i i can feel your love day by day i can feel you

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de alex porc la: 15/10/2004 18:11:00
… îi întreabă de ce fac asta, la care răspunsul vine atât de simplu: “Can't you see we're desperate?” … I wanna paint rainbows all over your blue ... De vreo cinci minute caut în caietul … turnat peste răni... If I could be who you wanted all the time ... Na …
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Despre copii (of Children). Gibran.
de desdemona la: 29/06/2004 14:08:00
… belong not to you. You may give them your love but not … For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but … of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far. Let your bending in the Archer's hand be …
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despre barbati ... fara suparare :)
de Belle la: 29/06/2004 19:56:00
… ? 14. say this to your girlfriend before you have sex: don … can't a man be both good lookin and smart??? Then he would … a man rather marry a virgin??? They can't take che kritic Why do … ... that's why I married, because men can open jars, kill bugs and …
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Efectul Placebo...
de Honey in the Sunshine la: 18/05/2005 22:40:00
… trebui sa ne intristeze peste masura? Si daca e adevarat ca "only your mind can hurt you" de ce nu ne vindecam noi insine nostalgia, depresiile, timiditatea, anxietatatea, melanconia, dorul de cineva? Ce ar putea cauza pentru voi …
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Gomer of the Bible...
de Muresh la: 08/06/2007 05:07:52
… use the marriage of Hosea as a model of His love for His unfaithful people, Israel. After … it as being about your own life, and how God comes after you when you stray. It is a wonderful picture of how very deep God's love for you is, even when you don’ …
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de dominocrazy la: 21/05/2008 22:03:54
… seal and rings; And here is your love For all things. Here … fall; And here is your love. Your love for it all … ochii şi adorm. Noapte bună. Încă ceva... And here you are hurried, And here … are gone; And here is the love, That it’s all built upon …
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de modigliani la: 23/04/2009 04:23:58
… . Ok. 20 : 20 Then she dances so graceful and your heart's hard and hateful and she's naked but that's just a tease. And you turn in disgust from your hatred and from your love and she comes to you light as the breeze.
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step into this room and dance for me
de liri la: 20/12/2008 21:08:25
… Sooner or later, doesn't matter how you feel You slammed that door shut on the night of glass and steel I cannot blame you for believing what you believe Well, I just had to let you go….la la la la la la la la la la se aude muzica in trupul meu si …
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de adina.petre la: 14/11/2009 10:31:42
… Jack, în sensul că de fapt şi de drept îmi vine să-ţi spun obsesiv, doar "€œI wanna fuck you like an animal, I wanna feel you from the inside", pentru că tu ştii bine că altceva în afară de sex, n-am vrut niciodată …
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de cami la: 22/01/2010 12:05:50
… erau total unilaterale, dogmatice, inguste, neinstructive) ... Deci step back....you are loosing your sense of reality. it's not helping you. Acum daca esti numai american, sa nu-ti vina vreo idee de referinta, crezand ca pentru …
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Love Movies? Meet Pangea Day.
de thebrightside la: 01/06/2009 11:38:20
… "> continentul originar şi unic al Terrei din care ne tragem toţi. Pangea Day este o iniţiativă a cineastei Pangea Day. Love & enjoy! :)
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Love Story
de Pepsy la: 29/11/2005 14:45:00
… my chest And I shall be your tomb You'll hear me whispering … also cried: "My Queen you'll never feel my emptiness Another … 't be" She forgot all the love that she thought she had … a moment of tremble a glance of love a he and a she and all …
cum sa scrii proza scurta
de irma la: 22/11/2008 15:16:58
… a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted. 2. Give … at least one character he or she can root for. 3. Every character should … Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will …
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Day 2 “you can buy me with a coffee”
de baditaflorin la: 03/01/2011 16:49:16
… avea cheita, aflu ca omul facea troc, noi ii deschidem la toaleta, el ne da pateul. Ca si cum 100 de ani de evolutie au fost stersi din istorie. Maine : DAY 3 “ Daca tu patesti ceva, nu te astepta ca acelasi lucru sa se intample la toata lumea”
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Societatea industriala
de zaraza sc la: 10/01/2014 11:39:18
… do as society wishes,and we feel as if this impulse is voluntary. … satisfy their need for power by identifying with large groups and … own lives. 90 people per day... Four per hour... One every … . It's teh only revolution. You can't eat your cake and have …
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Scrisoare deschisa adresata presedintelui Bush de Paulo Coelho
de animis la: 14/10/2003 01:07:21
… British parliament with a fabricated dossier written by a student ten years ago, and present … following a speech by Nelson Mandela. Thank you too, because, after all your … opposed to yours. Thank you for making us feel once more that though our words may …
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de Little Eagle la: 26/06/2004 23:59:00
… 've been the clown Now broken wings can't hold me down I'm free again The … to love in vain. And I feel the time is right Although I know you might … Black Sabbath. All songs written +lyrics by Ozzy.Pe acest disc devenit instantaneu triplu platinum …
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I like this
de Marius Pop la: 04/05/2005 21:37:00
… ţioneze dar nenoroc, mai sus de ceruri nu poţi ajunge - rişti să te loveşti de pământ. Băi puţă, cine e primarul tău? I Like that. … , sounds good oh yeah, can you feel the rythm of the … ! Oh, such a pleasure, mister... what's your name again? Oh yes, please, …
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I want you
de just for mio angelo la: 29/08/2006 18:59:00
… something Except the hate and sorrow That I already feel ‘cause of you... I wanna... die! ‘Cause I can’t live without you! But all I do is to cry ‘Cause of you! I need some love, ‘Cause every human needs it! I need your smile ‘Cause it makes me …
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