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Titlu: am ramas fara cuvinte - de Dinu Lazar la: 26/12/2003 17:18:15
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Va multumesc foarte mult pentru cuvintele Dvs referitoare la sit; sigur ca din punct de vedere al designului se poate face mult mai bine, dar si pentru mine mai importanta e fotografia si nu (inca) designul... si ma bucur ca v-ati indragostit de fotografie.

Mi-ar place ca peste citiva ani sa ma intilnesc cu Dvs la o expozitie de fotografie a Dvs si sa-mi spuneti ca ceva s-a intimplat cind ati vazut niste fotografii cindva pe un sit si ca v-ati apucat de atunci de fotografie.

Aproximativ trei ani am fost profesor de fotografie la sectia de grafica publicitara a Academiei de arte, in anii nouazeci si ceva; au fost si momente frumoase, dar si multe momente mai asa si asa, dar pe ansamblu desi cred ca am incercat mai multe lucruri ( am adus primul computer in locul cu pricina) nu cred ca am reusit sa fac vreun student de la grafica sa se apuce serios de fotografie, adica full time, si cu succes, si trec asta la seria mea cam lunga de esecuri personale... daca excludem fostul laborant de acolo, care acum e oarecum fotograf de succes in Bucuresti si care si-a scris in CV ca a terminat Academia de Arte, in loc de ca "a terminat cu Academia de Arte"

Daca v-ati indragostit de fotografie, si daca vreti sa faceti fotografie, mi-ar place sa citi si sa nu uitati citeva fraze ale unor mari fotografi:

The magic of photography is metaphysical. What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organised visual lying. Terence Donovan (b. 1936), British photographer. Guardian (London, 19 Nov. 1983)

The photograph isolates and perpetuates a moment of time: an important and revealing moment, or an unimportant and meaningless one, depending upon the photographer's understanding of his subject and mastery of his process.-Edward Weston

Let us first say what photography is not. A photograph is not a painting, a poem, a symphony, a dance. It is not just a pretty picture, not an exercise in contortionist techniques and sheer print quality. It is or should be a significant document, a pene- trating statement, which can be described in a very simple term - selectivity. -Berenice Abbott

Photographs are perhaps the most mysterious of all the objects that make up, and thicken, the environment we recognize as modern. Photographs really are experience captured, and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood.-Susan Sontag

You learn to see by practice. It's just like playing tennis, you get better the more you play. The more you look around at things, the more you see. The more you photograph, the more you realize what can be photographed and what can't be photographed. You just have to keep doing it.-Eliot Porter
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De citit, ca de dus un dialog e mai greu se pare... - de Dinu Lazar la: 31/12/2003 01:16:24
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Phil Wever shares his experiences in his latest smARTICLE so you wanna be a
digital event photographer, and demonstrates what it takes to be on top in
this tough marketplace. No matter what type of photography you're in, you
will certainly benefit from how to get client pleasing images "under the

Happy medium? In part one of a three-part article, Jim covers his thoughts
on when to shoot film, and when to shoot digital when creating wedding
images. Here's an insiders view to this hot topic.

For shooting in the studio, you need an accurate monitor. For retouching
your photos, you need an accurate monitor. To make your on-screen images
match your printed images, yep, you need an accurate monitor. Will has
discovered a monitor that's a great performer at at a terrific price.

This month Suzette shows us an advanced technique for quick eyeglass glare
removal with great results.

As you wrap up the year and set your focus on marketing efforts for 2004,
be a GUERILLA in your strategies. In Ira's smARTICLE this month read how
you can integrate some of these guerilla tactics into your marketing for
greater success!

"People ask me all the time how do you become a great photographer? I
always reply----take lots of photographs and find great faces!!!!!!"
Please enjoy and absorb the latest of Marc's "Stories":

Over 320 joined Will Crockett in Portland for the top drawing seminar tour
in the country - Professional Workflow. Next up is PHOENIX, NEW ORLEANS,
HOUSTON, and ORLANDO. Phoenix is almost sold out so please register here:

Read this terrific feature article and judge for yourself.

View a special Holiday card to you from ShootSmarter thanks to Shelly at
GinJoint Interactive.

Our good friends over at ASMP have done us ALL a favor in getting the
government to allow photographers to carry on their gear. Be sure to print
out this official TSA bulletin and carry it with you, just in case.

25 students per class, 4 instructors, lots of high end imaging gear, pounds
of positive energy, and YOU!. Our popular multi-day totally hands-on
workshop is scheduled for only 3 presentations in 2004. MORE INFO:
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O lectura interesanta - de Dinu Lazar la: 16/08/2004 22:38:52
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)

Astfel putem citi acolo printre altele:

Making It Big: A pro nature photographer shares how a quality poster was created from his own 6-megapixel image. Read story...
Text And Photography By Daniel J. Cox

Far Afield: Steve McCurry's photography from remote and rugged regions around the globe stirs the imagination and brings us a sense of faraway cultures.
By Mark Edward Harris; Photography By Steve McCurry

10 Tips For Better Exposures: Handle difficult lighting conditions using these simple techniques.
Text And Photography By Rod Barbee

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La noi sunt codrii... - de Dinu Lazar la: 14/09/2004 22:19:12
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Cine e prin LA, merge si invatza; cine e prin Ro, sta si baleshte.

The San Francisco Chapter of the
Advertising Photographers Of America Presents



Wednesday, September 22, 2004
7:00 to 9:30 PM
Social Hour at 6:00

Blue Sky Rental Studios
2325 Third Street #434
San Francisco

Learning to light to create sophisticated contemporary digital images can be an expensive, complex, aggravating, and time-consuming process. We carefully selected two World Class Lighting Masters who will openly share the vast wealth of their superb digital and lighting expertise, and who will help you dramatically shorten your digital lighting learning curve.

You’ll benefit tremendously from the actual real time demonstrations of creative lighting techniques whether you have been shooting digitally for years, or if you’re just making the transition to digital. Space is limited for this special workshop, so pre-register early. Don't miss this exciting and wonderfully enlightening event!

Complete event information is available at:

Sponsored by:







560 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
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lectura de vineri - de Dinu Lazar la: 15/10/2004 08:40:04
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Dear reader,

This week's PDNOnline is filled with news, an audio interview with photojournalist Tom Stoddart, a new feature on portable lighting techniques and much more.


- Senior editor Reuel Golden previews Photo New York, a three-day gallery and dealer show aimed at collectors of contemporary photography.

- Even after the recent death of its founder, Eddie Adams, the workshop known as Barnstorm carries on without a hitch.
[slideshow included]

- The W. Eugene Smith Fund has awarded its $30,000 Grant in Humanistic Photography as well as a $5,000 Fellowship Grant.

- Questions For Creatives: Young & Rubicam art buyer Rosalba Berardi discusses her likes and dislikes.
($subscriber premium$)

- Who's Shooting What: In this week's installment, find out who's behind the lens for Godiva, Lenox Hill Hospital, AmEx and Tadashi Collections. [slideshow included]

- People on the Move: Find out who the new photo editors are at Vibe magazine, which creative director took over at Barber Martin Advertising and more. ($subscriber premium$)

- Account News: New agencies of record for Subaru, Pier 1, Kawasaki and more. Find out who the winners and losers are.
($subscriber premium$)


Audio Interview With Tom Stoddart

London-based photojournalist Tom Stoddart strives to stimulate positive change through his photos. We asked him to tell the stories behind some of the more striking images in his recent exhibition and book, iWitness (Trolley).
($subscriber premium$)
Ask The Experts

Rob Winner has been taking readers' questions on digital imaging, workflow and color management. This week, Winner, a commercial photography veteran and faculty member at Brooks Institute of Photography, offers some advice to readers confused about file formats. To read his advice, or to post a question of your own, visit the Ask the Experts Forum, produced by Brooks and PDN.
Online Feature Story: Lighting Gear on the Go

We continue our October feature story on the benefits of portable lighting with three more case studies on experienced portrait shooters who achieve studio-quality control while lighting on location -- using what fits in a portable lighting case. ($subscriber premium$)
PDN And Olympus Team Up To Present VisionAge

This new site co-produced by PDN and Olympus features slideshows, product reviews and a stunning portfolio from Magnum photojournalists Alex Majoli and Paolo Pellegrin, who go behind-the-scenes at Olympus Fashion Week 2004.


PhotoPlus Expo

The editors of PDN are looking forward to seeing readers and old friends at PhotoPlus Expo, being held at New York's Javits Center this year October 21-23. You can save time by registering online now for the East Coast's most comprehensive trade show, featuring over200 exhibitors, gallery shows, demos, leading industry speakers. While you're at it, you can also sign up for some of the more than 100 photography and design seminars and hands-on workshops PDN has organized.
Be sure to stop by the PDN booth at PhotoPlus and say hello.
Best wishes,

The Editors
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Ceva lectura pentru uichend - de Dinu Lazar la: 26/11/2004 09:38:41
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
CONQUER FLASH WITH THE TWEEDIE TECHNIQUE In this landmark smArticle, wedding shooter Jim Tweedie presents his on-camera flash exposure techniques that are easy to learn, and incredibly powerful.  Learn what we believe is the best article about on-camera flash ever written.

Digital lighting expert Chris Grey shows you how to add some easy impact to your images by using his hard light techniques in his new smArticle.

SUZETTE ON PHOTOSHOP:DIGITAL "MAT CUT" COMPOSITES Suzette makes Senior composite creation a breeze - and terrific looking too.  Learn how to make this fresh new product to sell in your studio in the latest from Suzette.

SNEEK PEEK at our new Photoshop DVD with Suzette availalbe next month:

COMPUTER MONITORS: OUR RECOMMENDED LIST Photographers need monitors that meet the demands of accurate color, contrast and detail without creating unneeded eye strain.  We've sorted through the variety of screens to provide our recommended list.

Professional labs across the US are making plans to join us on the Professional Workflow 2 tour - some are going to all 38 cities with us. Why?  Because we present the digital workflow that works for you and for your lab.  Come see how well it works - register online.

Click here for more details on the awesome new program. THE ULTIMATE PRO SCHOOL - SHOOTSMARTER UNIVERSITY:

TWO cool new 4 day "hands-on" courses at SSU:

MASTERING CANON DIGITAL WORKFLOW with digital expert Chris Grey Ever wonder what it would be like to really unleash the power locked inside your Canon equipment? Are you looking for the facts about Canon-specific digital workflow to help you gain speed, confidence and control over your images? Join us for this all digital, all Canon course and discover the power of professional workflow.

DIGITAL WEDDING ESSENTIALS with Jim Tweedie This "hands-on" course, presented by one of the top digital wedding shooters in Chicago, will provide the real life info you need to move your work up into  the top levels of digital wedding photography.
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Lecturica uichendoasa sau - de Dinu Lazar la: 18/12/2004 08:38:23
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Tacutii foto cafegii pot totusi citi cit se aduce o cafea noua :

And we thought business slowed down in the holiday season.
This week's update to PDNOnline includes lots of news on new
ad campaigns, people on the move, who's shooting what, product
news and more.

Newswire :

-How one advertising photographer's marketing pitch paid off
and lead to an ad shoot for Reebok.

-Advertising special: Which photographers shot pop star
Thalia for the new Hershey's campaign, BBDO Chicago's new ads
for Big Red, the Zoo York ad campaign, recent projects for
Ralph Lauren and L'Oreal, a project for Epson, a Harley
Davidson advertorial, a Colgate MaxClean ad for Y&R Toronto,
and lots more. ($ premium for subscribers only.)

-People on the Move is packed. New photo editors at Adweek and
Absolute; Dallas Morning News's Ken Geiger gets a new gig; a
new CD hired at Mullen; new talent at Stockland Martel, Patti
Schumann and ZUMA Press; SuperStock's new CEO. ($ premium for
subscribers only.)

-In Memoriam: Craig Aurness, stock pioneer and photographer.

-Kodak's layoffs continue in Canada and Europe.

-In France, a former Corbis Sygma photo editor has launched a
photo portal to help independent photojournalism agencies
compete with the big players.

Newswire Index


Feature: A City In Flux

Photographer Douglas Levere talks about the work behind his
new book: a collection of images meticulously recreating
photos in Abbott's landmark "Changing New York" -- same time
of day, same time of year, same kind of camera. Compare
Abbott's and Levere's images side by side to enjoy a tribute
to a great photographer, a curiously engaging work of urban
and architectural history.

----- adv -----

Discover the Power of VisionAge...

...and discover how you can win a new E-300 Evolt from
Olympus. This month in VisionAge, you'll also discover how the
America 24/7 project came together from the perspective of
Olympus photographers Anne Day, Stephen Marc, and Kristen
Ashburn. Also, learn the latest color management techniques
with Andrew Rodney and go "Behind the Shot" with legendary
National Geographic photographer Bert Fox as he goes deep to
shoot the Titanic.

What To Do During Your Christmas Vacation

Take a look through the best work you've shot over the past
year and decide what you want to enter into PDN's 2005 Photo
Annual. The deadline is approaching. Entry forms and details
on the contest rules --including information on our new stock
photography category-- are all available at PDNOnline.

This is our last newsletter of the year! If important news
breaks in the next two weeks, we'll post it on our site, but
we won't be sending out another email alert until January.

To all our readers and newsletter subscribers: Best wishes for
a happy, prosperous and peaceful 2005.

The Editors
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Fotografu` francez - de Dinu Lazar la: 14/04/2005 12:13:35
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Sa comparam cam cum e fotograful francez cu cam ce e pe la noi...

Description de la fonction

Créatif généralement free-lance travaillant pour le compte de clients directs ou d'agences de communication, le photographe réalise les prises de vues qui seront utilisées sur différents types de supports imprimés.
Aujourd'hui, cette définition ne correspond cependant plus à la réalité de la profession, les besoins en recrutement étant surtout tournés vers le travail en laboratoire, qui représente près de 90% des offres d'emplois. La profession traverse donc une crise identitaire, accentuée par l'apparition de nouvelles technologies comme le numérique.
Les postes proposés par les laboratoires de photographie (20 à 300 personnes) sont de nature soit technique (développeur, tireur-filtreur) soit manageriale (responsable d'équipe).
Dans la prise de vue qui reste l'activité " artistique " du secteur, on assiste à une hyper-segmentation des professionnels qui exige à chaque fois la parfaite maîtrise de techniques bien particulières : photographie publicitaire, de mode, de spectacle, d'art, sportive, industrielle, d'illustration, aérienne, médicale, de boutique, généraliste etc.

Accessibilité et salaire

Les laboratoires photographiques étant confrontés à une pénurie de main d'œuvre qualifiés, les jeunes diplômés ne rencontrent pas de difficultés à trouver un premier emploi, proposant des possibilités de formation en interne et d'évolution intéressantes.
Il n'en va pas de même pour la prise de vue, les places étant rares et chères. Ainsi, un jeune assistant sera le plus souvent peu rémunéré voire pas du tout s'il intègre un studio réputé, ce poste étant considéré comme un complément à sa formation. A noter des chances d'intégration plus importantes dans la prise de vues industrielle.
Le niveau de salaire est extrêmement variable en laboratoire, du smic à 9000 Frs par mois selon le type de poste occupé. Le photographe indépendant est rémunéré quant à lui, soit à la prise de vues, soit à la journée.

Qualités requises

Créativité, sens artistique, parfaite technique photographique, réactivité, organisation, autonomie, sens des responsabilités, aptitudes à la négociation et à la gestion pour les indépendants.


CAP Photographe et Photographe option retouche (en 3 ans après la 3°), BAC Professionnel Artisanat et Métiers d'Art option photographie, BTS Photographie (en 2 ans après, de préférence, un Bac scientifique ou technique), DEUG et MST Image Photographique (Université Paris VIII et Université d'Aubagne), DNSEP (Diplôme National Supérieur d'Expression plastique : formation en 5 ans après la classe de Terminale. Ecoles des Beaux Arts d'Angers, de Marseille, de Metz, de Mulhouse et d'Orléans), ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs : formation en 3 ans. Paris), Ecole Nationale de la Photographie (Formation en 3 ans : Arles)
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afirmatii gratuite sau sprijinite de evidenta stiintifica? - de Cassandra la: 02/05/2005 17:08:06
(la: Oamenii devin homosexuali/lesbiene, sau se nasc asa ?)
"se pare ca n-ai gasit pe internet explicatia stiintifica a acelui "complex proces de simbioza". N-o mai cauta ca nici n-ai s-o gasesti, pentru ca nu exista."

Exista si poate fi gasita de cei care stiu ce si unde sa caute:

Symbiosis as a mechanism of evolution: status of cell symbiosis theory.
Margulis L, Bermudes D. Symbiosis. 1985;1:101-24.
Department of Biology, Boston University, MA 02215, USA.

Several theories for the origin of eukaryotic (nucleated) cells from prokaryotic (bacterial) ancestors have been published: the progenote, the direct filiation and the serial endosymbiotic theory (SET). Compelling evidence for two aspects of the SET is now available suggesting that both mitochondria and plastids originated by symbioses with a third type of microbe, probably a Thermoplasma-like archaebacterium ancestral to the nucleocytoplasm. Recognizing the power of symbiosis to recombine in single individual semes from widely differing partners, we develop the idea that symbiosis has been important in the origin of species and higher taxa. The abrupt origin of novel life forms through the formation of stable symbioses is consistent with certain patterns of evolution (e.g punctuated equilibria) described by some paleontologists.

The ring of life provides evidence for a genome fusion origin of eukaryotes.
Rivera MC, Lake JA. Nature. 2004 Sep 9;431(7005):152-5.
Molecular Biology Institute, MCD Biology, University of California, Los Angeles 90095, USA.

Our analyses indicate that the eukaryotic genome resulted from a fusion of two diverse prokaryotic genomes, and therefore at the deepest levels linking prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Cell symbiosis [correction of symbioisis] theory: status and implications for the fossil record.
Margulis L, Stolz JF. Adv Space Res. 1984;4(12):195-201. Department of Biology, Boston University, MA 02215, USA.

Modern biological techniques, especially nucleic acid and protein sequencing, have clearly established the validity of the symbiotic theory of the origin of eukaryotic organelles. The serial endosymbiotic theory in its most extreme form states that three classes of eukaryotic cell organelles (mitochondria, plastids and undulipodia) originated as free-living bacteria (aerobic respirers, phototrophic bacteria and spirochetes respectively) in association with hosts that become the nucleocytoplasm (Thermoplasma-like archaebacterial hosts).

Sint numai citeva articole din miile existente in bazele de date stiintifice, disponibile in Internet.

De invatat - de Dinu Lazar la: 14/08/2005 08:08:05
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Un link important pentru oricine are sau zice ca are sau chiar n-are legatura cu fotografia profesionala dar vrea sa stie cum merg lucrurile:
Si inca o chestie tare:
Si bomboana pe coliva, citeva fraze care pun punctul pe i:
Once a year we rent out a large
meeting room at a downtown hotel, send out hundreds of invitations to
potential buyers of our services, and for $25 or so, we each get a table to
display our wares. We may use pretty much whatever methods we want to catch
the attention of attendees. The other event we sponsor is a portfolio
showcase, wherein we rent space at a local gallery once a year and put up
our photos, layouts, etc., on boards, on the walls and on easels. We invite
hundreds to this event as well. It is more of a passive interaction. All of
the creatives involved try to be in attendance, but that is not required. I
have found it helpful to be on site to answer any questions and to smooze.
On the other hand,the seminars I have attended have been informational, like
a Photoshop techniques or Epson or a Fuji. I can't say that attending
seminars would or would not be helpful for you or anyone else. For me, I
always pick up at least one useful bit of information. I think that everyone
has to come up with his/her own mix of promotion. For me, I seem to get more
work as I get out and about, interact, give out cards, get all the free
promo I can. My hard copy portfolio has gone out only once in the last three
years, to Parade Magazine. I was stunned to learn that they still want to
see trannys and/or tear sheets, not just the cyber equivalent.
Good luck with the web site, and with it's promotion. As far as people
stealing your work, I really believe there is no way to completely eliminate
that. I just keep stuff lo res, watermarked, etc. I have not designed a web
site, but a couple of photo friends have, and they say that Adobe GoLive is
just point and click. Takes about half a hour, so I hear. If this student
web designer daughter of a friend of mine does not come through with my
personal site very soon, I will try GoLive.
I hasten to add a disclaimer: If I had all the answers, or just a few of
them I would be clipping coupons in Bermuda just to keep busy, living off my
trust fund and sipping faux pina coladas (can't drink alcohol, but love the
beach). What sites are some of your photos on?
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sper sa nu fi suparat pe cine - de Ivy la: 10/09/2005 09:57:37
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "5")
sper sa nu fi suparat pe cineva cu gluma anterioara..

mai am intradevar e grozava..




Note: due to the complexity and level of difficulty, each course will accept a maximum of eight participants

The course covers two days, and topics covered in this course include:



Step by step guide with slide presentation

Roundtable discussion

Practicing with hamper (Pictures and graphics)

Debate among a panel of experts.

Losing the remote control to your significant other - Help line and support groups

Starting with looking in the right place instead of turning the house upside down while screaming - Open forum


Group discussion and role play

PowerPoint presentation

Real life testimonial from the one man who did

Driving simulation

Online class and role playing

Relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques

Bring your calendar or PDA to class

Individual counselors available
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Sunt mai multe feluri de yoga - de mya la: 07/10/2005 01:24:45
(la: Ce credeti despre yoga)
Sunt mai multe feluri de yoga. Uite aici cate ceva despre subiect daca te intereseaza, numai ca e in engleza textul. Regrete sincere ca nu l-am tradus.

<"i>Yoga is a form of mysticism that developed on the Indian subcontinent in the Hindu cultural context. Its origin is impossible to trace, because it dates back to before recorded history. Yoga comes in many forms specifically designed to suit different types of people. As a result, some forms of yoga have gained significant popularity outside India, particularly in the West during the past century.


The word Yoga originates from the Sanskrit word "Yuj" (literally, "to yoke") and is generally translated as "union" - "integration" - to yoke, attach, join, unite. Yoga is therefore the union and integration of every aspect of a human being, from the innermost to the external. According to Yoga experts, the union referred to by the name is that of the individual soul with the cosmos, or the Supreme.

Yoga has both a philosophical and a practical dimension. The philosophy of yoga ("union") deals with the nature of the individual soul and the cosmos, and how the two are related. The practice of yoga, on the other hand, can be any activity that leads or brings the practitioner closer to this mystical union - a state called self-realization. Over thousands of years, special practical yoga techniques have been developed by experts in yoga, who are referred to as Yogis (male) and Yoginis (female).

These Yoga techniques cover a broad range, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual activities. Traditionally, they have been classified into four categories or paths: the path of meditation (Raja Yoga), the path of devotion (Bhakti Yoga), the path of selfless service to the Divine (Karma Yoga), and the path of intellectual analysis or the discrimination of truth and reality (Jnana Yoga). The most conspicuous form of yoga in the West, Hatha Yoga - consisting of various physical and breathing exercises and purification techniques - is actually the third and the fourth stages of Ashtanga Yoga of Yoga Sutras by Patanjali.

Clients and friends enjoy Yoga as means of bringing balance into their lives. They report greater clarity in their meditations and a sense of releasing issues that hold them back.

Yoga enhances every facet of physical fitness the mind/body energy exchange supports a mental clarity and concentration. The strength improves posture/alignment to support our daily activities. The flexibility helps to prevent injuries and keeps us supple and youthful. The breathing practices are the foundation and the link between the mind and the body, providing a valuable tool for releasing tension and reducing stress.

The practice of yoga teaches us how to quiet the mind by placing attention on the breath, and also on the movement (stillness) of the body. "
ultimele, parol! - de om la: 12/12/2005 20:07:49
(la: Pentru orice problema exista o solutie)
The Puzzles
The man in the Elevator
A man lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every day he takes the elevator to go down to the ground floor to go to work or to go shopping. When he returns he takes the elevator to the seventh floor and walks up the stairs to reach his apartment on the tenth floor. He hates walking so why does he do it?
This is probably the best known and most celebrated of all lateral thinking puzzles. It is a true classic. Although there are many possible solutions which fit the initial conditions, only the canonical answer is truly satisfying.

The Man who Hanged Himself
Not far from Madrid, there is a large wooden barn. The barn is completely empty except for a dead man hanging from the middle of the central rafter. The rope around his neck is ten feet long and his feet are three feet off the ground. The nearest wall is 20 feet away from the man. It is not possible to climb up the walls or along the rafters. The man hanged himself. How did he do it?

Death in a Field
A man is lying dead in a field. Next to him there is an unopened package. There is no other creature in the field. How did he die?

Anthony and Cleopatra
Anthony and Cleopatra are lying dead on the floor of a villa in Egypt. Nearby is a broken bowl. There is no mark on either of their bodies and they were not poisoned. How did they die?

The Coal, Carrot and Scarf
Five pieces of coal, a carrot and a scarf are lying on the lawn. Nobody put them on the lawn but there is a perfectly logical reason why they should be there. What is it?

Trouble with Sons
A woman had two sons who were born on the same hour of the same day of the same year. But they were not twins, and they were not adopted. How could this be so?

Push that Car
A man pushed his car. He stopped when he reached a hotel at which point he knew he was bankrupt. Why?

The Arm of the Postal Service
One day a man received a parcel in the post. Carefully packed inside was a human arm. He examined it, repacked it and then sent it on to another man. The second man also carefully examined the arm before taking it to the woods and burying it. Why did they do this?
This one probably has more variations than any other. A great one to puzzle out. It requires plenty of good questions.

A man died and went to Heaven. There were thousands of other people there. They were all naked and all looked as they did at the age of 21. He looked around to see if there was anyone he recognised. He saw a couple and he knew immediately that they were Adam and Eve. How did he know?

A man rode into town on Friday. He stayed for three nights and then left on Friday. How come?
A silly one - but it is surprisingly popular.

Manhole Covers
Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones?
This is logical rather than lateral, but it is a good puzzle which can be solved by lateral thinking techniques. It is supposedly used by a very well-known software company as an interview question for prospective employees.

The Deadly Party
A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why did the man not die?

The Deadly Dish
Two men went into a restaurant. They both ordered the same dish from the menu. After they tasted it, one of the men went outside the restaurant and shot himself. Why?

The Realization
A man was walking downstairs in a building when he suddenly realized that his wife had just died. How?

The Blind Beggar
A blind beggar had a brother who died. What relation was the blind beggar to the brother who died? (Brother is not the answer).

The Broken Match
A man is found dead in a field. He is clutching a broken match. What happened?

The Music Stopped
The music stopped. She died. Explain.

Swimmer in the Forest
Deep in the forest was found the body of a man who was wearing only swimming trunks, snorkel and facemask. The nearest lake was 8 miles away and the sea was 100 miles away. How had he died?
This is supposedly based on a true incident. Does this make it an urban legend? Many urban legends can be restated as lateral thinking puzzles. This is a very good one of this type.

The Elder Twin
One day Kerry celebrated her birthday. Two days later her older twin brother, Terry, celebrated his birthday. How come?

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Lanţul infinit; Interpretarea Copenhaga - de anadi108 la: 13/06/2006 19:55:17
(la: Absolutul şi Cauzalitatea)
Bombastus a scris:
citându-l pe anadi
'Introducerea conceptului de lanţ cauzal infinit, nu are nici o bază,
ci e o speculatie fără nici un suport experimental, '

Matematicienii sint destul de obisnuiti cu notiunea de 'infinit'. In filozofie suportul experimental nu este obligatoriu, doar logica.

În filozofie suportul experimental este esenţial,
o filozofie fără suport experimental este o speculaţie, nu un adevăr.
iar logica nu este un criteriu de adevăr,
ci doar un mechanism, care poate duce la minciuni
dacă premisele de la care se pleacă sunt minciuni.

Bombastus a scris:

Interpretarea din Copenhaga, 1927. faptul ca Einstein si alti oameni de stiinta au crezut pina in ceasul mortii ca va fi descoperita o cauza pentru pentru comportamentul indeterminist observat al particulelor cuantice, nu este un argument.

Replică :
Nu e vorba de nici o credinţă că va fi descoperită o cauză, ci de postularea unor variabile ascunse, necunoscute, care fac imposibilă predictibiliatea fenomenelor cuantice.
Problema e că se confundă predictibilitatea cu cauzalitatea.

Arată, te rog, cum caracterul indeterminist al particulelor cuantice sunt o dovadă pentru evenimente fără cauză.

Bombastus a scris:
Esti la curent cu progresele stiintei din 1927 incoace?

Te rog citeşte aici:

The causal stochastic approach is 'the only known interpretation of quantum mechanics in terms of which all quantum effects can be explained on the basis of causal continuous motions in space and time' (p. 142). It has no place for the ill-defined notion of wave-packet collapse. There is only a 'pseudo-collapse', which 'simply represents a change of our knowledge and does not correspond to any real physical changes in the state of the system' (p. 147). Vigier says that even if the quantum-potential approach 'is not taken as a fully satisfactory description of quantum mechanical reality, it at least shows in a clear way the features that such a description must entail' (p. 169).

Vigier shows how, in stark contrast to the Copenhagen interpretation, the causal interpretation is able to provide an intelligible and visualizable explanation of key experiments such as the double-slit experiment and neutron-interferometry experiments (pp. 137-72). In the double-slit experiment, if both slits are open an interference pattern builds up on the screen even if electrons approach the slits one at a time. In the Copenhagen interpretation, a single particle supposedly passes in some indefinable sense through both slits and interferes with itself, whereas in the causal approach each particle passes through only one slit whereas the pilot wave passes through both. If a device is used to detect through which slit each particle travels, the interference pattern disappears. In the Copenhagen interpretation, the measurement collapses the wave function, whereas in the causal approach it affects the real pilot wave. The Copenhagen interpretation claims that any path-determining measurement will destroy the interference pattern, whereas the causal interpretation predicts that interference will persist if future techniques allow a sufficiently subtle, nondemolition measurement to be performed.

Neutron-interferometry experiments reproduce the double-slit configuration with massive particles and introduce new interaction possibilities through neutron spin. In these experiments, something exchanges energy with the spin-flip coils in the two arms of the interferometer, and this interaction almost certainly involves real neutrons rather than nebulous probability waves. Although such experiments cannot yet determine the path of each individual neutron, they prove 'the incompleteness of the quantum-mechanical Copenhagen description because the persistence of an interference pattern is combined with the existence of a definite trajectory for each particle, a fact forbidden in the Copenhagen interpretation' (p. 257). In other words, the wave and particle aspects of matter can manifest simultaneously in the same experimental setup, thereby contradicting the complementarity principle.

Vigier argues that quantum entanglement (EPR-type) experiments leave no doubt that quantum mechanics is a nonlocal theory, i.e. that quantum systems can show correlations that cannot be explained in terms of classical forces or signals propagating at or slower than the speed of light. However, the EPR experiments conducted to date still contain loopholes, and Chebotarev puts the probability of nonlocal connections at about 90% (for a dissident view, see Thompson, 1998). Vigier proposes that nonlocal interactions are not absolutely instantaneous but causal and superluminal; they are mediated by the quantum potential, carried by superluminal phase waves in a Dirac-type ether consisting of superfluid states of particle-antiparticle pairs. (If superluminal connections were brought about by individual particles rather than phase waves, this would contradict relativity theory, which Vigier upholds.)
Vigier writes:
In my opinion the most important development to be expected in the near future concerning the foundations of quantum physics is a revival, in modern covariant form, of the ether concept of the founding fathers of the theory of light . . . [I]t now appears that the vacuum is a real physical medium which presents some surprising properties . . . (p. 272)

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The UPDIG consortium - de Dinu Lazar la: 06/11/2006 06:15:44
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
The UPDIG consortium succesfully presented at the Photo Plus in New York,
Version 2 of the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines (originally
posted in their website last October ).

We should encourage each and everyone involved in commercial digital photography
to download this documents and actually submit the info to stubborn clients ,
designers and everyone in the digital food chain, as to be able to provide a
better approach to standard procedures for delivery, archiving etc.

It is never the last word in these matters, but so far it is a comprehensive
and massively endorsed set of methods and techniques, worth reviewing it.

Actually, ASMP and other groups are suggesting that photographers who are
compliant of the UPDIG methods and techniques should "help the cause" clearly
stating it in their invoices, websites etc.

At the very least, it sets a point of reference against which to compare results,
and a common sense ground to discuss with less knowledgeable people.

So, please, download the pdf documents, familiarize with their contents and keep
them handy for reference.
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honey - de queenmary la: 12/04/2007 18:02:44
(la: gandirea pozitiva)
NLP - Neuro-linguistic programming
"NLP's core idea is that an individual's thoughts, gestures and words interact to create one's perception of the world. By changing one's outlook, therefore, a person can improve his attitudes and actions. These observations can be changed by applying a variety of techniques.
NLP teaches that a person can develop successful habits by amplifying helpful behaviors and diminishing negative ones. Positive change can come when one carefully reproduces the behaviors and beliefs of successful people (called 'modeling'). It also states that all human beings have all the resources necessary for success within themselves." (Wikipedia)
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intrusu - de anisia la: 13/08/2008 14:01:15
(la: Despre toleranţă, cu Andrei Pleşu )
pai ce, mamica... tu crezi ca pe-ala de colorat ti-l pasam? hahaa... nu mai nene, daca-ti faci o pomana, fa-o completa... ia-l p-ala de techniques and elements of finance... sa vezi distractie :((

... si george nu mai vine....
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Ja genau! :) - de PROUDFRECKLED la: 09/11/2009 14:39:20 Modificat la: 09/11/2009 14:46:55
(la: oamenii lui Juza)
For me being a nature photographer means walking in grass fields at sunrise to take macro photos; being fascinated by the view of a little bug; watching with awe a sunset between the mountains, when the landscape is bathed into the golden light...

I have begun using Photoshop years ago and now I consider it an essential component of my work. Photoshop is an extraordinary tool and I highly recommend to everyone to spend some time learning how to post-process his photos: being able to careful post process a photo is almost as important as being able to master the techniques in the field!

*** - de Daniel Racovitan la: 12/09/2010 14:50:02
(la: Ştim ce ne schimbă şi mai ales cum? )
"Şi ce putere de predicţie mai are aşa zisa futurologie?"

nici una.
futurologia e bullshit.

nimeni nu a fost capabil sa prezica razboaiele mondiale.
nimeni nu a prezis criza din 1933.
nimeni nu a prezis colapsul financiar mondial din ultimii ani.
nimeni nu a prezis conflictul care a distrus Libanul.

post-evenimente e simplu sa faci teorii si sa incardrezi povestea astfel incat sa se potriveasca cu anumite teorii, si asta e jobul istoricilor
(hint: "hindshight bias", "narrative fallacy")

Iata ce spune un ateu, premiat Nobel - de zaraza sc la: 26/08/2013 12:59:27 Modificat la: 26/08/2013 13:07:41
(la: Tor, Matricea universala, energia libera, dominatia globala... si alte "stupiditati"...)

citatul care urmeaza e de pe net:
"Dr. Michio Kaku, unul dintre oamenii de știință care a participat la realizarea studiului, susține că déjà vu-ul provine din abilitatea oamenilor de a trece, sub o formă sau alta, dintr-un univers paralel în altul. Această teorie este una îndrăzneață, fără prea multă bază reală, dar astfel se deschid noi drumuri spre înțelegerea unui sentiment atât de bizar.
Fizicianul Steve Weinberg, laureat al Premiului Nobel, confirmă teoria lui Kaku, și ne asigură că trăim într-un multivers, în care există un număr impresionant de mare de universuri paralele. Astfel, realitatea noastră, cea de care suntem conștienți, se petrece și în alte lumi paralele, dar sub alte forme.

Pentru ca lucrurile să fie înțelese pe deplin, Weinberg a comparat realitățile cu frecvențele radio. Realitatea de care suntem conștienți este la o anumită frecvență, la care creierul nostru s-a adaptat, dar în același loc, în același moment, există o multitudine de alte frecvențe. În acest fel, chiar în momentul în care executăm o anumită acțiune, pe frecvențe diferite se propagă universurile paralele.

Déjà vu-ul se poate produce în clipa în care în creier se intersectează mai multe frecvențe ale realităților paralele. El primește informații din diverse realități și nu poate să le gestioneze transformându-le în amintiri. Atunci când în realitate se petrece un lucru asemănător intervine sentimentul de déjà vu."

M-am dus pe wikipedia sa ma conving ca Weinberg chiar a spus asta si daca nu cumva a luat-o si el razna ca cel de mai sus.

Si mi-a placut ce am gasit. Daca Weinberg e ateu, atunci sunt si eu! Cu o asemenea credinta n-am fost niciodata de acord. Astea sunt dovezi ca religia pe pamant e manipulare.

"Frederick Douglass told in his Narrative how his condition as a slave became worse when his master underwent a religious conversion that allowed him to justify slavery as the punishment of the children of Ham. Mark Twain described his mother as a genuinely good person, whose soft heart pitied even Satan, but who had no doubt about the legitimacy of slavery, because in years of living in antebellum Missouri she had never heard any sermon opposing slavery, but only countless sermons preaching that slavery was God's will. With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion."

google translate traduce asa:
(cititi printre randuri daca nu stiti engleza)

"Frederick Douglass a spus în povestirea ce starea lui ca un sclav a devenit mai rău atunci când stăpânul său a suferit o transformare religioasă care i-a permis pentru a justifica sclavia ca pedeapsa a copiilor lui Ham. Mark Twain a descris mama sa ca un om cu adevărat bun, al cărui moale inima milă chiar Satana, dar care nu a avut nici o îndoială cu privire la legitimitatea sclaviei, pentru că în anii de viață în Antebellum Missouri ea nu a auzit nici o predică se opune sclaviei, dar numai nenumărate predici predicând că sclavia a fost voia lui Dumnezeu. cu sau fără religie, bine oamenii se pot comporta bine și oamenii răi pot face rău, ci pentru oamenii buni sa nu faca rau - care ia religie ".

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