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Anisia - de fefe la: 11/03/2005 20:04:05
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "2")
Uite ce-am gasit pe web. Sper sa intelegi tot ce scrie ca-i in engleza.

Migraine headaches typically affect one side of the head. They can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Some people have them weekly, others have fewer than one a year. Migraines usually begin sometime between the teen years and the age of 40, and can be classified as either ""classic'' or ""common.''

At the onset of a migraine, the blood vessels in your head first shrink, then swell, causing pain. Tension, bright lights, loud noises, strong smells, weather changes, fatigue, missed meals, and emotional upset all may trigger a migraine. The headaches may also be brought on by many common foods and beverages, including lunch meat, hot dogs, alcohol, beans, coffee or tea, cheese, chocolate, nuts, pickles, raisins, and canned soup. Artificial sweeteners can trigger a migraine. Many women get the headaches before or during their monthly period.

You may know you are going to have a migraine before the headache starts. Warning signs include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to noise, light, or smells. Classic migraines begin with warning signs such as flashing lights or colors. You may feel as though you are looking through a tunnel. One side of your body may feel prickly, hot, or weak. These warning signs last about 15 to 30 minutes and are followed by pain in your head. Common migraines do not have the same warning signs. However, you may feel tired, depressed, restless, or talkative for 2 or 3 days before the headache starts.

There are a number of prescription medications for migraine. They tend to work better if you take the medicine as soon as your headache starts. Discuss these and other methods of preventing migraines with your doctor.

If your doctor prescribed medicine to treat or prevent your headaches, take it exactly as directed.
At the first sign of a headache:
Apply cold compresses or ice packs to your head, or splash cold water on your face.
Lie down in a quiet, dark room for several hours. You may sleep, meditate, or listen to music. Do not read. Rest during the attack.
To help prevent migraines:
Keep a record of what you ate before each headache. Avoid foods, such as chocolate, cheese, and red wine, that seem to cause an attack. Don't skip or delay meals.
Try to keep your life as free of stress as possible. Learn to pace yourself. Yoga, biofeedback, or relaxation therapy may be helpful.
If the headaches first appeared after you began taking birth control pills, you may want to talk to your doctor about changing to a different method of birth control.
Call Your Doctor If...
You have any problems that may be related to the medicine you are taking.
Seek Care Immediately If...
You have a headache that gets worse or lasts more than 24 hours despite treatment.
You develop a high temperature.
You faint or develop weakness, numbness, double vision, difficulty with speech, or neck pain or stiffness.
PRTL - part 3 - de Horia D la: 29/01/2006 00:22:43
(la: long live the stock market!!)

VectorVest Stock Analysis of Primus Telecom as of 1/27/2006

This report has five major sections.
Capital Appreciation Analysis
Dividend Analysis
Price-Volume Data
Sales / Market Capitalization Information

Business: PRIMUS TELECOMM GROUP INC, (PRTL) provides bundled international and domestic Internet, data and voice services to business and residential retail customers and other carriers located in the United States, Canada, Brazil, the UK, continental Europe, Australia and Japan.
Business Sector: PRTL has been assigned to the Telecomm Business Sector. VectorVest classifies stocks into over 200 Industry Groups and 40 Business Sectors.
Industry Group: PRTL has been assigned to the Telecomm (Services) Industry Group. VectorVest classifies stocks into over 200 Industry Groups and 40 Business Sectors.

Capital Appreciation Analysis Back to top

Value: Value is a measure of a stock's current worth. PRTL has a current Value of $0.07 per share. Therefore, it is overvalued compared to its Price of $0.82 per share. Value is computed from forecasted earnings per share, forecasted earnings growth, profitability, interest, and inflation rates. Value increases when earnings, earnings growth rate and profitability increase, and when interest and inflation rates decrease. VectorVest advocates the purchase of undervalued stocks. At some point in time, a stock's Price and Value always will converge.

RV (Relative Value): RV is an indicator of long-term price appreciation potential. PRTL has an RV of 0.10, which is very poor on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. This indicator is far superior to a simple comparison of Price and Value because it is computed from an analysis of projected price appreciation three years out, AAA Corporate Bond Rates, and risk. RV solves the riddle of whether it is preferable to buy High growth, High P/E stocks, or Low growth, Low P/E stocks. VectorVest favors the purchase of stocks with RV ratings above 1.00.

RS (Relative Safety): RS is an indicator of risk. PRTL has an RS rating of 0.65, which is poor on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. RS is computed from an analysis of the consistency and predictability of a company's financial performance, debt to equity ratio, sales volume, business longevity, price volatility and other factors. A stock with an RS rating greater than 1.00 is safer and more predictable than the average stock in the VectorVest database. VectorVest favors the purchase of stocks of companies with consistent, predictable financial performance.

RT (Relative Timing): RT is a fast, smart, accurate indicator of a stock's price trend. PRTL has a Relative Timing rating of 0.91, which is fair on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. RT is computed from an analysis of the direction, magnitude, and dynamics of a stock's price movements over one day, one week, one quarter and one year time periods. Once a stock's price has established a strong trend, it is expected to continue in that trend for the short-term. If a trend dissipates, RT will gravitate toward 1.00. RT will explode from bottoms, dive from tops, and reflect changes in price momentum. VectorVest favors the purchase of stocks with RT ratings above 1.00.

VST (VST-Vector): VST is the master indicator for ranking every stock in the VectorVest database. PRTL has a VST rating of 0.68, which is poor on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. VST is computed from the square root of a weighted sum of the squares of RV, RS, and RT. Stocks with the highest VST ratings have the best combinations of Value, Safety and Timing. These are the stocks to own for above average, long-term capital appreciation. VectorVest advocates the purchase of safe, undervalued stocks rising in price.

Recommendation (REC): VectorVest gives a Buy, Sell, Hold recommendation on every stock, every day. PRTL has a Hold recommendation. REC reflects the cumulative effect of all the VectorVest parameters working together. These parameters are designed to help investors buy safe, undervalued stocks rising in price. They also help investors avoid or sell risky, overvalued stocks falling in price. VectorVest recommends that investors buy high VST-Vector, Buy-rated stocks in rising markets.

Stop (Stop-Price): Stop is an indicator of when to sell a long position or cover a short position. PRTL has a Stop of $0.77 per share. This is $0.05 below PRTL's current closing Price. A stock's Stop is computed from a 13 week moving average of its closing prices, and is fine-tuned according to the stock's fundamentals. High RV, high RS stocks have lower Stops, and low RV, low RS stocks have higher Stops. In the VectorVest system, a stock gets a 'B' or 'H' recommendation if its Price is above its Stop and an 'S' recommendation if its Price is below its Stop.

GRT (Earnings Growth Rate): GRT reflects a company's one to three year forecasted earnings growth rate in percent per year. PRTL has a forecasted Earnings Growth Rate of -5.00%, which VectorVest considers to be very poor. GRT is computed from historical, current and forecasted earnings data. It is updated each week for every stock in the VectorVest database. GRT often foretells a stock's future price trend. If a stock's GRT trend is upward, the stock's price will likely rise. If GRT is trending downward, the stock's Price will probably fall. VectorVest favors the purchase of stocks whose GRT is rising and is greater than the sum of current inflation and interest rates, (9.13%).

EPS (Earnings per Share): EPS stands for leading 12 months Earnings Per Share. PRTL has a forecasted EPS of $-0.81 per share. VectorVest determines this forecast from a combination of recent earnings performance and traditional fiscal and/or calendar year earnings forecasts.

P/E (Price to Earnings Ratio): P/E is a popular measure of stock valuation which shows the dollars required to buy one dollar of earnings. PRTL has a P/E of -1.01. This ratio may be deemed to be high or low depending upon your frame of reference. The average P/E of all the stocks in the VectorVest database is 30.50. P/E is computed daily using the formula: P/E = Price/EPS.

EY (Earnings Yield): EY reflects earnings per share as a percent of Price. EY is related to P/E via the formula, EY = 100 / (P/E), and may be used in place of P/E as a measure of valuation. EY has the advantages that it is always determinate and can reflect negative earnings. PRTL has an EY of -99.00 percent. This is below the current average of 3.28% for all the stocks in the VectorVest database. EY equals 100 x (EPS/Price).

GPE (Growth to P/E Ratio): GPE is another popular measure of stock valuation. It compares earnings growth rate to P/E ratio. PRTL has a GPE rating of -4.95. High growth stocks are believed to be able to justify high P/E ratios. A stock is commonly considered to be undervalued when GPE is greater than 1.00 and overvalued when GPE is below 1.00. Unfortunately, this rule of thumb does not take into account the effect of interest rates on P/E ratios. The operative GPE ratio of 1.00 is valid when and only when interest rates equal 10%. With long-term interest rates currently at 5.73%, the operative GPE ratio is 0.33. Therefore, PRTL may be considered to be overvalued.

Dividend Analysis Back to top

DIV (Dividend): VectorVest reports annual, regular, cash dividends as indicated by the most recent payments. Special distributions, one-time payments, stock dividends, etc., are not generally included in DIV. PRTL does not pay a dividend.

DY (Dividend Yield): DY reflects dividend per share as a percent of Price. PRTL does not pay a dividend, so it does not have a Dividend Yield rating. . DY equals 100 x (DIV/Price). It is useful to compare DY with EY. If DY is not significantly lower than EY, the dividend payment may be in jeopardy.

DS (Dividend Safety): DS is an indicator of the assurance that regular cash dividends will be declared and paid at current or at higher rates for the foreseeable future. PRTL does not pay a dividend, so it does not have a Dividend Safety rating . Stocks with DS values above 75 typically have RS values well above 1.00 and EY levels that are much higher than DY.

DG (Dividend Growth Rate): Dividend Growth is a subtle yet important indicator of a company's financial performance. It also provides some insight into the board's outlook on the company's ability to increase earnings. PRTL does not pay a dividend, so it does not have a Dividend Growth rating .

YSG (YSG-Vector): YSG is an indicator which combines DIV, DY and DG into a single value, and allows direct comparison of all dividend-paying stocks in the database. PRTL does not pay a dividend, so it does not have a YSG rating . Stocks with the highest YSG values have the best combinations of Dividend Yield, Safety and Growth. These are the stocks to buy for above average current income and long-term growth.

Price-Volume Data Back to top

Price: PRTL closed on 1/27/2006 at $0.82 per share

Open: PRTL opened trading at a price of $0.77 per share on 1/27/2006.

High: PRTL traded at a High price of $0.87 per share on 1/27/2006.

Low: PRTL traded at a Low price of $0.75 per share on 1/27/2006

Close: PRTL closed trading at price $0.82 per share on 1/27/2006. (Close is also called Price in the VectorVest system)

Range: Range reflects the difference between the High and Low prices for the day. PRTL traded with a range of $0.12 per share on 1/27/2006.

$Change: PRTL closed up 0.07 from the prior day's closing Price.

%PRC: PRTL's Price changed 9.33% from the prior day's closing price.

Volume: PRTL traded 3,392,427 shares on 1/27/2006.

AvgVol: AvgVol is the 50 day moving average of daily volume as computed by VectorVest. PRTL has an AvgVol of 1,232,600 shares traded per day.

%Vol: %Vol reflects the percent change in today's trading volume as compared to the AvgVol. %Vol equals ((Volume - AvgVol) / AvgVol ) 100. PRTL had a %Vol of 175.23% on 1/27/2006

CI (Comfort Index): CI is an indicator which reflects a stock's ability to resist severe and/or lengthy price declines. PRTL has a CI rating of 0.47, which is very poor on a scale of 0.00 to 2.00. CI is quite different from RS in that it is based solely upon a stock's long-term price history. VectorVest advocates the purchase of high CI stocks.

Sales / Market Capitalization Information Back to top

Sales: PRTL has annual sales of $1,237,000,000

Sales Growth: Sales Growth is the Sales Growth Rate in percent over the last 12 months. PRTL has a Sales Growth of -13.00% per year. This is very poor. Sales Growth is updated each week for every stock. It is often useful to compare Sales Growth to Earnings Growth to gain an insight into a company's operations.

Sales Per Share (SPS): PRTL has annual sales of $12.37 per share. SPS can be used as a measure of valuation when comparing stocks within an Industry Group.

Price to Sales Ratio (P/S): PRTL has a P/S of 0.07. This ratio is also used as a measure of valuation. Here, too, it is useful when comparing stocks within an Industry Group.

Shares: PRTL has 100,000,000 shares of stock outstanding.

Market Capitalization: PRTL has a Market Capitalization of $82,000,000. Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying price times shares outstanding.

Summary Back to top

PRTL is overvalued compared to its Price of $0.82 per share, has below average safety, and is currently rated a Hold.

The basic strategy of VectorVest is to buy Low risk, High reward stocks. We suggest that Prudent investors buy enough High Relative Value, High Relative Safety stocks to keep the overall RV and RS ratings of their portfolios above 1.00. As you do this, you'll find that your risk will go down and your investment performance will improve.


Primus Telecom

Telecomm (Services)

For another stock analysis, please click here.


Please do not reply to this email. For answers to your questions, please call 1-888-658-7638, or email us at


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or visit our internet site at


DISCLAIMER: VectorVest is licensed by VectorVest, Inc., and is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. The information contained herein is for your exclusive, personal use only. You may print a single copy of any stock analysis for your exclusive use, but it is not to be reproduced for distribution without the expressed written consent of VectorVest, Inc. You should be aware of the risks involved in stock investing, and you use the material contained herein at your own risk. This material is believed to be reliable, but neither VectorVest, Inc., nor any of its suppliers guarantee its accuracy or validity, nor are they responsible for any errors or omissions which may have occurred. The analysis, ratings, and/or recommendations made by VectorVest, and/or any of its suppliers do not provide, imply, or otherwise constitute a guarantee of performance.

VectorVest is comprised of reports embodying a unique system of stock analysis. All contents and recommendations are based on data and sources believed to be reliable, but accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Users should be aware of the risks involved in stock investments. It should not be assumed that future results will be profitable or will equal past performance, real, indicated or implied. VectorVest and/or its principals may purchase or sell any of the securities cited herein. VectorVest and the logostyle, geometric design are, individually and collectively, service marks owned by VectorVest, Inc. VectorVest is published daily by VectorVest, Inc. 20472 Chartwell Center Drive Cornelius, NC 28031 704-895-4095

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ce invatam din filme :) - de donquijote la: 02/02/2007 00:34:18
(la: PALAVRE DE CAFENEA (Trancaneala- editie speciala))
Due to my recent reintroduction to bachelorhood and a four month absence of a social life, I have started looking towards Hollywood for new ways of meeting women and getting them to like me. I've realized that the most important thing to do is to not have a legitimate well-paying job. This is an absolute no-no and will immediately get you cast as the villian. Also, shaving and wearing nice clothing are both big turn offs, as are full beards. Death threats or murder attempts will greatly increase your chances, as will musical talents.

Here are the things that Hollywood has taught me about how to pick up chicks:

1. Steal cars. Nothing "drives" a woman into "high gear" faster than a man who can use automobile terms in his sexual innuendo.
2. Carry a giant sword, kill thousands of British soldiers, and threaten to kill the woman's husband, the heir to the throne of England.
3. Replace your weak human skeleton with a cybernetic skeleton, travel back in time, and try to kill the woman. When that fails, travel back in time again except this time, protect her son from mercury poisoning.
4. Go to prison for five years and when you get out, rob her boyfriend's casino of one hundred sixty million dollars.
5. Do not have a job. Instead, travel along a river and play guitar. Also, grow your hair into a pony tail and have constant stubble. Having previously been an undercover cop in a high school helps.
6. Kill a New York police captain, run to Italy, find a girl walking down the street, then go tell her father that you want to marry her or you will kill him. When you are through with her, blow her up with a car bomb.
7. Carry a guitar case full of guns and kill every man you see. Apparently, when you are finished, she will have no choice but to be with you.
8. Sneak your way onto a giant boat, make up some bullshit about being able to fly, and then freeze to death in the arctic ocean.
9. Grab a friend, sing a song to a stranger, then follow her into the bathroom and offer to have sex with her on the sink. It also helps if you have previously been a pimp, race car driver, or spy.

and the absolute best way of picking up chicks...

10. If the woman's father doesn't like you, bring him to an orbiting asteroid, set a nuclear weapon, then take off before he can make it back to the ship.
Let's get high ....???? - de (anonim) la: 15/09/2003 10:29:02
(la: Ani de liceu, cu emotii la romana si tatuaje in buric)
"Let's get high"....dovedeste imaturitatea de care inca dai dovada avind in vedere ca-ti trebuie marijuana ca sa functionezi in viata.
Exemplu tau de-ati trai viata "getting high" dat societatii nu face doi bani .Atita timp cit stilul tau de viata nu-mi afecteaza copiii, face ca totul sa fie "OK" in cea ce ma priveste, plus ca "getting high" este interzis in mai toate tarile lumii inclusiv Romania. Probabil ca atunci cind o sa ai copii nu o sa-i inveti si pe ei sa "get high " cu tine sau sa consumati alcohol impreuna in discoteci de dragul distractiei.
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de fapt au disparut 3 subiecte si toate de la Politic - de Zamolxe la: 29/10/2003 01:37:45
(la: Unde a disparun forumul "Primul zid"?)
De fapt au disparut 3 subiecte:

Primul zid (construit cu bani americani)

America (cu turnurile cazute misterios)

Irak (tot cu americanii)

Orice coincidenta este o simpla fictiune!
... 3, 2, 8, 5. rrrrring!... - de relu la: 29/10/2003 18:10:30
(la: o poveste...)
... 3, 2, 8, 5. rrrrring!... rrrrring! 'Dani? Eu sint, Fanel. Ce faci?' Din prima zi de facultate, Dani si Fanel au fost aproape nedespartiti. Faceau un cuplu ciudat. Dani de la tara, inalt si slab, dar nu firav ci fibros, cu par scurt si negru si dinti puternici. Un ris linistit si linistitor, de parca intotdeauna ar ride cu tine, si nu de tine. Rar vorbeste de unde vine si de parintii sai, si stie cind sa taca. Dani il face pa Fanel sa se simta mai normal, mai cu piciorele pe pamint, ceea ce e greu cu energia de nestins care se pare ca emana din el tot timpul. Lui Fanel ii face mare placere sa-l aduca pe Dani acasa si sa vada mutra alor batrini. Tata, judecator; mama in pedagogie. Lor nu le plac baieti simpli de la tara, care nu vorbesc mult. Cu ce-l poate folosi pe Fanel sa fie prieteni cu Dan? Fanel s-a prins repede si nu-i pasa. 'Ce stiu ei? Prea se oftica tot timpul din nimicuri.'

'Bine, multam. Ma chinui cu demonstratia asta de trei ore. Nu-i prea dau de cap. E bine ca m-ai sunat, sa ma destind putin. Tu?'
'Am un plan, dar nu in detaliu. Vreau sa folosesc o metoda geometrica. Daca vrei, ... ti-l spun.'
'Nu, nu, multam. O fac eu, dar am o nevoie de-o pauza. Si Cristina? Ce mai e nou?'
'Aaaaa... Pai nu ne-am intilnit de Vinerea trecuta. N-am avut timp cu temele-astea. Dar chiar voiam s-o sun. Ai auzit de filmul asta nou? E nebun! Complet abstract, si cu un scenariu de groaza! Vreau sa mergem. Vii?'
'Mergi tu cu ea, nu vrea sa, stii cum e...'
'Nu-i nici o problema, zau. O stii pe Cristina, n-o sa zica nimic. Serios, vino; merge toti, o sa fie fantastic. Abia astept.'
'Ma simt cam penibil... poate. Dar intreab-o. Nu vreau s-o supar. Poate o supar, poate e mai bine daca nu vin.'
'NON-SENS! Vii cu noi. Ii dau telefon imediat sii spun. O sa vezi, nici o problema.'

var rog continuati daca vreti /
1. If the Gods Had Meant Us t - de ninel la: 11/11/2003 12:49:54
(la: Care sunt ultimele 5 carti pe care le-ati citit?)
1. If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote, They'd Have Given Us Candidates by Jim Hightower (.../0060932090) - inca neterminata
2. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization and High-Finance Fraudsters by Greg Palast (
3. The Journey of Man : A Genetic Odyssey by Spencer Wells (.../0812971469)
4. The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes (.../0393323145)
5. Man Who Loved Only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdos & the Search for Mathematical Truth by Paul Hoffman (.../0786884061)

Ultima carte citita de mine in limba romana cred ca a fost Maitreyi a lui Eliade, iar in franceza Fleurs du Mal a lui Beaudelaire (partial), amandoua acum mai bine de opt ani.
Mea culpa! - de Dinu Lazar la: 14/11/2003 05:51:03
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Pe omu` respectiv il cheama Spencer Tunick. Se gasesc pe web multe poze realizate de el.

Coincidenta este ca domnia sa a fost motivul unui schimb de replici in lista de discutii Fotopro, intre mine si un fotograf american, mai putin prezent pe net - pentru ca uraste computerul - si anume Bruce Esbin.

Intii imi scrie Bruce:


Spencer Tunick, he is the DUDE!!! When someone is able to get 450
naked women to pose for them in Grand Central Station in NYC, then they are the greatest photographer in the world. Until someone is
able to do this on the Moon then his title will remain.


La care eu raspund:

> I am very curious to see what pictures it have made...
> His site is ... I have not words... go here:
> It is an idiot... This pictures are made by a groggy man... I cannot
> believe.

> Best regards,
> Dinu
La care Bruce:

Though I was making a joke about Tunick being the "world's greatest
photographer". All joking aside however I do think he is a great
photographer, and I'll tell you why. Photography as you know is just a
tool that allows people to see many different things in a two
dimensional world, a world that despite being two dimensional still
enables us to experience the image on a high information level.

For me the genius of what Tunick does is showing the Homo-Sapien
species as group of animals without the usual protective barrier of
clothing in different and varied environments. Very interesting
environments at least for me. Buenos Aires, New York City, Antarctica,
Vienna, St. Petersburg, etc. all juxtaposed with a single naked human
form or in huge naked groups. It is strangely interesting because it is
something we would never see otherwise especially the groups. In that
sense it is art because it allows us to see something very unique and
thought provoking on the nature of being human.

Some people could say anyone with a camera could take a picture of a
naked person outdoors, and they would be right, however let them try
and go through the effort to organize the large groups of people and
get the permission of international city governments as Tunick
succeeded in doing. So for me Tunick is far from being an "idiot" or a
"groggy man". For me he is a genuine artist with a nice sense of humor who is exploring the human form in an interesting way through the use of photography.

Replica mea este:

> All that you write here is a good sense and true. Seeing so, it is OK.
> But... the light, the composition, the color, the perspective, the art?
> I need only a idea, only a concept? I do not need any professional sense of the light?
> I believe that you understand me...
> When I see a picture, I give in my mind notes for technique, art (
> composition) and idea.
> 0+0+10/3=3,3...

Si Bruce continua:

Sometimes the technique is secondary to the concept, sometimes the technique is the concept. What I've found refreshing with Tunick's photography is his relative lack of obvious technique, the almost snapshot like quality of his pictures, as if he just showed up accidently with a Ricoh G1 loaded with color negative film and just snapped a shot of this strangeness before him.
This is what gives it power, the utter banality of technique.


Asa ca si intre profesionisti parerile sunt impartite.
Succesul comercial al lui Tunick este insa imens.
Mie personal nu imi place ce face. Asta nu conteaza desigur.

Am vrut sa vedeti insa dincolo de usile inchise cam cum gindesc fotografii...sau unii dintre ei.

Dupa mine, talent este sa iei o cizma si sa o fotografiezi, si sa para mai atragatoare si mai sexy decit o playmate, nu sa umpli o gara cu o suta de femei goale si sa faci glamour.
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Sursele mele de informatie, Anita, sunt.. - de JCC la: 19/11/2003 08:46:51
Anita, sursele mele de informatie vin din "Vocea Comunitatii israeliene din Franta", :))
Am sa-ti dau la sfarsit linkurile, la sfarsitul fiecarui articol ai si trimiterea la alte linkuri, tot evreiesti..
In afara de linkurile date , mai sunt multe, plimba-te prin sit si gasesti toate detaliile.. lectura placuta!

Nu vorbeam despre tarile vecine, vorbeam doar despre Israel, incerc sa ramanem in subiect, dar daca vrei putem sa discutam alta data si despre celelalte tari , in subiecte apropriate.

Toate informatiile de sume, bani, cifre, le gasesti acolo, n-are rost sa le copi, eu facusem un rezumat din memoria celor citite :)

Nu discut despre obiceiuri locale,pentru a-mi fi necesara o sedere in Israel,
La asta nu-ti raspund, ca este viata mea privata :) , dar asta nu ne impiedica sa discutam si sa schimbam opinii...

Stii ce spunea PAPA? "Locurile sfinte nu au nevoie de construirea de ziduri, ci de punti"

« Vocea comunitatii evreiesti din Franta »

Articol « Comisia pt. copilaria in pericol »

Articol “Sharon: Israelul trece printr-o grava criza economica”

Articol: “18% din familiile israielite dedesuptul pragului de saracie”

Articol « 1800 salariati din high-tech licentiati in 3 luni”
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Top 3 - de Dinu Lazar la: 05/12/2003 02:23:24
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Intreba acum citeva saptamini domnul Racovitan care ar fi acele 3 imagini mai rasarite facute de mine si ma tot chinuie intrebarea asta si tot nu am un raspuns... dar pentru cititorii lunetisti am pus la nu 3 ci 16 imagini care mie imi cam plac, dar mai departe nu mai stiu ce si daca se poate alege ceva... va place ceva de acolo? Daca da, ce, daca nu, de ce?
#6015 (raspuns la: #4378) comenteaza . modifica . semnaleaza adminului
Top 3 - de Daniel Racovitan la: 05/12/2003 10:40:16
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Locul 1. Tipul care pupa mana minerului. Idea mineriadelor, exprimata cu forta de fototgrafie.

Locul 2. "Fefeleaga". Batrana cu calul. Reda perfect atmosfera unui sat uitat de lume cu drumuri noroiase, cum e satul in care traiesc bunicii mei. Expresia personajului iese perfect in evidentza, ne vorbeste despre multe din trecut...

Locul 3. Cei trei tarani batrani. Expresivitatea personajelor, echilibrul compozitiei, repetarea pe orizontala a motivului.

Mentiuni: fotografia a/n cu tipa ce pare o sculptura, cea cu copacii, si cei doi batrani de pe banca.

La minusuri, fotografia cu cei trei uzinisti privind extaziati catre viitorul luminos al comunismului: ideea e buna insa "poza" personajelor e prea evidenta si ostentativa. La poza cu taranul care ara campul, ideea imi scapa complet.
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Pentru cei ce cred ca stiu fotografie... - de Dinu Lazar la: 31/12/2003 01:10:39
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)

You will see the most compelling, provocative, emotional work of the year plus there will be reviews of the most significant stories in photography today. All entries must be postmarked before February 15, 2004. A panel of renowned judges will select the final images from the following eight categories:

1. advertising
2. magazine, editorial
3. photo books
4. photojournalism, sports, documentary (published and unpublished)
5. corporate design, photo products (brochures, annual reports, calendars, catalogues, music/ CD covers, book covers, movie posters)
6. personal work
7. web sites
8. student work

For submission information and specific category requirements go to:
To download an entry form go to:
Entry form
To visit last year's gallery go to:
2003 Gallery

An award celebration for the winners will take place in May 2004 in New York, New York. The winners and their work will be featured in the May issue of PDN and PDN Online. Additional prizes and sponsors to be announced.

• The Marty Forscher Fellowship Award
• The Marty Forscher Student Fellowship Award
• The Canon Student Explorer of Light Scholarship Award
• The Epson Creativity Award
• The Nikon Storytellers Award
For more information please visit


Jen Bekman
Jen Bekman Gallery

Michelle Bogre
Chairperson, Department of Photography
Parsons School of Design

David Carol
Director of Photography
Viacom Outdoor

David Cicconi
Photo Editor
Travel & Leisure

Patrick Donehue
Vice President of Creative Photography

Sara Galkin
Art Buyer
Ogilvy & Mather

Melissa Harris

Michelle Jackson
Art Producer
Grey Worldwide

Cory Jacobs
Photography Director

Photo District News
770 Broadway - 7th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Attn: John Gimenez

Please make checks payable to Photo District News

All entries must arrive in our New York office by February 15, 2004

Please email your questions to John Gimenez at or call 646-654-5792.

We look forward to receiving your entries!
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De citit, ca de dus un dialog e mai greu se pare... - de Dinu Lazar la: 31/12/2003 01:16:24
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Phil Wever shares his experiences in his latest smARTICLE so you wanna be a
digital event photographer, and demonstrates what it takes to be on top in
this tough marketplace. No matter what type of photography you're in, you
will certainly benefit from how to get client pleasing images "under the

Happy medium? In part one of a three-part article, Jim covers his thoughts
on when to shoot film, and when to shoot digital when creating wedding
images. Here's an insiders view to this hot topic.

For shooting in the studio, you need an accurate monitor. For retouching
your photos, you need an accurate monitor. To make your on-screen images
match your printed images, yep, you need an accurate monitor. Will has
discovered a monitor that's a great performer at at a terrific price.

This month Suzette shows us an advanced technique for quick eyeglass glare
removal with great results.

As you wrap up the year and set your focus on marketing efforts for 2004,
be a GUERILLA in your strategies. In Ira's smARTICLE this month read how
you can integrate some of these guerilla tactics into your marketing for
greater success!

"People ask me all the time how do you become a great photographer? I
always reply----take lots of photographs and find great faces!!!!!!"
Please enjoy and absorb the latest of Marc's "Stories":

Over 320 joined Will Crockett in Portland for the top drawing seminar tour
in the country - Professional Workflow. Next up is PHOENIX, NEW ORLEANS,
HOUSTON, and ORLANDO. Phoenix is almost sold out so please register here:

Read this terrific feature article and judge for yourself.

View a special Holiday card to you from ShootSmarter thanks to Shelly at
GinJoint Interactive.

Our good friends over at ASMP have done us ALL a favor in getting the
government to allow photographers to carry on their gear. Be sure to print
out this official TSA bulletin and carry it with you, just in case.

25 students per class, 4 instructors, lots of high end imaging gear, pounds
of positive energy, and YOU!. Our popular multi-day totally hands-on
workshop is scheduled for only 3 presentations in 2004. MORE INFO:
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easy rider, musica - de (anonim) la: 02/02/2004 23:09:45
(la: Iluzia hippie pierduta: Easy Rider la
Musica a fost creata de grupul Steppen Wolf, 25% din valoarea filmului, si este o musica mai mult progressive rock and roll, decit HIP,HIP,HURRAH, sau poate cum l-ai numit Hippy, de fapt n-am auzit nici odata de genul acesta de musica "MUSICA HIPPIE", este ceva nou pentru mine, omul invata pina moare.
3 intrebari - de Filip Antonio la: 20/02/2004 18:24:52
(la: Lia Roberts candidata la presedintie)
1) Ce parere aveti despre asocierea Liei Roberts cu un scumbag precum Dick Morris?

2) Cum isi inchipuie ca Lia Roberts ca poate face ceva in absenta unei majoritati parlamentare (poate n-a aflat ca sistemul romanesc e diferit de cel american)?

3) Ce spune despre caracterul ei faptul ca il abandoneaza pe Presedintele Bush in an de alegeri (anul trecut cand fusese aleasa lidera a Partidului Republican din Nevada se angajase sa "deliver the state" pentru Bush in 2004)?
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Afaceri cu Romania - de Dantimis la: 23/02/2004 11:47:16
(la: Stefan Niculescu-Maier, despre dizidenta si diaspora)
Multumesc pt raspunsul la intrebarea pusa. Faptele se potrivesc cu gandirea intortocheata a autoritatilor de atunci (oare acum o fi mai diferita?).

Sa revenim la discutia referitoare la ajutorul pe care l-ar putea da tarii romanii din afara. Pe scurt, ziceai ca ar trebui sa ne implicam din punct de vedere economic, cu investitii directe. Sunt de acord, asta ar implusiona intradevar intr-o oarecare masura economia Ro. Numai ca apar atatea probleme... Am sa dau ca exemplu cateva situatii din experienta personala.

In primul rand vreau sa precizez ca nu sunt businessman ci inginer proiectant, deci o persoana tehnica. Asa ca privesc lucrurile foarte simplu. Compania americana la care lucrez cumpara matritze de pe piata locala si din Asia, in principal China. Sculele din China sunt 20-30% din pretul celor americane dar se face un compromis la calitate. La discutiile cu patronul american am reusit sa-i starnesc interesul in a stabili o colaborare cu una-doua fabrici romanesti care sa produca o calitate comparabila cu cea americana la preturi mai scazute, chiar daca ceva mai mari decat cele chinezesti. Amicul mi-a cerut sa-i fac un raport in care sa compar cele doua piete. Am cerut estimari de preturi de la niste furnizori din Ro pe care-i cunosteam dinainte de-a pleca, am dat ceva telefoane iar concluzia... total necompetitiv. Preturile erau undeva la 70-80% din cele americane (datorata in parte preturilor in Euro), termenele de livrare cam cu 30% mai lungi (la care mai trebuia sa adaug si shippingul 4-5 weeks din Ro), calitatea... acceptabila sa zicem, iar servirea... cu nuanta romaneasca. La a 3-a cerere de quote am fost deja apostrofat ca "... da nu le dau nici o comanda deja?" desi le-am explicat aspectul de market research al cererilor mele. Concluzia raportului a fost... total neprofitabil si am ramas cu un gust amar dupa aceasta experienta. Se pare ca in unele fabrici romanesti inca mai domneste acea mentalitate comunista in care furnizorul era mult mai important decat cumparatorul "Daca nu-ti convine du-te si cumpara din alta parte!". Nu mi s-a spus asta chiar in fata dar cam asa s-ar fi translatat indiferenta celor cu care-am vorbit. Cred ca asta se datoreaza faptului ca in Ro nu exista inca o piata cu adevarat competitiva in anumite domenii.

Tot pe aceeasi tema: aceeasi firma americana la care lucrez a primit la un moment dat o cerere de proiecte care depasea cu mult capacitatea noastra de executie. I-am spus sefului nici o problema se va rezolva. Ma gandeam ca stiu atatea birouri de proiectare in Ro ca va fi imposibil sa nu gasesc pe cineva sa ma ajute. Surpriza: am gasit binenteles, dar cu $17/ora. Cei care mi-au oferit $10/ora nu aveau high-speed internet access, deci nu puteam comunica usor. Prietenii (tot romani) din Canada au oferit $22/ora. Nici nu a trebuit sa stau pe ganduri. Mai tarziu am rugat pe cineva din tara sa abordeze biroul de proiectare care-mi cerea $17/ora. Culmea, lui i-au cerut 10 euro/ora. Oare cat era cursul valutar euro/dolar acum 6 luni? De ce pt cineva din afara practicau un tarif separat? Poate am parut mai fraier?

Acum vre-un an stateam de vorba cu un prieten inginer aflat inca in tara. Tipul se descurca binisor cu aceeasi meserie ca si mine. Avea si ceva practica particulara cu care mai facea ceva extra. Acum isi face bagajele sa plece in Canada. (Nu am avut nici un amestec... pe bune!) La vremea aia ma intreba daca as fi dispus sa investesc si sa deschid o mica fabricuta cu el in Timisoara, ca se ocupa el de tot. I-am cerut informatii suplimentare. Concluzia a fost pana la urma ca m-ar costa mai putin si s-ar rezolva mai repede daca mi-as deschide o afacere similara intr-una din suburbiile Chicago-ului, unde locuiesc. De ce? Datorita birocratiiei din Ro, a coruptiei, etc. Si aici trebuie sa platesti tot felul de fees dar ce putin ti se da o chitanta si suma poti sa o deduci de la income tax. Pe cand in Ro cum poti sa deduci o spaga data unui functionar la Primarie? Aici pot sa-mi deschid o afacere privata si pe internet, pe cand in Ro trebuie sa-mi iau un avocat. Un alt aspect erau utilajele: masini-unelte second hand cumparate in Ro, aveau aproape acelasi pret ca unele noi in USA. OK, poate ca astea de aici sunt made in Taiwan si nu in Elvetia, dar sunt noi si cu garantie. Si le poti lua in financing foarte simplu, fara giranti, fara sa-ti pui casa ca si colateral. Se poate folosi utilajul respectiv si business-ul ca si colateral, pe cand in Ro... un milion de hartii.

Scuze daca v-am facut sa va pierdeti pierdut timpul citind exemplele astea lungi, insa am vrut sa explic un pic punctul meu de vedere. Prin prisma experientei personale pot sa va zic ca nu vad prea multe beneficii in a investi in o afacere in RO. Poate doar din patriotism sau faptul ca vorbim aceeasi limba. Iar un businessman care-si justifica investitiile pe baza acestor sentimente nu prea cred ca o sa faca multe parale. Momentan speculatiile la bursa americana mi se par mult mai safe decat investitiile in RO.

Concluzia mea e ca in primul rand romanii din tara trebuie sa faca tara mai atractiva investitorilor din afara prin crearea unuei legislatii friendly si crearea unei atitudini care sa incurajeze acesti investitori. Romanii care pleaca in afara ajung sa vada felul de a face afaceri prin modul in care acestea se fac in noile lor tari, iar daca dupa o vreme le vine ideea de a se intoarce si investi in tara, sunt loviti de palma realitatii romanesti, care le cam taie cheful. Cei care o duc pana la capat totusi, sunt de admirat pentru curajul lor.


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chestia cu 15 kg in 3 saptamani - de (anonim) la: 25/02/2004 08:08:56
(la: Sunt supraponderal! De ce ma alunga lumea?)
Daca mai esti dispus sa oferi solutia ta in ceea ce priveste slabitul de 15 kg in 3 saptamani eu sunt numai ochi si urechi pt. ca am mare nevoie de asa ceva.
Multumesc anticipat!
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Pop-rock-disco???? - de Little Eagle la: 29/02/2004 12:59:31
(la: Top 10 pop-rock-disco al anilor 80)
Mama mia!

E o problema! Personal NU am agreat muzica acelor ani,in special pop si disco,dar tentatia e prea mare sa nu ma arunc in acest top. Sint un rebel(yell)
al anilor 70 de fapt as zice mai precis din 1968 dar nu vreau sa par prea...batrin.hai sa alcatui si eu topul meu chiar daca nu e din acei ani 80.
Inteleg ca e vorba doar de cintece si nu de albume in total.

1.) Jimi Hendrix-Hey Joe
2.) Black Sabbath-War Pigs
3.) Led Zeppelin-Communication breakdown
4.) The Who-Who are you
5.) Grand Funk Railroad-I'm your captain
6.) Pink Floyd-Wish you were here
7.) Rolling Stones-Gimme shelter
8.) Beatles-Let it be
9.) Genesis-Musical box
10.) Ozzy Osbourne-Voices

cam asa arata topul meu,
Asta la vista baby and..I'll be back!
3 regrete? - de (anonim) la: 03/03/2004 03:39:53
(la: Ce regretati de pe vremea lui Ceausescu?)
1. linistea si siguranta zilei de maine, cu conditia de a sta in banca ta si de a tine "ciocu' mic"
2. nedreptate era si aceea ca (in situatia in care te hotarai sa emigrezi) ti se confisca totul si - la un moment dat - trebuia sa despagubesti statul pentru ca le permisese parintilor sa te tina in scoli
3. adica nu exista coruptie pe atunci? poate ca nu era etalata in masura in care este acum, dar de existat exista si inca din plin

Raman la ideea ca unicul si marele regret este acelea ca pe atunci aveam cu 15 ani mai putin! Si, de fapt, nu asta ar fi unicul regret pentru ca mai exista si acela de a nu ma fi nascut cu 50 de ani mai devreme. M-am nascut in '64 asa ca am crescut in acelasi timp cu regimul si multumesc lui Dumnezeu pentru cei care m-au crescut si care mi-au bagat in cap ceea ce mi-au bagat in cap, in ciuda activitatii de indobitocire doctrinara la care eram supusi din momentul in care intram pe mana "tovarasei" (educatoare, invatatoare, etc...), oameni care, desi sub vremi, au stiut sa ramana deasupra vremurilor! Si mai regret ca nu-i mai am alaturi si azi, cu toate ca e mai bine poate ca au fost scutiti de oroarea de a-l vedea pe rege alungat din tara pentru a doua oara (va mai amintiti episodul?)

M-am grabit sa raspund inainte de a-mi crea un nick de utilizator.
Voi reveni ca
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Pentru dan_mc - de Paianjenul la: 09/03/2004 22:37:33
(la: To Be Or Not To Be....Homosexual sau lesbiana ???)
3)"Biserica a pierdut foarte multi adepti in zilele noastre. Numai cu o atitudine mai flexibila fata de "pacatosi" ar putea sa ii aduca inapoi pe acestia, daca nu la calea cea buna, macar in bancile bisericilor."

..."FIRUL DE AUR" al teologiei crestine este restaurarea rasei umane

DE LA starea de PACAT - in care au cazut, prin gestul lor de neascultare, Adam si Eva, parintii rasei umane -

LA starea de SFINTENIE (in acceptiunea cea mai PROPRIE a cuvintului!) - in care Adam si Eva au fost creati dintru inceput...

Sau, altfel spus, planul initial al lui Dumnezeu a fost acela de a crea pe planeta PAMINT o societate alcatuita din fiinte pe a caror INTEGRITATE MORALA sa poata CONTA in orice moment.... o societate in care sa nu fie nevoie de POLITIE, ARMATA, TRIBUNALE, INCHISORI, LACATE, SAFE-uri, etc... Adam si Eva au pierdut acea INTEGRITATE MORALA, cazind simplul test cu "marul" (?)... dar asta nu-L va determina pe Dumnezeu sa RENUNTE la scopul initial pentru care a creat - deci - rasa umana pe PAMINT.

DELICATA - si in acelasi timp DURA -... misiunea de REEDUCARE a oamenilor pentru o asemenea societate, a fost incredintata de Dumnezeu BISERICII!...
Se aud multe voci, astazi, care afirma ca BISERICA a devenit o institutie IRELEVANTA pentru societatea moderna... Pe cit de TRIST... pe atit de ADEVARAT!... Cum e posibil asa ceva?!... TOCMAI pentru ca, in loc sa fie FERMA, CONSECVENTA si EXIGENTA fata de STANDARDELE MORALE ale membrilor sai (de CALITATEA acestora, adica...), BISERICA este mai degraba ingrijorata de scaderea NUMARULUI membrilor... (care poate sa insemne faliment financiar...)... este preocupata de ipostaza penibila creata de aparentza "irelevantzei" ei in societatea moderna, etc... si ca sa "salveze" situatia recurge la tot felul de... COMPROMISURI/CONCESII... care o fac si mai IRELEVANTA... Asa se face ca, majoritatea "sfintilor" care frecventeaza bisericile crestine de astazi - INDIFERENT la care cult sau denominatiune religioasa crestina ne referim - nu sint neaparat mai... sfinti decit omul obisnuit de pe strada care nu merge niciodata la biserica... pe care nici macar nu-l intereseaza daca EXISTA sau NU EXISTA Dumnezeu... sau daca, existind, acest Dumnezeu ar avea vre-un plan de viitor cu omenirea....
Daca deci, BISERICA nu reuseste sa-si onoreze chemarea de a-i aduce pe "pacatosi" la "calea cea buna" - viata de SFINTIRE - ci doar sa-si mentina bancile (mai mult sau mai putin) pline cu... pacatosi... atunci ea NU MAI este BISERICA, ci doar un soi de CLUB... cu un oarecare profil religios, si.... ATIT!...

(...Ideea ca omul nu poate sa atinga starea de PERFECTIUNE MORALA - in cooperare cu Duhul Sfint... sau mai bine zis prin... "CAPITULARE" benevola in fata acestuia - este teologie FALSA!... Ca drumul spre SFINTENIE are multe portiuni de "via dolorosa"... cu teste care SPERIE natura umana... e adevarat!... Dar ca ATINGEREA unei asemenea tinte este IMPOSIBILA - e FALS!... Sau daca totusi nu e fals... atunci toata religia crestina este un NONSENS...)...

4)"Cunosc persoane de orientare sexuala diferita de a mea. Important e sa incercam sa fim "open minded" si sa le respectam alegerea...
In ciuda parerii generale, homosexualii nu sunt doar niste obsedati sexuali gata sa se culce cu orice persoana purtatoare al aceluiasi sex. Doar analizand lista pe care ai afisat-o, putem realiza ca si acestia sunt oameni sensibili, iubitori de frumos. Din pacate, paradele "gay pride" induc doar ideea de promiscuitate. Eu cred ca si in relatile homosexuale exista notiunea de decenta."

...NICI EU n-am sa apuc de "guler" pe un homosexual... si sa-l iau la rost pentru "preferintele" sale sexuale... Nici n-am sa-i neg calitati sau virtuti de caracter, daca le are... Ce ma deranjeaza la UNII homosexuali insa, este faptul ca... daca-i lasi tu in pace pe ei... incep EI sa te cicaleasca pe tine cu tentative de a te convinge ca homosexualitatea nu este de fapt o perversiune sexuala... ba dimpotriva - citind o lista de nume celebre - incearca sa-ti demonstreze ca ei ar fi un fel de "varietate superioara"... ca statutul lor de "high achievers" are totul de a face cu orientarea lor sexuala... si eventual sa-ti sugereze ca - incercind sa fii putin mai "deschis" inspre "nou" - ai putea si tu ajunge la nivelul lor "elevat"...

Parerea MEA:

- privinta din punct de vedere (EVOLUTIONIST-)ATEISTA, homosexualitatea nu are de ce sa fie rea... dupa cum... NIMIC nu mai e rau... Nici avortul, nici incestul, nici pedofilia, nici furtul, nici escrocheria, nici minciuna, nici crima... fie ea si doar de dragul divertismentului... pentru ca... dupa CE criterii stabilim, pina la urma, ce e BINE sau ce e RAU... devreme ce am aparut "accidental" pe aceasta planeta... si sintem expusi in orice secunda riscului de a dispare la fel de "accidental" (..."spulberati" - sa zicem - de impactul unui meteorit hoinar cu planeta noastra?... etc...)...
Ajuns la cel mai inalt nivel pe scara evolutiei (?), omul ramine de fapt tot un ANIMAL... supus aceleiasi "reguli de aur" a evolutiei (cu litera si spiritul ei): cel mai puternic ELIMINA pe cel mai slab din competitia pentru

hrana cea mai buna,
locul cel mai prielnic pentru vietuit...
"femela" cea mai frumoasa...

...sau pur si simplu il calca in picioare, pentru ca asta il amuza... neexistind - oricum - NIMENI ca sa-l traga la raspundere pentru un asemenea act...

(...Insista cineva ca "regulile jocului" s-au inversat la un anume punct in cursul evolutiei?... Daca DA... CIND anume s-au inversat... si PE CE CHESTIE?...)....

- privita din perspectiva CREATIONISTA, homosexualitatea ar putea fi condamnata pentru cel putin doua motive:

1. Creeaza un sentiment de REPULSIE lui Dumnezeu! (...Nu ma intrebati pe MINE de ce!....)...

2. ...INAINTE de a crea pe Adam si pe Eva, Dumnezeu a creat un alt ordin de fiinte - INGERII - dintre care PRIMUL creat a fost LUCIFER. Datorita

actului de rebeliune, pe care l-a initiat la un moment dat acest LUCIFER - si in care a reusit sa implice o TREIME din toata ostirea ingerilor creati de Dumnezeu...

cit si

datorita naturii RECALCITRANTE a acestui act de rebeliune colectiva,

aceasta TREIME din ostirea ingerilor urma sa fie IREVERSIBIL destinata DISTRUGERII. Acest incident

(PREVAZUT de Dumnezeu, dealtfel, dinainte de creatiune ca POSIBIL... data fiind VOINTA LIBERA cu care INTENTIONAT i-a dotat pe acesti ingeri...


acceptat CU BUNA STIINTA de catre EL ca un RISC...)...

aparea ca un ESEC al scopului pentru care Dumnezeu i-a creat pe acesti ingeri. Cum insa la Dumnezeu nu exista RENUNTARE la realizarea a ceea ce-si propune, aceasta treime rebela trebuia INLOCUITA. In ACEST scop a fost creata rasa umana pe planeta PAMINT... de data asta, spre deosebire de ingeri, un ordin SEXUAT - parte barbateasca si parte femeiasca - care urma sa se inmulteasca pina cind avea sa completeze numarul acelei treimi de ingeri cazuti...

Din pacate trista experienta a rebeliunii impotriva lui Dumnezeu s-a repetat SI pe planeta PAMINT (...tot sub influenta ACELUIASI Lucifer...) dar... NICI de data asta Dumnezeu nu se da "batut"... Fiintele umane continua inca sa se nasca, sa creasca, sa se maturizeze, sa-si formeze un CARACTER... apoi, la un moment dat sa ia ATITUDINE (...fie PENTRU Dumnezeu... fie IMPOTRIVA lui Dumnezeu...)... apoi sa moara... iar apoi, cu caracterul pe care si l-au format AICI, in ACEASTA viata, sa astepte verdictul: se vor califica, sau nu se vor califica pentru acea societate de SFINTI cu care Dumnezeu va RE-POPULA planeta PAMINT dupa REINNOIREA acesteia...

In prezent, data fiind lipsa de interes pe care umanitatea il manifesta pentru starea de SFINTENIE, planul lui Dumnezeu de a reinlocui "treimea" pierduta avanseaza agonizant de incet... dar AVANSEAZA totusi... si scopul Lui VA FI realizat... Aceasta implica (printre altele) insa, SI continuitatea procesului "Cresteti , INMULTITI-va si umpleti PAMINTUL".... proces la care homosexualitatea are contributia ZERO!....

(...BIBLIA nu mentioneaza NIMIC despre ideea inlocuirii acelei treimi de ingeri cazuti, prin crearea rasei umane... Aceasta este doar o interpretare teologica "speculativa"... dar eu PERSONAL o accept ca fiind perfect logica - ATITA TIMP CIT creationismul ESTE acceptat ca raspunsul cel mai rezonabil la intrebarile: "DE UNDE venim?"... "CE 'cautam' aici?"... "INCOTRO ne indreptam?"!...

Ramine, evident, la latitudinea fiecarui cititor al acestui material sa traga concluzia - in dreptul sau - in ce masura aceasta interpretare face sens, sau nu...).
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