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Pride and prejudice - de thebrightside la: 16/01/2006 16:36:15
(la: Mândrie si prejudecata)
Termenul 'mandrie' are pt mine o conotatie pozitiva. Mandrie inseamna sa fii capabil sa te autoapreciezi obiectiv. Daca te autoapreciezi prea tare si in gura mare... se vede treaba ca ai orgoliu. Care, la mine cel putin, are conotatie negativa. Nu pot sa inghit oamenii care se lauda singuri, nici cu tone de lamaie.
Prejudecati? Subiect prea vast. Crestem cu ele. Sunt atat de puternic inradacinate in mentalitatea colectiva, incat de multe ori nici nu suntem constienti ca le avem. Foarte greu de schimbat.
E buna mandria? Yep.
Orgoliul? L-am aruncat. Undeva in cursul existentei mele, am ajuns la concluzia ca, daca vrei sa comunici eficient cu ceilalti, este imperios necesar a te detasa de orice argumente de genul "Nu sun io, ca nu da bine", "Daca recunosc, ma fac de kkt". Asta nu inseamna ca ma las calcata in picioare. No way. Demnitatea trebuie sa si-o pastreze fiecare.
Prejudecati? Am destule. Dar incerc sa le constientizez - e primul pas pentru a scapa de ele. A-i observa pe ceilalti ce etichete pun si cand, ajuta foarte mult. In general, ma straduiesc sa nu las prejudecatile sa se transforme in discriminare. Sux.
Arizona Dream - de Honey in the Sunshine la: 20/02/2006 22:04:23
(la: Cele mai bune filme)
Arizona Dream
The hours
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
Der Untergang
Schindler's List
The pianist
Annie Hall
Everybody says I love you
Girl Interrupted
Secret Window
Requiem for a dream
Finding Neverland
Portocala mecanica
Eyes Wide Shut
Pride and prejudice (ultima varianta)
Lolita (dupa romanul lui Nabokov, cu Jeremy Irons)
The Mercant of Venice (Pacino e genial!)
25th Hour
Marele dictator
Big Fish
American History X
Pulp Fiction
Legaturile primejdioase (varianta lui Milos Forman)
Dirty Dancing
Lost in translation
A room with a view
The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
The dreamers
Io ballo da sola
La vita è bella
Virgin Suicides
Todo su mi madre
etc, etc, etc

What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream? Or what's worse, what if only that fat guy in the third row exists? - W. Allen
*** - de Yuki la: 30/12/2008 22:58:56
(la: Ghiceste cartea)
pride and prejudice
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yuki - de Honey in the Sunshine la: 04/11/2009 19:49:56
(la: Literatura in ziua de azi)
da, cred ca ai dreptate:))
probabil ultima ecranizare a lui "Pride and Prejudice" si filmul inspirat din viata lui Austen au contribuit mult la reinnascuta popularitate.
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"Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen" - de Intruder la: 04/11/2009 21:53:40
(la: Literatura in ziua de azi)
nu-nteleg ce naiba are cartea asta si cum poate sa prinda atat de mult la cititorii secolului 21! am incercat sa citesc si e searbada, lesinata...marog.

altfel, votez cu Harry Potter...mie mi-a placut, ce sa fac? :))
Stevie Ray Vaughan - 'Pride a - de Realdo la: 06/09/2006 19:43:48
(la: Muzica)
Stevie Ray Vaughan - 'Pride and Joy'

"Wanna see a miracle? Be one."
Lectura de luni; de pe o lista de discutii adevarate - de Dinu Lazar la: 25/04/2004 23:25:08
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Gordon Parks is and always has been one of my personal heroes.
Born in FT Scott, KS in 1915, he spent his early years in Kansas City.
The camera was his "weapon of choice" (his phrase) to battle bigotry, racism and prejudice, upholding the very best ideals of photojournalism.
He did groundbreaking photo essays for Life magazine. But his creative energies and considerable intellect also pushed him to be a director of films, including "Shaft;" he choreographed a ballet, is a poet, musician, and author of a number of books.
In today's Kansas City Star there is an excellent page one article by Lisa Gutierrez with terrific photos by Dolores Johnson.> If you don't have access to a copy, here is the online link:

I respectfully submit that if you can afford to spend ten minutes out of what I am sure is a busy day, it would be worthwhile reading.
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Chitari suparate! - de mya la: 03/08/2004 13:26:41
(la: Muzica)
"Pride and Joy"...Stevie Ray Vaughan
Cum fac altii bani din fotografie???? - de Dinu Lazar la: 18/10/2005 17:52:46
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Simplu: muncind.
Iata un raspuns pe tema asta:

There is enormous opportunity for stock photographers today, provided they are talented, business-focused and highly productive ... Far more opportunity than just a few years ago when all the challenges of digital workflow and distribution were still unclear.

I submit to the readership that success is not a question of any one agency or portal or platform or method. These days, one must diversify by creating a "pecking order" of submissions that cascades from the sales channels that create the highest dollar return per image, down to the lowest. At some point, pride and conscious must kick in.
But, that is more of a political issue than an economic one.

Every image (and its keywording) should be created at maximum quality - the best you can be. Then, I would suggest that each photographer find their Submission Hierarchy - an inverted pyramid with the most revenue coming from the top tier. Images that are rejected by each tier (or if that sales channel is non-exclusive and permits distribution
elsewhere) rotate to the next level for re-submission.
Eventually, all images will be making money someplace.
Methodical submission tracking is needed. Start as high on the list as the quality of your imagery will permit.

One possible Submission Hierarchy:

1. Mega-Marketers - the large, well-known agencies (that are also portals and distributors) 2. Paid inclusion of the photographer's choosing at these mega-marketers 3. Direct sales from a personal website (which must be searchable and e-commerce enabled) with direct marketing via search engines (ie,, 4. Mid-tier or specialty stock photo agencies (only names you've heard of) 5. A portal or several portals (the bigger, the better) 6. Subscription royalty-free sites (this is a quantity game) 7. Micropayment sites 8. The trash can

At some point, the effort to submit will not be worth the return on investment. At that point, you're better off to use your time to create something new than in squeezing out every last dime of value from an existing image. Remember to include your general office overhead (insurance, depreciation, etc.) as well as membership/service fees in determining if you're making or loosing money on submissions to each sales channel.

Potentially, one can make a few hundred dollars per image per year for every photo on file at the top of the list, sliding down to a few dollars per image at the bottom. At some levels, the quantity of images is more important than their quality or where they are on file.

Ultimately, the goal is to maximize your time creating. This is possible only by maximizing your return on time and investment during the submission process.
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Happy St Pats day!! - de Horia D la: 17/03/2006 16:27:00
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "8")
An Irish Blessing

May you always have...
A sunbeam to warm you,
Good luck to charm you,
And a sheltering angel
so nothing can harm you.
Laughter to cheer you,
Faithful friends near you,
And whenever you pray...
Heaven to hear you.

Count your blessings instead of your crosses;
Count your gains instead of your losses.
Count your joys instead of your woes;
Count your friends instead of your foes.
Count your smiles instead of your tears;
Count your courage instead of your fears.
Count your full years instead of your lean;
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
Count your health instead of your wealth;
Love your neighbour as much as yourself.

May there always be work for your hands to do;
May your Purse always hold a coin or two; 
May the sun always shine on your windowpane; 
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain; 
May the hand of a friend always be near you; 
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Hills as green as emeralds
Cover the countryside
Lakes as blue as sapphires-
And Ireland's special pride
And rivers that shine like silver
Make Ireland look so fair-
But the friendliness of her people
Is the richest treasure there.

When the first light of sun- Bless you
When the long day is done- Bless you
In your smiles and your tears- Bless you
Through each day of your years- Bless you.
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*** - de alex boldea la: 11/10/2009 19:29:07
(la: radio cafeneaua)
faina muzica pe radio cafeneaua, nimic de zis :)

pot si eu?

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy
Asculta mai multe audio Muzica

hope it works, e stevie ray vaughan - pride n' joy
Sex,drugs,alcohol and rock'n roll - de Little Eagle la: 01/03/2004 14:03:16
(la: Droguri)
My friend,

Poate am facut o greseala. Se pare ca tu personal nu ai fost atras de cele spuse de mine mai sus si evident nu ai fost curios macar sa incerci a fuma un JOINT ,pacat... mai bine sus in corcodus decit la umbra unuia uscat! Si totusi cred ca sint oameni in cafenea care au incercat odata in viata lor.
Nu cred ca-i deloc condamnabil si in final sa lasam pe altii sa faca comentarii care stiu despre ce am vorbit.

"Just remember love is life
And hate is living death
Treat your life for what it's worth
And live for every breath."

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Daniel Racovitan - de amoore la: 17/03/2004 10:06:22
(la: Romani in strainatate)
Aseara 16 martie pe un canal al televiziuni englezesti milioane au vizionat un program numit DAILY MIRROR PRIDE OF BRITAIN AWARDS 2004

M-a uimit Cornel (adoptat in 1994 de o familie engleza)
in virsta de 12 ani nascut in romania;fara miini si fara un picior cu gestul pe care l-a facut pentru un alt copil in acest caz pentu Ali Abbas - copilul din Iraq

Cornel a inotat 1,000 de metrii si strins 4,050 de lire pt Limbless Association's Ali Fund.

Nu are legatura cu topica de aici, stiu....dar am vrut sa-l impartasesc cu voi...

Vazindu-l pe Cornel si aflind ca e roman....mi-au dat primul lucru care mi-a trecut prin minte a fost:
Daca el vrea sa faca ceva pentru o persona care e mai "neajutorata "decit el, atunci ce facem noi pentru ai nostrii?

Nu stiu poate acesta poate fi o nou forum...daca tot sugerzi sa-l inchidem pe acesta.....

Eu inca nu pot lansa unul...


PS Poza si textul original se pot gasi la
o copie este atasata



Cornel Hrisca-Munn swam for Ali Abbas

GOAL! Cornel raised thousands

THE plight of Iraqi youngster Ali Abbas touched all our hearts - but 12-year-old Cornel felt he was better placed than most to do something to help.

Despite having no arms and just one leg, Romanian-born Cornel swam 1,000 metres in 45 minutes, raising £4,050 for the Limbless Association's Ali Fund.

"Because I have no arms I had a feeling of what he was going through," says Cornel. "So I decided to do a sponsored swim."

Aid workers Doreen and Ken Munn - who brought Cornel to Worcestershire as a baby and adopted him in 1994, with the permission of his Romanian parents - are thrilled their son's achievement has earned him a Pride Of Britain award.

But Cornel says, modestly, "It was totally unexpected."

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Raspuns pt. Anita and thelinuxguy - de Ly la: 17/04/2004 12:07:12
(la: Irakul un al doilea Vietnam?)

Poti sa-ti pui aceeasi intrebare despre romani. Si multi altii. Altfel - hey e o lume de imagini si de multe ori conteaza imaginea proiectata (cuvintele multi nu le inteleg si nu le asculta) - la "popor", si connections and direct benefits pentru cei ce propun si imping pe cineva.

Anita47 - ai un stil cam pus pe polemica in general.

In orice caz nu am studiat pozitia lui Kerry vis-a vis de conflictul Israelo-Arab dar sunt sigura ca poti gasi detaliile care te intereseaza in site-ul lui. Ca sa fiu sincera eu m-am concentrat pe programul lui economic si cum vede celelate tari si aliante dianafara US.

Dar intr-o nota optimista pentru tine, bunicul lui Kerry a fost evreu ceh. Personal cred ca daca va fi Kerry la Casa Alba probabil ca aceeasi linie politica vsa Israel si teroristi va continua dar intr-un stil mai asezonat si mai inclinat spre diplomatie. DAR NU i-am citit perspectiva.

Daca ai timp Anita, poate revii cu un summary la asta.
Pentru Paianjenul - de Florin si atat la: 17/04/2004 16:52:18
(la: Steagul romanesc pus in discutie)
Mai intii, cerindu-mi scuze gazdei, mi-as permite sa-ti raspund ca intrebarea despre rasism.

Copy mai jos definitiile rasismului din trei carti de referinta:

Doctrine advocating the superiority of one human race. Racism has been the avowed policy of certain regimes that, as a result, sanctioned slavery and discriminatory practices, such as the anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany and the apartheid system in South ...
(From World Encyclopedia in Encyclopedia)

the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race.
(From The Concise Oxford Dictionary in English Dictionaries & Thesauruses)

racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia, chauvinism, bigotry; anti-Semitism.
(From The Oxford Paperback Thesaurus in English Dictionaries & Thesauruses)

Asa ca, avind in vedere definitiile de mai sus, as spune ca urmatoarele afirmatii din banc sint/ ar fii un atac rasist:

1. …ca ar fi timpul ca si tiganii sa aiba o patrie a lor…
2. CIOARA - natia
3. VIOARA - ocupatia
4. CACATUL - situatia

Din pacate nu am dictionar romanesc sa vad daca imi dau dreptate.

Acum sa ne intoarcem la filfiirea drapelelor...:)

Multumesc pentru scurta istorie a Ciadului. Insa nu ma convinge...:) Nu cred ca Romania este 'responsabila' de nimic.
Tot ce am vrut eu sa spun este ca prea mult zgomot se face in ziare pentru nimic. Si daca ,Sus pusii, Romaniei 'au singe' ar ignora ce le spune ONU. Sint multe lucruri mai importante pe care altii nu le respecta.

Numai bine
Florin si atat
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Banii si fotografia - de Dinu Lazar la: 20/04/2004 01:00:53
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
The Getty Images Money Machine
The popular daily newspaper, USA Today, recently published a copyrighted article (by Byron Acohido) about the top stock photography agency in the world, Getty Images. Although the article focused on tracing Getty's successful rise to the top of the industry, it revealed some interesting numbers. Especially if you are considering working for the company as a freelancer.
First of all, let me reiterate my personal philosophy that I believe good
stock photography is the result of a photographer's (amateur or pro) abiding interest in specific subject areas. For example, wildlife, medicine,
education, children, aviation, sports, and so on. The resulting photographs have the opportunity to be both art and documentary. Eventually they may have historical significance and grow as an asset for a photographer's heirs. In the meantime, if the photographer finds matching markets for his or her interest areas, profits can be made.
If this is your worldview also, then you'll want to turn and run if a Getty recruiter asks you to be part of their freelancer team. Here's why.
I don't pretend to be an economics wizard, but in Pilgrim's Pride
Elementary School, I was pretty good at arithmetic. I think you'll agree
with me that the numbers presented in the USA Today article do not look pretty for freelancers.
They spin out like this.
The 2003 Getty Images gross revenue was $523.2 million, with net income of $64 million. (88% operating costs; 12% net profit). The author is quoted as saying 83% of Getty Images sales comes from freelancers. That's $434,256 ,000 in freelancer photos. Getty gives 40% of that to the freelancers.
That's $173,702,400 .
Getty has 2,500 freelancers (contributors), according to the author. That's $69,480.96 annually to a freelancer, or $190.36 per day (365/yr.).
Running a stock photo business can get to be a marathon, and get to be
expensive. Using Getty Image's own costs/net income ratio (88/12), that
would reduce a freelancer's $69,480.96 gross down to $8,337.72 net annually, or $22.84 per day. But since freelancers are known to be frugal, and government RMA annual statement studies show entrepreneurs to be Spartan,
let's lower the cost percentage (to 76%), and double the net income figure to 24% and make it $45.68 per day, ($5.75 per hour for an 8-hour day).
To produce images, most of your costs are going to be eaten up in camera equipment, travel costs, insurance, lodging and meals.

Want to read more of this article? Go to:
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Would you like to read your name in Paris, London and New York? - de Dinu Lazar la: 22/04/2004 06:22:10
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Dear Friend of Black and White Photography,

Would you like to read your name in Paris, London and New York?

Then take part and win:
your photo along with your name on the new AGFA MULTICONTRAST packages
your photo along with your name all over the world in a high-quality black and white photo calendar
and in addition one of 3 Hasselblad 501 CM cameras
or other prizes

Within the Subject "Move it!" AGFA is looking for the 12 best analogue black and white prints.

All professional photographers, students of photography and enthusiastic amateurs are welcome to join the competition which is still running up to the 28th of May 2004.

Further information as well as the entry form can be found at:

Please, tell your colleagues and friends of our competition and forward this message!

We are looking forward to lots of exciting high-quality photos.

With best regards,

Your Agfa Black and White Team

Anja Paufler
CI – Global Marketing Paper

e-mail for further inquiries:
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The New York Times si rascoala fotografilor - de Dinu Lazar la: 18/05/2004 02:20:32
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Dear fellow editorial photographers and colleagues:

It was with significant dismay that we read The New York Times' recent contract offer to its contributing freelance photographers. It marks a new low point in our industry's downward spiral in the terms under which freelancers are asked to work for publications.

Over the years the Times has been continually diminishing the compensation it pays to freelancers. It has not raised its assignment fees for so many years that inflation has greatly eaten away the value of the payment. By comparison, standard photo assistant day rates in most metro areas of the US now outstrip what The New York Times sees fit to pay its freelance photographers for creating the visual content of its pages. To add insult to injury, in 1998 the Times began demanding web use without additional payment, then a few years later unilaterally eliminated transmission fees, and now is asking for copyright with no additional increase in compensation. The Times is in essence seeking to gain virtually all the benefits of having employees without bearing any of the real costs. Why should freelancers subsidize The New York Times in this manner?

In its defense, the Times has argued that this contract is not much different from many contracts currently employed by newspapers. We feel that joining the ranks of other publishers that attempt to bully their freelancers with bad terms and bad contracts only makes the Times one more bully on the block. Given that the Times takes pride in presenting itself as an organization devoted to integrity and excellence, its treatment of freelancers clearly violates its own cherished principles. We would think that a publication as esteemed and prestigious as The New York Times would find this situation most embarrassing, not to mention demoralizing to those who are asked to distribute this contract.

From a photographer's perspective the Times contract is an abysmally bad deal (for a thorough analysis, please go to:
, plus more information at:
). EP has always strongly taken the position that photographers should say NO to bad deals. We continue to urge all freelancers to walk away from bad deals.

Sincerely and respectfully,

The EP (Editorial Photographers) Board of Directors

Brian Smith, EP President
Shawn Henry, EP Vice President
Andrew Buchanan
Leslie Burns
Ed Caldwell, EP Treasurer
Andy Freeberg
Rich Frishman
Michael Grecco
Jason Grow
Pat Harbron
Robert Holmgren
Robert Houser
Regis Lefebure
Paula Lerner
William Mercer McLeod
Eric Millette
Richard Morgenstein
Seth Resnick
Ken Richardson
Rick Rickman
Brian Smale
David Strick
Dinu Lazar
Brad Trent
Danny Turner
Jennie Zeiner

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and the ways of living - de Belle la: 18/05/2004 18:43:07
(la: Despre viata si moarte)

e usor sa accepti viata cand descoperi ca sunt atat de multe de facut, si moartea o voi accepta caci ce altceva voi putea face ..dar tot imi va fi frica de ea. poate frica nu e cuvantul potrivit dar nu gasesc un sinonim mai bun ca sa exprim ceea ce simt fata de moarte.

sunt de acord ca nasa ta e acum intr-un loc unde nu mai simte durerea si suferinta datorate bolii... cred ca asta e singura mangaiere cand ne despartim de cei dragi cred/sper ca si bunicile mele sunt bine unde sunt (doar pe una am cunoscut-o si si pe-aceea foarte putin)

subiectul e natural intr-adevar, dar spun ca e macabru pentru ca este mult mai usor si placut sa vorbesti despre viata... besides nu sunt o fire prea "filozofica" din pacate ;) .. poate ca sunt lasa, poate ca mi-e mai usor sa fiu lasa, poate nici eu nu stiu defapt adevaratul motiv.

am banuit ca ceea ce-a spus Crazy Horse se situa intr-un alt context, eu nu am facut decat sa "translatez" la prezent, prezentul MEU, si pentru moment, in lipsa unei amenintari reale, for me no day is a good day to die, to the contrary, wish there are enough days for me to live and accomplish what I have to.

am citit cu foarte mare atentie tot ce ai scris... teama imi va fi mereu dar la momentul de cumpana voi incerca sa-mi reamintesc cantecul razboinicului...

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To All my brothers and sisters - de Little Eagle la: 27/06/2004 03:56:25
(la: Native American Indians)
Pt. ca nu veti mai avea de-a face cu mine de acum incolo,va las sa zic asa o mica mostenire din credinta poporului meu.Aceste cuvinte ,sper ca vor gasi un ecou in sufletul vostru.
Din nou si nu fac nici o reclamatie impotriva Admin,sper ca va tipari tot ce am scris azi,am zis,macar ca fiind ultimele mele cuvinte si consider ca am dreptul la ele.Unora li se da o masa buna,si poate o tigara ori o ultima rugaciune.Nu mai fumez,Nu mai beau,Nu mai consum droguri,Nu mananc carne de nici un fel
sunt vegetarian.
Cel putin lasa-ma Admin sa-mi spun ultimele cuvinte,in mod decent si sa nu fiu cenzurat.
Nu-ti fie teama,NU voi spune nimic rau nimanui!

Acestea-s cuvintele mele venite de la poporul meu,macar acum lasa-ma sa vorbesc freely:
Imi pare rau ca nu am rabdarea si timpul de a traduce in R. din engleza,totusi stiu ca voi toti sunteti inteligenti si veti intelege totul.

"When you begin a great work you can't expect to finish it all at once;therefore do you and your brothers press on,and let nothing discourage you till you have entirely finished what you have begun?
Now brother,as for me,I assure you I will press on,and the contrary winds may blow strong in my face,yet I will go forward and never turn back,and continue to press forward untill I have finished,and I would have you do the same....
Though you may hear birds singing on this side and that side,you must not take notice of that,but hear me when I speak to you,and take it to heart,
for you may always depend that what I say shall be true."

Black Hawk(Sauk-Lakota)

" Grandfather says that when your friends die you must not cry.
You must not hurt anybody or do harm to anybody.You must not fight.Do right always.It will give you satisfaction in life.
If the white man wants to live in peace with the indian,he can live in peace.
Give them all the same law.Give them all a chance to live and grow.
All men were made by the same Great Spirit Chief.They are all brothers.
The earth is the Mother of all people,and all people should have equal rights upon it.
You might as well expect the rivers to run backward as that any man who was
born a free man should be contented when penned up and denied liberty to go where he pleases.
If you tie a horse to a stake,do you expect he will grow fat?
If you pen an indian up on a small spot of earth,and compell him to stay there,he will not be contented,nor will he grow and prosper."

Chief Joseph(Nez Perce)



Ps:Admin inca odata te rog sa publici tot ce am scris azi.
Adios muchachos.

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