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de cand se traduce "jew" prin "jidan"(termen insultator)?

N-am intentionat sa jignesc pe nimeni si nu stiam ca "jidan" e un termen insultator; daca e imi cer scuze. Cum s-ar traduce atunci? --- ca n-am un dictionar englez-roman la indemina.

Dupa cite stiu eu: hebrew = evreu
israeli = israelian
jew = ? (eu credeam jidan---corectati-ma)
jewish = de religie ?

Citez mai jos pentru cei ce au timp sa citeasca din Oxford English Dictionary:

oed jew | more
Jew (d3(j)u:), sb. Forms: Sing. 3 Gyu, 4 Giu, Gyw, Iu, Iuu, Iuw(e, Ieu, Ieuu,
Ieu3, 4-5 Iwe, 4 (6 Sc.) Iow, 4-7 Iewe, 5 Ieue, 5-6 Iue, (Ive), 4-7 Iew, 7-
Jew. Plur. 2 Giwis, 3 Giws, Gius, Gyu(e)s, 3-4 Gywes, Giwes, Geus, 4 Iuu(e)s,
Iuwis, Iow(e)s, Ioues, Iewis, -ys, -us, 4-5 Iuwes, 4-6 Iues, 4-7 Iewes, 5
Iuys, 6 Sc. Iowis, Iouis, 4-7 Iews, 7- Jews; beta. 4 Iuen. [ME. a. OFr. giu,
gyu, giue, earlier juieu, juiu, jueu:-L. iudaeum (nom. -us) Jew (cf. Fr. dieu,
ebreu:-L. deum. hebraeum); in later Fr. juif, fem. juive. L. iudaeus was a.
Gr. iota-omicron-upsilon-delta-alpha-iota--omicron-sigma-, f. Aramaic y'hudai,
corresp. to Heb. y'hudi Jew, f. y'hudah Judah, name of a Hebrew patriarch and
the tribe descended from him. (The OE. equivalent was Iudeas Jews, Early ME.
Iudeow, Iudew: see JUDEW.)]
1 a A person of Hebrew descent; one whose religion is Judaism; an Israelite.
Orig. a Hebrew of the kingdom of Judah, as opposed to those of the ten tribes
of Israel; later, any Israelite who adhered to the worship of Jehovah as
conducted at Jerusalem. Applied comparatively rarely to the ancient nation
before the exile (cf. HEBREW sb. 1), but the commonest name for contemporary
or modern representatives of this group, now spread throughout the world. The
word `Jew' is also applied to groups, e.g. the Falashas in Ethiopia, not
ethnically related to persons of the main European groups, the Ashkenazim and
the Sephardim.
C. 1275 Passion our Lord 351 in O.E. Misc. 47 Pilates hym onswerede, am ich
Gyv penne? A. 1300 Cursor M. 3944 (Cott.) O sinnu etes neuer Iuu [v.rr. ieuu,
iew]. A. 1300 Cursor M. 11072 (Cott.) It halus bath Iu and sarzine. C. 1310 in
Wright Lyric P. (Percy Soc.) 100 Ich holde me vilore then a Gyw [rimes bowe,
trowe, now]. C. 1340 Cursor M. 4532 (Trin.) Therynne a iewes childe we fonde.
C. 1340 Cursor M. 18579 (Trin.) And namely leue herof no iwe For al pus dud
pei wip ihesu. 1387 TREVISA Higden (Rolls) VI. 385 Charles Grossus was
i-poysoned of a Iewe [v.r. Iuw]. A. 1400 Pistill of Susan 2 That was a Ieu3
ientil, and Ioachin he hiht. C. 1440 Promp. Parv. 266/2 Ive, judeus. 1530
PALSGR. 235/1 Jue a man of jurye, jvif. 1572 Satir. Poems Reform. xxxi. 173
Mair nor in Jurie dois the Jow. 1596 SHAKS. Merch. V. III. i. 61 What is the
reason? I am a Iewe; Hath not a Iew eyes? 1615 G. SANDYS Trav. 52 His mother a
Iew both by birth and religion. 1775 SHERIDAN Rivals II. i, She shall have a
skin like a mummy, and the beard of a Jew. 1820 BYRON Blues I. 77 You forget
Lady Lilac's as rich as a Jew.1940 AUDEN Another Time 116 He [sc. Sigmund
Freud] Was taken away from his old interest To go back to the earth in London,
An important Jew who died in exile. 1956 I. MURDOCH Flight from Enchanter ix.
126 `Of course, you realize that I could rescue you with my little finger,'
said Mrs Wingfield. `I'm as rich as a Jew!' 1970 R. D. ABRAHAMS Positively
Black iii. 76 The Englishman is arrogant and overbearing, the American is a
check-writing millionaire who doesn't mind the cost, the Jew tries to push
down the entry price into heaven. 1970 Times 28 Jan. 10/4 At the heart of the
matter lies the rabbinical definition of a Jew: a person born of a Jewish
mother, or a person who has converted to Judaism according to rabbinical law.
1974 J. R. BAKER Race xiv. 234 From the traditional religious point of view, a
Jew was a person born of a Jewish mother, but this formula suffers from the
defect that the defined word is included in adjectival form in the definition.
The same flaw occurs in part of the new definition enacted by the Israeli
Parliament in..1970, according to which a person is a Jew if he or she is the
offspring of a Jewish mother or has been converted to the Jewish faith by the
Orthodox Rabbinate or by the Rabbis of the Jewish Reform Movement or by the
Rabbis of the Jewish Conservative Movement.
plural. C. 1175 Lamb. Hom. 9 Alswa hefden pe giwis heore sinagoge. C. 1250
Old Kent. Serm. in O.E. Misc. 26 Hi..askede wer was se king of gyus pet was
i-bore. C. 1250 Old Kent. Serm. in O.E. Misc., 26 King of geus. A. 1300
Cursor M. 142 O pe Iuus [v.rr. iewes] and moyses. A. 1300 Cursor M. 19129
(Gott.) Thar badd pai iuen suld paim 3eme. A. 1340 HAMPOLE Psalter xxvii. 5
The iowes sloghe crist. 1387 TREVISA Higden (Rolls) VIII. 53 That he schulde
doo pe Iewes [v.r. Iuwes] out of Engelond. 1482 CAXTON Trevisa's Higden
(Rolls) IV. 369 The Iuwes accused Pilatus to Tiberius. 1533 GAU Richt Vay 30
Ve prech Iesu Christ crucifeit, sclander to the Iowis and folie to the
gentils. 1548-9 (Mar.) Bk. Comm. Prayer (Coll. Good Friday), Haue mercy upon
all Iewes, Turkes, Infidels, and heretikes. 1611 BIBLE 2 Kings xvi. 6 At that
time Rezin king of Syria..draue the Iews from Elath. 1619 SANDERSON Twelve
Serm. (1632) 2 In Rome there lived in the Apostles times many Iewes. 1710 etc.
[see FALASHA]. 1776 GIBBON Decl. & F. xv, The same..abhorrence for idolatry
which had distinguished the Jews from the other nations of the ancient world.
1968 L. ROSTEN Joys of Yiddish 142 Relentless persecution of Jews, century
after century, in nation after nation, left a legacy of bitter sayings: `Dos
ken nor a goy.' (`That, only a goy is capable of doing'). 1971 B. MALAMUD
Tenants 50 The Jews got to keep us bloods stayin weak. 1974 J. R. BAKER Race
xiv. 232 In various parts of the world today there are communities that
practise the Jewish faith in one form or another, but are ethnically distinct
from the Jews of Europe and North America.
gen. plur. A. 1225 Ancr. R. 394 Uorto acwiten ut his leofmon of Giwene
honden. A. 1225 Juliana 62 Ant poledest pinen ant passiun purh giwes read on
rode. A. 1300 Cursor M. 4532 (Cott.) Thar in a Iuen child [Trin. iewes childe]
we fand. C. 1300 Cursor M. 19289 (Edin.) The iuwin folc felune. C. 1300Cursor
M. 21696 (Edin.) Mang pe Iuwis lede. C. 1350 Childh. Jesus 616 (Matz.) Giwene
children feole..Him siweden. C. 1449 PECOCK Repr. III. iii. 291 If Cristen
preestis weren Iewen preestis. 1653 GREAVES Seraglio 150 In the Kings
Seraglio, the Sultana's are permitted to employ divers Jewes-women about their
ordinary occasions.
b Jew's eye: proverbial expression for something valued highly.
1592 G. HARVEY Pierce's Super. 85 A souerain Rule, as deare as a Iewes eye.
1596 SHAKS. Merch. V. II. v. 43 There will come a Christian by, Will be worth
a Iewes eye. 1833 MARRYAT P. Simple ii, Although the journey..would cost twice
the value of a gold seal, yet, that in the end it might be worth a Jew's eye.
1844 WILLIS Lady Jane I. 212 From dome to floor, Hung pictures..Each `worth a
Jew's eye'.
c Black Jew (see quot. 1967); also = FALASHA.
1807 C. BUCHANAN Jrnl. 4 Feb. in Christian Res. in Asia (1811) 192 The
resident Jews are divided into two classes, called the Jerusalem or White
Jews; and the Ancient or Black Jews. The White Jews reside at this place [sc.
Cochin]. The Black Jews have also a Synagogue here; but the great body of
that tribe inhabit towns in the interior of the province. A. 1817 T. DWIGHT
Trav. New-Eng. (1823) III. 174 The black Jews in Hindostan. 1822 Imperial Mag.
IV. 358 A copy of the Hebrew Pentateuch..found in one of the Black Jews'
Synagogues, at Cochin. 1843 J. C. MAITLAND Lett. from Madras xviii. 178, I
told him about the first preachers, the Black Jews, the Syrian Christians, &c.
1892 G. M. RAE Syrian Church in India x. 150 These black Jews are converts to
the faith from among the people of the land. 1907 I. ZANGWILL Ghetto Comedies
155 The black Jews..surrounded by all those millions of Hindoos. 1930 H.
NORDEN Africa's Last Empire 185 The black Jews among whom he works. 1964 [see
FALASHA]. 1967 D. T. KAUFFMAN Dict. Relig. Terms 77/1 Black Jews, in India,
term applied to brown-skinned Jews to distinguish them from a group known as
`White Jews'. Sometimes used also for Negro Jewish groups. 1974 J. R. BAKER
Race xiv. 232 The Falasha or `black Jews' of Ethiopia are members of the
Aethiopid subrace, a hybrid taxon.
d A ship's tailor. Hence also jewing vbl. sb. and ppl. a. Naut. slang.
1916 Chambers's Jrnl. May 278/2 They [sc. ships' tailors] were still known as
`jews'. 1916 Chambers's Jrnl., May 278/2 The term `jewing', as sewing is
still called. 1945 TACKLINE Holiday Sailor x. 102 There was the
`Jewing-bloke', who undertook tailoring repairs. 1945 TACKLINE Holiday Sailor,
x. 102 The `Jewing-bloke' had a rather ancient Singer sewing machine, bought
when ashore at Alexandria in his pocket. 1946 J. IRVING Royal
Navalese 100 A sailor-tailor is known as a `Jew'. 1962 GRANVILLE Dict.
Sailors' Slang 66/1 Jewing firm, ship's tailoring `firm' run by one or more
ratings who repair and make clothing.
2 a transf. and offensive. As a name of opprobrium: spec. applied to a
grasping or extortionate person (whether Jewish or not) who drives hard
In medieval England, Jews, though engaged in many pursuits, were particularly
familiar as money-lenders, their activities being publicly regulated for them
by the Crown, whose proteges they were. In private, Christians also practised
money-lending, though forbidden to do so by Canon Law. Thus the name of Jew
came to be associated in the popular mind with usury and any extortionate
practices that might be supposed to accompany it, and gained an opprobrious
1606 Sir G. Goosecappe V. i. in Bullen O. Pl. III. 77 If the sunne of thy
beauty doe not white me like a shippards holland, I am a Iewe to my Creator.
1700 BP. PATRICK Comm. Deut. xxviii. 37 Better we cannot express the most
cut-throat dealing, than thus, You use me like a Jew. 1830 COLERIDGE Table-t.
16 May, Jacob is a regular Jew, and practises all sorts of tricks and wiles.
1844 D. KING Ruling Eldership II. i, It is undesirable..that he pass in the
commercial circle for what is there termed a Jew.1846 Swell's Night Guide
123/1 Jew, an overreaching fellow. C. 1861 E. DICKINSON Poems (1955) I. 160
'Twould be `a Bargain' for a Jew! Say-may I have it-Sir? 1906 J. M. SYNGE
Lett. to Molly (1971) 31 What have I done that you should write to me as if I
was a dunning Jew? 1920 T. S. ELIOT Ara Vos Prec 14 The jew is underneath the
lot. Money in furs. 1931 T. R. G. LYELL Slang 428 Why waste your time asking
him for a subscription? He's a perfect Jew where money's concerned. 1944
Britannica Bk. of Year 693 In March 1943 there were tirades from Bangkok radio
against the `Jews of Siam' (probably Chinese), who were accused of
profiteering. 1952 G. BONE Came to Oxf. xi. 34 There is a curious fallacy,
rather wide-spread, that a borrower of money is an innocent and hapless
person, while a lender is a shark, a harpy, a `Jew'. 1964 H. BROTZ Black Jews
of Harlem iii. 54 Occasionally the Black Jews forget they are Jews when
complaining about the fact that `the Jews' own all or most of Harlem!
b A pedlar.
In this use not depreciatory.
1803 G. COLMAN John Bull III. ii. 32 Here is two poets, and a poll-parrot,
the best image the Jew had over his head, over the mantle-piece. 1963 E.
MCBAIN Ten Plus One (1964) iv. 42 There was a guy who used to come around to
the door selling stuff, and my mother called him `The Jew'... For her, `Jew'
was synonymous with pedlar. 1970 J. H. GRAY Boy from Winnipeg 43 For us,
however, `Jew' was just another generic word that often included the peddlers
who were Greek or Italian. When we scrounged bottles it was to sell to `the
Jew', who was anybody that came along buying junk.
3 attrib. and Comb. a attrib. or as adj. That is a Jew, Jewish, as Jew boy,
butcher, girl, man, pedlar, physician, trooper (such expressions now mainly in
offensive use but not originally opprobrious); of or relating to Jews, as Jew
bill, hatred, toll. b objective, similative, etc., as Jew-drowning, -hater,
Jew-dear, adj.; Jew-like adj. and adv., -looking adj.
1765 BLACKSTONE Comm. I. x. (1793) 375 Very high debates about the time of
the famous Jew-bill; which enables all Jews to prefer bills of naturalization
in parliament, without receiving the sacrament.
1796 P. COLQUHOUN Treat. Police of Metropolis (ed. 3) vi. 125 Jew Boys..go
out every morning loaded with counterfeit Copper, which they exchange for bad
Silver, to be afterwards coloured anew, and again put into circulation. 1817
M. EDGEWORTH Harrington iii. 45 Mowbray easily engaged me to join him against
the Jew boy; and a zealous partizan against Jacob I became. 1873 TROLLOPE
Eustace Diamonds II. liii. 361 You used to be very wicked, and say he was once
a Jew-boy in the streets. 1929 D. H. LAWRENCE Let. 10 Oct. (1962) II. 1208, I
do hate John's Jewish nasal sort of style-so uglily moral... Spring doesn't
only come for the moral Jew-boys-for them perhaps least. 1948 J. BALDWIN in
Commentary Oct. 334/2 Jules Weissman, a Jewboy, had got the room for me. 1954
Jewboy [see IKEY sb. and a.]. 1959 N. MAILER Advts. for Myself (1961) 50
Jewboy, blond Jewboy Wexler perched by the cellar window, tackling Japs with
machine-gun bullets. 1968 Daily Mail 9 Feb. 3/3 Angry viewers rang the BBC
last night to complain about an `anti-Semitic' remark on the TV programme
Softly, Softly. In last night's episode..the detective tells the man: `You
always were a great one for putting things in your wife's name, Bob, just like
a Jewboy heading for bankruptcy.' 1972 Observer 7 May, Mrs Lane Fox dismisses
what she calls the country set, who call their children `the brats', talk
about `thrashing them into shape', support Enoch Powell and still refer to
`jew boys'. 1974 New Society 3 Jan. 11/2 A car's desirability also creates the
opposite reaction, in that envy is easily turned to resentment and aggression
towards, for instance, the `jewboy', the `poser', the `toffee nose' and the
`business classes' who sport expensive and powerful cars.
1849 W. S. MAYO Kaloolah (1887) p. viii, Oil, garlic, salt fish, and Jew
1613 PURCHAS Pilgrimage (1614) 213 Thus you see the Iew-butcher had need be
no botcher, but halfe a Physitian in Anatomizing.
1755 J. SHEBBEARE Lydia (1769) I. 274 [He] must have had this jew-craft
among his reasons for endeavouring to naturalize the Jews.
1899 A. WHITE Modern Jew 122 There are many instances of the drollery of
*Jew-drowning in the annals of monkish historians.
1796 E. WYNNE Diary 11 Dec. (1937) II. ix. 139 Before having ever seen us she
declared that we were all excepting the youngest, like little crows and Jew
girls. 1930 E. POUND XXX Cantos x. 45 Wives, jew-girls, nuns. 1971 B. MALAMUD
Tenants 50 Jewgirls are the best whores.
1899 Westm. Gaz. 18 Sept. 2/2 The nature of the wounds roused amongst the
*Jew-haters the old story of the blood sacrifice.
1898 Nat. Rev. Aug. 807 Outside Russia, Jew hatred is a matter with which
Governments have no direct concern.
1808 COBBETT Pol. Reg. XIII. 172 Through the means of a jew-like commerce
with the revolted slaves.
1905 JOYCE Let. 29 Oct. (1966) II. 127 For a Jewman it's better than having
to bathe. 1922 JOYCE Ulysses 336 I'll brain that bloody jewman for using the
holy name. 1938 W. B. YEATS John Kinsella's Lament in London Mercury Dec. 114
Though stiff to strike a bargain Like an old Jew man.
1771 SMOLLETT Humph. Cl. 20 Apr. Let ii, I was cheapening a pair of
spectacles with a Jew-pedlar.
1731 Gent. Mag. I. 403 Dr. Bass, a noted Jew Physician in St. Mary Axe.
A. 1680 BUTLER Rem. (1759) II. 84 And crucify his Saviour worse Than those
*Jew-Troopers, that threw out, When they were raffling for his coat.
c Special Combs.: Jew-bail, insufficient bail, `straw-bail'; 'Jew-baiting sb.
= Ger. Judenhetze, systematic harrying or persecution of Jews; so Jew-bait v.
nonce-wd., Jew-baiter, Jew-baiting a.; Jew-bush, a euphorbiaceous plant of the
genus Pedilanthus; Jew-cart (see quot.); Jew-lizard, a large Australian
lizard, Amphibolurus barbatus; Jew plum = OTAHEITE APPLE; Jew Tongo, a
language spoken among Bush Negroes in Surinam, possessing a structure largely
derived from West African languages and a vocabulary largely derived from
1785 GROSE Dict. Vulg. T., Jew Bail. 1797 MARY ROBINSON Walsingham IV. 283
He..did the deep ones with Jew-bail, till they were up to the trick.
1892 Sat. Rev. 18 June 700/2 [He] is always going about Jew-baiting and to
*Jew-bait with pen or sword.
1883 Pall Mall G. 19 Nov. 3/1 [They] are now in full possession of the case
of the German jew-baiters against the Jews. 1907 I. ZANGWILL Ghetto Comedies
85 She's honest... She won't fall back on the old Jew-baiter. 1945 W. S.
CHURCHILL Victory (1946) 145 Julius Streicher, most notorious of Jew-baiters,
was captured by the Americans. 1960 C. DAY LEWIS Buried Day vi. 116 The same
herd instinct that produces Teddy Boys, Jew-baiters and Ku-Klux-Klansmen. 1974
G. MITCHELL Javelin for Jonah xi. 133 Benjy was unlucky enough to fall foul at
school of a ring of young Jew-baiters.
1883 Evening Post (N.Y.) 21 Apr., The Jew-baiting in Germany; the bloody
persecutions in Russia. 1898 Nat. Review Aug. 807 In the Empire of the
Tsar..Jew-baiting is a matter of high State policy. 1922 JOYCE Ulysses 202
Shylock chimes with the jewbaiting that followed the hanging. 1939 Ann. Reg.
1938 203 The brutalities began on April 23, and it was clear that the scheme
of Jew-baiting had been worked out in readiness for the `Anschluss'. 1969 J.
MANDER Static Soc. iii. 99 The American, however ugly, is no Jew-baiting
1830 LINDLEY Nat. Syst. Bot. 105 The Jew Bush, or Milk plant.
1840 MARRYAT Poor Jack xviii, Then we have what we call Jew Carts, always
ready to take [stolen] goods inland, where they will not be looked after.
1847 LEICHHARDT Jrnl. iii. 89 A small Chlamydophorus (*Jew lizard of the
Hunter [River]) was also seen. A. 1884 J. SERVICE Thir Notandums (1890) 205
From beneath a log the green Jew-lizard, or the iguana peeps.
1913 W. HARRIS Notes Fruit & Veg. in Jamaica 18 The Jew Plum..was
introduced to Jamaica in 1782 and again in 1792. 1920 W. POPENOE Man. Tropical
& Subtropical Fruits iv. 156 Jew-plum is another name for the ambarelle, used
in Jamaica. 1971 Caribbean Q. XVII. II. 14 Different name, same
referent..golden apple/Jew plum/pomme-citerre.
1933 L. BLOOMFIELD Lang. xxvi. 474 Two creolized forms of English are spoken
in Suriname (Dutch Guiana). One of these.., more divergent from ordinary
types of English, is known as Jew-Tongo. 1968 W. J. SAMARIN in J. A. Fishman
Readings Sociol. of Lang. 666 Amerindian pidgins... Saramakan (Jew Tongo,
d Genitival Combs.: Jews' apple, a name for the Egg-plant or its fruit; Jews'
frankincense, a plant of the genus Styrax, or the resin obtained from it
(storax or benzoin); Jews' houses, name given to the remains of ancient
tin-smelting furnaces in Cornwall; Jew's letter, a text inscribed in Hebrew
upon a phylactery, regarded as the outward symbol or badge of a Jew; Jews'
lime, a synonym of Jews' slime (see below); Jews' mallow, a name for Corchorus
olitorius (N.O. Tiliaceae), one of the plants from which the fibre called jute
is obtained, used as a pot-herb in Egypt, Syria, and other countries; Jews'
money, a popular name for ancient Roman coins found in some parts of England;
Jews' myrtle, a name for Butcher's Broom, and for a variety of the common
Myrtle; Jews' pitch, Jews' slime, names for asphalt or bitumen (cf. Gen. xi.
3); Jews' thorn = Christ's thorn (see CHRIST 5); Jews' tin, name for lumps of
tin found in ancient smelting-furnaces (Jews' houses) in Cornwall.
1884 MILLER Plant-n., Solanum esculentum, Jew's-Apple, Mad-Apple... S.
Melongena,..Egg-plant, Jew's-Apple.
1760 J. LEE Introd. Bot. App. 315 Jew's Frankincense, Styrax.
1851 Illustr. Catal. Gt. Exhib. 162 In the reign of King John, the mines
[were] principally in the hands of the Jews..remains of furnaces, called
*Jews' houses, have been discovered, and small blocks of tin, known as Jews'
tin, have..been found in the mining localities.
1589 R. HARVEY Pl. Perc. (1860) 32 Iewes letter scrible scrable ouer the
Copurtenaunce of a mans countenaunce. 1598 FLORIO Worlde of Wordes To Rdr. A
vj, A fouler blot then a Iewes the foreheads of Caelius and Curio.
1731-3 MILLER Gard. Dict. s.v. Corchorus, Jews Mallow, ..sown in great
Plenty about Aleppo as a Pot-herb, the Jews boiling the Leaves of this Plant
to eat with their Meat. 1887 MOLONEY Forestry W. Afr. 289 `Jews' Mallow' or
`Jute' (Corchorus olitorius, L.)-Annual. This is one of the species that
affords the well-known fibre of commerce called `Jute'.
1577 HARRISON England II. xxiv. (1877) I. 360 Some peeces or other are dailie
taken vp, which they call Borow pence, Dwarfs monie..*Iewes monie, and by
other foolish names not woorthie to be remembred.
1856 N. & Q. Ser. II. I. 432/2 In some parts of Kent it [Ruscus aculeatus] is
called `*Jews' Myrtle'; and it is the popular belief, that the crown of
thorns..was composed of its branches.
1756 P. BROWNE Jamaica 40 Asphaltum, Jew's pitch. 1816 TINGRY Varnisher's
Guide (ed. 2) 1 Asphaltum..issues in a liquid form from the bottom of the lake
Asphaltis in Judaea; and hence the name of Jew's pitch.
1607 TOPSELL Four-f. Beasts 188 Iewes lime drunk in water..prescribed for a
remedy of this euill. 1639 HORN & ROB. Gate Lang. Unl. x. Sect.104 Salt-peter,
brimstone, Jew's slime, patrol, bole-armoniak,..are called mineral juyces.
1597 GERARDE Herbal Index, Iewes thorne, that is Christs thorne. III. xxvi.
1153 This shrubbie thorne Paliurus was the thorne wherewith they crowned our
Sauiour Christ.
1851 Jews' tin [see Jews' house].

Jew, jew, v. colloq. [f. JEW sb. (sense 2).] trans. To cheat or overreach, in
the way attributed to Jewish traders or usurers. Also, to drive a hard
bargain, and intr., to haggle. Phr. to jew down, to beat down in price; also
transf. Hence 'Jewing vbl. sb.
These uses are now considered to be offensive.
1824 C. HARDING Diary 29 Apr. in Sketch (1929) 75 He is a country clergyman;
and, from his Jewing disposition, I should judge he had more taste in tithes
than pictures. 1825 Constitutional Adv. (Frankfort, Kentucky) 15 Dec. 3/1 We
hope, for the honour and character of the state, that neither the legislature
nor the people, will Jew the items of expence. 1833 L. DOW Dealings of God
(1849) 189 If they [sc. the Jews] will Jew people, they cannot flourish among
Yankees, who are said to `outjew' them in trading. A. 1845 BARHAM Ingol. Leg.,
Bro. Birchington lxv, Is it that way you'd Jew one? 1847 W. IRVING Let. 30
Apr. in Life & Lett. (1864) IV. 19 Some mode of screwing and jewing the world
out of more interest than one's money is entitled to. 1848 W. BAGLEY Let. 14
Mar. in N. E. Eliason Tarheel Talk (1956) 279, I Jewed old Galloway down to
1.50 for ploughs. 1851 H. MAYHEW London Labour I. 368/1 Some of the ladies in
the squares..sets to work Jewing away as hard as they can, pricing up their
own things, and downcrying yourn. 1854 D. G. ROSSETTI in Rossetti Ruskin,
Rossetti, etc. (1899) 15 But as to his doings And jawings and jewings, William
brought me the news. 1870 Congress. Globe 7 July 5340/1 This bill supposes
that ready to commence jewing down the pay of its General. 1872
Chicago Tribune 14 Oct. 8/2 The prices [for lodging] asked vary-the lodger
being generally asked as much as it is thought he will give. If he jews, he
will get it for comparatively little. 1883 G. M HOPKINS Let. 6 Dec. (1938) 195
You will I know say..that Jew is a reproach because the Jews have corrupted
their race and nature, so that it is their vices and their free acts we
stigmatise when we call cheating `jewing'-and that you mean that Disraeli in
1871 overreached and jewed his constituents. 1891 Daily News 2 Nov. 7/3 He'd
take care he didn't `Jew' him again.1897 [see HIGHLAND a. 2 b]. 1908 Dialect
Notes III. 324 Jew, to beat down the price. `I tried to jew him, but he
wouldn't jew.' 1926 Market Growers Jrnl. 1 July 3, I make my retail prices
about half way between grocery store wholesale and retail prices, and do not
stand for any `jewing' down. 1937 Scribner's Mag. Apr. 25 Thought we might get
the divorce a little under fifty dollars. Maybe we might jew the young man
down. 1939 A. POWELL What's become of Waring v. 140 Then we can meet again and
jew each other down. 1946 W. G. HAMMOND Remembrance of Amherst 121 Both here and at the mountain top we were unmercifully jewed for all the refreshments.
1947 L. Z. HOBSON Gentleman's Agreement i. 9 Now she was describing the large
new house she and Dick wanted to buy. `Did you close the sale on the old
place?' Mrs. Green asked. `Not yet. That cheap Pat Curran keeps trying to
Jew us down.' 1968 L. ROSTEN Joys of Yiddish 142 Just as some Gentiles use
`Jew' as a contemptuous synonym for too-shrewd, sly bargaining (`He tried to
Jew the price down,' is about as unappetizing an idiom as I know), so some
Jews use goy in a pejorative sense. 1970 R. LOWELL Notebk. 69 This embankment,
jewed-No, yankeed-by the highways down to a grassy lip. 1971 R. THOMAS Backup
Men xxi. 184, I say how much and he says this much and I say it's not enough
so we jew around with each other until we make a price. 1972 Harper's Mag. May
83 Jew the fruitman down for his last Christmas tree. 1972 New Society 11 May
301/1, I got jewed down..over the cheap offer.

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jeniffer - Jesus Could Have Walked on Ice - de Muresh la: 23/04/2006 23:52:18
(la: de ce credeti in dumnezeu?)
"chiar crezi ca un om dintre noi poate naste fara tata pamintean si merge pe apa?"
1. Se pare ca a mers pe sloiuri de gheata.

Jesus Could Have Walked on Ice, Scientist Says
By Sara Goudarzi
LiveScience Staff Writerposted: 04 April 200612:03 pm ET

Rare conditions could have conspired to create hard-to-see ice on the Sea of Galilee that a person could have walked on back when Jesus is said to have walked on water, a scientist said today.Nof figures that in the last 120 centuries, the odds of such conditions on the low latitude Lake Kinneret are most likely 1-in-1,000. But during the time period when Jesus lived, such “spring ice” may have formed once every 30 to 60 years. Such floating ice in the unfrozen waters of the lake would be hard to spot, especially if rain had smoothed its surface. "In today's climate, the chance of springs ice forming in northern Israel is effectively zero, or about once in more than 10,000 years," Nof said. The findings are detailed in the April 2006 Journal of Paleolimnology.

2. "fara tata pamintean" - exraterestru?
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Happy St Pats day!! - de Horia D la: 17/03/2006 16:27:00
(la: Trancaneala Aristocrata "8")
An Irish Blessing

May you always have...
A sunbeam to warm you,
Good luck to charm you,
And a sheltering angel
so nothing can harm you.
Laughter to cheer you,
Faithful friends near you,
And whenever you pray...
Heaven to hear you.

Count your blessings instead of your crosses;
Count your gains instead of your losses.
Count your joys instead of your woes;
Count your friends instead of your foes.
Count your smiles instead of your tears;
Count your courage instead of your fears.
Count your full years instead of your lean;
Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
Count your health instead of your wealth;
Love your neighbour as much as yourself.

May there always be work for your hands to do;
May your Purse always hold a coin or two; 
May the sun always shine on your windowpane; 
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain; 
May the hand of a friend always be near you; 
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Hills as green as emeralds
Cover the countryside
Lakes as blue as sapphires-
And Ireland's special pride
And rivers that shine like silver
Make Ireland look so fair-
But the friendliness of her people
Is the richest treasure there.

When the first light of sun- Bless you
When the long day is done- Bless you
In your smiles and your tears- Bless you
Through each day of your years- Bless you.
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Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining - de unseenangel la: 01/03/2008 09:33:53
(la: Muzica)
And I'm not going back into rags or in the hole
and our bruises are coming
but we will never fold

and i was your silver lining
as the story goes
i was your silver lining but now im gold
hooray hooray im your silver lining
hooray hooray but now im gold.

And i was your silver lining
high up on my toes
well you were running through fields of hitchhikers
as the story goes

hooray hooray im your silver lining
hooray hooray but now im gold
hooray hooray im your silver lining
hooray hooray but now im gold

And the grass it was a ticking
and the sun was on the rise
i never felt so wicked
as when i willed our love to die

and i was your silver lining as the story goes
i was your silver lining but now im gold
hooray hooray im your silver lining
hooray hooray but now im gold
hooray hooray im your silver lining
hooray hooray but now im gold
but now im gold
but now im gold
but now im gold

[listen to it.. it's really nice.. te destinde... :P]
Of course ca nu suntem xenofo - de Daniel Racovitan la: 29/09/2003 12:30:17
(la: Premiul Nobel 2002 pentru literatura luat de un ungur...)
Of course ca nu suntem xenofobi, ma intrebam doar cand o lua si un roman d'al nostru premiul Nobel pentru literatura?

Pare o carte interesanta, am reasfoit-o intr-o librarie, in traducere franceza.

#539 (raspuns la: #536) comenteaza . modifica . semnaleaza adminului
of,nicolina trebuie sa explic - de nicolina la: 22/12/2003 16:45:15
(la: Cum va simtiti cand va intoarceti in Romania ?)
of,nicolina trebuie sa explice ce a vrut sa zica. scuze,am sters din gresala una dintre fraze si fara ea paragraful nu mai are sens. voiam sa spun ca m-am adaptat pe unde am fost prin vest(nu doar neadaptatii se mai gandesc inapoi),dar numai atat cat simt eu ca imi prieste.daca m-as adapta mai mult, mi-as pierde exact ce am eu mai bun in mine.
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Death of photography - de Dinu Lazar la: 01/02/2004 05:20:31
(la: O conversatie cu DINU LAZAR, fotograf)
Death of photography or why the concept of 'digital photography' is doomed to die soon -
un articol excelent, care pune pe ginduri pe oricine ...
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In nici un caz Lord Of The Ri - de gabriel.serbescu la: 01/03/2004 12:59:14
(la: Oscar, file de poveste)
In nici un caz Lord Of The Ring, si cu atat mai putin 11 premii.
E deja premiat nu filmul american, ci industria de film americana.

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The Passion of Christ!! de Mel Gibson - de anita47 la: 02/03/2004 04:25:28
(la: The Passion of Christ!! de Mel Gibson)
In cate "conferinte" noi va fi discutat acest subiect?


Vezi subiectul de mai jos,deschis pe 15/02/2004:

"Filmul "The Passion of the Christ" si antisemitismul "
Silence is gold - de Florin si atat la: 07/03/2004 10:45:44
(la: Romani in strainatate)
Intreaga forma a proverbului, care se spune ca are origini orientale, este:
'Speech is silver (or silvern), silence is golden'
'silence is golden' vrea sa aduca in evidenta abilitatea cuiva de a tine lucrurile pentru el insuti-keeping your own councel.

Si pentru cei din Israel, echivalentul este: 'If a word be worth one shekel, silence is worth two'.

Florin si atat
traducind un extract din 'The Wordsworth Dictionary of Phrase & Fable'
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11681 AMoore / "Depends of the speech....":) - de Tombola la: 10/03/2004 00:23:57
(la: Romani in strainatate)
Si Hitler era un orator care ora ore intregi si uite ce s-a ales de el.Ceausescu ora si el desi era analfabet si uite ce i s-a intimplat...

"Depends of the speech"

Cu Stima

Andre Morariu
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Satan?Demons+Hell?666?lake of fire? - de Little Eagle la: 24/03/2004 15:21:18
(la: SUFLETUL OMULUI - Ce-i aia?...)
Draga medina,
ma asteptam ca cineva sa vina cu astfel de raspuns,era inevitabil!Este ceva natural sa gindesti asa cind viata o traiesti in total dualism....bine-rau,urit-frumos,curat-murdar,onest-mincinos,cald-rece etc etc.
Marele intelept Dalai Lama a spus cindva:"Problema cea mare prin care trece omenirea este ca vede totul ori in alb ori in negru,nu realizeaza ca exista si un gri la mijloc."Poate ai dori sa-l critici si pe el?Eu cred ca are dreptate.
De ce am spus ca doar Dumnezeu exista?De ce nu am spus ca implicit ar trebui sa fie si ...opusul Lui?
Omenirea si religiile au trebuit sa inventeze un opus al binelui pt. a justifica ororile lumii in orice forme ale ei si atunci a aparut Mr. Satan,ori Lucifer ori Dracul ori Schamael,si mitul raului s-a creat,vinovatul a fost gasit si f. usor acum s-au "descoperit" vinovati eretici si vrajitoare in Salem buni de pus la prajeala ori torturi,si preoti exorcisti etc. etc.
In dualismul vietii trebuie,nu sa existe si Necuratu",dar am o surpriza pt. tine:
Ce-ai zice de faptul ca imi mentin teoria mea si spun ca Satan NU exista nici ca ...forma si nici ca spirit?
Ca de fapt doar Dumnezeu exista si am sa vin si cu argumente pt. a-mi apara teoria,desigur ca din nou vor stirni discutii si iar voi fi pus la zid dar sint obisnuit cu astea,numai sa nu ma luati la pietre.
In primul rind,esti de acord ca toata creatia apartine Lui Dumnezeu pt. ca El insusi este creatia toata?
Daca da atunci NU IL limita si-l plasa doar de o parte a ei adica ceea ce consideri tu ca este virtuos si moral si etic este Dumnezeu si ce-i urit si meschin si vulgar este...Diavolul!Dintr-o data Il minimalizezi ca existenta pt. ca in adevar Dumnezeu este dincolo de dualismul vietii.
Vezi totul subiectiv si ca tine din pacate marea majoritate.Daca admiri un trandafir si te incinta culoarea petalelor si parfumul lui,afla ca Dumnezeu NU e doar in acele petale dar si in spinii lui.
Ori indragesti un animal si ai grija de el esti atasata de el,de ce te uiti atunci cu scirba la un sobolan?si el este parte din aceiasi creatie si chiar si in el exista un suflet si este expresia vietii Lui Dumnezeu prin el.
De ce spun ca doar Dumnezeu exista?Pt. ca exista NUMAI BINE in creatie dar in diverse GRADE.Aici este problema din care se nasc contradictiile umane!
Cel mai mic grad de BINE(daca am gindi intre1-10)este ceea ce am numi "RAUL''.,si STIU CA ESTE EXTREM DE GREU DE ACCEPTAT ca de ex. si un mare
criminal in fapt nu este rau ci are in el si un % de bine care de fapt e la baza existentei lui....parca vad deja o piatra aruncata spre mine acum!
E greu de acceptat ca oameni ca Hitler,Stalin,Ceausescu,Mao,Bush,in esenta sufletului lor au fost sau sint buni,dar in cel mai mic grad posibil.
Am mai scris ca nu poti intelege creatia si pe Dumnezeu fara a nu crede in conceptul de reincarnare si Karma,stau la baza ei,Buddha a numit-o "roata vietii eterne"de unde si simbolul Buddhist ca religie si credinta.
Oare chiar crezi ca Buddha a nascocit adevarul din senin? Ori hai sa fim si mai ortodocsi,crezi ca Jesus a rostit invataturile Lui aiurea ca si cum le-ar fi visat si apoi spus discipolilor Lui basme sa-i puna la culcare?
Acesti avatari au avut in ei ADEVARUL si l-au si rostit pina in ultima clipa.
"Iarta-i Domne caci nu stiu ce fac",Jesus a iertat in stinga si dreapta chiar pe proprii LUi ucigasi,pt. ca a stiut ca NU sint RAI si nici posedati de vreun Satan!
Chiar si pe Judas stiind ca el l-a tradat!Oare nu am invatat inca nimic de la Dumnezeu nici pina in ziua de azi?Daca INSUSI DUMNEZEU(Caci Jesus a fost Dumnezeu in carne si oase nu fiul Lui!)iarta si vede in jurul Lui numai BINELE
ce te face sa reinventezi un personaj ca Lucifer ce nu exista de fel?
Pt. ca vezi TOTUL ori in ALB ori in NEGRU!!!!Dalai Lama are dreptate.
A te purifica in suflet si ajunge treptat de la gradul de 1 ca bine la 10 iti trebuie sute de mii de vieti prin care ai trecut deja si in functie de nivelul la care ai ajuns in cea prezenta de rafinare spirituala depinde prin cite vei mai avea de trecut.NU uita ca si Jesus a vorbit la vremea LUi despre reincarnare!
Si clericul din pacate(pt. ei si ...eforturile lor de a ascunde acest adevar,din punctul lor de vedere!)a incercat sa schimbe ici si colo pasaje din noul testament,dar ar fi insemnat sa fi ramas doar citeva pagini despre Jesus daca cenzurau totul!
Biserica trebuia sa scoata din Biblie reincarnarea,ceva politic si de putere.
Ce-ar fi insemnat daca lumea crestina ar fi crezut ca exista?Ar fi zis cam asa:
"Ce nevoie am de biserica?daca am gresit cu ceva in viata asta ma repar eu in cealalta."NU,credinciosii trebuiau sa STIE ca au de trait doar o singura viata si
au de ales intre...rai si iad,si aici au venit cu tot felul de pedepse in iad si suflete pierdute etc.etc.Mai tirziu,catolicii au trebuit sa inventeze si purgatoriul,ceva de mijloc,adica ai putea avea o sansa DACA vei dona bani bisericii pt. absolvirea pacatelor,deci iti poti rascumpara greselile si vei ajunge in rai....apoi contrar bisericii au aparut asa zisii"soul eaters",un fel de mercenari care spuneau ca au darul de a lua asupra lor pacatele altora(de obicei ...f.bogati!)si le pot asigura intrarea in rai fara acordul...bisericii.Evident,biserica s-a pus pe urmarirea lor pt. a-i extermina.
In fapt biserica mai ales cea catolica a facut o gramada de acte ilegale pina la crime.In rest,bigotrie,minciuna si diverse politici ce n-au de-a face cu credinta in Dumnezeu.
Eu zic ca inainte de a trage o concluzie ar fi bine sa cauti raspunsuri sa te intrebi de unde vii si unde te duci,sint primii pasi spre o adevarata spiritualitate,decit sa crezi mecanic in ceva ce inca nu cunosti decit in mod papagalic.Nu te limita doar la ortodocsism sau catolicism etc. sint multe alte credinte de la care poti invata f. multe ,sufletul tau vrea sa stie,nu-l incarcera
lasa-l sa exploreze sa se cunoasca pe sine prin tine.
Toate au acelasi numitor comun in esenta,dar fereste-te de dogma,este un drum incuiat si fara sa vrei devii cu ochelari de cal si ar fi pacat.
Dar fiecare cu karma lui-ei,si cu destinul lui-ei,nu poti schimba peste noapte o ideologie.Daca asa crezi e dreptul tau,in alta viata urmatore vei gindi total altfel,dar nu-ti vei mai aminti de cea de azi.Vei fi o alta persoana,dar in tine va fi mereu acelasi suflet de milenii.
Imi dau seama ca ce am scris e greu de acceptat de multi,dar nu pot decit sa -mi expun si eu parerile mele personale si credinta mea,si nu vad nimic rau in asta.
Nu sintem nimeni real perfecti,cei care sint in lumea toata ii numeri pe degete si de fapt nici nu stii ca exista,pt. ca duc o viata de total anonimat si cu toate astea EI sint cei care conduc universul tot in lipsa avatarului.
Vor fi mereu 5 la numar si cind se vor reincarna la vremea avatarica(ciclul avataric este de 700-1400 ani),ei vor aduce spiritul Lui Dumnezeu intr-o forma umana aleasa de ei.Apoi rolul lor va fi preluat de Avatar in intregime.
Despre astea poate altadata.


Ps: Daca esti interesata,iti recomand sa citesti cartile despre mituri si religii scrise de un f. mare erudit si cel mai mare expert in istoria religiilor si miturilor din lume,de necontestat cel mai mare!JOSEPH CAMPBELL.Vei descoperi totul in ele si la fel vei invata f. multe,raspunsuri la orice fel de intrebari ai avea.
La fel citeste autobiografia lui Dalai Lama.
" Viata omului este ca o mare oglinda sparta in milioane de cioburi.Se vede in fiecare din ele drept altcineva,de fapt se vede pe sine insusi fiind acelasi suflet etern".

Dalai Lama
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the Passion of the Christ de Mel Gibson: O marturie de credinta - de SB_one la: 18/04/2004 14:10:33
(la: Filmul "The Passion of the Christ" si antisemitismul)
the Passion of the Christ de Mel Gibson: O marturie de credinta

Pr. Claudiu Bãrbut

Pe data de 15 martie 2004, actorul Jim Caviezel, care a avut rolul principal în filmului The Passion of the Christ a lui Mel Gibson, a fost primit de cãtre Sfântul Parinte. Seara, actorul a dorit sã prezinte el insuºi filmul intregii Curii Romane prezente in aula amfiteatrului Regina Apostolorum al Ateneului Pontifical. Am avut marea ocazie sã vãd acest film în avanpremierã ºi sã stau de vorbã cu actorul Jim Caviezel la sfârºitul proiecþiei. A fost o experienþa extraordinarã pe care aº dori s-o împãrtãºesc în aceste câteva rânduri.

Jim Caviezel:

“Interpretarea rolului lui Isus m-a ajutat sa-L cunosc mai bine pe Mantuitorul”
“Nu m-am gandit niciodata de ce, cand eram mic, imi placea mult sportul, in mod special baschetul. Am crezut, pana nu de mult, ca voi ajunge un bun atlel. Cand eram adolescent, in perioada cautarilor, m-am dus la tatal meu si i-am spus: 'Cred ca Domnul ma chiama sa fac un lucru deosebit in viata, insa nu descopar inca ce anume trebuie sa fac. Simt ca ma chiama, insa nu stiu in ce directie sa merg'. Tatal meu mi-a raspuns: 'Poate te chiama sa fii preot'. Anii care au urmat nu au confirmat cuvintele tatalui meu, insa crescand, parintii m-au ajutat sa descopar - in Biserica Romano-Catolica - darul credintei in Isus. Cu anii am descoperit ºi calitati proprii, in mod special talentul de a intepreta. Am inceput sa ma pregatesc pentru a fi actor, totul mergea fantastic, am crescut din toate punctele de vede si am ajuns la Hollywood unde...reputatie, faima si glorie (pamanteasca).
Intr-o zi primesc un telefon de la managerul lui Mel Gibson: 'Sunteti cautat de Gibson pentru a interpreta un rol in care este esential sa stiti sa faceti Surf '. Am acceptat si m-am intalnit cu Mel Gibson…In primele minute regizorul mi-a vorbit despre surf si apoi m-a întrebat daca eu cred in Dumnezeu si ce cred eu despre Patimirea lui Cristos. Imediat mi-am dat seama ca surf-ul nu avea nici o legatura. Era numai un motiv. I-am raspuns: Vrei sa fac rolul lui Isus? El nu mi-a spus nimic si mi-a lasat timp de gandire pana a doua zi.
Primesc un telefon a doua zi de la el. 'Cine e?' 'Mel', raspunde. 'Mel si mai cum?' intreb. 'Mel...Cross'. 'In acest caz eu sunt Isus Cristos', am raspuns. Mel a inceput sa-mi spuna ca acest rol este dificil, incomod, ca imi pot ruina cariera de actor, ca o sa fiu luat in ras de colegii mei actori de la Hollywood. A incercat sa ma convinga sa nu accept acest rol, însa am decis contrariul.
Astfel am descoperit ca sporturile pe care le-am facut, evolutia pe care am avut-o din punct de vedere uman si artistic au avut un anume scop: acela de a putea interpreta acest rol crucial din viata mea. Nu a fost usor: chiar din punct de vedere fizic a fost un rol extenuant. Mi-am amintit ca Mel imi povestea ca a avut momente dificile in viata, odata ajungand chiar in pragul sinuciderii, insa credinta in Isus l-a salvat. Atunci a promis Domnului ca va face un film pentru ca el, si poate si altii de langa el, sa poata pretui marele dar al Mantuirii.”

Experienta personala de intalnire cu Jim Caviezel

-         Acest film te-a ajutat sa cresti in credinta? l-am intrebat la sfarsitul filmului pe Jim Caviezel. Iata ce mi-a raspuns:

-Da, si cred ca foarte mult. Am avut o ocazie privilegiata de a ma apropia de cuvantul lui Isus, de a avea o comuniune speciala cu El. Cand am inceput filmarile mi-am dat seama ca fiecare minut insemna o noua sansa de a ma apropia de Mantuitorul. Am inceput sa studiez latina si aramaica. Nu eram pregatit si stiam ca am nevoie de ajutorul Sau ca sa-l pot face cunoscut. Prietenii mei preoti m-au ajutat sa inteleg si sa ma rog. Stiam ca nu as fi putut sa intereptez acest rol fara ajutorul lui Isus si al Mamei sale Sfinte. Intrarea in comuniune cu Dumnezeu m-a ajutat sa trec bariere umane pe care nu credeam ca sunt capabil sa le depasesc: frigul pana la congelare, biciurea si oboseala fizica pana la extenuare. In zilele in care am filmat momentul crucificarii, a trebuit sa raman pe cruce ore intregi. Datorita frigului si a pozitiei, nu eram capabil sa mananc. Au fost zile in care m-am hranit numai cu Trupul Domnului, dimineata, la Sfanta Liturghie. I-am cerut in acele momente, precum si in toate zilele cat au durat filmarile, sa ma ajute sa-l comunic lumii pe El si nu pe mine ca protagonist

-         Astazi a fost o zi speciala pentru tine?

- Absolut. Dimineata am avut marea onoare de a-l intalni pe Sfantul Parinte si de a-i multumi pentru tot ceea ce face. I-am marturisit ca pentru mine el a fost un model de curaj care mi-a dat forta in momentele dificile. Ma aflu in acesta aula in fata multor cardinali, episcopi, preoti si surori si sunt emotionat. Va multumesc pentru tot ceea ce faceti, pentru ca v-ati oferit viata Domnului, pentru marturia voastra de credinta.
Voi sunteti eroii mei si veti ramane astfel pentru totdeauna in sufletul meu. Rugati-va pentru mine.


In timp ce Jim Caviezel urca scarile amfiteatrului, pe ecranul panoramic incepea proiectia filmului. Umbra actorului proiectata pe ecran disparea cu fiecare treapta urcata, pentru a da spatiu unicului portagonist al acestui film: Isus Cristos.
Muzica, atmosfera apasatoare, imaginea Mantuitorului, suferinta de pe fata sa ne-a proiectat in cateva secunde in realitatea din Getsemani.
Ritmul imaginilor, putinele cuvintel rostite in limba aramaica ne-a predispus spre o profunda meditatie.
Fiecare detaliu devine un element important in realizarea simfoniei Mantuirii, stiind bine noi toti ca ultima parte a acestei simfonii nu este Crucea si Invierea.
Toate personajele traiesc momentul patimii intr-o continua tensiune care se dovedeste a fi benefica pentru unii, iar pentru altii un cosmar.
Maria,intepretata de actrita romanca de origine evreiasca Maia Morgenstern, este tot timpul alaturi de fiul sau pe drumul Clavarului. Ea reprezinta imaginea durerii dar si a bucuriei de a fi mama. Gesturile sublime si pline de gingasie din copilaria si adolescenta lui Isus cristalizeaza dragostea de mama si forta credintei. Imi amintesc cu placere de cuvintele lui Jim Caviezel care, afland ca sunt un preot din Romania mi-a spus: “Maia Morgenstein este si ea romanca. O femeie extraodinara si o actrita deosebita. A fost pentru mine un privilegiu s-o cunosc si sa pot interpreta Patimirea lui Isus langa o persoana din poporul lui Isus, dar dintr-o cultura a Europei rasaritene. A interpretat rolul Mariei sublim.”
Maria Magdalena, intepretata de Monica Belluci, participa alaturi de Mama lui Isus la drama Calvarului.
Titlul filmului ne arata intentia autorului de a se concentra mai mult asupra Patimirii, asupra misterului Mantutirii noastre prin cruce, insa mesajul este clar: acela al vietii si sperantei. Sangele preotios a lui Cristos varsat in curtea lui Pontiu Pilat la biciure, pe drumul Clavarului ºi pe Cruce este pretul mantuirii noastre.
Giulgiul in care era infasurat Mantuitorul se goleste si trupul sau se ridica de la pamant pentru a lua locul la drepta Tatalui. Iar fetele tuturor celor care au sperat in El se insenineaza, se umplu de lumina, de pace si de viata.


The Passion of the Christ vizionat cu ochii credintei te patrunde in profundul sufletului, te face sa constientizezi marele dar al mantuirii dat noua prin Cristos, stimulandu-te sa meditezi asupra vietii tale, asupra lucrurilor realizate pana acum si a celor pe care trebuie sa le infaptuiesti, in lumina marelui dar al credintei primite la botez. Este o ocazie care ni se ofera si prin care noi putem sa ne apropiem mai mult de realitatea credintei noastre, ocazie la care noi putem sa raspundem cu un act de credinta, facand viata nostra asemeni cu cea a lui Cristos.

Claudio Barbut

it's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice !
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silver screen - de Little Eagle la: 10/05/2004 19:14:51
(la: Filmele mele)
am un altul colosal de f. bun ce-l poti aduga la lista ta,eu l-am si cumparat:
"House of sand and fog"cu doi mari actori,Ben Kingsley(as adauga si "Sexy Beast")si...Iubirea mea mare,Jennifer Connelly(odata am scris intr-un subiect al meu ca sotia mea arata ca ea,mai cu 10 ani in virsta dar cind era acum 14 ani...m-am casatorit cu o copie a lui Jennifer!).Imi place de amindoi actorii sint mari!
As zice sa mai adugi alt film f. bun,"Requiem for a dream"...tot cu Jennifer,deh.
Am un prieten f. bun care lucreaza cu Janorofsky,regizorul filmului si la fel si al altui film f.f.f.f bun al lui,"Pi".Initial el a fost ales pt. a regiza ultimul Batman,dar este prea....independent si nu accepta ordine si nu vrea sa fie in liga celor de la Hollywood.
Poate deja ai vazut filmele,daca nu ..neaparat!!!


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The ways of learning - de Little Eagle la: 18/05/2004 22:11:32
(la: Cine suntem noi, romanii?)
Dear Brother,

Poate aceste cuvinte iti vor spune ceva,poate nu,poate nu a venit timpul sa intelegi,dar candva vei intelege:

"Uita-te la mine-sunt sarac si gol,dar sunt un Chief of a nation.Noi nu vrem bogatii,vrem doar sa ne crestem copii sa fie pe drumul cel drept in viata.Bogatiile,banii sunt doar hartii pictate fara valoare pentru noi,ei nu spun nimic,nu-i luam cu noi pe lumea cealalta.Ceea ce vrem este doar peace and love."

Great Chief Red Cloud(1822-1909).

Si crezi ca sunt un idealist?

Peace&love,my brother,I love you.

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the ways of leaving - de Little Eagle la: 18/05/2004 23:20:15
(la: Farewell brothers and sisters)
Dear Brother Destin(a good name,Great Spirit Wakan Tanka ti l-a dat fara sa stii),

Am gandit in acest weekend trecut sa mai stau o vreme cu voi toti si sa mai fumam putin tobacco,dar am incalcat legea.Legea noastra.Peste acest weekend trecut am gandit ca mai pot ramane dar nu o pot face, azi si ieri am scris ultimele texte si ...Destin-ul a ales pe tine sa fii ultimul care va primi ultimul meu text,e scris asa si este menit sa fie asa,the eagle flies free my brother,you can't stop his wings...

Azi ,si este noapte cu stele,ele mi-au vorbit,a fost vant putin si cateva picaturi de ploaie,am stat in gradina si gandit la Marele Spirit,mi-a vorbit si am plans din nou,lacrimi si picaturi de ploaie pe obrajii mei.
Mi-a spus prin Creatia toata ca trebuie sa plec si tu esti ultimul WARRIOR care va purta cuvantul LUI prin mine.

Imi pare sincer rau,toti din cercul cafenelei imi sunteti mai mult decat dragi,NU va imaginati nici in vise cat de mult va iubesc pe toti deopotriva,imi sunteti frati si surori si mereu ma voi gandi cu dragoste la voi toti.

M-ati injurat,m-ati indragit,ori m-ati considerat un excentric,cine sunt eu sa trag concluzii?Ceea ce stiu e ca va iubesc si voi fi in spirit mereu cu voi.
O spun cu sinceritate,si tie draga Frate iti multumesc din suflet pentru cuvintele tale.

A venit timpul sa plec,va iubesc mult si veti fi mereu cu mine in inima,spirit si suflet.Si asta e ,fiti siguri,o certitudine.

Multumesc Daniel pentru tot si la fel Admin.Niciodata nu am fost impotriva voastra si a nimanui,fiti bravi in viata si sa stiti ca fara sa cunoasteti cu totii,fiecare din voi are in par pene de pace si razboi,este legea.
Wakan Tanka este cu voi in voi si in jurul vostru,NU sunteti separati de EL.

Nu esti idealist si visator daca vei crede in dragoste,iubire si pace.Vei intelege sa devii intelept si sa te vezi pe tine in oricine si in toata Creatia.
Imaginati-va ca Bufallow Cow Woman(Creatia toata)este cea mai frumoasa femeie de pe glob!Oare nu veti fi indragostiti de ea?Oare nu vreti s-o protejati si s-o iubiti,sa o aparati chiar sfidand moartea?

Astea mi-au fost cuvintele de incheiere.

Love&peace sisters and brothers,
may the Great Spirit be with you all the time.
Ozzy(Little eagle who cries)
'If the white man wants to live in peace with the indian,he can live in peace.Treat all men and women alike.Give them all the same law.Give them all an even chance to live and grow.
All we were made by the same Great Spirit Chief.We are all sisters and brothers.The earth is the mother of all people and nations in the world,all we should have equal rights upon it.
If we are all poor is because we are honest."

Great Chief Joseph(Nez perce-iroquois)
Va iubesc mult,imi sunteti in sange.Acum sunt pictat in culorile mele de alb si negru si am tipat afara in natura cantecul meu,adio dragi prieteni de suflet,surioare si frati,ne vom revedea in alta viata.
Adio Destin,poate faci ca mesajul meu ultim sa ajunga la toti,eu ma voi de-conecta acum.

Little Eagle Who Cries,
numele meu si sunt mai mult ca mandru de el.

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Face of Death - de Little Eagle la: 26/05/2004 12:43:01
(la: Pedeapsa capitala sau inchisoare pe viata?)
Dragul meu frate,

Te rog sa citesti textul meu la subiectul"Darul Magicianului"de Ovidiu Bufnila,la fel cred ca-mi cunosti parerea cand cu timp in urma am scris textul"Guns'n Roses".
Daca ar fi fost pe vremuri mai acum 300-400 ani as fi luat pistolul sau arcul cu sageti si omorat pe loc pe oricine ar fi facut un mare rau familiei sau poporului meu,nu inainte de a lua scalpuri multe!
Nu uita ca indienii sunt un popor al pacii,nu omoara decat pt. a se apara si nu pe ei in primul rand,ci familia lor si natia lor.
Desigur ca au existat triburi f. dure si in special cele din nordul statului NY si in sud-estul coastei Atlanticului,mai ales Huronii(din tribul Mohawk-Iroquois).
care erau considerati de alte triburi drept Renegades pt. ca erau de partea albilor,francezi sau englezi,in filmul"The Last of the Mohicans"acei indieni rai erau Huroni.
Azi insa traim alte zile.Parerea mea la intrebarile si subiectul tau este ca sunt pt. pedeapsa capitala,s-au facut si se fac multe greseli insa,si multi nevinovati
au fost omorati degeaba!
Trebuie sa fim siguri cu certitudine ca acea persoana este real cea vinovata.

As opta pt. legea de omerta,adica felul sigur si simplu de justitie in stil Cosa Nostra.
La fel faceau si indienii.Si ai dreptate,cei care omoara copii si batrani sunt lasi si trebuie sa plateasca.In 1890 a fost masacrul de la Wounded Knee si am scris despre el traducand exact cuvintele marelui Chief Black Elk care a luptat
impotriva armatei ce pur si simplu a ucis fara distinctie,copii,femei si batrani,au violat fetele si taiat gaturile la copilasi de tita!!!
Ce ai fi facut tu,fiind sotul unei femei violata si ucisa si ti-ai vedea copilasul cu gatul taiat?
Iti spun eu:ti-ai fi pictat trupul in culori de razboi,ai fi luat winchester-ul sau arcul cu sageti si tomahawk-ul,ai fi pus pumnalul intre dinti si ai ucide pe orice soldat in calea ta fara teama de moarte!
Si asa a fost,Black Elk a condus 100 de razboinici impotriva a peste 500 soldati si cavalerie.I-au omorat pe toti.

Este greu sa aplici legea azi,dar si in trecut de multe ori a fost nedreapta.
Te rog sa vezi un film clasic cu Henry Fonda din 1946"The Ox-Bow incident"
in care o posse,grup de cetateni ai unui oras se aduna cam 20 la numar sa prinda 3 hoti si criminali si sa-i spanzure pe loc.Anthony Quinn e in film de asemenea.
Ce se intimpla?Dau peste 3 cowboys si cred ca ei sunt hotii...dar acestia sunt nevinovati si din pacate doar 7 din cei 20 cred ca nu sunt hotii pe care-i cautau,dar numarul mare al celor ce-i cred vinovati e mare si ii spinzura!!!
La plecarea lor dupa ce acesti 3 au murit apare in calea lor seriful orasului
si le spune ca nu ei erau cei 3 criminali si hoti au omorat 3 oameni nevinovati!
Asta e povestea pe scurt si morala ei,sa vezi totusi filmul,e desigur f. bine jucat.

Astea am avut de spus in cercul nostru.Daca esti dovedit vinovat,trebuie sa platesti,dar sa fim atenti cu cei care nu sunt si credem ca ar fi.

Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

The number of the beast/Iron Maiden 1986 - de Little Eagle la: 22/06/2004 22:52:54
(la: Existenta Diavolului)
"Woe to you o earth and sea
for the Devil sends the beast with wrath
because he knows the time is short.
Let he who hath understanding
and reckon the number of the beast
for it is a human number
it's number is six hundred and sixty six.

I left alone,my mind was blank
I needed time to think to get the memories from my mind,
what did I see can I believe that what I saw
that night was real and not just fantasy.

Just what I saw in my old dreams were they
reflections of my warped mind staring back at me,
'cos in my dreams it's always there the evil face that twists my mind
and brings me to despair.

The night was black,was no use holding back
'cos I just had to see was someone watching me
in the mist dark figures move and twist
was all this for real or some kind of hell...

666 the number of the beast
hell and fire was spawned to be released
torches blazed and sacred chants were praised
as they start to cry hands held to the sky.

In the night the fires are burning bright
the ritual has begun ,Satan's work is done
666 the number of the beast
sacrifice is going on tonight.

This can't go on,I must inform the law
can this still be real or some crazy dream
but I feel drawn towards the evil chanting hordes
they seem to mesmerise me...can't avoid their eyes...

666 the number of the beast
666 the one for you and me
I'm coming back I will return
and I'll posses your body and I'll make you burn,
I have the fire,I have the force,
I have the power to make evil take its course..."

British band Iron Maiden.

Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

The ways of dying - de Little Eagle la: 23/06/2004 22:21:27
(la: Despre Moarte (of Death). Kahlil Gibran.)
"I was born upon the prairie where the wind blew free and there was nothing
to break the light of the sun.I was born where there were no enclosures and where everything drew a free breath.
I want to die there,and not within walls."

Ten Bears(Yamparika Comanche/1792-1872)

"Death will come,always out of season."

Big Elk(Omaha Chief/1772-1846)

Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

Claudia - de Little Eagle la: 04/07/2004 23:30:45
(la: Spectru neodihnit)
My dear,

Am scris in prostie un text si ....l-am facut...pierdut,mi-am dat mii de palme.....
De alaltaieri de cand am un nou keyboard,nu-s familiar cu el si fac greseli,adica apas gresit pe stat sa-ti scriu 2 ore.....pierdute caci s-a dus dracului textul acum poate-s putin mahmur,dar incerc iar sa ma las de baut....
Poate in final e vina mea....e 4 iulie....Independence day????You must be kidding!!!!
Poate cu 200 ani in urma????Cand insemna ceva????
In fine,stii CUM sarbatoresc aceasta cei cu capul pe umeri?
Beau pt. veteranii morti for NOTHING,in Vietnam,si pt. cei din Irak,pt. indienii mei,si negrii mei,si evreii mei si copii anilor pierduti in neant,o generatie de sacrificiu inutil....WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE!!!!!

Si pt. ca azi e asa....mare sa-ti scriu un cantec f. faimos in lume
e impotriva razboiului,apartine unor ani ce putini i-au trait si cunoscut,dar vor trai si sper ca 1 minut,vei uita de orice si vei gandi la niste suflete pt. care ar fi de trait o lacrima pe obraz.....gandeste-te la inceputul unui film COLOSAL....APPOCALIPSE auzi aceste cuvinte si muzica in minte si vezi imagini de moarte care NU ar fi trebuit sa existe DELOC.........

"This is the end,beautiful friend
This is the end,my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of everything that stands
The end...

No safety or surprise
The end
I'll never look into your eyes again....

Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free?
Desperately in need of some stranger's hand,
In a desperate land????

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
And all the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain
There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the king's highway,
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway West,baby

Ride the snake
Ride the snake
To the lake
To the lake...

The ancient lake,baby
The snake is long
Seven miles
Ride the snake...

He's old
And his skin is cold
The West is the best
The West is the best,
Get here and we'll do the rest...

The blue bus is calling us
The blue bus is calling us
Driver,where are you taking us????

The killer awoke before dawn
He put his boots on
He took a face from the ancient gallery
And he walked on down the hall...

He went into the room where his sister lived
And then he paid a visit to his brother
And then he walked on down the hall
And he came to a door
And he looked inside,
I want to kill you,
Mother,I want to fuck you....

Come on baby,take a chance with us
Come on baby,take a chance with us
Come on baby,take a chance with us...
And meet me at the end of the blue bus

This is the end,beautiful friend
This is the end,my only friend

It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follw me

The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die

This is the end....

Jim Morrison-vocals+lyrics(great poetry)
Ray Manzarek-keyboards
Robby Krieger-Guitar
John Densmore-drums
...This is the end....


Ozzy(Little Eagle Who Cries)

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