari
"vraji cu chistocul de tigara" = ascunde'l in gura cand vine profu' in control
"cum sati pastrezi sufletul curat" = sa mananci sati-os
"zeama de urzici" = hemoglobina
"a spala putina" = poi dat cu cocolino
"ati adus" = inchis la alimentara
"rugaciunea sf ciprian" = nu ma bate doamne tare, ca's si eu al dumitale
"limba norvegiana" = oltchim
"explicatia proverbului fiecare pasare pe limba ei piere" = daca nu a invatat carte ca sa fie poliglota
"a scrie la indicativ la toate timpurile trecutului pers 2-a singular" = tulaiii, ce-a mai naspha tema pt acasa facuta la o cafenea
"desparte in silabe cuvantu intr-ol inalt" = in-tro-llat
"mircea carturescu" = ciripescu
"incoronati ai iadului" = incornorati
"cuvinte care se termina in -te" = xxx-te
"texte cu ortograme" = meta, para-
"cantareti italieni ani 50" = celentano ?
"eugen ilina pictura" = eugeni lina/(lana?) picura
deochi - de om la: 29/07/2005 16:34:40
(la: Vrajitoare si ghicitoare in sec. XXI)
nu prea sunt de accord cu ampop ca "vrajitoria" este numai fi bine pentru noi daca ampop ne-ar da si niste explicatii DE CE, nu numai postulate! De cand este lumea si pamantul a fost semnul + si -, ca unii au interzis si prigonit (din ignoranta, frica sau interese) vrajitoarele ...asta nu inseamna ca nu sunt si lucruri bune. Belle de ex. ne-a spus cum a descantat un copil deocheat; credeti ca a facut rau? Copilul este OK!
Gigi2005 ne-a mai spus ca pe undeva prin Pitesti a fost un razboi al vrajitoarelor ca sa-l readuca la "normal" pe un barbat (daca imi aduc bine aminte)! In concluzie, sa nu excludem/catalogam ceea ce nu intelegem (pentru un moment ;-)!
Problema este alta daca de incearca sa se faca un lucru bun, dar din ignoranta/nepregatire iese rau...este ca un novice care isi da cu ciocanul in deget (in cel mai bun caz) incercand sa imite maestrul! Proverbul: "intentia conteaza" este extrem de daunator si este "explicatia" unei NEREUSITE!
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1-CALLIOPE- 1.1 - definest - de zaraza la: 01/12/2006 03:24:25
(la: Concurs "Miss Cafenea 2006" - editia II-a - ARENA VA APARTINE !!)
- 1.1 - defineste "mâna de otel în manusa de catifea"...

motanul meu cel negru si catifelat, care stie cum se duce un razboi al nervilor.

- 1.2 - De cate pozitii aveti nevoie pentru un orgasm? sau de cati?
uneri 2 baterii AAA sunt suficiente, dar sunt o fiinta sociabila. so, the more, the merrier.

- 2.1 - Pe patul de moarte, ce ai vrea sa revezi, pe doamna invatatoare din clasa intai, primul iubit, extrasele de cont bancar sau poza de grup de la parastasul matusii ?

in nici un caz extrasele de cont, am nevoie sa-mi supravietuiasa asistentza, ca sa aibe cine se ingriji de coliva si parastas.

- 2.2 - Cu care dintre femeile de mai jos crezi ca te-asemeni?
-- Cleopatra
-- Seherezada
-- Ioana d'Arc
-- Anais Nin
-- Simone de Beauvoir
-- Printesa Diana
-- Catherine Zeta Jones
-- Lucretia Borgia
-- Sappho
-- Caterina de Medici
-- Hypatia
-- Maria Eva Duarte (Eva Peron)
-- Sammu-ramat (Semiramida)
-- Maica Tereza Gonxha
-- Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree)

Lucretia Borgia, ca era mortala.

- 3.1 - De ce cucii depun ouale in cuiburi straine ?

sunteti siguri ca nu erau cucele? iata inca un exemplu de situatie in care masculii nevinovati suporta consecintele.

- 3.2 - Ce conteaza mai mult: grosimea sau lungimea?
hm, grosimea fara lungime e cam la fel cu lungimea fara grosime. asa ca ramane la alegerea voastra, dar va rog mult sa se poata exprima articulat (sau daca nu, macar prin semne).

- 3.3 - banana, morcov, castravete – care-i cel deosebit? Si de ce?
cum morcovul si castravetele se taie mai mereu in bucati mici, as zice banana, care se mananca intreaga.

- 4.1 - Ce reprezinta pentru dvs. Madonna?

" like a virgin "

- 4.2 - Descrieti pe scurt asa-numitul "offsaid" la fotbal.
dovada ca nici macar in fotbal nu poti lua pe altii de prosti fara consecinte.

- 4.3 - Ce va place la tipul care vinde peste la piata?
ca-i un tip cu simtul umorului si poarta tricou si chipiu de marinar, desi vinde peste congelat.

- 5.1 - 4 versuri de suflet.
n-am versuri, dar va pot zice un proverb de suflet: "nu e treaba oilor de unde bea apa magarul". sper sa tina loc de.

- 5.2 - Cum faci ca sa prinzi o laba de gasca?
rogi o gasca sa-ti dea o laba?

- 5.3 - cea mai romantica scena de dragoste – film sau carte.


- 6.1 - Un barbat necunoscut, se ridica in tramvai de pe scaun si va ofera locul. Care este primul gand?
-- a) - "Ce vrea asta oare de la mine?"
-- b) - "Asa obosita arat oare?"
-- c) - "Cavalerii n-au disparut!"
-- d) - Alt gand, si anume:

inca nu s-a ridicat nimeni pentru mine in tramvai. cand se va intampla, daca supravietuiesc socului, promit sa revin cu amanunte si primul gand. cred totusi ca primul impuls ar fi sa ma uit in spate.

- 6.2 - Ce crezi despre afirmatia: "exista trei tipuri de femei: cele frumoase, cele inteligente si majoritatea."

zic si eu ca decat urat si prost, mai bine destept si viril. da' nu stiu daca-i corect.

- 7.1 - motto-ul în viata

"idealu' meu in viata e femeia cu mustata". (nu, nu ma uit cu inteles la competitie)

- 7.2 - Care este cea mai importanta contributie adusa umanitatii de o femeie, si de ce?

cea mai importanta contributie a fost adusa de mama barbatului care a avut cea mai importanta contributie adusa umanitatii. in cazul in care barbatul in cauza era casatorit, mama imparte contributia cu nevasta. in cazul in care avea un harem, mama imparte contributia cu haremul. si va mai intrebati de ce-i discordie intre soacra si nora/nurori. pai daca puneti intrebari de-astea?

- 7.3 - cea mai erotica (nu porno!) scena

explicatie: nu am memoria scenelor romantice si/sau erotice din carti sau filme. EL mi-a setat aceasta optiune, astfel incat, de fiecare daca cand imi zice "ei, Frosi, vezi ce romantic/erotic sunt eu!" sa-i pot raspunde din tot sufletul "da Gigi, nu mai e nimeni ca tine!" si sa mai fiu si sincera!

- 8.1 - Unde ti-e mintea cand faci sex?

daca voi faceti sex cu mintea, inseamna ca eu sunt din alt film. bine ca mi-ati zis, sa nu incurc scenariile.

- 8.2 - Aveti pt prima data o partida de sex cu persoana viselor voastre. Va simtiti o femeie implinata, totul este minunat, inchideti ochii ca sa simtiti explozia de fericire din dumneavoatra, cand…simtiti ca ... silicoanele au luat-o razna. Ce faceti? In cazul in care nu aveti imaginatie va propunem variante de raspunsuri:
-- a) - continuati partida de sex si in acelasi timp va fixate silicoanele cu mainile, pretinzand ca este un nou joc erotic?
-- b) - va opriti imediat si il rugati sa sune la salvare?
-- c) - va opriti imediat pretextand faimoasa migrena?

ii schimb lui banderola de pe ochiul de sticla pe ochiul valid si pretind ca-i un joc erotic!

- 9.1 - Partenerul promite sa fie punctual la cina. Intre timp au trecut doua ore de la ora stabilita si el inca n-a venit.
Va faceti griji sa nu i se fi intamplat ceva, sau fauritzi planuri de razbunare repetand in minte tot ce o sa-i spuneti cand va apare in sfarsit?

da, sa zicem ca imi fac griji. in acelasi timp sunt linistita caci planurile de razbunare A, B, C, D, si E sunt facute de multa vreme si mereu au functionat ireprosabil. in plus, cainele se bucura de cina, deci aproape toata lumea petrece o seara placuta.

- 9.2 - Toate ati aplicat antrenamentul propus de Kegel ), nu are rost sa negati ;)).
Ce parere aveti de beneficiile acestui antrenament?

este un antrenament incredibil. il recomand tuturor celor care cred in minuni. celorlalte, le recomand un barbat.
Fotoreporter de razboi - de Daniel Racovitan la: 17/11/2003 09:29:51
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Ai fost vreodata tentat sa devii fotoreporter de razboi?
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Fotoreporter de razboi - de Dinu Lazar la: 17/11/2003 12:38:13
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Culmea esta unul dintre primii fotografi de razboi, daca nu primul, a fost un roman, Carol Pop de Szatmary, acum mai bine de 100 de ani.
Problema este ca in ziua de azi un fotograf de razboi, sau un fotograf de stiri, nu mai este un profesionist independent care incearca sa surprinda imagini conforme cu parerea lui despre ce se intimpla, pe care apoi sa incerce sa le plaseze la agentii si diferite publicatii.
In 99% din cazuri, un fotograf de eveniment dramatic (fie el razboi sau accident nuclear, etc) este un fotograf cu o dotare de foarte multe zeci de mii de $, cel putin in aparate, mijloace de comunicare, uneori si mijloace de transport...
Este clar ca numai un om angajat la o agentie de presa mare, platit corespunzator, si cu asigurare la zi, poate azi sa fie fotograf de razboi cu sanse de a fi unde trebuie si de a face materiale vandabile; un freelancer, un liber profesionist, nu poate supravietui financiar cel putin - fara a discuta ca nimeni nu te ajuta pe cimpul de conflict, partile implicate te vad fiecare in parte spion sau dusman sau macar incurca lume...
In principiu fotograful de razboi de azi e si el un amploaiat, care in tot ce face are grija sa produca o marfa vandabila si placuta sefilor, care sa respecte anumite canoane si care sa se gindeasca si la ziua de miine, nu atit in sensul sigurantei sale cit a calitatii imaginilor si inscrierii lor pe linia ceruta de agentie.
Doar nu va inchipuiti ca o sa vedeti un fotograf de la o agentie americana care fotografiaza un act de curaj al banditilor de irakieni sau unul de la o agentie araba fotografiind altceva decit un soldat american nespalat si mincind o conserva de porc in timp ce eventual mitraliaza un sat fara aparare. Si asta pina la detaliu, pina la limbajul subliminal, asa cum faceau fotografii rusi in timpul razboiului din `40; soldatul rus era fotografiat mereu numai de jos, ca un Hercule, profilat pe un cer dramatic, dar optimist, si neamtzul nenorocit in coloane murdare, piticot fotografiat de sus, cu bandaje murdare, si noroi si zloata in jur.
Asa ca pentru a raspunde totusi la intrebare, am fost tentat, cine nu ar fi, sa fac fotografie de razboi, dar astrele au vrut altfel - si acum nu imi pare rau de loc.
In ultimul timp, asistam si in materie de mass media, in lume, la o coalizare a marilor agentii de presa; micile agentii mai independente au cam disparut, si incet incet ramin 4-5 nume mari, care dispun de mijloace si atunci fac si regulile jocului. Cine se gindeste la democratie si la libertatea de exprimare care ar rezulta teoretic din democratie nu stie ce vorbeste. Cazurile de anul acesta de la Europa FM sau cel recent de la BBC sectia romana sunt palide manifestatii ale unor mult mai complicate anume fata vizibila a aisbergului.
Cam asta e cu fotografia de razboi, niciodata nu a fost mai adevarata zicala "cine imparte parte isi face"...
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